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Bjorn "Raven" Ravengaurd.

I fight for the survival of the Pack.

0 · 298 views · located in Avian, Earth

a character in “Under the Cloak of Darkness”, as played by Zombicide93


Name:Bjorn Ravengaurd
Nickname: Chose the name Adam, but also likes to be called Raven, and if you have a sense of humor, "Viking".
Species: Werewolf
Age: 180 years old
Gender: Male
Rank: Beta Male

Likes: All kinds of liquor and beer.
Peace and quiet
Dry humor
Video games

Crush: None yet, ( Go ahead and shoot me a message if you're interested in your character being in a relationship with Bjorn :D )
GF/BF?: None yet.

Weapons: Basically, his werewolf form, though he is a skilled swordsman and hand-to-hand fighter in human form.
Skills: Hand-to-hand, swordplay. Berserkgang ( Bjorn can go into an animalistic rage in both human and werewolf form, but obviously he can do more damage as a werewolf).

Personality: Bjorn is described neutral at best, with little concern for himself. In order of importance, he would give his life for the Alpha first, and the rest of the pack second, and would place himself as last, making him a truly disciplined, brave, and selfless warrior. Bjorn can be described as calm, mostly serious, and quiet, preferring to use actions over words and will rarely talk to anyone, and mainly they have to initiate conversation first, or he needs to be relaying orders to other pack members.
Underneath is cold, calm exterior lies a compassionate, empathic man, a great listener and consular, a shoulder to lean on when it is needed, a wonderful friend and a terrifying enemy. Once you have gained Bjorn's loyalty, woe to those who wish to do you harm.
Dislikes: Sweet alcoholic beverages
Mexican food.

Likes: Drinking

Strengths: His size.
His Beserkgang ability
His experience
Strong willed

Weakness: Unwilling to back down or retreat.
Pyrophbia (fear of fire)
Beserkgang (Even though its based around combat, he will be exhausted once the ability wears out and will feel every wound on his body)
Tala's safety

Wolf looks: Image
Human Looks: Image

Do you know about the werewolf pack?: Bjorn is a member of the FireFlame pack
Who do you live with?: Werewolves
Whose mansion do you live in?: Wolf Packs mansion
Room looks:Image

So begins...

Bjorn "Raven" Ravengaurd.'s Story


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Bjorn Ravengaurd

Bjorn was still in the Kitchen when everyone left. He leaned against the counter, lost in thought.
Can you hear me? Vampire attack, I need some help I'm in the forest, near the little stream, hurry!. said a voice in his head.
Without so much as a thought, Bjorn blazed out of the house, going out one the side entrances, making sure none of the vamps were circling the mansion for another way in.
Once outside he slipped out of his clothes and phased into his massive black and white wolf form. With his senses improved, he picked up the scent of a single vampire, coming his way shortly before he came into view.
Silas, there is one Vampire headed towards the west side of the mansion. I'll handle him. After sending the mental message to his alpha, he charged the lone vampire, who hesitated when he saw the huge wolf come into, no doubt surprised that Raven was not at the immediate battle. Recovering from his own surprise, the black clad and dark haired vampire charged as well, closing the distance between the two in merely seconds.
Bjorn ducked his head, as if he was going to ram the vampire, causing the vampire to duck his shoulder to brace for impact, which was what Bjorn wanted him to do. He hunkered down as he was running, and pounced, bringing his huge wolf body down on the vampire's shoulders and head, sending them both tumbling, clawing and biting at each other as they rolled. The vampire, being more graceful than Bjorn, came out on top, clamping his hand on Bjorn's throat his grip on the wolfs trachea, but his positioning was poor and Bjorn managed to rake his back claw on the vampire's side, opening it up in a torrent of ripped flesh and blood. The vampire stumbled back, glancing at the large lacerations left by the claw, then bared his fangs at Bjorn who rolled back to his paws.
Bjorn bared his more menacing teeth at the vampire and growled, then the two attacked again. Bjorn lunged at the vampire and jumped back just before a fist struck him, repeating this a few times as he studied the vampires defense, looking for an opening. He lunged forward, going for the obvious spot, the vampires head, but ducked his head down as the vampire took a strike at him and instead went for the thigh. His jaws clamped down on the vampire's upper leg and he shrieked as Bjorn bit down as hard as he could, crushing bone and destroying muscle tissue. The vamp punched the wolf in the head, but Bjorn didn't seem to notice, instead he shook his head violently back and forth, snarling as he did so, and ripped the vampire's leg off. He tossed the severed leg to the side and went after his screaming victim who was furiously backpedaling on this one good leg and hands, and leaving a trail of blood in the process.
He pinned the wounded vampire to the ground, then clamped his jaw around his head, bit down, then pulled back, ending the screams of agony and terror with a sickening pop.
Bjorn tossed the head to the ground, then took off towards his alpha who was on the other side of the mansion grounds, hoping he hadn't missed much.
A few moments of sprinting later, he rounded the mansion and came across Silas, who was staring down a werewolf he had never seen before, and of course the others, who were starting to go back inside.
Is everyone okay? he asked, the minor wounds and blood staining the fur around his snout evidence that he had been occupied with his own battle.