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River Blaine

The alcoholic

0 · 105 views · located in Police station

a character in “Undead Horrors”, as played by St.Valentine


Name: River Blaine
Status: Healthy
Age: 27
Appearance: River is tall and bulky with a thick head of sandy brown hair and bright blue eyes. Beneath his thick scruff, he is actually quite good looking. Common attire would be a t shirt, blue jeans, his motorcycle boots and if the weather requires, his favorite leather jacket.
Advantage: River is very strong and able to use a gun well.
Disadvantage: He is slow on foot, as well as a borderline alcoholic and has had numerous run ins with law enforcement.
Location: River is currently being detained at the police station.

So begins...

River Blaine's Story


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Character Portrait: River Blaine
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It had happened again.

River was laying motionlessly on the cell cot, watching the ceiling and recalling the prior night's events. His chest still hurt from all the smoke, his knuckles still throbbed from the pain of pounding against flesh and bone. There was a splotch of his own blood smeared on his white tshirt and a new ripe in his old blue jeans. He sighed, though he was feeling a little more pissed off and impatient rather than remorseful for his behavior. The jackass had it coming after all, he thought, his eyebrows twitching a little in irritation.

The officers that arrested him hadn't been very gentle with their handling, either, and River's shoulder was still sore from being thrown into detainment. Although he had been drunk and his mind was inevitably a little foggy, he could easily recall the reason for fighting at the pub; the reason why he had taken several furious swings at the smack talking bastar that sat across the bar. He gritted his teeth, running a calloused hand through his sandy brown locks, then closing his eyes.

He could already see his little sister's stern face; crinkled eyebrows, menacing brown eyes and a scowl as hateful as their fathers used to be. River rolled his own eyes, and just as if some kind of cue had been sounded off, the detainment officer approached his cell and unlocked it. The policeman seemed much les than pleased, but an all too familiar sense of relief overcame River as he slowly sat up and watched him expectantly.

"Your sister posted bail," the officer droned, parting the barred iron door that kept River from his freedom. "Looks like you're free, mister Blaine."

Without another word, River slipped out of the cell and followed the officer toward the front of the department, where he could instantly see Astrid's brightly tattooed right arm and scrawny outline. Her back was toward him, but he could still tangibly sense the fury emanating from her presence. He swallowed a lump in his throat, and before he could even ponder every excuse in his repertoire, the officer broke their silence.

"Now I'm gonna need you to sign this, miss Blaine," he said, handing her a clipboard. "And then you can be on your way."

Astrid turned and acknowledged her brother for the first time in four months. Their last meeting had been a similar situation as the current, except Astrid was much angrier and they were making a scene with their cursing and yelling. Today she was uniquely composed, consequently heightening River's apprehension. He suddenly felt guilty and placed his hands inside his pockets, afraid that if he reached for a hug she would hit him instead.

"Hey, Astro," he said softly, though it probably wasn't the appropriate time for tender pet names.

"Just get in the car," she shot back.

And with that, River exited the station, with Astrod joining him in the Chevelle just a few moments later. They sat in silence for a while, and then she looked at him with so much disappointment that it was almost a foreign expression to River. He knew she was waiting for an explanation, and for once, he decided he was going to let her have it.