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Ursula Paisley

"You poor unfortunate soul...."

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a character in “Under the Stars”, as played by CyberGlowfly



γ€Œ"I admit that in the past I've been a nasty
They weren't kidding when they called me kinda strange.”
-Jonas Brothers



Ursula Paisley


Paisley || Witch




Ursula - The Witch



|Face Claim|

Marina Diamandis

γ€Œ"But you'll find that nowadays, I've mended all my ways
Repented, seen the light, and made a change.”



America, there are so many poor souls.

I Don't Care ( I Love It ) by Icona Pop

Breakfast at Tiffany's

|Decade of the 1900's?|




Marilyn Monroe



γ€Œ"And I fortunately know a little secret
It's a talent that I always have possessed.”



| Eric || Vanilla Ice Cream || Cute Clothes || Her Hair || Her Nephew, Jacob Flounder || Her Magic || Oceans || Art || Music || Phones |


| Ariel || Mr. Triton || Adella || Alana || Attina || Andrina || Aquata || Arista || Losing Her Job || Losing Jacob || Losing Eric |


|| Sorcery ||
She preys on the people around her by pointing at their flaws and using her sorcery to fix them but she never makes the deal possible so her souls that she helps turn into animals like dogs, cats and squirrels.

|| Her Locket ||
It is where she plans to keep Ariel's voice.


| Losing Eric || Ariel || Being Fired || Being Humiliated |


γ€Œ"And dear lady, please don't laugh, I use it on behalf
Of the miserable, the lonely, and depressed."


Ursula is pure evil. She’s got a nasty hunger for power and will do anything to get it. Ursula is your typical bitch. If you had a position she wanted, Ursula would go out of her way to make sure that position opened, even framing a person for a crime they didn't commit. Ursula is as ruthless as ever. It started with petty power over her twin brothers Flotsam and Jetsam to get them to work for her. She heard of her co-worker's son talking of a girl that saved him and it was time to crush this little girl.

So begins...

Ursula Paisley's Story


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Character Portrait: Ariel Triton Character Portrait: Eric Kitts Character Portrait: Jacob L. Flounder Character Portrait: Adella Triton Character Portrait: Alana Triton Character Portrait: Ursula Paisley
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"Girls! Breakfast!" A booming voice echoed through the house as the day has
begun, Sebastian would be arriving along with his little friend Jacob. It was time for the Triton
household to jump into full swing. The first of his daughters down the stairs was a lovely lady named
Attina, she looked almost just like her mother. Next there was Alana with hair of pure ebony but a
heart of pure gold. Third was Adella. Then came Aquata, a timid young girl compared to her sisters.
Arista came next, she was always the ray of light in the family. Then Andrina came down the stairs,
taking her seat at the table. But the seventh sister was missing. "Ariel!!!" The
voice rang out through the house.


Well, here our story begins with a lovely family of eight that seems to be missing a member.
Let's go find her shall we? Ah, there she is! Walking past the Kitts Mansion. Oh and there is
Eric Kitts, the heir to the fortune. Oh it looks like he's going swimming. Oh, what is our little
Ariel doing? Peeking through the fence I see? Naughty girl, you should be at home for breakfast.
But nay, I am just the narrator.