Lilith De la Rosa

"There's the killing, but there's also the pleasure, the sensuality, the lust. The sheer ecstasy of it all, is what I love most..."

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Name:Lilith De la Rosa
Nickname: ‘Lily’ only when permission has been given!

Birth-Death:23rd March 1740 - 23rd March 1740 (was born a vampire)


Race: Pureblood
Race Description: Pure bloods are born-vampires, offspring that were conceived between two turn-blood or born vampires. Because they are born vampires, they age physically slower than humans. A pure blood vampire be about 300 years old and still maintains the youthful appearance of an adolescent girl, meaning that a pure-blood vampire that looks like a full-grown adult is truly ancient.

In reference to strength and abilities, they are relatively the same as your average vampire. Though because of their rarity they are rulers of the vampire Houses/covens and its major power-players. They are so highly revered, that in the vampire world some consider them to be gods.

-stand at about 5’7’’
-slim built, has the so called ‘hour-glass’ shaped body
-hair: long straight hair, brown in colour and reaches just passed her shoulders, usually kept out.
-eyes: dark brown in colour
-skin: flawless, soft, cold and rather tanned for a vampire
-clothing: usually wearing something that shows off as much skin as possible.


Lilith is a very seductive, manipulative and flirtatious, especially when things don’t go her way. She tends to show off her beauty and female assets quiet a bit in order to get her way. Her flirtatious side can be best seen when she is around the opposite sex. No matter if the guy might be married or his girlfriend is standing right next to them she will use her charms. She also tends to act all innocent and sweet when she gets into trouble or has done something wrong.

Lilith also likes to speak her mind and likes to give her opinion on most things even if it might get her into some trouble or hurt someone’s feelings. She has also been described as being rather cold-hearted, selfish, stubborn, greedy and power hungry. She enjoys being centre of attention and has a lot of confidence. She does what she wants and won’t let anyone get in her way. If you have a problem with her, don’t try and get it worked out because it will only result in someone’s blood getting spilt all over the floor and it usually isn’t hers. She never shows much compassion towards others and in combat she has been said to be a very ruthless and fearless fighter.

Year: First Year.

Fraternity/Sorority: Rushing for Delta Epsilon Mu Sorority.

Requested Dormitory:D6

- Covert Practices
- Foreign Languages
- Culinary Arts
- Arms Handling
- Self Defense


Bloodline Trait:
1. Mesmerization: hypnotising their victims into doing whatever she desires, making them ‘fall in love’ with her so to speak. Can only work with direct eye contact.
2. Vaporising: turns into mist or a cloud of smoke allowing her access to places considered secure or hard to reach.
3. Levitation: able to glide, hover and float.

-Fluent in English, German and French
-Skilled with modern weapons (i.e. sniper rifle, shotgun, pistols)
-Skilled at using modern technology
-Excellent motor vehicle skills: can drive anything from two wheel to four, automatic or manual.
-Talented at sketching and drawing

Personal Effects:
She brought with her:
-Clothes (tonnes of clothes)
-Sketch book
-Mobile phone
-Silver Desert Eagle
-Pack of smokes & lighter


Birth Place: Munich, Germany
Area of Residence: Family Mansion in Munich, Germany

Family Tree:
-Great-Grandfather: Raven Porticho Del la Rosa, resting in the family mansion.
-Great-Grandmother: Elizabeth Manuela Del la Rosa, deceased.
-Grandfather: Eaman De la Rosa, somewhere in England, on a hunting trip with son and family friends
-Grandmother: Rosabella Marian De la Rosa, resting in the family mansion.
-Father: Wynn De la Rosa, somewhere in England, on a hunting trip with father and family friends.
-Mother: Camilla De la Rosa, resting in the family mansion.
-Brother: Lorcan De la Rosa, sophomore at S.C.U.

Grow up in a very wealthy and powerful pureblood family. The De la Rosa family is very well known and also very feared as they are like royalty in Germany. Their ancestors were the first ever vampires to move to Germany and set up a civilisation there amongst the humans. They have set up rules and laws that must be followed by those who wish to live in their country, so that the humans never find out about what they really are. Those that do not follow the laws or break them will be punished and in nearly all cases punishment is death.

The family made resident in the beautiful Germany city Munich, living in a luxurious mansion on top of a small hill overlooking the city. As the house is rather large and the family members themselves are too busy and can’t be bothered to do any of the household, they have enslaved a number of vampires and even a few humans to do the work for them.

Lilith and her brother Lorcan are very close and spent most of their childhood being spoiled rotten. Everything was done for them and they got whatever they wanted. Although her father loved both his children his favourite one was clearly Lilith. He would call her his little princess and if anyone disobeyed her or hurt her in some way they would get punished.

Both Lilith and Lorcan were home schooled for many years before their parents heard about Sangre Cazador University they knew that this would be the best place for their children to go. Her brother Lorcan was part of the first group of vampires enrolled in the school and is a very loyal member of the sorority Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity. Lilith however had to wait a year before she could enrol.

It is now a new year and Lilith’s turn to head to University. She hopes very much that she gets in the sister sorority of her brother’s sorority, the Delta Epsilon Mu. And of course she most definitely will get in otherwise all hell will break rules. Lilith also is very excited to meet all the new boys at the school as she has become rather bored of the guys back home in her country.

So begins...

Lilith De la Rosa's Story