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Ariel Triton

"Music's on, I'm waking up, we fight the fire, then we burn it up."

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a character in “Under the Stars”, as played by Beffiye



γ€Œ"Strike the match, play it loud, giving love to the world.” 」
-Ellie Goulding, Burn
How To Write a Love Song | Emma Stevens | Let It Go | Megan Bird (cover)| Burn | Ellie Goulding

Ariel Triton

Ariel | Ari


Ariel Triton, the youngest daughter


|Face Claim|
Karen Gillian

γ€Œ"Music's on, I'm waking up, we fight the fire, then we burn it up.” 」




Let It Go – Cover by Megan Bird


|Decade of the 1900's?|
When shabby chic was really pinned down and became what it is today.


They are so cute, they resemble Christmas and winter, and they have a beautiful song.


Ellie Goulding


Hot doughnuts

γ€Œ"Light it up, like we're the stars of the human race, human race.” 」



Singing || Listening to music || Doughnuts || Riding horses || Nature || Animals || Birds || Coffee || Orange juice || Decorating her nails || Clothes || Drawing fashion designs || Shoes || Bags || Santos Gorjuss (brand) || Boofle || Disney movies || Cookies ||


Drunk people || Drinking alcohol || Drugs || Smoking || Motor bikes || Wolves || Snakes || Bugs || Horror movies || Getting dirty || Being teased || Tea || Squeaking noises – they take the edge off her teeth ||


|| Scared of bikes ||
Ariel can’t ride a bike. She is also scared of them, if she ever sees one coming towards her when she is crossing the road, she runs. Scrap that, she runs whenever a bike is within ten feet of her.

|| Feels overshadowed by her older sisters ||
It’s understandable. She has 6 older sisters. The younger you are in the chain of siblings, the harder it is for you to get any attention, or get anyone to believe you. They scoff at her dreams, but she feels that her father supports them much more than he supports her.


Bikes || Snakes || Wolves || That she won’t achieve her dreams || Spiders


She hates sandwiches || When stressed or lying, she speaks from the corner of her mouth || Hates paper cups || Likes marmite and cheese together on toast

γ€Œ"We'll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky." 」

Bossy: Sometimes
Opinionated: Sometimes
Afraid//Paranoid: Rarely
Ruthless/Relentless: Sometimes
Demanding: Often
Broken: Rarely
Affectionate: Often
Risk-Taking: Sometimes
Fearless: Sometimes
Tough: Always
Self-Controlled: Always
Independent: Often
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal and Faithful: Always
Serious: Sometimes
Romantic: Sometimes
Flirty: Rarely
Sympathetic: Sometimes
Sarcastic: Often
Optimistic: Always
Determined: Always
Logical: Sometimes
Hyperactive: Rarely
Sweet/Kind/Caring: Often
Protective: Sometimes
Nurturing: Rarely
Humorous/Funny: Often
Seductive/Manipulative: Never
Violent/Cruel: Never
Ill Tempered: Never
Social: Sociable
Emotions: Emotionally stable

Ever since Ariel was a child, she was singing wherever she went. Her family thought she was talented, but as she grew older and they realised that she wanting to pursue singing as a career, they were not very supportive. However, Ariel would not be disheartened. Flounders belief in her, and her own kept her determined.

Throughout her school life she was also teased because of her hair colour, but Ariel is a resilient person. She never took it to heart, and therefore she was never bullied. She is always bubbly and happy, and she has lots of friends at school, though again, none of them believe in her.

She tries to study hard, she does, but her singing comes first. This sometimes agitates her family who believe that she needs to take her life seriously. But she is. They just don’t see it.

So begins...

Ariel Triton's Story


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Character Portrait: Ariel Triton Character Portrait: Eric Kitts Character Portrait: Jacob L. Flounder Character Portrait: Adella Triton Character Portrait: Alana Triton Character Portrait: Ursula Paisley
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"Girls! Breakfast!" A booming voice echoed through the house as the day has
begun, Sebastian would be arriving along with his little friend Jacob. It was time for the Triton
household to jump into full swing. The first of his daughters down the stairs was a lovely lady named
Attina, she looked almost just like her mother. Next there was Alana with hair of pure ebony but a
heart of pure gold. Third was Adella. Then came Aquata, a timid young girl compared to her sisters.
Arista came next, she was always the ray of light in the family. Then Andrina came down the stairs,
taking her seat at the table. But the seventh sister was missing. "Ariel!!!" The
voice rang out through the house.


Well, here our story begins with a lovely family of eight that seems to be missing a member.
Let's go find her shall we? Ah, there she is! Walking past the Kitts Mansion. Oh and there is
Eric Kitts, the heir to the fortune. Oh it looks like he's going swimming. Oh, what is our little
Ariel doing? Peeking through the fence I see? Naughty girl, you should be at home for breakfast.
But nay, I am just the narrator.


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Character Portrait: Ariel Triton Character Portrait: Jacob L. Flounder Character Portrait: Adella Triton Character Portrait: Alana Triton Character Portrait: Andrina Triton Character Portrait: Sebastian Yedrick
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Morning hair was the worst. The only people she would ever let see her with hair like she had now - were her sisters and Dad. She tried to tame it with a black bowed hair band, but it only seemed worse.
"Girls! Breakfast" she heard coming from the kitchen. Like a zombie she went down the stairs behind her older sister Attina, and in front of her younger sisters. Arriving in the kitchen with half opened eyes she sat down at the wooden table.
"I don't even...good morning everyone" she slurred before laying her head down onto the table. The smell of fresh pancakes entered her nostrils and as good as it smelled, she still found herself incredibly tired. The night before she stayed up late painting on her blank canvas and playing music.
"Why so early? What time is it anyway?" she asked in a soft voice, picking her head up and opening her eyes completely to the bright lights of the kitchen.



Sebastian was up early as normal, reading the morning paper. In his two bedroom apartment it was heavy filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. His phone was in close reach as always, and with the small sound of a spring - his toast was up. Using a papertowel he put the pieces of toasted bread onto a plate. His eyes scanned the cabinet above the toaster. Did Jacob move the peanut butter - again? he thought as he continued looking. With a sigh he finally found it in the fridge. He does realized it stays out right?


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Character Portrait: Ariel Triton Character Portrait: Adella Triton Character Portrait: Alana Triton Character Portrait: Andrina Triton
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Andrina Triton

The day began like any other, the sun barely peaking over the mountains to see if its friends were awake yet. Andrina woke slowly, stretching to caress the early morning air that had slipped under her open window. She heard her father's voice echoing through the narrow hallways. Adrina scooted off of the bed, and slipped on her brown fuzzy house-shoes. She got up quickly and the blood rushed to her head, causing her to feel a little loopy.

She quickly headed down the stairs, and made her entrance in the kitchen. Alana was already asleep on the table, and Adella sat patiently. Everyone else was slowly shuffling into their seats, like zombies with a head cold. Andrina questioned why everyone hated the mornings. She had always considered the morning to be the prettiest part of the day. She smiled at her sisters, and quickly sat down across from them. "You need help dad?" She got up quickly and stood beside her father as he made the final preparations for breakfast. She turned around and noticed three seats empty. "Dad, where's Ariel?"


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Character Portrait: Ariel Triton
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#, as written by Beffiye

Ariel had woken up early, too early. She had been given the best dream she'd ever had in the night; a dream where her life wish came true. Reality had been harsh and unwelcome, so she had decided to get up and walk off her disappointment. She got up, threw on some clothes and quietly exited the house, unnoticed.

She took her time, taking in the pleasures of the world around her as she dawdled in the morning light. Everything seemed to be a little hazy as the sun slowly climbed the sky. Birds tweeted, and her eyes searched the trees for her favourite kind, the robin, but no robins could be found.

Her mind wandered as she walked, and time passed without her keeping track of it. She had been out for almost an hour when she walked past the Kitts Mansion, and her mind finally came to earth. She always marveled at this place, and hoped that one day, it's residents would know of her. After all, one day, she wanted to get a recording contract, and this family ran the best of businesses for the job.

As she walked past the fence nearest to the swimming pool, she couldn't keep her eyes from peaking in. To her surprise, someone was actually in there for once, and she nearly jumped off the pavement for the fear of her prying eyes being seen. Thankfully, the male was too preoccupied with getting ready to go for a swim.

She looked a little closer, and realised that she was actually watching Eric Kitts, the heir of the music company, and presumably this mansion. She stopped walking altogether, and pressed her face closer to the fence as she watched him get into the pool. She wasn't intruding, she promised herself, she was just appreciating some eye candy. Boy, Eric was hot.

Her gaze drifted over to the mansion again, and she daydreamed about the day that she would make her fame until she heard a series of panicked splashing. Confused, she looked back towards the pool and saw Eric struggling to stay above the surface of the water, gasping for breath. He was drowning in his own pool.

Ariel froze, unsure of what to do. She couldn't just walk away and leave him to die, could she? But if she went in and saved him, well, she'd have to do a bit of breaking and entering. Then the Kitts might never want anything to do with her. Her future career could be over in the blink of an eye.

Alas, Ariel was not a mean person. Sighing, she wriggled her way up the fence, and flung herself over. Now she was on the Kitts property, with a life or death situation at hand.


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It had been a quiet morning for Eric. The house was empty as usual since his father always never seemed to be home. Even when his father was home he wasn't there. Eric sighed, almost sadly, praying that would never become his future. He never wanted to be a shadow in his own home, and there he was, a shadow, in a grand mansion his father owned. He had already eaten his breakfast, gone for his morning jog. There was nothing left to do at the house. Sure he could practice his business skills, but that took him away from what he loved most. Being outside.

He made his way to the pool area, and turned on music, not loud, but just enough so he could swim and enjoy the rest of his morning with some good tunes. Taking off his shirt he dived in the pool, starting off by doing laps. Once he thought he heard something near the fence. He stopped and looked around seeing if he could see anything. Shrugging after finding nothing, he got back out and walked to the diving board. He was preparing himself for another dive, when he slipped off the edge, hitting his head and falling in.

The blow didn't knock him out, just made him dizzy, and blinded by pain. He struggled to stay above the water, not wanting to fall underneath. He was disoriented, not knowing which way to go to leave the pool. To try and save himself. He faltered once in keeping above water, intaking some of the chlorine filled pool water, he was struggling to stay above of. Was this how he was going to die? Alone in this mansion?


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#, as written by Beffiye

Ariel ran towards the swimming pool, then hovered at the edge. What should she do now? Get help, or save him herself?

"Are you alright?" She called to him, then mentally face palmed herself. Of course he wasn't, he was drowning.

She looked down at the water that lapped the edges of the pool, and knew what she had to do. Holding her breath, she launched herself into the pool in a not too elegant fashion. When she came up for air, she looked around to see how far away she was from Eric. Thankfully, not too far, so she swam over to him. And then realised that she didn't know what exactly to do now.

How was she going to pull him out? Should she just try and hold him above the water while he got his breath back? Gosh, she really should have thought this through. She was sure that when someone was drowning, the last thing you were supposed to do was jump in with them. Oh well, she was in there now.

She hooked her arms under his shoulders from the back and tried to keep him above the water, but she knew that she couldn't stay in that position forever. She managed to duck under his arms so that they were now face to face, then she tried to pull herself out of the pool while still holding onto the drowning man. Needless to say, it didn't really work.

But she tried again. She made sure her back was pressed up against the pool wall, and started jumping. "One, two, THREE!" She counted in her head. On three, she jumped as high as she could and tried to throw herself backwards. She was now sitting at the edge of the pool, but barely. And Eric's weight was pulling her back in again.

Her arms left his shoulders and clung on further down his arms. She now shuffled backwards, and tried to pull him with her, but he was too heavy. "Come on," she pleaded. "Help me out here. Try and pull yourself out."

Still keeping a hold of his arms, Ariel leaned forwards and swung her legs around behind her, so that she was lying on her front. She shuffled backwards, slowly, pulling Eric with her. He started to come over the side of the pool, and with one last pull, he was clear of the water. Unfortunately, it was a very strong pull that meant he was now practically squashing Ariel.