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Underland Asylum

Underland Asylum


We all know the story of the girl who fell down the rabbit hole... but do we really?

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alice in wonderland


Welcome one, welcome all,
To Underland,
And all it's flaws..."



We all know the lovely story of a young girl falling down a rabbit hole, and finding not only a colorful set of friends, but finding a large part of herself.

Well, sometimes stories get lost in translation over time…

Welcome to the late 1700’s, in an Asylum in the countryside of France. It was a dark place, even walking onto the property gave people chills and feelings of anxiety. It got the nickname Underland for the strange rumors they were doing a lot of expiriments under the table. It is a very selective Asylum, only taking those who are the most inadequate souls in to “treat” them with the newest medicines.

The youngest is Alice, an eleven year old girl suffering from aspergers syndrome. Her parents left her there, due to her being very slow, and unable to do the “normal” things a child should be able to accomplish.

One day, in the courtyard, Alice was exploring near a large tree. Deciding it would be fun to climb, she began to make her way up. The doctors noticed and began to scream at Alice to come down, and she giggled, simply waving at them. The man with the hat ran over, reaching towards Alice but her foot slipped and she fell. Unable to take the fall, Alice fell into a deep concussion and was placed in solitary confinement.

The man with the hat, and his twitchy friend, would always come visit Alice, in fact many of the patients felt terrible for the young girl.

Things started stirring.

The plump woman, who seemed to be vain to the core, was becoming jealous of the young girl. Not being the center of attention drove her up the wall, and she talked to the sociopathic man about taking the girl out once and for all…

The man had tried to attack Alice, but he was stopped, the doctors found him in time, injecting him with a new substance they had just received…

In fact, it seemed to work so well, they began injecting EVERY patient with the same amount of this drug.

It made the patients sleepy, unable to move.. But they were able to dream… In fact, Alice, whilst in a coma, is pulsating an energy that is causing all the patients to be in the same dreamy state, and they began to call it…


Character List:

Cheshire Cat - Misdiagnosed: {Taken: Coolroleplayer702}
John “Vague” Tiger was a clever and coy man, he viewed others as dull and dim-witted. Often giving others cryptic rhymes, which made many believe him crazy, thus putting him in the Underland Asylum, he noticed the other patients suprisingly dormant, so when he was told to relax, he was injected with the experimental drug, and woke up in a tree. He saw many others in this strange drug dream, so he chose to try and bring them to the fact that this is only a drug-induced fantasy, but cryptically, so they still had to work it out from his classic and cryptic riddles.

Alice Liddel- Asperger Syndrome
Young Alice is a very sweet girl, she finds Underland a magical realm where she feels free to be herself and explore. Alice is very much a people person, she loves to connect with others and she tries to see everyone for the good parts of them. She if very intelligent on an emotional standpoint and tends to pick up on what others are feeling very quickly, but often does not know how to portray those emotions. She always is on the move, and twitches while sitting still, in short she’s very hyper, but she’s adorable and loveable nonetheless.

The Red Queen - Narcissistic
An obese blood thirsty woman suffering from an extreme case of narcissism. The red queen has been watching Alice for a very long time, she despises Alice, and everything she stands for. She believes Alice is much too free spirited, and ever since Alice came in, the red queen has not gotten much attention from everyone and others are almost revolting against her reign of Underland.

The Caterpillar - Addictive Personality {Reserve}
The caterpillar is an introverted creature. He was suffering from many addictions and would often trade one out for the other through his life. Having a tendency to try drugs and do new things, he gained a strange outlook on Underland, and often is caught in his own world, and not too involved with the others of Underland.

The Mad Hatter - Split Personality {Taken: Castiel_Told_Me_To}
The hatter is a mad man, silly, and unconventional. He has two sides to his personality however, and often will flip between the two, depending on who he is with. The hatter is good friends with Alice, and the March Hare, he loves spending his time in the forest, making tea, and making himself laugh at any point. He dislikes the Red Queen and wants her off the throne. The hatter can be both friendly, or spastic and cruel, due to his split personality and queen grudge.

The White Rabbit - Schizophrenic

The White Rabbit suffers from Schizophrenia. He is very twitchy and often does not know how to respond to many social situations. He often hears the voices, telling him he is late for important plans and he carries a broken pocket watch with him.

The March Hare - Cocaine Addict
In his life, the March Hare was doing cocaine for hours on end, making him twitchy, often muttering odd and eerie things. Everyone but the Hatter stays as far away from this patient as possible, even the doctors are a little on edge working with him. Drawn to madness by the cocaine, the Hare often will talk about things that don’t make sense, or seem out of whack. He tends to get lost in his own thoughts quickly and he reacts to things out of fear, or anxiety.

The Dormouse - Narcolepsy {Taken by Chaoschild13}
The dormouse suffers from Narcolepsy. Most of the time the dormouse spends their time sleeping in their room, and rarely wakes up. She normally end up spending the most time in Underland, and is the most connected to it. Although she begins to notice the others getting more insane, and is fearful of what might happen to everybody.

The Jabberwocky - Sociopathic {Reserved}
The most violent in the group. With promises of glory and a place of power in the kingdom, the Jabberwocky tried to attack Alice and was confined to a secluded room where he is strapped down to a table. Kept in the room, he had a plan, and began to hide his violent ways to sway the doctors; he plans to rejoin the Red Queen and rule Underland with her.


Charrie Skelly





Description: Special scars, general idea of stance/etc. Should include height, weight, body type etc. [[Real life description and how they feel they look in "Wonderland".








Good Habits

Bad Habits

History: Family/What made you the way you are.

Le Rules:

1. This is a very dark roleplay, I don't mind cursing, as long as you're not making it the only things they say.

2. No Godmodding

3. No Mary Sues

4. If you would like to reserve something, please put your favorite book while asking for your reservation

5. This is a literate RP: I really expect you to expand on your characters, and really dive into their characters. It can be in first person, or whatever you choose. Just make sure you're diving into every nook and cranny. It will really help set up the whole scene.

6. Have fun, be creative, if you have any questions as me or Coolroleplayer702

7. As you have noticed I didn't put any FC's up, I would prefer if you used a person, instead of a cartoon though, I am giving you free reign over that choice.

8. You made add onto the character skeleton if it goes with your character. :)

9. Although reservations may be in tact for now, expect to have some competition if that is what it comes down to.

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Character Portrait: Drew Bazile
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Re: Underland Asylum

lets try to get these charries in soon, please and thanks guys

Re: Underland Asylum

Aw sadness! Alright good luck in your other rps then Destiny

Re: Underland Asylum

Destiny_Islands wrote:I'd like to have the Red Queen. Favorite book is Leviathan.

I've changed my mind. Someone else can have the Red Queen. I've already joined two other rps.

Re: Underland Asylum

I'd like to have the Red Queen. Favorite book is Leviathan.

Re: Underland Asylum

I'm friggen taking Caterpillar now please and thank you. I couldn't help myself... Philosopher's Stone is also a favorite book of mine ;).

Re: Underland Asylum

The March Hare is all yours.

And I'm sure they would not allow your charrie to do drugs, but that doesn't mean smuggling isn't out of the question, but i'm sure the doctors won't like that very much.

Re: Underland Asylum

first: Can I reserve March Hare? I should have it done in a day or two
next: If I am March Hare, does the asylum actually allow me to do drugs? I don't know too much about it.
Should also probably mention, my favorite book... since I can't decide which I'll say "A Song of Ice and Fire" series

Re: Underland Asylum

your reservations are in

Re: Underland Asylum

Alice Liddel- Asperger Syndrome
Please? Oh and I think I love the golden apples I the sun by Ray Bradbury.So much

Re: Underland Asylum

Mad Hatter it is for me then! Pretty obsessed with the Mara Dyer series right now, but I think my favorite book is Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams :)

Seriously though caterpillars mine if no one gets him soon.

Re: Underland Asylum

Your reserves are in :)

Re: Underland Asylum

May I reserve the White Rabbit. Eona is one of my favorites.

Re: Underland Asylum

The Jabberwocky please please. Fahrenheit 451 for the win.

Underland Asylum

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