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Undead Exorcist

Undead Exorcist


Beyond the Boundary, a world exists different from our own. From this the Undead Exorcists were created. To enforce that Boundary.

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The Boundary. Its what separates this world from the one beyond. In this world, lives humans. On the other side, that's where the monsters live. Everyday, due to the sins and bad deeds committed by humans, the monsters from the other side are able to cross into this world. Some are good, just wanting to escape the harshness of their own home. However, most are what legends are made of, ghastly beings of all kinds that have riddled our story books for hundreds of years. Some of these monsters attach themselves to evil humans, or humans who are confused and prone to weakness. However, that's where they come in. Gifted with powers as strong as the monsters, The Undead Exorcists. Brought back to life by ancient magic, they are what keeps evil from consuming this world.
~ From the Diary of Lilith, Daughter of Daisy, Schwarz's Leader.

Schwarz is a sprawling metropolis, with the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich living within its city limits. Within this city is the UE. While it appears to be a dive bar on the bad side of town, it is also the home of the cities resident Undead Exorcists. Humans brought back to life by a witches magic, they are in charge of protecting this city from what lies beyond the boundary. Demons, monsters, old gods, youkai, if you can think of it, it exists in that world. It is the responsibility of the Exorcists to destroy those who cross the boundary.

Important plot points

The Boundary: The line between our world and theirs. As far as anyone can tell, the Boundary has been around for as long as there has been us. Theories state it is the gateway between two realms, a tear in space if you will. Others say humans and these monsters once lived together, and the Boundary is a powerful spell that now separates the two worlds.

Undead Exorcist: Someone who was born a human, but died and was resurrected (in a way) by a wielder of advance magic. There are only five people living right now with the power to create an Undead Exorcist, one of them being Daisy. Exorcists are immortal, unable to die even if eviscerated to the point only a single cell remained. They will always regenerate. They can however be killed by the person who created them, and an Arc Weapon (get into that later), or a monster harvesting their soul. Along with this they have incredible strength, speed, and senses. Most spells will not work on them and they have the power to steal an ability from a monster, though they can only have one at a time. Finally, they are able to "Undead" a weapon (sword, gun, bow, even a stick). This causes the object to morph to their own particular tastes and it greatly increases the effectiveness of the item against monsters. The lifespan of an Exorcist is unknown as they do not age. Due to the fact many are cut down against monsters, their average is not that high either. The oldest exorcist lived to be 589, so most just assume that's the maximum age they could reach.

Undead Exorcists have many reasons for doing what they do, but the reason why the organization continues to this day is due to one major reason; Profit. There is a thriving and vast black market trade for a lot of these monsters remains. Witches need certain things for spells and rituals Then, you have collectors, who are humans aware of the Boundary and pay a great deal of money for certain "bits".

The EU: A bar on the bad side of town designed to throw off anyone looking for something to find. It often acts as a haven for "good" monsters to congregate without fear of persecution by Hunters or evil monsters.

Monsters: Monsters is a general term for supernatural beings that exist past the Boundary. Like I said before, there are more well known ones like demons (not made in hell mind you, but have similar appearances and abilities) vampires, werewolves, youkai, etc. Then there are ones that we as contributors to the roleplay can create. Keep in mind, these enemies will be tiered, and some will be much stronger than others. Most are able to take on the appearance of a human, while others have to often pay a witch for a spell to change their appearance. By possessing a human, they receive an incredible increase in strength and by harvesting souls can do terrible things.

Arc Weapons: Weapons created from the remains of the most powerful entities to ever cross the boundary. Only one organization has the influence and money to create such weapons; The Sect. Arc Weapons are wielded by the Shepherds and are usually modified with each new person they pass on to.

The Sect: A religious organization that hunts down and destroys those who cross the Boundary. Unlike the UE, they do not do it for profit, but purely to destroy anything that threatens the human world from beyond. They are however flawed in one major area. Unlike Undead Exorcists, they kill all trespassers, regardless of intent or creed. Even those who cross the boundary to live a peaceful life are still guilty in their eyes.

Shepherds: The hunters of The Sect and wielders of Arc Weapons. They have been known to target Undead Exorcists, as they view them to also be an abomination.

Zero Space: A simple spell taught to all Undead Exorcists. When they find their target, activating the spell allows them to enter a neutral zone that exists outside of the current. It allows them to battle and chase their target without fear of injuring others or causing damage to the world around them. However, they can only cause someone to enter Zero Space with them if they are within ten meters of said entity and have their sight on them, making the spell a little tricky to execute.

Schwarz: The city where this takes place.

Important People

Daisy: Powerful witch and the leader of the Schwarz group of Undead Exorcists. She receives contracts and puts what the Exorcists recover on the black market. She is a relatively young witch by most standards and has never made any Exorcists herself. She can always be found in the bar along with her daughter, Lilith.

Roth: Works as a bartender at The EU to make ends meet while he tries to figure out his place in the human world. He is the old god, Thor. But, he has no intention of causing problems. He often watches Lilith when Daisy has to step out. Also, he has a reputation for making an incredible martini.

Asther and Rolan: Information brokers who will often pass jobs to EU in exchange for a small cut of the profit. Only Daisy knows their true origin. When others ask they often respond that they are just, "Simple businessmen looking to make an honest living."

Will add to as the roleplay goes on. We need five roles for this roleplay to start (Four actually, since I will be one of them); 3 Undead Exorcists and 1 human who will be the focus of the first part of the roleplay. If we get to the point, I will allow people to start making others characters (members of The Sect, powerful monsters, etc.).

Character Sheet
Age: (No older than 150)
Appearance: (Please, no real life people)
Ability: (If they have one. Remember, his can change anytime your character wishes simply by taking one from a monster so its not that important, No Crazy-level ability to start with though).
Equipment: (What do they usually carry and more specifically, what does it look like when your character wields it).

Any questions, fill free to ask me in the OOC

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