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Ohira Kukoro

"Miss Me?"

0 · 237 views · located in Haze

a character in “Unbound”, as played by kailani98


Ohira Kukoro
"Scissors are fun. I use them for good don't worry."
"Call the sexy police! I'm just kidding. Or am I?"
"Oh rain is my favorite thing."

"I seem young, but I have the mind of an adult!"

Dreamer Guy 2
"I'm a dreamer all right. But what does that have to do with anything?"

"Are you calling me a female!? You need to Talk this over with my lawyer."

Ohira is many things. He's sweet and kind, humorous, understanding, and the biggest thing, a liar. I shall describe most of these things to you. Ohira is a sweet boy that always takes other peoples feelings into consideration. He never puts himself first. It seems as if he doesn't care if he gets hurt or dies for someone. He will try to protect people. Always. He understands everyone. Its like hes a psychic. He will always try to help and converse with you. He knows how people are. He can figure out how someone acts right away. He can figure out if he likes the person or not. There usually aren't many people he dislikes. He usually try to get the person to let him in deeper. So he can figure out why someone is mean. Things along those lines. He has quite a humor too. He makes jokes and is sarcastic a lot. One of his favorite things is to make someone laugh or smile. That's where he gets his humor from. If your sad he will try to cheer you up. And if you need a friend he will start his introduction with a joke. Most of the times at least. All he wants is to feel the warmth of a persons happiness. He also may not look like a softy but he is. People always judge him by his looks. But he doesn't let that get to him. He tries his best to look presentable.

Last but not least, he is a fat liar sometimes. No one is perfect. Everyone has their secret or their bad side. His is lying. He doesn't try to lie but he sometimes does and it ends up badly most of the time. Sometimes he acts like what hes not. Tries to be different for someone. So they would like him. Technically like a plastic smile. He also makes little lies, like if he didn't actually do something but he says he did to act cool. He hates the feeling after words and regrets it. But if he told the person he lied. Then he would have no trust. It's tough for him. He can't make good decisions sometimes. But its him. He has all the right to be that way.
"Heh what are you talking about. I don't lie..."

Significant Other
Girl two. But he has made some feelings for someone over the past.
"You just spread my dirty secret. I oughta slap you. "

Ohira is a great cook and musician. As well as a writer. He cooks food that is out of this world. It tastes like its from a professional. He especially loves to make Italian and Japanese food. Which varies from breakfast to dessert. He also is skilled at piano. He can play every song known to man. He has been playing since he was 4 years old. Pretty young. Anyways his key and finger placement is always perfect and is like heavenly tones to your ear. He has had a dream to become a famous one. Though he hasn't fulfilled the dream quite yet. The last biggest ability he has is his writing skill. His skill to write is amazing. The writing is neat and beautiful at the same time. His words are description is spicy and perfect. He even wrote a book hes trying to publish. He also loves to write love poems. He deserves to be bragged about. That was a joke if you didn't realize.
"Hehe. Enough with the flattering. HEY! Wait. How was it a joke!? Your so mean!"

If the second lover thing doesn't work then that's fine. I was just putting it there to maybe make a twist in the story. My second lover and this character wont be together, but Ohira will flirt with anonymous. PM me if you want me to delete it.

So begins...

Ohira Kukoro's Story