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Edward Arings

"Madness is simply... ..."

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a character in “Underland: Our Personal Hell”, as played by Cienpher


Edward Arings

Eddie for short, so some people just call him Dee anyway… and yes, he vastly prefers Dee.

15 (in appearance)

Tweedle Dee


Sweets – Edward has a sort of sweet tooth with a particular fondness for chocolate.

Tea – there is little as enjoyable to him as a piping hot cup of tea.

Crows – they are wise little creatures who bring about bleakness and herald death…

Leftovers – due to his obsession with being ‘first’, he absolutely abhors other people’s leftovers, be it food, clothes, medicine, or a kill.

Cold Tea – he who serves the young man cold tea had best run swiftly.

Heights – he’s had negative past experiences with high places...

Madness – Edward thinks himself sane, and despises the insanity affecting the others. At the same time, little flashes of his former conscience reveal to him his own madness, and he finds nothing more terrifying than the warped mess that he himself is becoming.

Much of Edward’s behaviour is centered around his obsession with being first. He loves to be first at almost everything – first to arrive, first to eat, first to leave, first to speak, first to befriend, and also first to kill. For this reason, he likes to loiter by the entrance to Underland, as all surface-world people must enter through the rabbit hole. Often enough, Edward proceeds to befriend the newcomers with a kind smile, warm words, a display of a magic trick or two… and later on, when the new arrival decides it is time to move on, he assures them that it would be better for both of them to die by his hand than the others’, and gives them a swift death – or at least, he tries to.

Unlike some of the other inhabitants of Underland, he is not sadistic on purpose. He simply has a slightly off aim that often just barely misses the vital spot he was aiming at. When this happens, he blames it on his victim’s attempts at fleeing – he doesn’t like to take responsibility for his actions, surprisingly childish for one of his apparent age. It should be noted that there are indeed incidents when his obsession with ‘first’ wanes – he despises the thought of being the first to apologize, the first to accept his mistakes, the first to open up, the first to lament… above all, he despises being the first to lose.

His usual nature is a little devious, teasing and social, but also very reserved about himself. He never speaks much of his actions or plans, choosing to respond vaguely should the topic arise. He sometimes leaves sentences hanging, a result of once upon a time, having a partner to finish those words, and it is embedded in his mind as a habit of his role. When prompted to continue such sentences, he blinks and looks confused, as the proper words refuse to arise. Even still, he greatly enjoys conversation and often takes to teasing the quieter sorts. Simply put, his usual nature is that of a mischief-maker, ever-smiling, only growing grave and solemn before and after a kill.

Despite being quite possibly as mad as the others, Edward has a semblance of conscience left. He was once an innocent boy, a good boy, simply twisted in a momentary lapse of sanity, in a moment of weakness… and sometimes, his old self defies his new nature. Every once in a while his conscience returns, but the contaminated madness of the new Underland overtakes him quickly enough once again.

Before the times of madness descended upon Underland, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were as close as brothers could be. Yes, back then, they often fought with witty words and sharpened tongues, but that was better than now, when both refuse to speak to the other. What happened? Well, neither will say, but Tweedle Dee would rather avoid conflict when Tweedle Dum is present. In fact, he’d prefer to avoid seeing Tweedle Dum at all. When the two meet, Tweedle Dee will often resort to mockery in order to keep his brother at a distance... because seeing Tweedle Dum clears Edward's mind and makes him realize how distorted he really is. His conscience can't bear the weight of his madness, so he wants to distance himself from Tweedle Dum as much as possible.

Edward is a taller individual, but the maddened mischievous glint to his brown eyes gives him an appearance of one younger than his years. His eyes have been tainted by the madness of the new Underland. His hair, the same hue as his eyes, has side-swept bangs, and he often bears a slight smile upon his face. When it comes to his attire, Edward dresses in the Victorian fashions familiar to Underland. At the same time, he values comfort and movement, and thus is generally seen with very minimal means of defense. He wears blue earrings and most often wears a long dark blue dress coat and it isn’t uncommon to see him with a pointed umbrella for a cane. He looks and sounds exactly like his twin brother, but in the picture to the right, he is the one standing with the black sleeves. Oh, and fair warning - even if he doesn't show it, he always carries a gun.

Sane or Insane?:
From the growing madness of the war, Edward has slowly become corrupted, developing his own demented enjoyments. Although he isn’t sadistic, he enjoys the feeling of fresh blood upon his skin. After a kill, he often soaks his hands in the victim’s blood, just to feel the warmth and slickness of it… but every now and then, his old self, his past self free of malice resurfaces, and this habit sickens him. However, he knows that it is far too late, and no amount of washing will get the stench of death from his hands. Whether this is twisted or not could be disputed, but he also has a tendency to speak to the corpses once dead. It is at these times, and only these times, that he seems to truly and openly speak his thoughts.

So begins...

Edward Arings's Story


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Usagi Hakuran

Usagi just stood silent when Lyre said,"H-Hello...How are you?" She didn't really feel like answering her. Instead Usagi just stared at Lyre and waited for her to do something. After a while she said, "Well, It was lovely meeting you..." then she left. Usagi sighed. She was really tired today and didn't want to do much. "Maybe I'll go find the Arings... They can probably cheer me up." Usagi then started to march forward as she looked for Edward.

After a while Usagi found Edward. She ran up to him and said, "Hi Tweedle Dee. Whatcha doin?"