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"I'm in the mood for a fly."

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a character in “Under the Shadow of Your Wings”, as played by Blue Rhaps0dy



Name: Caelum

Age: 19


Cool and laid-back, Caelum thinks that life is all about having fun. He is restless by nature and easily bored of idle activity. A natural athlete and a mature hunter for his age, he decided from the early age of 14 that he would go off on his own to explore the world. As the tribe that he came from was a group of hunter-gatherers, it wasn't a surprise to them when he went off missing one day, as he was one to always gaze off into the distance with yearning.

Caelum has little patience for laziness or arrogance, and although there are few things that tick him off, when you infuriate him he can start off raging. Despite his immature outlook on life, he has an emotional sensitivity towards girls at his fitting age, and pays close attention to them as they are something new and foreign to him. As a child, he had little exposure to girls, and rather avoided them, so this new interest is something quite novel. An adventure, so to speak. He is pure-minded and focused more on the beauty of life rather than carnal things, never having been contaminated in the small mountain village that he had been born in.
He has a way with the creatures of the forest, as he has gotten to know many of them. Despite his restlessness, he can have great patience when he feels love towards an animal or person, and can wait hours in the rain for them.

He can communicate rather fluently with the creatures with gestures and just a few words. Caelum is a man of few words, and although he can get his point across rather bluntly, he's not one who can spell out his emotions very well all the time, but this is a flaw of the male sex in most cases.

He is always sure to maintain his dignity and respect, because although he is easy to get along with, as with most people, he hates the idea of being seen as a fool, and will fight to the death to retain his pride. His tribe drilled this into his head from birth, so personal honor is very important to him.

Physical Description:

Caelum is a tall, slender-bodied young man, with broad shoulders and a strong upper body from hunting on his own for many years. He doesn't look it at first, but his arms are sinewed with compacted muscles. He has disheveled, uncombed black hair that gives him a boyish look that is rather adorable. It is tempting to run your hands through it or ruffle it, and if you do, you would find that it is rather thick yet soft at the same time. His large and rather owlish cocoa-brown eyes are very expressive, and most of the time they are cheerful in appearance. When he raises his eyebrows, straight horizontal lines appear faintly to show his apprehension. He is 6"2. His face is clear in complexion with a decently strong jawline and an athletic look.

Enormous wings extend from his shoulder bones and are impossible to hide. However, they are surprisingly lightweight and when folded behind his back, don't hinder him from being able to run fast, although he rarely resorts to running as it is unnecessary. With a strong flap of his wings, he can lift himself off the ground almost instantly.

He has an elaborate tattoo on the left side of his face to identify his kinship to the Avis Tribe.

Historical Background: (w-i-p)

So begins...

Caelum's Story

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Caelum had felt a deliberate tug on his soul that evening, as if the hand of God was scooting him along, pushing him gently with an index finger in the direction he was supposed to be. Wistfully, without a worry in the world, he followed that wind that pushed him forward, walking at first, and then running, and then flying. His body was aching from the intense hunting session he had undergone that morning, beads of sweat on his forehead and back. But this was of no matter, in fact he was numbed by this immediate need. He could smell the excitement in the air, the smell of something different in the woods. A strange thing indeed, when there was always so much going on at once.

It was dusk, the honey sun dipping down the horizon. The lightning bugs and fiery salamanders, awakened by the light of the moon, began to dance in the sky and all throughout the forest that Caelum called his home. He was a nomad, never staying in one place too long. Yet, there was always something new to explore in this forest, and he loved the adventure.

He landed on the damp, mossy ground of the shaded forest, and travelled around barefoot for a while. The boy ran his hands through his sweaty, wind-blown hair to dry it. Suddenly, from the distance, he heard the noise of tramping shoes crunching the leaves as the person travelled along. Shoes? Who wore shoes around these parts? The only one who ever had a pair of shoes was his mother, and she was the only human he had ever laid his eyes on. His father had been a full-blooded member of the flying Avis tribe, and Caelum was the disgraced half-fledgling child that the others had only tolerated. His heart accelerated at the realization of seeing someone who was like him—even if partially in blood—being alive and in the flesh.

And then he saw her. She was only about five feet in height, a tiny thing compared to him. The women of the Avis tribe were generally statuesque and quite tall, so this was new to him. She was about 100 yards away from him, and he slid behind a tree, staring after her. His owlish eyes were full of childish wonder. It had been years since he’d been around a human being. Without knowing it, he had yearned for such company. Curiosity piqued, he stalked the girl as she walked through the forest alone, using his conditioned “hunting skills” to accomplish this. She would look around as if sensing his presence, and he would hide himself. Several times he shooed away the two feet-tall trolls that aimed their rocks at her, who babbled curses at him as they scampered away.

Finally, she came to a rest upon a log in the middle of what he liked to call the Bright Bug Field. It was a peaceful night, and the air was thick with the illuminating bugs. He sat to rest his aching feet and observed the girl. How could she just sit there like that? He wondered as he twitched restlessly. The crickets chirped their cheerful song and there were the groaning sounds of the forest settling in for the night. This sleepy scene continued for an hour, the both of them keeping themselves busy with the enchantment of the fireflies and bright starry sky against the pigment black of the night. His eyes fluttered and he yawned, and he snoozed idly.

Finally, his opportunity came. As the rain began to pelt down, he was woken up by the cold. He saw the girl sitting reluctantly where she was, and dripping wet from the head down. Again he felt the tug. Boldly, he approached her, and then sat directly behind her, his wings extending around her small body. A simple utterance of greeting escaped his lips.

“Hey, you look a little wet.”

The girl turned and looked at him with an annoyed expression on her face, but softened when she saw him. He had wanted to appear tough and respectable to this human girl, but this quickly changed. He would have settled for any type of company, but the girl startled him with what he considered a very pretty face, and he smiled in response. Immediately Caelum warmed towards her, and the smile lingered on his face. He felt fluttering up inside him slight apprehension at what the girl’s impression of him would be, but he quickly shook this away, slightly embarrassed at his feelings. Their eyes are interlocked for the second she turned to look at him, and he found himself absorbed by the kindness he found within them. Could he have found what he had been looking for, in his many explorations in the forest, for so many years? Is this really it? A friend?

Again, another embarrassing thought, coming from nowhere again. He had wanted adventure, or course, nothing romantic or mystical. He quickly broke off the eye contact, hoping she had not read his mind. All he knew was, he was glad to see her.

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Jana determinedly stood on the outskirts of the forbidden forest, looking inside. The evening was beautiful, and there was no indication of what was in store for her. Flicking back her long auburn curls, she held her head high and boldly entered the forest. After all, what did she have to lose?

Immediately the forest swallowed her whole, surrounding her with thick vegetation and things she had never seen in her wildest dreams. Her face alight, she smiled in wonder as a faerie circled her curiously. A bright, sunset colored salamander scuttled over her foot fearlessly, and she smiled brightly. She excitedly walked forward, coming across a meadow. She shyly stayed hidden as she watched the most enchanted deer frolic about with the strangest animals she had ever seen. Her body twitched, yearning to join them in their beautiful dance.
Turning away, she looked around at the beautiful, vibrant flowers and vines in wonderment. Why would anyone want to stay away from this mystical place?

As she continued on, she had the strange feeling that someone was following her. She kept turning around, looking the the source of the odd feeling and yet never saw anything. Jana had grown up with animals, and wasn't afraid of these creatures. Perhaps she should have been- but animals don't attack without being provoked. Then again, who knows what was in this strange, enchanting forest. She didn't see a single human- nobody came in this forest. They were to cowardly, in her eyes. She yearned for adventure. She had devoted her entire life to dance, but now it was time for her to take a good look at the world. It was time for her spirit to shine- not just her body.

Finally Jana came upon a mostly empty meadow, and rested on a rock. She slipped off her pack, laying it down next to her as she watched the fireflies flew around her. She let out a soft, bell-like laugh as they circled her curiously. The crickets chirped happily and and the birds sang to her as she looked around at this wonderful forest.
After almost an hour, she couldn't contain the excited rising inside of her. Slipping off her shoes, she stood on her toes in the dewy grass. Moving as graceful as water, she spun, dipped, and lept into the air without hesitation. Just as she had her arms outstretched and one leg bent, she felt a single droplet of water run down her pink cheek like a tear.

Her emerald eyes turned up towards the sky irritatedly as it began to rain suddenly. Sighing, she tried to cover her hair with her hands. "Hey." When she heard someone speak, she jumped and looked over. He was handsome, with soft-looking dark hair, gentle eyes, and chiseled features. She stared, then suddenly noticed he had grand white wings. She very gently touched one of the feathers that was protecting her from the rain. It was silky soft, and beautiful. It then occurred to her that she had just been sitting there, staring at her. "Um, hello." She finally spoke, with her lilting British accent. "I'm Jana." She told him softly, sitting up and holding her head high. "What are you doing here? This place is so amazing- i don't see what everyone is so afraid of!" She paused, looking over at him in gentle wonderment. "What are you?" Jana tilted her head slightly, causing her long curls to fall over one shoulder as she watched him curiously

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Caelum was surprised that he could understand her speech. Apparently it was the same language that his mother spoke when he was with her. At first, he thought that he was going to be answered with a strange look or a foreign language. It was English, although there was a certain detectable lilt about it that made it different. He cleared his throat loudly, unaccustomed to speaking, because of his extended solitary freedom in the great woods he called home. “I’m Caelum,” he said, pointing at himself. He blushed silently when he realized the girl was touching and admiring his wings, but tucked that aside, bewildered at his strange feelings. Why was a girl confusing him so? Wasn’t he a mighty hunter of the Avis tribe?

And that’s exactly what he told her. “I’m a mighty hunter from the Avis tribe. We’ve got wings, unlike you.” He stopped, satisfied by his explanation. He didn’t include the fact that he was a half-breed, a hybrid of a human and a tribe member, which was one of the reasons he wanted to go off alone. He wanted to start off with a clean sheet, so to speak. He had been seen as a mutt for far too long.

There was a gladness in him to be around another human being. It had been years; his only company had been the creatures of the forest. Not to say they weren't good company, and easy to speak to as well, but being near his kind was something you couldn't duplicate. And although he had many friends, he also had enemies. He felt that it would be a good idea for him to keep a watch on this girl, as there were dangers in the forest that came lurking out at night, and some that even came out during the day.

Caelum’s eyes traced over the girl’s features, taking in the long scarlet curls and side-swept bangs. Her skin was a radiant color, clear and white. His eyes flickered back to her emerald eyes, which were quite bright even in the moonlight. He observed her almost as a scientist would look at some specimen or new species that he had stumbled upon. He noticed the curves of her body, and one could almost see him nodding his head as if to say, “Hmm, yes, females sure look different.” Suddenly he realized the rudeness of his silence.

“Are you tired? It’s rather dark.” He pointed with a muscular arm at the night sky. “I have a place where you can stay.” As he stood there, the buzzing salamanders and fire-bugs fluttered by, some of them landing in his hair and scuttering about his feet. He was not disgusted at all, in fact, he was rather delighted. He laughed, and gently pushed them off of himself with a slight shake. “Little buggers.”

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Jana grinned softly as he introduced himself. "I'm Caelum," He pointed him self, looking over at her and pausing for a long moment before going on. "I'm a mighty hunter from the Avis tribe. We've got wings, unlike you." He announced rather proudly, causing an even brighter smile to find its was to Jana's lips. "Impressive. It's excellent to meet, you Caelum. Your background makes mine sound a bit boring." She chuckled, deciding to explain where she was from and her dancing later on. After all, part of the reason she had come in here was to escape the pressures of dancing competitively. But she still loved it so much.

Her emerald eyes looked over the clearing they were in with gentle wonderment when she looked over and noticed Caelum inspecting her like she was something new- something rare. She studied his handsome features and toned built for a moment, before meeting his eyes and bushing very slightly. She found it easy to get lost in his soft, warm eyes that made her feel oddly comforted. Sitting with him here, it was easy to forget where she was and the dangers she would face. "You're not really used to seeing people like me, are you?" She grinned, allowing a soft, bell like laugh to escape her.

"Are you tired? It's rather dark." Caelum noted, pointing to the night sky. She could help but pause for a moment and admire his toned arm. "I have a place where you can stay." He told her, causing a playful smile to light up her face. "Oh, staying alone with a handsome, mighty hunter? Mother wouldn't approve." She paused, looking over at him brightly. "I'm definitely in." Laughing lightly, she ran a hand through her long hair.

She looked around with a soft smile as fire bugs and salamanders fearlessly bombarded him. Her smile grew as she saw how delighted they made him. When one little bug lingered in his dark hair, she leaned towards him, resting a hand on his strong chest, and gently brushed it away. As she did this, she found how silky soft his hair was, and paused for a moment. When she quickly realized how close she was to him, she blushed and took a step back, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable.

"So, lead the way, might hunter." She grinned at him playfully, gracefully gesturing for him to lead her. She tensed slightly, looking over her shoulder when she heard an odd, moaning-like noise coming from the depths of the forest. She was lucky to have found him, it seemed like there was a lot of dangerous things that she didn't know about.

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"Oh, staying alone with a handsome, mighty hunter? Mother wouldn't approve...I'm definitely in." Caelum felt his ego expand the teeniest bit when he heard that compliment and was slightly flustered by the scandalous way that she said it. He had never been spoken of in such a way before, and it definitely made his chest puff out the slightest bit. At the same time, he felt a flurry of emotions twirl around in his head, and not knowing anything of romance, decided that he did in fact like the girl quite a bit. He grinned at her rather stupidly. Looking away, he let himself get distracted by the fluttering bugs, delighted by the way they danced around him.

Then she touched him. Her hand had lingered on his chest for a moment as she leaned towards him and brushed her hand through his hair, and this surprised him. His chest was bare, his shirt tied around his waist as he was physically weary and hot from the hunting. Simultaneously, as she stepped back, he jolted back a little, flushing hot at the sudden contact. He had not felt the touch of a single human being for the past six years, and the softness of her hands astonished him. They were hands that were unused to physical labor, unlike his. He stared at her for a moment, fascinated by this human girl, his chestnut eyes wide. "Heh," he chuckled nervously. Then he tried to recover his dignity, hating the fact that he felt so awkward around her.

The rain trickled and then stopped. He raised his hand to the sky and watched the clouds clear. Suddenly a blanket of rain-forest like warmth surrounded them and beads of sweat formed on his forehead and chest. The weather was certainly odd in the forbidden forest!

When he heard the moaning resonate through the forest depths, his eyes narrowed. It could have been anything from the dragon to the creeping troll that had created that noise. He was tired of their presence and had long made enemies with a lot of the forest evils. They caused a great deal of trouble, and as the moaning continued, he drew closer to the girl, but was shy of touching her body in any way, wanting to be a gentleman.

"Alright, we'll need to fly to get to where I live." He had traveled a long distance to this very spot. It has taken a few hours of hiking and then flying through the Cerritulus Woods. It should probably take three hours if he flew at top speed. He glanced at his wings and then back at her. "You know what that means," he teased. At the current moment, he liked the idea of holding her in his arms, but was a little uncertain if she would allow him to. In fact..there was nothing that he would like to do more now.

Then he realized something.

"Oh...I should put this on first." He untied the worn blue shirt from around his waist and slipped it over his toned, muscular body. He looked at her, shaking his head like a dog to get the water out of it, shivering slightly but enjoying the cool-off.

"Now we're ready." He opened his arms expectantly, staring at her with his eyebrows raised.

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As the rain stopped, Jana looked up at the sky in surprise. The weather definitely was very odd here. Back in Britain, it pretty much constantly rained. It was nice to see that this place would change it up a bit. When the moaning in the forest continued and Caelum drew closer, a light smile found its way to her lips. He felt comforted by her presence, and was able to relax slightly. She found herself becoming excited for what this forest would hold for her again, and her fingers twitched slightly. One of her biggest pet peeves was how somehow her emotions and her body's movements were directly related.

"Alright, we'll need to fly to get to where I live." Caelum announced, and one brow on Jana's face raised. She definitely wasn't afraid that he would drop her, I mean he looked like he could lift five of her with no problem, but she found her heart fluttering. She wasn't sure if it was from excitement or nervousness, but either way she wasn't very hesitant to the idea of flying in his arms. She had her fair share of heartbreaks and tended to be a little hesitant but he just seemed so. . . Naive. Genuine.
"You know what that means." he teased, and Jana laughed lightly. "I would worry more about you. You practically jumped out of your skin when I touched you." She teased back, giving him a playful wink.

"Oh...I should put this on first." he murmured, glancing down at himself and untying the shirt from his waist and pulling it on. She studied him silently as he did this, her emerald eyes tracing over him before she quickly glanced away.

"Now we are ready." he told her, and opened his arms for her. Immeadietly, she felt the urge to rush into his arms like a child. Instead, she played it cool and pressed herself against him, allowing him to scoop her up.
Blushing slightly at their close proximity, she secured her arm around him and cuddled up against his chest. "If I get too heavy, feel absolutely free to stop for a minute. I wouldn't want you dropping me in the middle of nowhere." She gave him a bright smile, brushing her auburn curls away from her face.

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Caelum scooped Jana into his arms and with a great flap of his white wings, ascended into the sky. The humid air whistled in his ears as he took flight. His eyes were bright with excitement. He couldn't imagine even laying a finger on Jana before, and here he was, with her in his arms. He held her with her legs up, so she was in a laying position in his steely arms. He was astounded at the lightness of the girl's frame, and assured her, "You're not heavy at all."

The sky was an inky black speckled with countless stars. Higher and higher they went, until the tops of the trees were like pins underneath them, rushing by ever so quickly. The moon was like a shining yolk against an endless black plate, lighting up their path. Below, if one paid attention, one could see little ant-like dots, strange creatures from a far distance, wriggling and moving around the forest ground. Caelum had always watched them before, laughing at their lack of awareness of his presence, but now all of his attention was on Jana. The wind was blowing her hair right into her face, and because he couldn't brush it aside, he simply smiled at her. This would be a long trip; he wondered if she would fall asleep as they flew.

"If you want to change positions or ride me piggy back style, speak up," he said in a husky voice. He was worried that she would get uncomfortable. He soared, sometimes he made a sudden dive to see if he could scare her. He chuckled gently when she appeared shocked at this. "Don't worry, I won't drop you."

"So, where are you from?" he asked casually, trying to not look overly interested. His wings flapped slowly, pushing them up with even force. "As for me, I ran away from home early on. No one was too surprised, and no one looked for me. I love this forest, it's an amazing place." He grinned, waiting for her answer.

Just as he spoke this, he heard a faint rumble coming from afar. Or was it? Immediately, he became wary, but perhaps he just was imagining the sound. Could it be, it couldn't. He shook the thought out of his head, discounting the faint noise as his imagination. He tried not to look worried, and relaxed again.