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Timothy Fisher

"I like to think that I'm helping in my own special way."

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a character in “Umbrase Academy”, as played by Kuukakulily



Name: Timothy Fisher
Nicknames: Tim, Timmy, Phisher
Age: 27
Hometown: Sheffield, Alabama
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Power: Technopathy Tim's power grants him the ability to control objects with electrical components. This includes, but is not limited to computers, phones, GPS systems, etc. He does this through something like a mental interface with the machine. Physical contact with the device boosts his ability, but is not necessary. At it's core, his ability allows him to turn machines on and off at will, sometimes at a distance. This most basic form can allow him to produce blackouts of the machines. At it's second tier is the ability to perceive and interpret electronic signals, allowing him to "speak" to electronic devices. He may also alter these signals to his advantage. He can easily override security codes of the most advanced systems and infiltrate the software. He may manipulate the flow of all intricate machinery to assemble or disengage their programming at his will. The downfall of his ability is that he must be around technology. He is powerless outside of the modern world. He has no power of machinery that has no electrical components, such as those powered by steam or that of purely mechanical components.

Specializing in: Computer Analysis

Secrets: Tim is plagued by Social Anxiety Disorder, preventing him from having normal social interaction with others. When social interaction is attempted, Tim will visibly shake and will stutter when he speaks. Antidepressant medication is taken to curb the disorder, and it proves extremely effective.

Skills: In addition to his ability, Tim is intelligent when it comes to math and science. This knowledge aids his own ability, as complex algorithms are sometimes used in software.

Despite his time spent behind the computer, Tim is a fit and healthy individual, capable of great strength when the time is called for it.

Unsurprisingly, Tim can understand and speak in binary code.

His disorder is a deficit in and of itself, limiting his social interactions with others.

A major downfall of his ability is it's total dependency on modern technology.

Because of his lack of social adeptness, he is gullible and too quick to trust.

-Video Games
-The quiet
-His job
-His power

-Social Interaction

Personality: Timothy can best be described as socially inept. He spent almost his entire life tied to technology and has no concept of how to interact with other humans face to face, making him an easy target for manipulation. This lack of interaction in his past has lead to him being diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. His disorder has come to define him both inside and outside of the school. His antidepressant helps with panic attacks and overall uncomfortable feeling he gets from being social, but no medicine is foolproof and he will often disengage from society for a week or so at a time.

Tim has periods of time in which he becomes lonely as all humans do and will seek out a person to talk to, though these times are few and far between. When these do come about however, he overcompensates in his social interaction by acting awkward and goofy. He finds this particularly humiliating but is unable to control the way he acts, which only serves to intensify his disorder. When presented with a member of the opposite sex, he is incapable of speaking clearly and stumbles over his words.

History: Born in America's deep south, Tim was raised by his mother all on her own. His good-for-nothing father skipped town with a pretty redhead mere weeks before his birth. He was born in a time when technology had just gained a foothold in society, emerging from labs and businesses to be used by everyone for everyday use. This new world fascinated him and his mother, seeing his passion, bought him a computer with the meager money she earned. It was not long before he had immersed himself in the object, spending all of his free time on it.

They offered classes at his school, teaching people all about mechanics and programming. It was in these classes, that Tim learned of his power. In his own way, he learned to control his ability telling no one of what he could do. As time drew on, Tim talked less and less to his peers and spent more and more time "conversing" with his computer. He reverted into his own private world for so long, that as time passed, he grew uncomfortable when people were around him and trying to talk to him.

On his twenty-fifth birthday, Tim and successfully hacked into a major corporation's mainframe, wreaking havoc on the system. It took them a year and a half to track down who had done it and longer still to fix the damage caused. Having been found out, Tim was to be sent to jail for life. The government intervened after the CIA learned of his "special problem" and he was given an ultimatum: Teach at a school for others like him, or be sent to prison, never to touch technology again. The former was obviously the best choice and he took it. This will be his first year teaching at Umbrase.

Other: Tim is a chain smoker, as it helps reduce the stress of dealing with people.

So begins...

Timothy Fisher's Story

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Timothy Fisher

A sound could be heard coming from the dark room. It resembled the ping of a computer when you received a message. The problem was that this pinging would just not cease. The source was an alarm on a cell phone, made so the owner of said phone would be more inclined to awake to it. The owner in question peered drowsily to the phone. Was it already time to get up and get ready? Upon plucking the phone from the side table, Tim could see that it was indeed time to get ready for the masquerade. He rubbed his face, wiping the sleep away from his eyes. He stopped at the beard that was growing thicker on his face. He should trim it at the very least, but he had no time for that triviality.

He rose from his very comfortable bed and flicked the lights on. It was much brighter now, and his room could be seen more clearly. The only part of his room that did not have some type of machinery on it was the space where his bed was. He preferred it this way, with wires littering the floor and screens at every turn.

Sighing, Tim grabbed the tux he had set aside the day before from the closet and meticulously pulled it on. He brushed his teeth and ran a hand through his hair. He had only five minutes now to get to the ballroom where the masquerade was being held. He grabbed his mask from the bedside table. HE left the room and closed and locked the door behind him and walked rather slowly to the ballroom. He was in no rush to get there. in fact, he dreaded the thought of even being seen there. He would be forced to interact with somebody, of this fact he was positive. However, seeing as it was required to be there, he didn't have much of a choice.

Upon arriving outside the room, he could see the headmaster seated on the steps with her head in her hands. She looked beautiful, of that he had no doubt, but he made no attempt to speak to her and left her to her thoughts. After entering the room, he could see a few students had arrived already and that his fellow teachers, Ivon and Drew were in a corner speaking to one another. Avoiding eye contact with them, he quickly found a seat towards the back. He was already dying for a smoke, but that would have to wait.

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Rosa got to her feet. She couldn't put this off for any longer. The clock had just struck eight. Drew, Ivon, and Tim were all present already. It looked like most students had arrived as well, and she was willing to guess that the rest would be along shortly. She took a deep breath and mounted the stage. A hush fell over the students as the noticed her. She stood in front of the old fashioned microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, teachers and students, I welcome you all to a new term here at Umbrase. I'm glad to see you all back. This year is to be no different than any other. But that talk is for another time. I am pleased to open tonight's masquerade ball!"

She stepped back from the microphone, leading the applause for the band as she returned to the floor. She headed for Ivon and Drew. While they were masked, she knew their habits- and she had heard Ivon's distinctive accent as he entered. She grinned at them as she approached and folded her arms. "So, gentlemen. What does a woman have to do around her to get a dance?"


Stefan grinned as Lily chided her roommate and came around to help him up. Alex appeared and took some of his weight. "You know, the pain meds you're taking must be shit." Stefan chuckled a little as Alex went into the bathroom. He'd had to tell his roommate that he'd hurt his back over the holidays as an excuse for taking the pain meds. He wasn't going to tell him he'd actually gotten shot twice. "Nah, just slow acting." He called. When his roommate emerged from the bathroom, smartly dressed, Stefan gave him a thumbs up.

As Alex went over to Lily so she could fix his hair, he asked Stefan, "So who's the lucky lady?" Stefan grinned. He went over to the door, suppressing his limp as much as he could. "Who knows? I don't!"

The old Stefan would never have said that. As he closed the door, he imagined their faces and grinned. The pain meds had finally kicked in to their full strength and his limp was barely noticeable. He entered the hall just as Ms Ferri finished speaking and the band started playing. He spotted a few people sitting by the tables and glanced in a passing mirror. He winked, confident that he wasn't going to be recognized, and headed over to them. There was one girl in a silver dress with his back to them. He wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned into her ear to whisper, "May I have this dance?"

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Timothy Fisher

Tim sat in his corner of the room, sipping at his punch. It tasted off, like someone had put alcohol in it, but he wasn't about to call attention to that fact. Fiona came in and he watched as all the other teachers socialized with one another, smiling and laughing and dancing. He tugged at his collar uncomfortably. He wanted to be a part of the fun, he wanted to fit in, but how would he go about even starting a conversation. He felt he had nothing worth really talking about, unless they liked computers too.

He supposed that he should at least introduce himself to his new co-workers. The phys-ed teacher, Ivon and the headmistress, Rosa had already begun dancing, so he would need to properly introduce himself to them later, but the negotiations teacher, Fiona, and the linguistics teacher, Drew were both available. Tim took a deep breath and made his way over to where they were standing.

They didn't seem like they were that deep into conversation so he cleared his throat slightly to gain their attention. "Hi, I'm T-Timothy Fi-Fisher." He said stumbling over the words. Normally he would be ok with speaking, but Fiona was there and he had never talked well in front of women. "I'll be t-teaching Decoding and Computer Analysis fr-from now on." He held his hand out for one or the other to shake, not being very particular.