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Haruka Ichinoseki

"You're an odd one, aren't you?"

0 · 236 views · located in Amara High School

a character in “Unannounced Words”, as played by ㅗㅛㅐ갸녁




Name: Haruka Ichinoseki
"Yes, I'm a full Japanese."

Age: 16 1/2
"...How rude!"

Gender: Female
"Do I really look that masculine?"

Sexuality: Bisexual
"What's wrong with loving both genders?"

Crush: (Edit after all characters are in)
"Comment from character from here"

Role: Female Number 2
"Do I really look that different from my personality...?"

Height: 5'6
"I may have stopped growing."

Weight: 141
"W-What an absurd thing to ask!"


Personality: "People think I'm different because of my appearance apparently."

Feminine | Slightly Rude | Honest | Considerate

Haruka is a very feminine girl. She, like many others, like dresses, wears some makeup, and whatever else that you'd expect a lady to do. Her voice isn't really low, but it's not high pitched either. Rather, she sounds like a grown woman, both in words and in sound. When someone offends her, she won't do anything like stand up and punching them. Instead, she'll handle the situation calmly, like an adult, but at the same time, she'll appear to be a little harsh.

This makes her slightly rude. Haruka isn't the type of girl to go running around looking for fights. But she's not someone to like fights either, though whenever she gets into one, she'll use words rather than action. Now taking her as a mature girl, you'd probably think that solving a fight with words is stupid, or that it would hardly have any effect on the other person, but in truth, she chooses her words very wisely and it can come as a very hard offense, which mostly end with her winning the argue.

One of the qualities that makes her a different person is her complete honesty. Whether it's talking to a bully, a teacher, or even her friends, her honesty is genuine. She has never lied once in her life. Keeping secrets is another thing, but lying is something she's never done and never will do, which makes her a reliable person in some ways, but also a distrustful in other ways. Of course, she'll always keep her promises, so if someone were to ask her a question that would break a promise of hers, she'd simply not answer. So in the end, you could say she's a reliable friend.

Being a friend of the other five people in her school, Haruka is very considerate. Considerate, in this case, means two things; She's well aware of how people, especially her friends, should be treated, and how she cares for them very much. After the loss of her younger brother, Haruka became much more protective and caring of her friends. She may not show it all the time, or constantly as she sometimes teases them sarcastically, she really does love them a lot.

Likes:"Huh? You're surprised?"
β€’ Dogs
β€’ Airplanes "I... don't really know why. They just fascinate me somehow."
β€’ Paintings
β€’ Museums
β€’ The Sound of Cicadas "It reminds me that summer is starting."
β€’ Classical Music
β€’ Festivals
β€’ Her Brother
β€’ Her Friends

Dislikes:"Just hope you're not on this category, yes?"
β€’ Snow "It's beautiful, yes, but it doesn't bring up the best memories for me..."
β€’ Milk
β€’ Dark Chocolate
β€’ Sunsets
β€’ The Color Red "Oh, my hair? Yes, that's something I'm not too fond of either."

Talents:"You're flattering me..."
β€’ Winning Arguments - As mentioned before, Haruka is amazing at winning any arguments, even fights because of her experience with so many and her choice of strong wording.

β€’ Skiing - Even though Haruka hates the snow now, she used to love it when her brother was still alive and she'd always go skiing whenever they'd visit the mountains. Even though she's stopped for a long time, she's still very good at it.

β€’ Math - Haruka isn't really great at other subjects other than math. She was calculate fast, and she's memorized many formulas along with numbers that equal to other numbers.

Flaws"I can't be human without a few, right?"

β€’ Other Subjects - Like told, Haruka is only good at math, nothing else. She's slightly below average in science, English, History, and everything else in school you could imagine. She is average at music (cello), but we can't really count that as a subject in this case.

β€’ Lying - She won't lie, and so therefore, she can't. Haruka has never lied once in her life, and she'd like to keep it that way. If someone pressuring her to say something she doesn't want to say, she won't lie, but she won't tell the truth either. Instead, she'll say nothing and ignore that person.

Fears"What are you talking about? Fears? Why should I have any?"
β€’ Losing More People - Although she never admits being friends with the other five people or being family to her mother and father, if she were to lose even one of them, she'd break again just like she did when her brother passed.[/right]


Bio:"It had it's ups and downs, but honestly, most of it was always downhill."

Haruka grew up with four people; her mother, her father, her younger brother, and older sister. They were a very loving and friendly family; Haruka would always act like she was the oldest although she was second oldest after her sister, and she'd look after the whole family. People would constantly visit the house and have dinner just for the fun of it whenever the whole family wasn't off taking their monthly vacations to the mountains near by their old house.

The family had a cabin in the mountains that they visited every month on the first day. During spring, the children would run outside and play with paper airplanes, in the summer they'd visit the lake, in fall they'd take hiking trips, and in winter they'd go skiing. But it was only two years ago, when Haruka was 14, when she and her brother took a different path from the family to explore when a blizzard hit.

At the time, Haruka's little brother, who was only a year younger, slipped because of the strong winds and ended up falling off a small cliff, hitting his head on a rock and resulting in a death. This made Haruka very depressed, being very protective of her brother, and she didn't go to school for a whole year until she was eventually forced out of it by her parents, who she had a bit of a hatred for shoving her back into school.

For a while, she didn't like anything at all and was being rude and very hostile to anyone who approached her until she finally found her five other friends, the three boys and girl and teacher, which was where she slowly shifted out of her depressed state into a new one. Although she still remembers the past, she doesn't tend to let it affect her as much as it used to from before.

Other:"You still want to know more?"
- Haruka has two dogs; a white female Akita and red male Akita who she adores very much.

- Haruka's older sister no longer lives with them since she's in college.

So begins...

Haruka Ichinoseki's Story