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Rosalinda Ortega-Cruz

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, and today is a gift. That is why we call it the present."

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a character in “Umbrase Academy”, originally authored by .euphoria., as played by RolePlayGateway




Full Name:Rosalinda Ariana Ortega-Cruz "Nice to meet you, stranger?"
Nicknames:Rosa, Linda, Rosie, and people also call her Cruz... For no real reason....
Age:18 "Yea, I'm young. So what?"
Hometown:"Winnem-- Winn-- Ugh! I can't say this name!" Winnemucca, Nevada
Sexuality:"Um....Ok..." Straight

Power: With Rosa's power of Lie Detection, she can sense the presence of lies from a person, no matter she knows them or not. She can also judge the person's facial expressions in order to tell than they're lying. And since learning about her power and wanting to expand it, she is actually able to start a psychological analysis of any individual that she is acquainted with and at least knows their first and last name. Which has come in handy many times since finding out about her power from little things like if her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her... No surprise he was to even giant things like who cheated on the SAT at her high school before the summer break. Along with this she can feel people heartbeats increase when they are lying. Which happens a lot since she lives in the great country of America and was raised by the parents she had.

Secrets: Over the summer, her parents, Esperanza and Emmanuel Cruz of the city Winnemucca, Nevada decided to tell her one of the biggest secrets she had ever heard or has been told in her 17 years of life. That her mother wasn't even her real mother. She was a love child because of her father's desire for adventure away from his wife of 13 years. And, he felt like his mistress was unable to take care of the young month old Rosalinda as if he was a better choice. So.... he took her away from her birth mother and to this very day, Rosalinda has no idea who her other is or what she looks like. Along with this she asked if there were anymore secrets she should now about and well, there were. A lot. Some worst than others and a few of the worst ones were; That she has another sibling that lives with their birth mother down in Mexico City, Mexico.

Away from the secrets of her family, she has a few of her own that not many know. Like for the fact that she has a little thing called Asperger syndrome. Which means that when it comes to socializing that it can be hard for her. She has major difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. But, since knowing about it since the age of 10, she has learned to manage it.

Skills:Specializing in Interrogation "Beauty does not equal into weakness."
But is also skilled in Linguistics and Negotiation
Manipulating People "I can't help it."
"I'm really good at Piano if that counts for anything..."

Deficits:Any Type Of Mathematics
Rather Easily Manipulated
Can't Swim Very Well
Has A "Slight" Temper
Very Cynical and Untrusting

Playing Piano
Romantic Gestures
Being Around People She Trust
The Academy
Her Power
Arizona Tea
The Breakfast Club! "I LOVE this movie!"
Any John Hughes Movie
Classic Rock
Playing Guitar
Cute Guys "I don't let them know they're cute though."
Red Hair .... I wonder why..."
Any Light Color except Yellow...

Being Lied To
People Thinking She's An Idiot! "I'm young... Not stupid!"
People Who Make Fun Of Her Intelligence
Being in Love
Her Parents "They lied to me for 18 years."
Depressed People
Overly Loud People "Can you please just.... Shhhhh."
Not Knowing Her Real Mother or Brother

Personality:Rosalinda can be best described by a few little, tiny words. One of them being Sweet; she is a girl who does want to care for other, to be friendly enough for people to trust her, which is something she quite good at doing seeing that is her job. In order to place a sweet girl, she would have to be either to be one or act amazingly well. For Rosa? It's a mixture of her being able to act sweet to most people she meets and actually having a heart unlike a couple of people on the set, not that she's going to name any names.... Any who, She is friendly enough for people to trust her to let her be their friend and tell them stuff of their personal, love, or career life, but on the other hand it take people a long time and a lot of effort to find out about her past or things about her love and/or personal life. Kind of hypocritical? Yes, Absolutely but, that' just the way she is. And, in the words of the great Rosalinda Ariana Ortega-Cruz, "Deal with it." She just gives off this Innocent Demeanor to people that just makes them feel welcome.

Another word that describes her and isn't as nice is.... well, Simple-Minded. Which is a trait she got from her very own mother, Esperanza Cruz. Meaning that she is not as.... sophisticated as other people around her or other people in general. She is a very Simple type of girl, not needing all the things that most people could live without, does she still have them? Yes, she does but, she is very Modest of herself. Not seeing herself as a over gorgeous girl who could get any guy she wanted with nothing than her 5'6 body and the charming smile of hers. That's not how she sees herself. No matter how many guys or girls tell her differently. That is just the way she is, also adding that she is a bit Untrusting of other people until she knows that she can trust them and that they will not judge her too badly or to run way once they get what they want whether it is sex, information, money, or anything else that they might want to take from her. Again, another trait from her beloved "mother".

There is one more word that may describe her more than anything. More than innocent, more than simple, and much more than that sweet girl she is. And that word is Cynical. Very cynical at that. At a young age, she was easily trusting and would believe anything if you told her. But, once she started to get older, around a year ago once she started to learn about her power. She started to see just how much people lied to her face. People she trusted like her ex-boyfriend, her parents, teachers, everyone thought they could lie to her and she would never find out. Now, she sees just how many people she can't trust. Which is most of the human population. If you want her to trust you, you must work for it. But, when she's in training and doing what she does best, she goes into this completely different person. At frist Rosa can be the cute girl and tries to use her charming smile to persuade them but if or when that does work. The smile goes away well, she turns. Not just Commanding and Intense but also very Manipulating. One way or another, she will get the information out of you. And, once she does, she turns back into her sweet and "innocent" self... Bipolar? She doesn't think so... *smirks*

History: Meet Rosalinda Ariana Ortega-Cruz, her story is a very different. But, is sad... No, not really. But, shocking? Yes. Rosalinda was born in the small city of Winnemucca in the beautiful and amazing state known as Nevada, not too far from Las Vegas. Being born to a young but engaged couple named Contessa Cruz and Angel Ortega who got engaged right out of High School and why would they do that you may be asking? Because of her older brother , Alec, on their graduation night was the night that her older sibling was made.

Even if he wasn't planned, they loved him none the less and tried to support him as much as they could, making sure they could provide for their only child of the time, while still getting him something she wanted once and a while. Not long after, the brunette baby, Rosalinda came into the picture. They loved having a baby girl and tried to make her feel like a Princess even if they had a Pauper size wallet. The children's childhood wasn't the most impressive, they went to school, made good grades, especially in Math and Language Arts, and was basically a good pair of kids. Never getting in trouble. But, once turning 16, Rosa started to feel something in her head. She asked her boyfriend if he loved her. Of course, he said yes but, something inside of her felt differently. Something inside of her made her know he was lying. But, she brushed it off and went on with her day. During that day whenever someone lied she knew. She began to think that she was insane. And for about four months she thought she was schizophrenic. And, on her seventeenth birthday she decided to one; break up with her cheating ex, who was cheating on her with her best friend of seven years! And to also tell her parents what was going on.

At frist they thought she was joking. Then they looked at the look on her face and knew she was serious. She could feel their heartbeats increase as they processed it. Her father said they would take it one step at a time. And, they did. One night, in her parents' room, she could hear them arguing... Or what to do with their daughter. And, what she heard next shocked her to the core. Her father had an affair. And, got the woman pregnant. Her once in love parents were now at each other's throats, bringing up the past which was filled with infidelities on both sides. But, neither wanted to be at fault and would just bring up another to make them seem like the victim an the other as the bad guy. They fought for about a year while Rosa was in school. But, when she turned 18 and graduated she couldn't take it anymore. she needed to know who that child was. So, over the summer of 2012, she confronted her parents about it and they told her...

Minutes later, Rosalinda was crying in her brother's arms. In those few minutes everything she knew was a lie. She was the love child her father's affair. She was stunned but had to ask if there was anything else they were hiding. And they were, she found out that her father took Rosa away from her birth mother only a month after her being born, saying she was an "unfit" mother for the child. And, that she also had a brother that lived with their mother in Mexico City, Mexico. She no longer could trust her parents. They lied to her and for that she left. She decided to come to the academy in order to find out more about her power, to expand it. Rosalinda truly still loves her parents but, she needed to get away her life. Just in order to find out about the real girl she is, not the one she was lied into being.

Other:Angels On The Moon- Theme Song
Empire State Of Mind (Part 2)

So begins...

Rosalinda Ortega-Cruz's Story

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Kendall had just added the finishing touches to her outfit, a long body-hugging silver dress with smokey eye make-up and silver jewellery to match the lovely gown. She took her time tying the ribbons of her ornately decorated mask around her head, careful not to ruin the long curls she had spent hours to perfect. They were pulled back just so and fell over her shoulder dramatically, something Kendall thought to be rather sophisticated for her to manage.

One glance in the mirror told Kendall she was ready to go as her icy blue eyes stared critically at herself, finding nothing more to add or fix. Rosalinda wasn't in the room, to which Kendall released a soft sigh at. Of course. Ignoring this, Kendall quickly left the room, only stopping to lock the door behind her, before making her way to the ballroom.

Upon entering, Kendall let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, her body relaxing as she decided she would allow herself to have some fun tonight. Regardless of the current stresses she'd had going on in her life, those would be put on hold for one night. Just one night for herself wasn't too much to ask, was it?

Either way, the brunette's bright blue eyes flew over the students who were present and watched as more trickled through the doors as she glided over to the punch bowl and poured herself a glass. She sipped from it as she people-watched, finding this to be interesting but hoping the night would still improve once the others had all arrived.

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Rosalinda was out, getting the mask she wanted to wear from one of her close friends. And by the time she got there and back her roommate, Kendall was already gone. How did she know? By the time Rosa got into her room to get ready, Kendall's dress was gone as was her mask. "Well... At least I can take my time getting ready." She told herself in her head as she walked to her closet to grab her dress that she had been wanting to wear since hearing about the masquerade. She was nervous, it was her first year here since finding out all about her home life being a lie and she didn't know what to expect from the students and teachers of the school. Hopefully, they were as pleasant as the Headmistress described them. She slipped her dress out from under the plastic cover that was there to protect it and slipped it off of the metal hanger. Looking at it, she smiled. Walking over to her drawer, she opened the jewelry box that laid on top of it surrounded by photos she had taken of all the places over the world she had been like Paris, Rome, and London. But, none of her family other than her half brother, Alec and herself. Because every time she looked at photos of her "parents", it killed her on the inside knowing that they had kept do many secrets from their own daughter for so long.

She shook the thought out of her head before opening the jewelry box, grabbing a diamond necklace out that was given to her from her grandmother, Ana-Maria and put it on. Looking in the small mirror within the box, she smiled before closing the box and going to her dress. She slipped off her skirt and shirt before tossing them into her light pink hamper and getting into her dress. As she slipped it up, she could feel her body getting straighter from having to fit in her dress. She looked in her full length mirror to help her put the one sleeve on and looking herself in the mirror with out the mask. She loved getting dressed up, she felt prettier than she did on a regular day, which wasn't often. She was happy she would be wear a mask, not letting anyone she her face. She didn't want to meet people face to face until she absolutely had to. She reached for her white mask and walked into the restroom with it to be able to see if she was tying it correctly. She looked at her masked self with a small grin as she fixed her hair and fixed of the few limp pieces with her curler.

After a couple of minutes of fixing her make up, she finally was done. She gave herself one final look in the mirror and grinned. She did look nice, she wouldn't say gorgeous but she wouldn't say hideous either. She walked out of the restroom and out of her shared room to the where the party was going to be held. As she walked, she kept thinking if she was really going to dance or would she just sit on the sidelines all night, be a wallflower? Who knows? Rosalinda loved to dance, she was a ballroom dancer growing up but, the irony was that she didn't like people staring at her while she was dancing whether it was with someone or alone. When she finally got to the venue, she sighed before entering and of course almost bumping into someone much taller who was minding their own business, all because she was in her own little world. Looking around, the little red head sighed and took a seat just looking at everyone dancing. "I'll dance... Just not right now." She promised herself as she fixed her dress. God, this was awkward, it was like she was a freshmen again in high school, except she had no clue who anyone was. Sure, she had met a couple of people but, only by name and then connected it with the face. And she couldn't really recognize anyone to be honest... So she wasn't just like a freshmen, she was that new freshman from across the country who couldn't remember a face to save her life... Just perfect...