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Mary-Ann Mai Mcbeth Ellington

Reserved and Intelligent

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a character in “Underground Academy”, as played by 143xinfinity


Physical Description: refugee-skinny with absolutely no chest to speak of, for seven years people actually believed that she was anorexic or something, wavy hair the color of dirt, dull greenish-grey eyes, and lets not forget the chalky, pale skin.

Personality: Reserved, Intelligent, Good, Bookworm, Virtuoso, Loyal, Proper, and Quiet.

Equipment and Ablities: Vampirism, but one thing that other night stalkers can't do is she has the ability to mentally move objects (Phykonesis) and control or manipulate the weather, like creating rain, tornadoes, fog..etc. (Atmokenisis).

Historical Background: Mary-Ann was born on December 2, 1816 to both first-class Louise and John Ellington in London,Uk. Her father served as a very sucessful politician, and was a huge major part of the War of 1812 up until there was an incident of vampyres feeding on humans in their city that mysteriously caused him and his family to fled. Now 202 years old, Mary-Ann lives her life surviving as a blood-thirsty monster with her brother elder brother Thomas Ellington.

Age: 16 years old (202 in vampire years)

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So begins...

Mary-Ann Mai Mcbeth Ellington's Story


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"Sorry," Lake mumbled, and she pulled away from the hug, "I need to go do something," she said, and she went back into the library, heading to the closet, and going back down the stairs. She saw the same boy, but he was talking to a girl.

Finally building up some courage, she walked to the boy and the girl, "Hey, uh you're the guy I saw earlier. I want answers. That man said he could smell a human when I came down here. Aren't you guys humans too? And what is this place?" Lake started asking questions, and she couldn't help it as the words just flowed out of her mouth quickly.