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Yaela Kairis

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a character in “Uncanny Valley”, as played by Kyren.Laili





▐ The Basics▐

Yaela Nirav Kairis



Sexuality and Relationship Status
Pansexual, single.

By choice, Yaela does not speak, so she comes off as standoffish. Contrary to this popular belief, however, she is a very sociable person. She loves to be in the company of others, and is distraught when left alone.
Heart always left on her sleeve, Yaela is quick to trust, but unforgiving when she is hurt. She has a dangerous sense of loyalty, and would give her life for someone she cares about.

▐ Aesthetics▐


Other than being a smidgen shorter than the average female adult, the isn't anything interesting about Yaela's build. She stands to be about 5'2", and has all of the curves one might expect from a woman of her age.

Facial features
Piercing blue eyes are the first thing someone will notice about Yaela, followed by her silvery-blue hair, which she wears short. Being fair skinned, she burns and bruises easily (to her dismay).

She will wear anything from cargo pants and a baggy t-shirt to extravagant gowns and anything in-between. She usually wears varying shades of blue, grey, and white. Yaela is rarely seen without her leaf necklace around her neck.

▐ Skills and flaws▐


Her most powerful weapons are her words, literally speaking. She also carries a small pistol at her waist in case of emergency.

Skills and Talents
After taking an interest during her teenage years, Yaela has honed her musical talents and is able to play a sweeping number of instruments. She yearns to sing, but is wary of the effects her voice might have on her surroundings.

Yaela lets her emotions get the best of her, causing her to be easily distracted in critical situations.

Voice Manipulation: Using rote memory and a unique sonar recognition, Yaela has the ability to manipulate her voice and use it as a weapon or a tool (as of yet she is only aware of the former). This ability would make one able to mimick sounds and voices, as well as speak, sing, whisper, yell, hum, etc. in any pitch or tone, whether it be abnormally high, or extremely low. Uncontrolled, Yaela's ability has potential to negatively affect her and her surroundings (ex. deafening others, destroying objects, etc). Alongside this is the flaw of her being rendered useless if gagged.

▐ The past and present▐

Basic history
Perhaps upon instinct, Yaela did not utter a sound for the first few years of her life. When she finally did, she was not shocked to learn that her ability was a harmful one.

The dog was just a stray, wandering it's way in and out her yard for a few days. Eventually Yaela became bored of watching it roam, and made out to greet it. The stray was quick to accept her. Perhaps it was it's willingness to be fed, as she had brought a slab of red meat with her as offering. Their bond was quick to form, and stayed strong throughout the years. One evening, her stray did not meander into the yard like it always had. Yaela worried and set out to find him. It didn't take long for her to locate the stray and the pack of wild animals surrounding his body. Yaela screamed and the animals fell in unison. She remembers her ears ringing as she carried her stray's body back to the house to give it a proper burial.

After the incident, her parents agreed it was time she became more involved in the Cult. Both had been esteemed members before her, so they were proud to learn she had inherited a striking ability. Yaela was introduced to the Celtlight Cult, and has been comfortably living amidst them since.

Events to note so far in the RP




So begins...

Yaela Kairis's Story


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Yaela brought her hand to her face and frowned at the blood dripping down her left index finger. She had been there for little less than an hour, and had already managed to injure herself. She considered the moments an hour prior, standing before the large building, her eyes locked on the doorknob in front of her. Celtlight Cult was lenient enough that she knew if she were to step inside, there would be no severe consequence. She remembers hesitating before reaching out, turning the metal sphere, and pushing the door open.

This library was rather quaint in comparison to some she had visited before, Yaela thought as she looked around the room and returned focus back to her finger. She loved books, she truly did, but the amount of paper cuts she had received from them over the years made her love them a little less.

The librarian sauntered over to her, a curious look on his face. "You alright?" He asked, motioning to her hand. She nodded. "I have a bandage if you need one. This happens more often than you'd think." The sixty-something year old man chuckled and motioned to a desk in the far corner of the room. Yaela smiled and nodded again. She opened her right palm and moved it in a clockwise circular motion across her chest, the action for "please" in sign language. She watched in amusement as the librarian's eyes widened in realization.

It was as if everyone she met had forgotten about the mute, deaf, and blind. That the whole population was not born with the luxury of easy communication. The librarian returned a few moments later with a little paper package in his hand. He smiled kindly and handed it to her before hobbling back to his desk. Yaela applied the bandage to her finger, checked the time, and returned to her book.


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Elysia could, would, and did, drag Jaika to his room, ignoring his arguments. Of course, he made this easier on her by pushing her towards the room about halfway there. When they got to his room, Elysia watched Jaika as he whispered her name and rubbed his face, smearing a bit of the blood there before sighing.

"Where, then, do we go?" Jaika asked her, but it felt more like he was asking himself. Where indeed. A faintly recognizable voice sneered somewhere in the back of her mind, but she instantly forgot about it. "Where the hell are we even going to go? And furthermore, what do you mean 'both of us', did something happen to you too? Oh and before I forget, where the hell were you?! I was trying to get a hold of you almost all night! Jesus!" Came the volley of questions, and Elysia flinched back for a moment.

"My phone isn't working. In fact, no electronics seem to be working around me. I walked by a freaking street light on the way here and it exploded and showered glass behind me. My computer and phone are fucked up." She almost screamed. Elysia was just as stressed out as Jaika was in this situation and he was not making things easier for her. "I don't know what's happening to either of us, but something is happening. Get changed, we need to at least leave the house for a bit."


Two hours later, Felken had followed them almost five miles from Jaika's house. Felken had many thoughts on the couple of them. Firstly, they were interesting. It seems that they both acquired their powers today and neither of them know what is going on. It also seems that they have little to no control of their powers. It's common for people to have unstable or at least unpracticed powers at first, but not to this extent. It's almost as if they were both normal, powerless humans, from normal families, that somehow got powers. He had been debating with himself as to whether he should show himself to the pair of them, but he was unsure of whether or not it would be a wise idea. As the leader of the Celtlight Cult, he definitely had the authority to make such a call or to forbid such a call. However, he did feel that not showing himself and revealing information about Cults may result in more harm than not, as they might end up exposing themselves or hurting someone with their new powers. I'm not doing it alone, He thought. They might be in denial, they might attack, or their powers could lash out with their emotions, or any number of unknown events could happen. Not to mention, he really was terrible at social encounters and usually relied on his fellow Cult members to help him in diplomacy. He didn't particularly enjoy talking to people outside of his Cult, so it was a hard decision to make.

In the blink of an eye, he was in a familiar library, near the closest Cult member he could find. Stepping out of the shadows of a nearby bookcase, he spotted Yaela, a young and in his opinion, powerful member of the clan. He saw that near her was a librarian, so he decided to greet her in sign language to keep the ruse of her being deaf. In reality, he knew she could hear but just couldn't speak without destroying the building or killing someone. Felken signed to Yaela, but also spoke aloud to feign her reading lips, "I need your help in recruiting two new members."


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In the given time Yaela had been at the library reading, she had managed to acquire four paper cuts in total. Each on separate fingers. She didn't mind, though. She thought of them as a bookworm's battle scars. Yaela looked down at the leather back she had been reading for the past four hours, bright eyes scanning the cover. "Lament of the Skies"; A rather educational book about weather patterns and theories behind their manifestation. For most it was not exactly an exciting read, however Yaela had a certain curiosity pertaining to the atmosphere and what lay below it. She was about to begin a new chapter when Yaela felt the all-too-familiar presence of Felken Colden, the leader of her Cult. She looked up from the book and watched curiously as he made to greet her.

Although the library was fairly deserted, she found it odd for Felken to be out and about in public like this. He must have had something important he wanted her to hear.

"I need your help in recruiting two new members." He said, and her eyebrows shot up in a look of surprise. Important indeed... Yaela thought to herself, maintaining the expression while she stared at him a few seconds longer. It had been a while since Felken had been looking to recruit a new member, let alone two. Slowly, Yaela closed the book and stood from the table. She walked to the librarian and set the book down gently, giving the older man a short smile before turning and sauntering back to where her Cult leader stood. It was also a rare occurrence for Felken to want to talk to anyone of his own will, yet here he was, asking her for help. She let a dangerous grin play over her face, as if to say, "What's in it for me?"