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Angela K. Dorrton

Angela is determined to walk her own path, no matter the consequences. "Fuck this."

0 · 539 views · located in Vertwald

a character in “Under the Dome”, as played by Quantumlegacy


Age: 22


Physical Description: Angela has medium length bright purple hair that she likes to wear loose. She has dazzling blue eyes and wears bright pink lipstick. Her skin is pale and pristine, she tends to keep good care of her hygiene. She wears varying dresses usually but her favorite is her knee-length purple dress. It has a thick black trim along the bottom and around her neck and chest lines. She has black thin fishnet stockings with hearts embedded in the design.

Personality: Defiant, Stubborn and willful she tends to be tough to negotiate with but has been known to listen to reason. She just really like things to go her way and will go out of her way to make sure things do.

Equipment: Purple Purse filled with random shit.

History: Angela has lived in this town her entire life. She's always been a loner and it got worse when her mother died while she was only fourteen. She had her rebellious phase but still managed to keep decent grades even with all the lawbreaking she had begun to do. She did drugs, began smoking cigarettes and even stole things occasionally. No matter what her father would say she just kept at it. Eventually this strained their relationship to the point where they never talked. She moved out as soon as she could living her life couch surfing her way through college. She never managed to get a degree instead dropping out and becoming an attendant at the local "Slurp n Burp".

So begins...

Angela K. Dorrton's Story


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He raised his right hand to cover his eyes. The bright sunlight reflecting off the water was becoming to much. Leon was standing haphazardly on the edge of the high cliff-face of Cedar Point. He was staring down at Shire Lake his head pounding, thoughts racing. This was it. He'd finally hit his all-time low. For the first time in months he was completely sober as he lowered his hand once again watching the light play on the surface of the water. He couldn't take it anymore. Everything had lead to this point and he was determined to just end it all. He moved a step closer causing some dirt and rocks to fall downward towards the lake.

Just days before he was laying in the entrance to one of the back street-alleys to wasted to even move. As he lay there sprawled in the street , his face partially submerged in some liquid that was oozing from the dumpster, all he could do was think. What has my life come to? He thought about this single thought for the hours it took for him to eventually pass out. This had become his everyday normal. Eventually he would rise from whatever place he had passed out at and then he'd walk to where his house used to be. He would kneel down onto the dying grass and weeds before staring at the charred and overgrown rubble. Eventually he would stop crying to stand up and wander the streets of the town looking for the next way to bury his pain in intoxication.

He'd had enough of himself and figured the town had as well. He stepped back from the edge of the cliff and looked around one last time. He was at Cedar Ridge which was a large forest that wrapped around the eastern side of the town and Shire Lake. Effectively cutting the town off from the rest of the world on that side. There are roads but it does it's job as a natural barrier. The sun was out high over head and peeked through the tree tops giving the area a serene feeling. For a moment he contemplated not going through with it but his resolve came once again. Turning he closed his eyes and ran towards the edge of the cliff.


"Hi, twenty on five, these and I'll take, uh, three sixteens." The man said as he put a large soda, two of the Slurp ' Burp's Chili Dog Surprises and pointed to the lottery tickets. What he didn't know was the surprise was that the chili was expired and that's why the dogs were so cheap. She guessed he was in a hurry because he kept looking outside. As she rang the items up she looked through the rest of the store. It was rather busy for a Thursday, there were four people in the store right now.

"That'll be thirty-two ninety-four." Angela said as she waited for him to pull the money from his wallet. Next to her Miguel, her fellow co-worker, had begun to ring up one of the others. As she finished the sale and he turned to leave she quickly moved her "This Register Closed" sign into place with a smile as the guy who was next in her line moved up.

"Really?" He looked at her angrily.

"Have a nice day!" She replied as she turned around and headed through the employee only door. But not before snagging a pack of newports off the wall first.

"What a bit-" She heard him mumble as the door closed behind her. She began packing the cigarettes as she moved to sit at the small white plastic circle table they used for a break-table. The little employee break room was pathetic in the first place. The ceiling panels were sagging and bound to fall in eventually. The walls were a dingy white and the once clean counter space they had has been replaced by boxes of junk they were supposed to have gone through ages ago. She sighed as she ripped open the top and procured a cigarette. Fishing in he pocket in the pair of bluejeans she was wearing she found the lighter. Standing she moved to the back door. It had "Emergency Exit" worn on the door and a sign under it saying "Only open for emergencies! NO SMOKING!" written by Ralph the manager. She lit her cigarette and propped the door open with one of the pathetic folding chairs as she stepped out.

The sun was high over head and the area reeked from the garbage it was heating. The little fenced in Garbage area wasn't big but it did keep you hidden. She sat in her chair back behind the dumpsters on the other side taking a long drag and staring up at the sky. "When will something exciting ever happen?"


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As he leaped from the edge of the cliff he suddenly felt as though he was finally free. His mind which usually raced with thoughts of his family and what had become of him. The pain and loss he constantly tried to drown away. He felt none of this. Leon had only one clear thought in his head. It will be over soon. The air whipped against his face and his eyes began to water but a smile had crept across his face. Soon it would all be over and he could be with them again. He had contemplated this for years now and it had finally come to this point. The clear surface of the water was getting closer and closer. He could see someone in a boat fishing. Before he could even think about what would happen if the person realized what was going on, it happened.

He watched as the water began to part in a long line through the lake. The little canoe had been angled on the line and had begun to split apart. Leon tried to blink, his sight was rather blurry and he wasn't sure if he was already dead. At the same time the water parted the waves roared up just as he broke through the surface. It felt like smashing through a wooden table and then he lost consciousness. The waves carried his unconscious body back towards the beach depositing him sprawled in the rocky sand. Part of the little canoe washed up not far from him. The man who had been inside struggled to pull himself out onto the ground. From his left hip to his right knee at an angle had been seamlessly cut from him. He was still gripping onto what was left of the oar in his left hand.


She heard the sound of a motorcycle roaring to life towards the fuel pumps and then die out just a few feet from her. That was a little excitement but not really what she meant. No one who lived here drove a bike. So she knew it was some sort of outsider. She finished her last drag of the cigarette as he heard the sound of Miguel's voice. "Damnit Angela! You need to get back in here. I'm tired of covering for you all the time. You are the one who is supposed to be-" She stepped from outside to inside of the break room to glare at him.

"What? It was dead and I figured you could handle a few people." She said sarcastically as she brushed by him heading to her register. She picked up the sign and moved it out of the way smiling at the next customer in line. They on the other hand looked like they were about to scream at her. They didn't have a chance though as the entire store started to shake. It was subtle at first and then it kicked up to a violent degree quickly. The shelves shook and things began to fall. One of the customers screamed out, "Earthquake!" And then panic broke out as they started trampling one another trying to get out of the building. Miguel screamed like a girl from the back making Angela turn. He was on the floor with a couple of boxes atop him. When she tried to move to help him she fell letting out a quick gasp before hitting the floor. It was all over before she could blink and try to get up. Everything came to a halt and it wasn't long before she was on her feet. She scanned the store quickly checking for serious injuries as she picked up the phone by her register and dialed 911. One of the shelves had fallen and there was an older lady under it desperately trying to free herself.

"Holy shit." She said as she set the phone down. The line was busy anyway.