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Kendall Lee-Severin

"Sometimes people aren't who you thought they were."

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a character in “Umbrase Academy”, as played by Wanderer



Name: Kendall Lee-Severin
Nicknames: Kendall
Age: 17
Hometown: Born in Seoul, South Korea but raised in the United Kingdom.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Power: Shape Shifting This ability allows Kendall to alter her body to match that of another person, even changing gender if necessary. Hair and eye colour, skin tone, height and weight are only the most noticeable physical changes that can be achieved through her ability. This is not an illusion as she will not return to her original appearance should she become unconscious or killed, nor does it alter her base DNA. However, Kendall must first acquire a tissue sample of the person she wishes to impersonate which, after the first time, then is 'stowed away' in her genetic memory to be used another day without the need of a second tissue sample. The sample can be gained through touch or other methods, if direct contact is impossible to achieve. When shifting her body, Kendall's voice also changes in accordance so as to match the person she impersonates. Clothing can also be altered and is thought to be an extension of Kendall's basic shape shifting abilities. However, Kendall cannot acquire a tissue sample from another shape shifter who is currently in the form of another person. Additionally, the act of shape shifting itself is painful and requires at least a few seconds to complete.
Specializing In: Covert Operations.

Secrets: Well, her boyfriend, James, didn't want her to go back to Umbrase and promised that he would keep tabs on her. She wants to break off the relationship but finds herself unable at every twist and turn in her life. He's making it extremely difficult and isn't being the most gracious about it either, threatening Kendall left, right, and center.

She's been hiding the fact that she was adopted, as in she has absolutely no biological family left in the world except her completely unrelated 'parents'.

Skills: She's fast and agile due to years of training in gymnastics which has, however inadvertently, helped to raise her pain tolerance. Kendall's power is also the main reason her pain tolerance is so well-developed.

She's also rather intelligent and resourceful as well as a good actress. She has to be to get away with pretending to be someone she's not, right? Additionally, she isn't too shabby with languages either, although she only knows four; English, French, Korean and Japanese. Oh, and it should be a good idea to mention that she is capable of accents from nearly all over the world.

Deficits: She has a fear of enclosed spaces, known as Claustrophobia, which is made all the more worse if this particular space happens to be completely dark. It might be helpful to add that she doesn't like horses and isn't the type to talk about emotions to people, particularly her own. She's very reserved on that front.

Likes: Both of her parents, their vacation homes, her boyfriend, cats, fooling people by changing her appearance, gymnastics, music -- preferably with a good beat, dancing, singing, playing piano, etc.

Dislikes: Her boyfriend, horses, insects such as cockroaches, etc.
*She both likes and dislikes her boyfriend due to his behaviour. He can be anywhere from kind and caring to cold and hateful. This is also why she fears him.*

Personality: Kendall is a master of manipulation, physically, mentally and emotionally. As she has been manipulated by her boyfriend over the past couple of years, she has grown to think of this as normal and unknowingly changed her whole personality to include such a behaviour. She's confident in her abilities and extremely adaptable, depending on the situation at hand. Does the time call for a caring friend? Is she needed to play the part of a seductive young woman to attain some information? Playing a different role to herself is second-nature to Kendall and, so, means little to nothing in her mind.

Despite her acting ability, Kendall is rather emotional.. She just tends to keep her true feelings and emotions locked away within herself. They're not something she typically enjoys to speak of due to something that happened in her past that had terrified her into doing so.

History: Kendall Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea to a young American couple who had run away. They only gave the infant a name, writing it in a note, before abandoning her in a bundle of blankets on the front steps of the nearest orphanage. Luckily, she was seen within mere moments of being left there by a wealthy couple who had come to Seoul on business. Marcus and Cornelia Severin took the child before she could be taken into the orphanage, a place that was known to be harsh on the children, and decided to raise her as their own.

The couple came up with a believable story of how the baby had been left on the doorstep of their apartment which led to an investigation that lasted a mere three days. At this time they began the proceedings to legally adopt Kendall as their own which, in the end, were successful. This was when Kendall Lee-Severin was officially 'born' into the world.

Marcus was a rather intelligent businessman and, at the age of thirty, owned several prominent businesses around the world. Cornelia was his twenty-seven year old counterpart who enjoyed her time as an actress and enjoyed even more of her time travelling the world with her husband. They were from the United Kingdom and that is where, after the adoption had been officially completed, they took their new daughter to see her new home.

Kendall grew up happily, having everything she wanted at her fingertips without managing to become overly spoilt. When she was three, she could speak clearly and understood practically everything that was said to her or around her. Marcus and Cornelia wanted the best for their daughter and, so, they gave her the best. They enrolled her in private school as well as gymnastics and music lessons. Piano was the instrument she adored and she excelled at playing the refined instrument.

She always achieved excellent marks in school as well as finding gymnastics to be an interesting sport, one she refused to give up when her father teased her one day about it. Kendall had become a bit of a daddy's girl in her childhood but this changed years later.

The family often travelled and not just around the United Kingdom either. They frequently visited South Korea, Japan, France and Italy for Marcus' business and occasionally found themselves in the United States of America, or skiing in Switzerland, along with many other countries. It wasn't until Kendall was nine that she asked about so many visits to Seoul, South Korea and she was given a response she had already figured out on her own. She was told the story of her abandonment and subsequent adoption by the Severin's, all the while with a knowing smile on her lips. She was given the option to call them by name or continue as she had, to which Kendall never responded clearly to.

After this revelation many things began to change in Kendall's life, including her own body.

Her body began to develop prematurely although this wasn't truly her own body. This was, in fact, a partial shift between Kendall's original form and her adopted mother's which she realized rather quickly. She kept this a secret from her parents and maintained this until her own original form began to develop, at which point she could drop the guise. Kendall never spoke of this odd occurrence.

By the time she was thirteen, Kendall found herself faced with an attraction to boys and an impulse to act upon this attraction. She dated a few boys, never lasting long, just to see what relationships were like before Kendall received a letter from Umbrase Academy. Essentially, it was an invitation to attend the school and Kendall was quick to convince her parents to allow her to go. Money was no issue in their family either.

Kendall returned home for visits a few times a year and met her current boyfriend, James, during one such visit to celebrate Christmas. The relationship was amazing as she visited occasionally, they often Skyped and even sent letters to each other, enjoying the old-fashioned use of pen and paper. It wasn't until seven months into their relationship that things began to go downhill and his attitude changed toward her. He became cruel and manipulative, doing whatever it took to get Kendall to do things the way he wished. This was when the young woman began to change, her personality warping to become more like how he expected her to act.

Then, they had a fight. No, not a fight but an argument; a disagreement of sorts that lead to threats and ultimately changed Kendall for good.

She had been home for her sixteenth birthday, with James over to celebrate as well, when the couple had gotten into a fight. James was under the impression that Kendall was flirting with other boys, cheating on him, to which she disagreed. Finally, after telling him she wanted the relationship to end, James got angrier and pinned her against the wall. Kendall listened carefully as he told her not to return to school, that things would only get worse for her if she did. She was adamant about returning and graduating but this made things worse as he reluctantly agreed that she could return, on one condition. Kendall was going to be watched regularly, she wouldn't know by whom, and James would know about every little thing she did. She agreed and he released her, becoming much more cheerful and kind now that he had his way.

After he left, Kendall packed her things and left for the school a few days earlier than originally intended as she wished to leave everything bad behind for the time being. Ever since then, she's completely pushed down her true personality and only ever acted according to circumstance and expectation.

Other: Although being scared of James and his threats, she believes the relationship to be done, just not officially, and thus has no qualms of flirting with others. For amusement or during mission simulations for classes.

So begins...

Kendall Lee-Severin's Story

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Kendall had just added the finishing touches to her outfit, a long body-hugging silver dress with smokey eye make-up and silver jewellery to match the lovely gown. She took her time tying the ribbons of her ornately decorated mask around her head, careful not to ruin the long curls she had spent hours to perfect. They were pulled back just so and fell over her shoulder dramatically, something Kendall thought to be rather sophisticated for her to manage.

One glance in the mirror told Kendall she was ready to go as her icy blue eyes stared critically at herself, finding nothing more to add or fix. Rosalinda wasn't in the room, to which Kendall released a soft sigh at. Of course. Ignoring this, Kendall quickly left the room, only stopping to lock the door behind her, before making her way to the ballroom.

Upon entering, Kendall let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, her body relaxing as she decided she would allow herself to have some fun tonight. Regardless of the current stresses she'd had going on in her life, those would be put on hold for one night. Just one night for herself wasn't too much to ask, was it?

Either way, the brunette's bright blue eyes flew over the students who were present and watched as more trickled through the doors as she glided over to the punch bowl and poured herself a glass. She sipped from it as she people-watched, finding this to be interesting but hoping the night would still improve once the others had all arrived.

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Rosa got to her feet. She couldn't put this off for any longer. The clock had just struck eight. Drew, Ivon, and Tim were all present already. It looked like most students had arrived as well, and she was willing to guess that the rest would be along shortly. She took a deep breath and mounted the stage. A hush fell over the students as the noticed her. She stood in front of the old fashioned microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, teachers and students, I welcome you all to a new term here at Umbrase. I'm glad to see you all back. This year is to be no different than any other. But that talk is for another time. I am pleased to open tonight's masquerade ball!"

She stepped back from the microphone, leading the applause for the band as she returned to the floor. She headed for Ivon and Drew. While they were masked, she knew their habits- and she had heard Ivon's distinctive accent as he entered. She grinned at them as she approached and folded her arms. "So, gentlemen. What does a woman have to do around her to get a dance?"


Stefan grinned as Lily chided her roommate and came around to help him up. Alex appeared and took some of his weight. "You know, the pain meds you're taking must be shit." Stefan chuckled a little as Alex went into the bathroom. He'd had to tell his roommate that he'd hurt his back over the holidays as an excuse for taking the pain meds. He wasn't going to tell him he'd actually gotten shot twice. "Nah, just slow acting." He called. When his roommate emerged from the bathroom, smartly dressed, Stefan gave him a thumbs up.

As Alex went over to Lily so she could fix his hair, he asked Stefan, "So who's the lucky lady?" Stefan grinned. He went over to the door, suppressing his limp as much as he could. "Who knows? I don't!"

The old Stefan would never have said that. As he closed the door, he imagined their faces and grinned. The pain meds had finally kicked in to their full strength and his limp was barely noticeable. He entered the hall just as Ms Ferri finished speaking and the band started playing. He spotted a few people sitting by the tables and glanced in a passing mirror. He winked, confident that he wasn't going to be recognized, and headed over to them. There was one girl in a silver dress with his back to them. He wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned into her ear to whisper, "May I have this dance?"

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Rosalinda was out, getting the mask she wanted to wear from one of her close friends. And by the time she got there and back her roommate, Kendall was already gone. How did she know? By the time Rosa got into her room to get ready, Kendall's dress was gone as was her mask. "Well... At least I can take my time getting ready." She told herself in her head as she walked to her closet to grab her dress that she had been wanting to wear since hearing about the masquerade. She was nervous, it was her first year here since finding out all about her home life being a lie and she didn't know what to expect from the students and teachers of the school. Hopefully, they were as pleasant as the Headmistress described them. She slipped her dress out from under the plastic cover that was there to protect it and slipped it off of the metal hanger. Looking at it, she smiled. Walking over to her drawer, she opened the jewelry box that laid on top of it surrounded by photos she had taken of all the places over the world she had been like Paris, Rome, and London. But, none of her family other than her half brother, Alec and herself. Because every time she looked at photos of her "parents", it killed her on the inside knowing that they had kept do many secrets from their own daughter for so long.

She shook the thought out of her head before opening the jewelry box, grabbing a diamond necklace out that was given to her from her grandmother, Ana-Maria and put it on. Looking in the small mirror within the box, she smiled before closing the box and going to her dress. She slipped off her skirt and shirt before tossing them into her light pink hamper and getting into her dress. As she slipped it up, she could feel her body getting straighter from having to fit in her dress. She looked in her full length mirror to help her put the one sleeve on and looking herself in the mirror with out the mask. She loved getting dressed up, she felt prettier than she did on a regular day, which wasn't often. She was happy she would be wear a mask, not letting anyone she her face. She didn't want to meet people face to face until she absolutely had to. She reached for her white mask and walked into the restroom with it to be able to see if she was tying it correctly. She looked at her masked self with a small grin as she fixed her hair and fixed of the few limp pieces with her curler.

After a couple of minutes of fixing her make up, she finally was done. She gave herself one final look in the mirror and grinned. She did look nice, she wouldn't say gorgeous but she wouldn't say hideous either. She walked out of the restroom and out of her shared room to the where the party was going to be held. As she walked, she kept thinking if she was really going to dance or would she just sit on the sidelines all night, be a wallflower? Who knows? Rosalinda loved to dance, she was a ballroom dancer growing up but, the irony was that she didn't like people staring at her while she was dancing whether it was with someone or alone. When she finally got to the venue, she sighed before entering and of course almost bumping into someone much taller who was minding their own business, all because she was in her own little world. Looking around, the little red head sighed and took a seat just looking at everyone dancing. "I'll dance... Just not right now." She promised herself as she fixed her dress. God, this was awkward, it was like she was a freshmen again in high school, except she had no clue who anyone was. Sure, she had met a couple of people but, only by name and then connected it with the face. And she couldn't really recognize anyone to be honest... So she wasn't just like a freshmen, she was that new freshman from across the country who couldn't remember a face to save her life... Just perfect...

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She was momentarily surprised when she felt the light brush of an arm curling around her waist but, after her initial uncertainty, a slow smile spread over Kendall's lips as she kept her eyes forward and a masculine voice whispered into her ear. "May I have this dance?"

Kendall turned her head to settle her curious eyes on the male whom the arm and voice belonged to, taking in his jacket-less appearance and his mask. She couldn't even dream to guess who this was as his was a voice she didn't recognize. But, of course, that didn't matter to her as the brunette took another small sip of her glass of punch before placing it on a nearby table.

"I'd love to," she replied as she turned to face the male, blue eyes sparkling.

Tonight was a game to her, a time to enjoy herself and not think of the outside world. This guy right in front of her had given her the option to play and she was taking it.

This whole "hiding identities" thing was rather interesting indeed.