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Alana Triton

"Give me a piece of paper, and I'll make you a world"

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a character in “Under the Stars”, originally authored by The Toxic Cereus, as played by RolePlayGateway



γ€Œ"If I could be like that,
I would give anything
Just to live one day, in those shoes”
-3 Doors Down
Be Like That || Remember Everything || Paradise |


Alana Sydney Triton


Trixy / Lana




Daughter of Triton



|Face Claim|

Ksenia Solo

γ€Œ"When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep”




Italy. The home of romance and pizza. Italian is also a beautiful language.


Tonight, Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins. The lyrics really speak to her, and Smashing Pumpkins is her favorite band.


Kick Ass. It's funny, and the fight scenes always make her giggle.

|Decade of the 1900's?|

The 90's. Tamogachi's and good bands.


Summer, the time of being in the sun with yummy beverages.


Cats. Cats. Cats.


Black and purple. There is no better combination.


Hugh Jackman


Chocolate and wine. Wine is a food - right?


Roses and Vanilla.

γ€Œ"Life goes on
It gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear, a waterfall”



The ocean|| Candles || Makeup|| Fashionable clothes|| Lilacs|| Painting|| Smashing Pumpkins|| Drawing|| Wine|| Chocolate|| Fruity drinks|| Flowers|| Soup|| Singing|| Art|| Cooking|| Night time|| Coffee||


Bad hair days|| Preppy chicks || Hard liquor|| Fake people|| Her father|| Those with no drive|| Scotch || Smoking|| Avocados|| Dolls (They're creepy!)|| Tea||


|| Is jealous of her other sisters ||
Alana has always felt she's gotten the short end of the stick. Being the second oldest of seven daughters, she feels like Attina and Ariel get all the attention. Attina has always been the smart responsible one, and Ariel gets constant supervision. Deep in her heart she knows her father is trying, but she's never felt the love.

|| Wants to move to New York ||
Alana wants get far away from her home. The only reason she hasn't left is in fear that her family will fall apart if she does, and her family matters most to her.


Being forgotten|| Never making something of herself|| Being in an abusive relationship|| Spiders|| Her sisters hating her||


Likes wearing crosses, although she isn't religious|| Tends to chew the inside of her cheek when nervous|| Is left handed|| Wears a golden anklet that has 5 pearls on it

γ€Œ"In the night, the stormy night
Away she'd fly."

Bossy: Not Often
Opinionated: Almost Always
Afraid//Paranoid: Sometimes
Ruthless/Relentless: Sometimes
Demanding: Not Often
Broken: Somewhat
Affectionate: Often
Risk-Taking: Very Often
Fearless: Not Often
Tough: Sometimes
Self-Controlled: Often
Independent: Always
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal and Faithful: Very
Serious: Almost Never
Romantic: Sometimes
Flirty: Sometimes
Sympathetic: Often
Sarcastic: Sometimes
Optimistic: Almost Always
Determined: Very
Logical: Often
Hyperactive: Always
Sweet/Kind/Caring: Almost Always
Protective: Always
Nurturing: Almost Never
Humorous/Funny: Very Often
Seductive/Manipulative: Never
Violent/Cruel: Never
Ill Tempered: Almost Never
Social: Always
Emotions: Sometimes


[Alana puts on a sweet smiling face on a daily bases. Only few know the sad face behind it. Art is her drive, her passion, and without it she would be lost. Her paintings are usually pointillism and geometric, but her sketchbook is full of everything from portraits to landscapes. Dreams come and go for most people, but for Alana it has remained solid ever since she was young. She wants to become a famous artist and move to New York, but her family keeps her grounded. Creativity never runs short of the girl and if you talk to her long enough, you'll learn that quickly.
With so many sisters Alana learned to entertain herself with the arts. Even though she was the second oldest, she's always felt so...unimportant. Her father seemed to focus on everyone else but her. When she isn't painting or drawing, she may be learning new makeup techniques or be out swimming. Whatever she's doing, she's usually alone with only her music as company.
Secretly she hopes that at least one of her sisters look up to her, but Attina is the rolemodel for the girls, not Alana.


So begins...

Alana Triton's Story


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Character Portrait: Ariel Triton Character Portrait: Eric Kitts Character Portrait: Jacob L. Flounder Character Portrait: Adella Triton Character Portrait: Alana Triton Character Portrait: Ursula Paisley
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"Girls! Breakfast!" A booming voice echoed through the house as the day has
begun, Sebastian would be arriving along with his little friend Jacob. It was time for the Triton
household to jump into full swing. The first of his daughters down the stairs was a lovely lady named
Attina, she looked almost just like her mother. Next there was Alana with hair of pure ebony but a
heart of pure gold. Third was Adella. Then came Aquata, a timid young girl compared to her sisters.
Arista came next, she was always the ray of light in the family. Then Andrina came down the stairs,
taking her seat at the table. But the seventh sister was missing. "Ariel!!!" The
voice rang out through the house.


Well, here our story begins with a lovely family of eight that seems to be missing a member.
Let's go find her shall we? Ah, there she is! Walking past the Kitts Mansion. Oh and there is
Eric Kitts, the heir to the fortune. Oh it looks like he's going swimming. Oh, what is our little
Ariel doing? Peeking through the fence I see? Naughty girl, you should be at home for breakfast.
But nay, I am just the narrator.


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Character Portrait: Ariel Triton Character Portrait: Jacob L. Flounder Character Portrait: Adella Triton Character Portrait: Alana Triton Character Portrait: Andrina Triton Character Portrait: Sebastian Yedrick
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Morning hair was the worst. The only people she would ever let see her with hair like she had now - were her sisters and Dad. She tried to tame it with a black bowed hair band, but it only seemed worse.
"Girls! Breakfast" she heard coming from the kitchen. Like a zombie she went down the stairs behind her older sister Attina, and in front of her younger sisters. Arriving in the kitchen with half opened eyes she sat down at the wooden table.
"I don't even...good morning everyone" she slurred before laying her head down onto the table. The smell of fresh pancakes entered her nostrils and as good as it smelled, she still found herself incredibly tired. The night before she stayed up late painting on her blank canvas and playing music.
"Why so early? What time is it anyway?" she asked in a soft voice, picking her head up and opening her eyes completely to the bright lights of the kitchen.



Sebastian was up early as normal, reading the morning paper. In his two bedroom apartment it was heavy filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. His phone was in close reach as always, and with the small sound of a spring - his toast was up. Using a papertowel he put the pieces of toasted bread onto a plate. His eyes scanned the cabinet above the toaster. Did Jacob move the peanut butter - again? he thought as he continued looking. With a sigh he finally found it in the fridge. He does realized it stays out right?


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Character Portrait: Ariel Triton Character Portrait: Adella Triton Character Portrait: Alana Triton Character Portrait: Andrina Triton
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Andrina Triton

The day began like any other, the sun barely peaking over the mountains to see if its friends were awake yet. Andrina woke slowly, stretching to caress the early morning air that had slipped under her open window. She heard her father's voice echoing through the narrow hallways. Adrina scooted off of the bed, and slipped on her brown fuzzy house-shoes. She got up quickly and the blood rushed to her head, causing her to feel a little loopy.

She quickly headed down the stairs, and made her entrance in the kitchen. Alana was already asleep on the table, and Adella sat patiently. Everyone else was slowly shuffling into their seats, like zombies with a head cold. Andrina questioned why everyone hated the mornings. She had always considered the morning to be the prettiest part of the day. She smiled at her sisters, and quickly sat down across from them. "You need help dad?" She got up quickly and stood beside her father as he made the final preparations for breakfast. She turned around and noticed three seats empty. "Dad, where's Ariel?"