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Aza N. Merritt

"This is all going to end in tears, and I hate cleaning puddles."

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a character in “Under One Roof”, as played by Alle9009


Aza N. Merritt
"Never falter, never fall, never stop. Life is shitty, especially to those good and nice, so why bother letting it get me down? Just because it'll all end in tears doesn't mean that I shouldn't give a shot to help them..."

Full name: Azalea Noll Merritt

Name meaning: Azalea's the name of a plant. Noll is a diminutive of Oliver, which is a norman french form of germanic Alfher, which pretty much means Elf Warrior or Elf Army. Merritt is old english for boundaries, pronounced MER-it. His name pretty much means 'Elf warrior of boundaries, flower version.'

Nickname: Aza, Azan, Anm, Lea (only his brother can call him this without getting punched in the gut)

Meaning+origin: Aza means cleric and is a masculine shortform of Azalea. Fitting, considering that he's good with medicine.

Gender: male

Age: 17 years old

Role: supporting character



Faceclaim: Prince of Stride Riku, only in a different colour palette.

Eye color: Amber eyes, which can be considered pretty rare. Thanks to a genetic trait, however, Aza and his family always have yellow eyes.

Hair color: grey. It's actually a dark-blackish grey, which looks like a light black without sunlight but turns dark grey the moment light shines on it.

Physical description: With amber eyes and shoulder length grey hair that he keeps tied up in a high ponytail, Aza can look pretty striking. He's a bit short for his age, standing tall at a mere 163cm tall, but he makes up for it with muscle. Despite being thin in a way that suggests him as a regular forgetter of means, Aza is solid and wiry and stronger than he looks. His lattisimus dorsi are enormous. His features might seem a touch delicate, with his huge eyes and rounded cheeks, but that's only if you ignore the narrowing of his eyebrows that make his eyes seem normal, grouchy air around him and the serious set of his mouth, as if he were contemplating what to do, with violence. Despite his diminutive figure, Aza is more than capable of kicking someone's ass through a wall, especially if he gets angry.

He likes anything comfortable that fits him. Mostly he wears practical, comfortable items such as hoodies, jackets, teeshirts, jeans, sneakers, boots. His clothes seem wellworn, but are still capable of functioning. What he always wears though is a necklace charm, a small metal locket that contains a picture of Aza and his family.

Distinguishing features:

Amber eyes: They're pretty rare, and the first thing people mention when describing Aza is 'Kid with Amber eyes that's about yay-high, looks like he's planning something huge?"

Necklace - Aza always wears his necklace. It's a rectangular locket that looks like a dogtag, which has a simple etching of two flowers on it. It contains a picture of Aza and his brother. The other slot is empty. He tends to keep it tucked underneath his clothes, or leave it dangling out in the open. His brother has a matching locket.

Touching his locket - tends to fiddle with his necklace charm whenever he feels worried, upset, or needs to think. It's basically his good luck charm.

Tension - well, its less frown and more a constant furrowing of the eyebrows, a sort of tension to him. Aza tends to have a slight crease in his eyebrows, as if he's thinking hard about something even when he's relaxing. It's almost as if he's subconsciously trying not to enjoy life too much.


| Grouchy | Serious | Irritable | Blunt | Determined | Hardworking | Caring | Pragmatic |

Aza is, basically, a jerk with a wellhidden heart of gold. He's a bit of a dick towards people, often using sarcasm and grouchiness to shove people away. He's easily irritable (but not easily angered) and brutally honest in a way that hurts and he's ridiculously dismal about things, often predicting worse case situations. He reacts to everything with pretty much deadpan sarcasm or smiling brutal honesty, even if its only on the outside. He's pretty awkward around people, not often seeking their company, and he's pretty cynical about life and people. His biting jabs and sour behaviour, though, is mostly a cover for his kind side. Aza cares about people, almost a little too much, which can be a problem when you have zero trust in people and rather not get involved with them. He cares so much it hurts, and as a result behaves in a grumpy manner to keep them afar. He might not seem like it, but he's actually a pretty emotional guy underneath his dismal, calm front, and even if he behaves like he doesn't care about people he often notices things about people that they often wouldn't expect him to. He's also morally righteous, and will not cheat without good reason. He might not be the kind who'd constantly ask about you all the time, but is more the type who leaves a packet of cookies and a bottle of gatorade on your desk if he notices that you're feeling hungry and will be on the lookout for you if you collapse.

Mostly though, Aza is someone who's objectively calm and rational enough to make tough decisions, who's able to take care of himself with a lot of efficiency. Sure, he's still emotional, but he knows enough to get a grip on it when he needs to. His temper is pretty much like a flash bomb - one second its zero degrees, the next second it's one hundred. He's got sudden bursts of intensity that makes him all the more scary, and at times he can get so focused on things he tends to forget about everything else. He's also pretty reasonable underneath all the grumpiness, especially if you trigger his guilt complex. While this might seem hypocritical of him, it fits with Aza's mentality. Aza is an antinihilist, much as he wishes he didn't. He believes that the world is a crap place to live in, so whats the point in making it worse? As a result, Aza is actually pretty easy to get along with, so long as you don't get on his bad side.

So to sum it up, Aza's a grumpy guy with antinihilistic views who rarely lightens up that'll leave you alone if you leave him alone, and underneath his grumpy sarcastic trust-issued shell is someone who feels too much and cares too much and knows it, which leaves him feeling very bitter to the world. Also he's very disciplined and hardworking and has a loyalty like a dog, and loves his brother.


Likes: Privacy, cooking, running, hard work, drama, games, family gatherings

Dislikes: being embarrassed, being touched without realising it, people who mess with his brother and friends, family gatherings, holidays, his first name

Strengths: Cooking, determined nature, good grades, running, repairing things

Weaknesses: People he cares about, easy to manipulate (just make him feel guilty and voila), stubborn and private and absolutely refuses to trust others.


He was brought up in an abusive family, although they seemed like the perfect family for anyone who didn't know them. His dad was pretty stressed with work, and his mother was someone who liked to mess with people's heads, which increased their dad's stress levels. The only person who actually cared for Aza was his older brother, Hawe, who was three years older than him. Hawe was a good guy, and without his influence Aza wouldn't have turned out to have such a good moral compass. They grew pretty close, despite their mother's attempts to push them against each other, and as they were often left alone in the house they learnt how to take care of themselves from a young age.

But anyway. Long story short, Aza and Hawe decided to leave the house. They couldn't do it without good reason, however. For one thing, they had no money. For another, They were underage. Finally, they came up with an idea. They'd get their cousin and aunt to help them! They'd been exchanging letters with their cousin for the past year, and when Aza turned fifteen they could go to highschool and board together, right?

Turned out things weren't that simple. Their aunt would only pay for them if they managed to get into Star Academy. And if they did want to live together, they'd have to get a scholarship that provide room and board for free so that they'd only need to focus on living expenses. But no biggie. They focused on studying as hard as they could to get into the Academy, and they both did! Hawe went into the mechanics course, Aza decided to take the mechanics course after some thought and life went on.

This year, however, Hawe graduated. He left to work, and Aza was made to shift rooms. He's now housed at Mayfield...

So begins...

Aza N. Merritt's Story

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Aza sprinted down the street, barely managing to dodge a wall as he skidded around a corner. Dressed in a simple blue shirt underneath an unzipped white hoodie and dark jeans, with battered high tops that thankfully still had thick enough soles to help decrease the risks of slipping as he ran, Aza did not look like your average runner out for a jog. For one thing, he wasn't dressed like a jogger. For another, despite the forced calm on his face his eyes held a panicky look, and he bit his lip everytime his gaze flickered to his watch as if he were helding back a curse. And most telling of all, he was carrying a large luggage case which teetered dangerously whenever it rolled over a bump, which was pretty often.

It was pretty obvious that he was a student, or someone lodging somewhere. It was also pretty obvious that he was late.

Really, really really late. Shiiiii- there it is! A rare grin popped up on Aza's face as he spotted the familiar house, legs pumping even faster. Somehow, he made it to the gates without losing his grip on his luggage or falling to the ground. It was open, crap, that meant the other residents were already there. Not good. Not good at all.

Well, at least the shortcuts made the route to Mayfield quicker. Panting for breath, Aza made his way to the door. He grabbed the knob, fingers tightening on it...

and came to a halt, standing there like a statue as the apprehension and doubts that had been plaguing him since last night came back like a homing rocket.

What if Hawe needs me? What if my roommates were all dickheads? Things were different now. Everyone who had lived in the house last year had either been third years or where moved to a different house. Aza was the only one of the original occupants (from the year before anyway) to return to the house. Hawe had gone off to Substrahta to look for work and a house to sleep in now that the dorms were no longer available. The money would come in handy, yes (Aza tried not to think about how much things costed nowadays and whether his brother was using any of that money for himself) but...

But nothing. Everything changed. This was no different. Just because this was the first time he was spending time away from his brother in an area where few communications and talks could be had (thanks to working times and study taking up most of it) didn't mean that he should pause like an idiot outside the door. He was already here, wasn't he? And there was no way he was turning back. Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Aza turned the knob and opened the door.

He stepped inside. Noted the two guys standing there, one with dark hair covering an eye and another with blonde hair and green eyes. Catching the last sentence, Aza decided to reply for them.

"Six, including me." He said from where he was at the door. He raised a hand in greeting, giving a short wave before his hands dropped back down, a neutral expression on his face. "Unless there were some last minute changes, there should be six," he repeated, subtly shooting a look around the place.

A feeling of relief passed through him as he saw that everything looked the same, if a little dusty. Looks like some things remained the same. Without further ado Aza dragged his luggage inside and walked past them to place his luggage further inside, in a corner out of the way. That done, Aza joined the two, staying standing up.

"Uh." He turned to the remaining two, slipping his hands awkwardly in his pockets. "Name's Aza Noll Merritt, but just call me Aza. Sorry I'm late, got caught up in traffic. I'm guessing you two are tenants instead of freeloaders," He said dryly, "But anyway, nice to see you. Have you guys finished the rooming arrangements, or am I still in time to add my vote?"

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Barely three minutes have passed since Aquina departed from her room when she met with Shane at the corridor. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the vacuum cleaner he was carrying around. Somehow it struck her as odd since none of the boys, with the exception of her father, were particularly fond of cleaning in her family. "Different strokes for different folks I guess. Maybe I can ask him to do mine once he finishes?" She entertained the thought for a while but ultimately decided against it. Girls shouldn't leave their cleaning up to boys is what she has been taught. Besides, her room wasn't that dirty. Ten minutes of light sweeping and scrubbing should do the trick.

The boy's mention of a locked room on the second floor caught her interest. Upon his mention of it, she realized that she hasn't been fully acquainted with house yet. She did find it hilarious that he thought it was haunted. She didn't exactly peg Shane for the superstitious type. Otherwise he would've already steered clear of the "red devil". Then again, he may just be trying to make conversation in which case, Aquina felt it more appropriate to go along.

"Cheap houses usually have that quirk associated with them. There's usually a catch like being the site where a murder or a homicide took place. On some occasions, it may have been used for illicit activities like--well, you get it." She turned to look at Shane straight in the eye. "Think a dead body will spring out if we open it?" Aquina suggested, half-teasing.

"Although it's probably the condition of the place that decreased the rate in the first place. I've seen some abandoned houses back at home with a much more sound structure than this one. Hey, if you're good with homemaking, you can probably do something to fix the place up~" Aquina finishes with a smile.

There seemed to be a new development over the living room so Aquina suggested heading over there in the meantime. "Why don't we greet our new arrival first?"

Upon arriving in the lounge, Aquina saw that another person had arrived to join them. She could also see that, like the first three who arrived the same time she did, this person was another boy. That leaves her to share a house with four guys. Already, she felt completely out of place. Fortunately, everyone seemed to be decent people. Seemed to be.

"So I just realized--" Aquina immediately started, skipping all the pleasantries and awkward moments of standing there with nothing to say for five minutes. She'll have to take the conversation somewhere, lest she gets drowned out. "I don't know left and right around this place. Shane here mentioned something about a locked room on the second floor; it might be worth looking into." She paused for a little to observe if they were listening and carried on.

"I think we should explore the place; familiarize ourselves with its bells and whistles and whatnot. See if there are any spots to beware of, places with creaking beams, leaking ceilings, floor boards that sink if you step on it." She enumerates some of the common problems she expects to encounter. "Familiarize ourselves with where everything is. Depending on how many bathrooms they have here, we may have to work out a schedule." She realized that she sounded as if she was trying to take charge of things. "Hope you don't chew me out for this; it's just a suggestion." She thought before shifting the flow of the conversation.

"Of course, we can also take this opportunity to see if there are any dead bodies stuffed in the closets or walls somewhere. Or if there are bloodstains that haven't been cleaned. Any of you have a motion detector or a compass? It could help us locate cold and warm spots around the house." Aquina joked, recalling Shane's suspicions of the house being haunted. "Hey, maybe the previous occupants had formed some kind of syndicate and was involved in illegal operations. They may have left their lab untouched with some of the substance still lying around in a secret basement or attic somewhere. We could sell it off, make some money to fix this place up--what do you think?" She finally asked, waiting to see how the boys would respond.

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"Please excuse me for the short post."

Dialogue Color ✦#004E00 || Thought Color ✧#8B4513

For the most part, it had seemed as though everybody had wanted to get situated in before doing anything else. He sorta had caught everybody's name but it was very likely that he would personally introduce himself to everybody separately at some point or another. For now, Rook, however, was simply glad he had made it here and was in no hurry to put what little stuff he had on him away. He was not the only one to stay behind, as the young Fanish man named Nikolai soon greeted him and struck up conversation with a smile. "Hi there, Rook. I don't know if you heard, but I'm Nikolai Utkin. Where are you from? This your first year at the Academy, da?"

"Ah, yes, I had caught that. It is a pleasure to meet you, and yes, this is my first year here." Rook away from the door and set his bag down right next to where he decided to stand. He had intentionally chose not to answer the question about his whereabouts, as he just had no desire to think about his home at the moment. Then again, he... kinda just decided to pursue enrollment over here because it was a ways away from his friends. What did he plan on doing here? "This is my first time staying away from my own home, too." he admitted, giving a light laugh. He was a bit nervous being in an unfamiliar place. "What about you, Nikolai? Are you familiar with this academy?"

Nikolai had given his answer, and then followed through with one of his own. "Odd question, but do you know how many people are staying Mayfield?"

Rook shook his head. "I'm afraid I do not." but, as fate would have it, somebody else had known the answer. That person, a boy with gray hair and a unique pair of eyes, entered the house while introducing himself as Aza Noll Merritt. He had, of course, dragged a sizable bit of luggage with him, so it seemed like he had not claimed a room just yet.

"Hello." Rook greeted. "I am Rook Foster. I'm sorry, but I think most of the rooms are taken by now. The rest seemed to have already or are on currently staking their claim in the rooms, but you said there were supposed to be six of us?" If that was the case, then it would appear as though one other person was still missing. Rook had hoped that nothing bad happened to them on the way here, like a delayed flight or an accident of some sort.

"So... then we're down one tenant, correct?" he looked to Nikolai to confirm, since it was also possible that Rook had simply not caught the person before.

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#, as written by Dae Mec
As usual, Nikolai had been right. Rook was a first year. And since the others were also new arrivals to the island, it seemed that Nikolai was the most experienced one here. Though Rook had answered his question about the Academy, Rook still hadn't said where he was from. Nikolai tilted his head, considering. The other guy seemed a little nervous. Well, he'd let it go. For now.

He smiled, laid-back and just a little sardonic. "This is my second year at the Academy. I'm familiar enough."

Unfortunately, Rook didn't know how many people were in Mayfield, but the newcomer did. With gleaming yellow eyes and gray hair, he was quite striking.

"Six, including me." The man waved before looking around, seemingly reassured by what he saw. "Unless there were some last minute changes, there should be six."

"Uh. Name's Aza Noll Merritt, but just call me Aza. Sorry I'm late, got caught up in traffic. I'm guessing you two are tenants instead of freeloaders," said the other tenant, with a hint of dryness that made Nikolai smirk. "But anyway, nice to see you. Have you guys finished the rooming arrangements, or am I still in time to add my vote?"

Aza seemed vaguely familiar. Nikolai wasn't sure where, but he knew he'd seen Aza before. As Rook introduced himself again, the Fane wracked his memory. Nikolai doubted that the yellow-eyed boy was a first year, so he likely knew Aza from the Academy. His fingers twitched for his sketchbook. Drawing Aza would jog his memory, but Nikolai had kept his supplies in his bag. (And he was too lazy to take them out now.)

"Mechanics?" said Nikolai abruptly. "Did you have a class with old Greenwin?" Though Nikolai studied arts, he sometimes took classes in the mechanic side, just for fun. He blinked. "Oh, sorry for being rude," Nikolai added hastily, not at all sorry. "I'm Nikolai Utkin. Nice to meet you."

Rook's question diverted his focus. "So... then we're down one tenant, correct?"

"Da, I've only seen five others." Nikolai frowned. With red-head, the Midlander, Rook, Nikolai, and Aza... his math was right. That was five. "But I find something strange about this. The door was open before Aquina nor Shane walked in, and they were the first two here. So, either the people renting this house out are stupid enough to leave the door unlocked... or there's someone else who did. Perhaps our mystery sixth tenant has already been here."

It was entirely plausible that the sixth member had dropped off his or her stuff before leaving. Or maybe the person was still here. Nikolai didn't really know.

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Alright, five including him. Rook, Nikolai, Aquina and Shane, whoever the latter two were. That left one.

So we have one missing... Yes! Rooms haven't been taken yet, my old room might be still open. Time to answer a few questions though.

"Yup, six." Aza answered Rook, then turned his attentions back to Nikolai. "Also no prob. Old Greenwin?" Aza frowned slightly, trying to recall who Nikolai was talking about. The name sounded familiar... Oh. "Wrinkly smiling white-haired old man who walks with a cane and taught Schematics? Yeah, been in a few classes of his." Aza raised an eyebrow at Nickolai, reassessing him now that he mentioned a past teacher. The blonde looked familiar... "Were you in his class too?"

Before that, however, Rook and Nikolai began to converse. Aza was about to join in (maybe mystery tenant was upstairs?) when a girl with red hair came down the stairs. Aza raised a hand in greeting as she talked, noting what she said with a distant look on his face, as if he were trying to recall a few things.

Who is she?

Well, her name was probably Aquina. Shane was a masculine name, and as she was definitely of the female gender that left only one choice. Still...

While people would normally just assume Aquina, Aza wasn't so quick to decide. What if her parents had decided for a masculine name for Redhead? His parents had called him Azalea, for freaking sake. Azalea! That was a goddamn flower! Other parents could've been just as stupid.

Better to just leave it for later. For now, 'Redhead' would work.

"A schedule's fine by me, although there should be enough bathrooms." Aza replied Redhead bluntly, raising an eyebrow. "But I don't think they left anything behind - if they did they'd come back for it, I guess. Thane used to run a homeless animal auction up in the laundry room and Marie had a chemistry set she used to do... interesting stuff with in her room, which Kyle helped to manufacture." He leant against the table, a thoughtful look forming on his face as he tried to remember. "I don't think they'll appreciate you selling their stuff. Yeah," Aza continued, shuddering as he thought of how they might react if they'd learnt if their possessions had been sold. Not a good idea. "Yeah, you definitely won't want to sell anything without their permission unless you want teargas underneath your pillow or dozens of cats sicced on you in the middle of the night."

We couldn't get the smell of cat wee out of Fitz's room for a month. And Aza could still remember the grin Marie had on when he had accidentally ate her pudding and woken up to a cloud of teargas a few nights later. Aza's eyes hadn't stopped tearing up until sunrise. Bloody hours!

Aza had checked the nametags on the fridge almost religiously for months after that. But the point was this - you did not want the older members of Mayfield house on your bad side.

"Uh." Shaking himself back to reality, Aza took a deep breath and continued. "Third, fifth and eighth stair creaks when stepped on, The kitchen window needs a knock on the frame before it can open, floorboard on the right in the washing room kind of goes whump when you step on it." Aza piped up, counting it off his fingers. "The kitchen beams occasionally go creaking at night or when someone kicks too much, and I think the walls above are thin enough that you can hear someone singing in the bathroom next room over. There's also the roof - sometimes the shingles wriggle and clank at night. There used to be a leak in the room below the bathroom whenever someone tried to use it, but I think we fixed the problem." He stroke his chin thoughtfully, casting his memory back to last year. "The kitchen windows need to be open if you want to cook something so that the smoke doesn't get trapped, third window in the living room won't close properly and the window a couple distance away from that needs a bang on the doorframe to open it properly, but I think that's about it."

Aza shrugged at them after the overload of information. "I was a tenant last year," he explained, scratching the back of his neck. "Most everyone moved out, so I'm the only remaining tenant left, though. We fixed most of the problems last year, but some problems might've reappeared and I might've remembered things wrongly. Those are the spots to check well though. Also," He continued, swivelling around to look at Redhead with a raised eyebrow.

"Who're you?" Aza asked bluntly. "My name's Aza Merritt. I know Rook and Nikolai, but I don't know whether you go by Aquina or Shane. I'm kind of assuming Aquina because Shane's a masculine name, but I thought'd I'd ask first. Unless you're the mystery tenant?" He asked her, tilting his head slightly to the side quizzically.

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#, as written by Mustafa
Shane has thought that the others have started treating him like a ghost. He has walked the living room together with Aquina. He hasn't been saying anything for a quite long time. He listened what everyone had wanted to say and after that he decided to remind abut his existence.

"Здравствуйте Aza [Hello Aza]," Shane told Aza who was looking as if he had noticed Shane the first time in his life. If Shane had had a vacuum cleaner in his hands, he would have throw it directly into Aza because Aza was claiming that Shane could be Aquina, or something other similar. Fortunately, he didn't have anything heavy in the range of his arms. "Are you blind? Aren't you able to distinguish a woman from a man?" Shane thought. But he calmed down and said, "My name is Shane and this is Aquina. You told us that you are Aza Merritt. Hmm... Is 'Aza' really a name?" Shane pull out his mobile phone, he wanted to check something. Lists of students are publicly available as in every average school, he opened a web page of a profile of Mechanics and started looking for something similar. "There you are! You must be Azalea Noll Merritt because there is nobody with such surname like your." Shane turned off his mobile phone and put it into his pocket.

"You are Azalea so..." Shane have started laughing " have a name like a flower. Would you mind considering changing it into something more masculine?" Shane became a little more serious. "But don't offend buddy, I have some propositions. You could be... Ahmed. No? Right, you need something better. Maybe... hmm... İskender?" Shane reminded himself about one funny thing. He had an azalea in his garden but the flower was dug up by his dog a week ago. He wanted to say also about it but he didn't do that. It could be one word too many.

After that Shane turned his attention to Aquina. "You don't believe that this house could be haunted. Hmm... . Look at him," Shane pointed at Aza, "he was living here a year ago and he went gray at young age for fear." Of course that wasn't serious, Shane was joking. After a short pause he continued talking. "I agree with you that we should familiarize ourselves with the house. The list of damages dictated by Aza is quite long," Shane sighed deeply, "but I hope the most were fixed before our arrival. However, if we find something useful like, for example, a laboratory for production of...," Shane grinned, "...prescription drugs, we can always create a syndicate. I mean opening our own home business of course. Aza is experienced, so he could distribute our products in university, theoretically. Just think Aquina, we could help so many people." Aza started coughing when he heard this, so Shane gave him a slap on the back. Shane was very eager to see the reaction of Aquina. "Aquina, try to imagine that we could create an international company called 'Mafia Inc.' and you could be our Godmother in the future."

Shane was still curious what is in the locked room, he knows now that Aza was living here previously, so he decided to ask him. "Aza, do you know what is inside the room on the second floor near the stairs? There is a locked door and probably none of us has a key."

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"Bringing up the topic of possible house problems seems to have paid off..." Aquina smiled to herself, listening to Aza go on enumerating the common problems they may encounter. May encounter. Of course, it was entirely possible that the house had undergone a fix. It is the start of a new term after all, and these places need to attract blood. She also found Aza's mention of the previous tenants interesting though whether it was meant as a jest or something to be taken seriously, Aquina had no way to confirm save for asking him directly.

"Wouldn't mind the cats actually. Could do without any further eye irritation though." Aquina was in the middle of listening in on the conversation when Aza suddenly ask for her name. Or to be more specific, he asked whether she was Shane or Aquina. Before she could reply though, Shane spoke up.

Apart from clarifying who was Shane and who was Aquina, Shane had some light jabs at Aza, the old timer. Most were directed towards his appearance and his status as an old-timer. It was probably all meant as friendly jests and light humor. "Rarely do I get to meet two people who can go along with my stories...This is building up to be an interesting term and the day hasn't even ended yet." Aquina thought, smiling.

Shane joked about running their own laboratory and company, with Aza being their runner and her being a Godmother of sorts. "Hmmm... I don't know. Haven't really been in loop with business management for awhile. I'm just more into sightseeing now." She glanced at Aza for a split second before turning back to Shane. "Although if anybody's got any stuff they want to peddle, I may be able to lend a hand. It's what I do after all." She offered, intentionally letting slip her chosen profession in the process.

"Aza, do you know what is inside the room on the second floor near the stairs? There is a locked door and probably none of us have a key."

Ah yes, the locked room. It was the reason why they were talking about ghosts and syndicates in the first place. It was Nikolai who brought up the mention of a sixth tenant, which of course, is the most probable reason. All jokes aside, Aquina echoes the question directed at Aza, imploring with all seriousness this time. "From what I read in the brochure, the rooms Mayfield rents out to tenants are all on the first floor. And you normally don't lock up any utility rooms the day before you expect your boarders to arrive. The house was open before any of us could even arrive. Aza, is it possible that one of the spaces upstairs was renovated into an additional room, expecting the number of occupants to increase?" Before she could be graced with a reply though, Aquina headed towards the foot of the stairs.

"Why don't we try a good o'l fashioned knock on the door? Let's see how this mystery tenant is like?"

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Aza bristled a bit at Shane's jabs, but reigned himself in. There was no point picking a fight, was there? Although Shane was obviously looking for one. Calm down, self. Clearly he's a cocky idiot who wants his face to be driven in a turd.

"Aza means 'strong' in hebrew. It's a real name with many different variations depending on language, dumbass. And like I said, I was checking to see what she goes by and if she was the mystery tenant. If you hear someone called Max, you obviously wouldn't have expected a girl now would you? And yet there are girls called Max and Alex and guys called Rowan and Taylor and who knows what else." Aza rolled his eyes at Shane, as if he was berating Shane for being an idiot. "There's no point assuming that just because its a feminine name that the person is obviously a female, and vice versa. It's a disservice to them."

And obviously he knew the difference between male and female - there were physical differences that made it hard not to. Girls had boobs, for one. Larger hips and longer legs, for another. Aza considered retaliating by saying that although he could tell a girl was a girl he'd had second doubts about Shane because he was... lacking down there, but eh. That'd be a bit below the belt.

And he wasn't looking to start a fight. If he did that, then everything would start becoming below the belt and that would... not be a good thing. Aza wasn't sure if the fridge had enough ice cubes for that situation.

When Shane made fun of his hair, Aza responded with an annoyed look. "Much like how you'd run screaming from a ghost if one appears?"[/grey] he asked archly, crossing his arms. [grey]"Don't bother, you blend in so well with the background that it won't even notice you're there. And my hair is genetic." He said irritably, resisting the urge to turn it into a comment questioning Shane's IQ.

Bro, I kind of miss you now. With you here I wouldn't have to deal with annoying first years.

That sentiment cemented itself further when Shane smacked him on the back. Aza scowled and elbowed him in the stomach, leaving him doubled over with a wheeze, but Shane still continued to talk anyway.


"Aza, do you know what is inside the room on the second floor near the stairs? There is a locked door and probably none of us have a key." Shane asked.

"From what I read in the brochure, the rooms Mayfield rents out to tenants are all on the first floor. And you normally don't lock up any utility rooms the day before you expect your boarders to arrive. The house was open before any of us could even arrive. Aza, is it possible that one of the spaces upstairs was renovated into an additional room, expecting the number of occupants to increase? Why don't we try a good o'l fashioned knock on the door? Let's see how this mystery tenant is like?" Aquina asked.

Hmm. Aza shrugged. "Sure, why not?" he answered, slipping his hands into his pockets. "It used to be a study room, but it could've been renovated to let the house fit six people. If someone's in there they'd open the door, and if its not, well." He grinned for the first time he had entered the house, although it was just a faint curve of the lips. "We can try breaking down the door or picking the lock."

Preferably with Shane's head as a battering ram. Walking to join Aquina at the stairs, Aza paused a few steps behind her and looked over his shoulder at the others, raising a questioning eyebrow. "You guys coming?"