Extra Characters

These are extra character that will show up in the rp.

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a character in “UNDEAD ISLAND”, as played by AvalonKnight


More characters will be added later. If anyone has any idea's just let me know in the ooc :)



Name - Hunter
Age - Twenty six
Sexuality - Heterosexual
Role - Island Native
Personality - Loner, quiet, dangerous, untrusting
Appearance - Tanned skin and shaved dark hair. Hunter's eyes are dark brown and he usually have camouflage painting all over his body. He has tattoo's all along his body { Front, Back }. Hunter is tall standing at 6'5" with a toned body.

Weapons - Machete, Machete, Bow, Homemade Spears, Knife

Hunter was part of one of the native tribes on the island but his village was attacked by one of the cannibal tribes. He escaped and now lives alone in the jungle.


Name - Dean Mackenzie
Age - Thirty five
Sexuality - Heterosexual
Role - Immune Guest
Personality - Trusting, caring, leader, wise
Appearance -

Weapons - Magnum Revolver, Hunting Knife

Dean is Tristan's Uncle. He was invited to the island but he doesn't know his niece is on the island too. He works as a Math teacher.



Name - Rachel Mason
Age - Twenty four
Sexuality - Homosexual
Role - Immune Guest
Personality - Bold, loud, noisy, proud
Appearance - Shoulder length dark brown with matching hazel brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. Rachel has no tattoo's and at 5'8" with a lean body.

Weapons - 9mm berretta (2), Crowbar

Rachel is one of the guest who were invited to the island. She works as a bartender in Boston. Having known she was gay from her teen years Rachel decide to get an artificial insemination and she is now 8 weeks pregnant.

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