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Underage Apprentices: Criminal Heroes

Underage Apprentices: Criminal Heroes


When their instructor and tutor dies because of an organization targetting sixteen teenagers from a secret unapproved branch within MI5 will any of the kids survice?

894 readers have visited Underage Apprentices: Criminal Heroes since Thundera created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

different ideas came from bits of different films... 1. james bond influenced some stuff ect i'll be here all day if i write the rest of my influences but mostly james bond and other spy movies but most of it is orginal i.e characters and branch names ect


”Dear Mr Havoki,
By the time you read this the chances are I shall be dead, So listen.
I know you told me strictly not to take on any trainees or apprentices because of the threat the Russian government would have on them but I disobeyed you sir, I created a brand new MI5 Branch and I need to tell you everything about the new branch,
It’s called UA, Underage Apprentice. There’s another point none of the apprentices are old enough to actually be agents, so it’s very important you maintain the image of the children being an advance boarding school for talented children. They all know of course and there is only sixteen current students but at the rate of the forms being accepted are going, we will be well into the hundreds by Monday the 1st so it’s really important for you to understand take on my role.
The HQ is my father’s old manor which is where they sleep, eat and live at all times. They may not eat off premise for safety reasons but can buy stocks of food from the Manor to take with them on travels. They are forbidden to carry anything but melee weapons outside the grounds unless on a mission because if they were caught they don’t have any official badges and would there for be charged.
I have enclosed keys, books and various other items you will need in the parcel this letter was attached to, If you need more information please consult my daughter for she knows everything I knew and more.
Good luck old friend,
Sir David Kaddy.

That’s how it began.
MI5 was in a critical state and was failing in every manner. It wasn’t defending the UK or gathering confidential intelligence so the Minister of Defence created UA. He was training them to eventually become official agents and was using them for small based missions but things got serious quickly.
A man found out about Sir David’s actions and started plotting how he would assassinate the man and eventually went through with his plans the evening after David’s letter arrived at the house of Sir Havoki, his best friend and former field partner. The man who stopped David was Ki Wilberforce.
Ki was a British born terrorist rebelling against the government because he viewed it as corrupted and failing, this led the man to becoming a terrorist and inflicting crime and death upon British citizens. Mr Kaddy had already killed Mr Wilberforce’s son and the UA was the perfect reason for legal revenge so it went ahead and Mr Kaddy died.
The Sixteen students however are still in terrible danger.
Ki is releasing images and names on Youtube 4 people at a time per week and Russia want to abduct the teenagers and kill them on live television until the UK Surrender or take some form of action. You are a hard working Underage Apprentice and now your lives rely on Mr Havoki destroying Ki and the Russian terrorists, but it’s harder when they are working together.
You see, Ki supplies the information and Russia are using it and it’s left MI5 and UA in a critical state so what is the fate of these innocent teenagers?
Class A
Annabelle supplies fake IDs and other forms identification for the team. She is the head of all fake documents. She is also one of the best field workers in the group but is terrible at anything involving a computer. She has an amazing shot; she’s fast, strong and smart but has no computer skills other then forging various forms of document. She is very funny and sarcastic and is often first to see past a lie or into a secret. She’s awesome at putting together the clues and is predicted to become a very good detective or fieldworker once she becomes of age. She is a very close friend of Dylan Stone but is unaware of his childhood born crush on her. TAKEN BY THUNDERA

Dylan is responsible for organising missions and improvising their plans on field. He is the smartest of the group but is a bit of dumb boy. He is last to spot the clues but once given the facts can always come up with the best solutions on and off field. He is strong and possesses an even stronger hatred towards Russia and Ki even though he knows it’s not all of them to blame if he met a Russian the chances are he’d shoot them from prejudice. He is very laid back until it’s threatening or dangerous but he is very secretive and keeps as much about him as possible quiet when around suspects or strangers but he trusts everyone in Class A. Relationship wise his only true friend is Annabelle Greene, She is his best and closest friend but he’s not afraid to admit to his best man Johnny that he fancies her he’s just to cowardly to tell her. He doesn't like Kalem from Class B at all because of a mix of jelousy and the idea that Kalem hurt Annabelle. OPEN

Johnny is the guy behind the scenes
nes. He sits in his bedroom with a computer and ear piece following Class A’s every move. He is the cyber-bully. He messes with Terrorists by corrupting their databases and manipulating vital information. He is known to play mind games and manipulate his enemy nearly always with lies. He is a very smart guy and is a very important man on the team despite not working on field he is vital if Dylan and Annabelle are going to survive. He takes down the Youtube videos when he can but it often results in a screw up with his own computer or the video is reposted. He tried changing the photos and names to made up people but his computer was damaged by some sort of virus and he had to replace it. He is the only person in Class A who can even temporarily get their identities away from the public but it’s difficult because the terrorists keep uping their game and keeping him on his toes. He isn’t a very social guy at all and only really talks to his best friend on Class A, Dylan Stone everyone else he just saves their lives without even a hello. He trusts them and considers them as friends but he doesn’t tend to stop for a chat unless he is telling them where to run whilst there in a chase. OPEN
Aberdeen is the middle-man. She sends information and orders to and from field workers and the computer crew. She has been on field but is currently off the field for two months are taking a bullet in the chest. She has made a great recovery but whilst being off field has discovered her talents for predicting enemy moves and following people with GPS’. She has become a good strong trustworthy leader of the field workers but really her skills lie in management rather than field work which despite being disappointing for her is something she is looking forward to after she is old enough to join the real secret service. She is good friends with Annabelle Greene but doesn’t really like Dylan at all...she is very open however about her feelings for Johnny and has asked him out before but hasn’t since leaving the field because of a loss of self confidence and self respect. She is starting to bring back her confidence but she isn’t ready to confront Johnny again yet. TAKEN
Class B
Kalem is a loud, talkative guy and a bit of a bad boy. Before UA he was out all the time stirring trouble chasing models and drinking beer till he lost consciousness but more recently he’s put a bit control on his life but only for one reason. Last year he hooked up with Annabelle Greene in the local dive. Annabelle had been very drunk and dancing on table tops with a bunch of friends but after a conversation a few more meetings they started dating until Annabelle caught him cheating and it ended in the same minute. He knows that her best friend is after her and he’s desperate to try and win her back but she hates him and that’s the problem. He is unpredictable and often drunk but he’s good on the field when he’s sober. RESERVED

Lavigne is self confident and sly like a fox not to mention she's the master of disguise. She is a good strong field worker who has worked with Class As before assisting in wardrobe and information gathering. She is very fashion keen and this has led to her natural chameleon ability to disguise herself. She doesn't get on with the other Class B girl at all but is friendly with the guy. Lavigne is loud and open despite never knowing any real love because of her parents dying a month after her birth in a car crash. She lived in a strict care home before she signed up and agreed to become part of UA. Lavigne also has a budding romance blooming with Joshua from Class B.

Amelia was Mr Kaddy’s adoptive daughter and is still grieving over his death but she has to stay strong so she isn’t kicked out of UA. She is strong hearted and feisty and makes a terrific assassin. Amelia is the girl who is sent off by herself when a simple extermination is required. She doesn’t get a lot of solo work because of her young age of only sixteen but she has only failed once in the two years she has been doing this job and has assisted on many important missions. She knows bombs inside and out and is always sent on field when Bombs have been detected because she is the best at defusing them. She graduated two years early and has 11 GCSEs. In a wide spread of subjects. She’s the smart ass of the group and has close bonds with Aberdeen a sister like relationship but hides her secret feelings towards the new instructor, Mr Havoki.
Joshua is Amelia’s overly protective brother and doesn’t like the fact she is sent away on missions alone to kill people and to defuse bombs. Joshua is Mr Havoki’s body guard and is being taught by Johnny in an effort to improve his cyber skills. He is excelling in cyber work but with a bit of training from Johnny he’ll be good enough for MI5 work before his even of age. He is good friends with Johnny and Dylan but the girls other then Amelia get on his nerves. He is a tense person and is never without something to defend him and uses everything he has around him to succeed. He is very smart and at 16 has A Level IT which is once again an over achiever for his age. He is not as bothered as Amelia about Mr Kaddy’s death mainly because he didn’t like the man but does feel sorry for his sister’s loss.
Class C

Jack Wallace is fifteen but her skills don’t cry match a Class B yet much to her annoyance. She is too reckless and acts too quickly and it causes her to make mistakes which is the main reason she isn’t in Class B yet. She is smart but that’s not her strength. She is freakishly fast and strong and is the best hand-on-hand combat fighter you’ll ever see is well respected by kids in every class but she’s too reckless and fast thinking and it’s unfortunately holding her back.
Danny Wallace is fifteen and he is Jack’s twin brother. He is overly ambitious and is all rock and roll and much like Cassia, He’s a bit of a information gather. He is sent off to different places under a fake name and identity to make people leak information to him. He’s an expert talker and will go as far as it’s required to do his job. He is very close to Jack and they joke around a lot but he is even closer to Jamie-Leigh, who is his ‘unofficial’ girlfriend because neither of them have the guts to spill it out even though virtually everyone knows.
Jamie-Leigh is excitable and fun. She’s bright and bubbly but is a total nerd. She knows everything about everything but hates revising and studies. She can pay attention to lessons but she’d rather ditch it and go hang out with Danny and the rest of Class C. She’s a bit of rolling stone when she’s off the job but she is an expert in her position which is following and identifying criminals and information sources. She is unstoppable when it comes to naming a criminal’s face and has never got it wrong even when she was just growing in her chosen speciality. She is trained in Karate and how to shoot a gun for defensive reasons in case something was ever to go wrong whilst she was following a suspect.
Class D
Cassia Greene is Annabelle’s little sister and they are very close. Cassia is only eleven but is very smart and gives a nasty kick in the shin. She is often sent on long-term missions with Annabelle because no one suspects kids to be spies and she is very good at playing innocent and giving cute smiles to get her off the hook when she does something suspicious. She has expert social skills and is very good at befriending people and sipping vital information from them. She asks the right questions at the right time and rarely fails but being young and ill experienced she does make the occasional slip up. She is not allowed to do solo missions because she’s only eleven but she can go on missions with anyone over 16 if they agree they are ok ‘supervising’ her. TAKEN BY THUNDERA

I will be writing about the characters from Class B+ when Class A is filled and so on but feel free to reserve in advance. But the further down the classes you go the less advanced they are in their chosen speciality. I.E A is more advance then B, C or D but C is more advance then D ect.
Character Sheet is up to you but it make it decent please and requirements are:
-Speciality within UA
-Picture (FCs are possibly changeable if I think the face suits the personality)
-Theme Song
-Preferred Weapon
I will not accept anything with those things apart from Theme Song, That’s optional but it is preferred.
At least 125 words please so kind of between Amateur and Semi-Lit. Anyone wishing to join the RP must be able to use code like
and [b] as well as [IMG] ect You don’t need to do this in your posts but it shows the difference between newbs and decent writers so yeah.
Don’t reserve Character A (just an example) then make your character sound just like Character B because then what’s the point in me making all the FCs and Characters? It’s a pain in the ass for nothing so yeah which brings me on to the next rule.
Swearing is tolerated but don’t be like this; F**** A*** C**** all the time be creative and use other angry words.
I know I’ve used ‘Russia’ as a ‘villain’ country but no offence is to meant to any Russians or anyone else who’d find it offensive and Racism or any form of Prejudice will not be accepted outside of the RP. However some characters may hate/despise or have a certain opinion about people within the RP.
Characters In...
Class A must be 17+
Class B must be 15+
Class C must be 12+
Class D must be 10+
If you choose to play a main leader i.e Mr Havoki or Ki Wilberforce both must be other 28 at least. Assossciates to these characters can vary in age however
Have fun- See ya later peeps.

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"I miss him, but I can't see him like this." (Class A)

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