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Edric Andrews

A student of Umbrase Academy, gifted with technokinesis and the ability to seriously damage your fancy new phone.

0 · 345 views · located in Umbrase Academy, California

a character in “Umbrase Academy”, originally authored by NadieQuerida, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Edric Andrews
Nicknames: None
Age: 18
Hometown: New York City
Sexuality: Linear

Power: Also known as technokinesis, Edric has a special talent for electronic communication that allows him to intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with his mind. Basically, he can transmit signals to electronic receivers within a one mile radius, although the receiving transmitter maintains its normal range. Edric's learning curve took him by surprise; one day he was overwhelmed by signals, but by the next week he could effortlessly decode encrypted messages. His limitations seem to be strong security systems, as he cannot penetrate them without suffering from mental exhaustion.

Secrets: He contracted what could only be described as a computer virus over the holidays. While he's just about recovered, he still has little or no control over his powers. He overloaded a website server a few days ago when he was connected to it on his laptop. The site was down for over 24 hours as they tried to repair it. Edric's personal theory about his problem is that his body is trying to upload his conscience onto the internet by converting it to digital data. The first time he overloaded that website, he fell asleep for seventeen hours; the second time it happened, he didn't wake up for three days. He's afraid that the more he uses his powers, the more he'll be translated into digital data and the harder it will be for him to wake up... until one day he will eventually slip into a coma, his conscience a permanent part of the world wide web.

Skills: Decoding and physical education | Specialty: Computer analysis
Deficits: Chemistry , debating and linguistics
Likes: Efficiency, technology, computers, food, and dogs
Dislikes: Needless dramatics, too much talking, gossip, nosy people and spiders

Personality: Edric is a very independent guy. He doesn't like asking people for help, nor does he offer anyone aid unless they explicitly ask for it. It's not that he thinks asking for help is a sign of weakness, but rather it is a symptom of his upbringing: self sufficiency - only depend on yourself, no one else. His training at Umbrase Academy has only reinforced that opinion as he is taught to be a one man unit. The fact that he grew up as an only child also deprived him of companionship, but living with a roommate has certainly taught him a few things.
Although it may seem that Edric is a very reserved guy, he is actually very emotional beneath the calm exterior. It doesn't take very much to get angry, and when he does, it's like a white hot rage that takes over and forces him to act impulsively. It's one of his greatest flaws, and also his biggest fears because when he's upset, Edric doesn't have accurate control over his powers and technology seems to go haywire in his presence.
History: Growing up in New York City quickly stripped Edric of any softness, replacing it with the harsh edges of reality. His childhood was brief and abrupt: his mother left when he was nine years old, leaving him with a workaholic father who hired a housekeeper and cook to look after him. In exchange for his good behavior, Mr Andrews rewarded his only son with all the latest technology he could afford; not a year went by before Edric was given a new laptop, a new phone, a new TV, a new tablet... and when Edric accidentally managed to fry every single piece of technology in the building, Mr Andrews didn't even bat an eye before replacing it all. The second time it happened, Edric was on the subway and it broke down. The third time was when he was at school and every computer in the room practically melted to the ground. It was then that the Headmistress showed up at his apartment, a manilla envelope in her hand and an offer that Mr Andrews didn't really care enough about to refuse. Edric was shipped off to Umbrase Academy with barely a shrug, and that's when his life really started.

Other: To be added as RP progresses.

So begins...

Edric Andrews's Story

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"Don't you think if I was, you would know?"

Val smiled. "Would I?" She wondered, walking over to Katie's vanity and helping herself to a tube of mascara. She brushed another layer onto her already perfect eyes, trying to mask her anxiety as Katie waited for the photograph to develop. "You're biased," she laughed, setting the wand down and turning around to face her friend. "Go look in the mirror, would you?" They could play the compliment game all day, but it still wouldn't change the fact that Katie had porcelain perfect skin and an equally flawless figure to match.

"And I ask the same for you? Who are you trying to impress?" Valerie tightened the shawl around her shoulders, fingers gripping the material tightly enough to turn her knuckles white. Relief poured through her veins; Katie either hadn't noticed the stitches in the picture, or even if she had then she wouldn't speak of it again; her silence was very telling. Val once again blessed the big man upstairs for giving her such an understanding friend at the Academy; this was a hard world to navigate without allies.

She smoothed down the beaded fabric of her dress with shaky fingers, silently berating herself for betraying such telltale signs. Obviously she needed to train more; her physical tells were becoming more and more obvious each day as the weight of her secret became heavier and heavier. She needed to get a grip."Well, don't you just look pretty as a picture." Cecilia's entrance quite effectively snapped Val out of her thoughts, reminding her that there were matters beyond her superficial wound to consider.

Val returned her cheerful smile with a one of her own, glancing at Katie. "You heard the lady," she grinned, and finally slipped her peacock feathered mask over her bright eyes. "Shall we?" She offered her arm to the girl, dipping down in a mock curtsey. They might not be able to make a flash an exit as Cecilia, but if they were going stag, at least they'd do it right.


Two days. Two days, seven hours, sixteen minutes... and counting. That's how long Edric had gone without touching anything with a microchip, a pretty formidable feat indeed considering just how high tech Umbrase was. The Academy was outfitted with state of the art security systems, training simulation technology and other various gadgets that would go haywire in a split second if he so much as looked at them, but avoiding contact had been remarkably easy so far: he'd practiced being a hermit and didn't leave his room. At all.


Now, if only he could pull this off for the next, say, decade or something... But no, the Headmistress had to go and throw a wrench in his plans by making attendance mandatory at this stupid masquerade. And by 'mandatory', Edric took that to mean 'presence required short of death', like a mission or something. He scowled at his reflection in the mirror, wrestling with the tie around his neck forcibly. If he thought he could get away with it, Edric would have gone in a tee and jeans instead of wasting big bucks on his suit and mask (although the last bit had been relatively cheap, being a cultural marker of the twenty first century or something). He was pretty sure the staff wouldn't appreciate his choice of 'masquerade interpretation' too much, but Edric was content in his little victories, and this one required minimal effort on his part so all was good.

Finally wrestling his tie into submission, he buttoned up his coat and took a cursory glance at the mirror before leaving the room. The trek to the ball venue was a short one, but it gave Edric enough time to mentally reinforce his will against instinctively reaching out to every digital device in the vicinity. It was difficult and required some concentration on his part, but as long as he wasn't taken by surprise or met with a reflexive need to defend himself, all would be fine. It had to be, because the only other option was permanently uploading himself onto the internet... and even though eternal youth was a fetching idea, he kind of disagreed with that particular medium of immortality.

Feeling more secure than he had two minutes ago, Edric paused by the entrance to readjust his V mask before stepping inside. His eyes peered through the eyeholes with pale interest, hands stuffed into his pockets loosely and posture quite nonchalant. No, nothing had really changed over the summer. Nothing obvious, anyways.

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Rosalinda was out, getting the mask she wanted to wear from one of her close friends. And by the time she got there and back her roommate, Kendall was already gone. How did she know? By the time Rosa got into her room to get ready, Kendall's dress was gone as was her mask. "Well... At least I can take my time getting ready." She told herself in her head as she walked to her closet to grab her dress that she had been wanting to wear since hearing about the masquerade. She was nervous, it was her first year here since finding out all about her home life being a lie and she didn't know what to expect from the students and teachers of the school. Hopefully, they were as pleasant as the Headmistress described them. She slipped her dress out from under the plastic cover that was there to protect it and slipped it off of the metal hanger. Looking at it, she smiled. Walking over to her drawer, she opened the jewelry box that laid on top of it surrounded by photos she had taken of all the places over the world she had been like Paris, Rome, and London. But, none of her family other than her half brother, Alec and herself. Because every time she looked at photos of her "parents", it killed her on the inside knowing that they had kept do many secrets from their own daughter for so long.

She shook the thought out of her head before opening the jewelry box, grabbing a diamond necklace out that was given to her from her grandmother, Ana-Maria and put it on. Looking in the small mirror within the box, she smiled before closing the box and going to her dress. She slipped off her skirt and shirt before tossing them into her light pink hamper and getting into her dress. As she slipped it up, she could feel her body getting straighter from having to fit in her dress. She looked in her full length mirror to help her put the one sleeve on and looking herself in the mirror with out the mask. She loved getting dressed up, she felt prettier than she did on a regular day, which wasn't often. She was happy she would be wear a mask, not letting anyone she her face. She didn't want to meet people face to face until she absolutely had to. She reached for her white mask and walked into the restroom with it to be able to see if she was tying it correctly. She looked at her masked self with a small grin as she fixed her hair and fixed of the few limp pieces with her curler.

After a couple of minutes of fixing her make up, she finally was done. She gave herself one final look in the mirror and grinned. She did look nice, she wouldn't say gorgeous but she wouldn't say hideous either. She walked out of the restroom and out of her shared room to the where the party was going to be held. As she walked, she kept thinking if she was really going to dance or would she just sit on the sidelines all night, be a wallflower? Who knows? Rosalinda loved to dance, she was a ballroom dancer growing up but, the irony was that she didn't like people staring at her while she was dancing whether it was with someone or alone. When she finally got to the venue, she sighed before entering and of course almost bumping into someone much taller who was minding their own business, all because she was in her own little world. Looking around, the little red head sighed and took a seat just looking at everyone dancing. "I'll dance... Just not right now." She promised herself as she fixed her dress. God, this was awkward, it was like she was a freshmen again in high school, except she had no clue who anyone was. Sure, she had met a couple of people but, only by name and then connected it with the face. And she couldn't really recognize anyone to be honest... So she wasn't just like a freshmen, she was that new freshman from across the country who couldn't remember a face to save her life... Just perfect...

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The hallways was barely wide enough to accommodate two people walking side by side, let alone two full skirted gowns that some of the girls were wearing. It made Val thankful that both she and Katie were dressed in more sensible finery; at least their skirts, while long and still dangerous in terms of mobility, didn't fan out with a two meter diameter.

"I feel like I'm going to prom all over again," Val murmured to Katie as they headed for the ballroom. The band playing inside could be heard as they approached, along with the gentle murmur of voices and laughter that usually accompanied such a gathering. Val noticed a tall figure nearly obstructing the entrance and gave him a once over, trying to recognize who it might be. He was tall, fit, and... well, that V for Vendetta mask wasn't exactly too original, was it? But still, Val appreciated the effort and smiled at her follow student as she passed by with Katie on her arm.

She subconsciously touched her mask, making sure it was proper before they swept inside. As expected, the students had already gravitated towards their comfort zones--some were clustered around the punch bowl, others were busy being pretty wallflowers. Val glanced at her friend, and then looked out at the dance floor. It was still early, but stray couples were already beginning to make their way to the center where the band was playing.

"Socialize, linger, punch or dance?" Val listed their options to Katie, moving away from the door to get their bearings before making a decision.