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☽|| An organization that specializes in paranormal cleanup & more! welcome! || Open & Accepting ||☾

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“Let me guess: growing up was pretty rough for you, huh?” the man drawled with lidded eyes. He puffed on a cigarette that smelled vaguely like cinnamon and licorice. “Never quite belonged? Relationships always tended to be 'complicated’?” He nodded knowingly as he licked his lips and crushed the butt into the ground. “I have some good news and some bad news, kiddo.” While unkempt, unenthused, and rather unimpressive, there was still something about him that drew you in -- kept you there with a magnetic nature you couldn’t quite understand yet.

"The good news is you’re not gonna have to worry about rent for a long time. The bad news is: you don’t know a lick of who you really are, are destined to a deadly line of work, and have a whole hell of a lot cut out for you -- But don’t worry; there are health benefits. ” He delivered these lines with nonchalance, as if he’d given this speech millions of times. “Well, kind of. Not really. Hey, I’ll spell it out nice and fancy for you. You are an esper. I am here to recruit you. Consider yourself cordially requested at the headquarters of The Underseers of the Realm and formally offered a highly esteemed position among their ranks. Congrats!” He lazily lifted an index finger and a tiny firework bolted from its tip.

You didn’t know it then, but in time you would learn that his magnetic nature could be defined as a charming little mix of a sense of belonging and a new, higher purpose.


Image Image

                      Espers are people with superhuman abilities -- some call it witchcraft, others superpowers, others still divinity. The more vitriolic call it maleficence. Espers grow up as and among humans while their powers are benign, and they almost always face ostracization unwittingly caused by a dissonance between the typical human brain and their unlocked powers. Always perceived as a little “different,” it isn’t until their awakening (usually in their 20s) that they understand just how different they really are. There’s a lot of debate over how and why espers possess the powers they do, but one thing’s for sure: weird, occultish, fucked up shit happens all over the world, all the time; espers are at the very bottom of the list as far as freaky stuff goes.

                      The Underseers of the Realm (TUOTR) seek to help with this freaky stuff, tidying up magical messes behind the curtain. As soon as an esper awakens, they let out a magical pulse that is detected by agents at headquarters. They find the esper, send out a recruiter, and bada-bing bada-boom, the training begins. Their mission is to prevent, undo, and alleviate all supernatural wickedness or provide postliminary damage control when they can’t. Then, they sweep it under the nice magical rug, alter history, and send hapless civilians on their merry, ignorant ways. They clean stuff up -- keep the cogs greased and the world’s engine going! Whether this means sealing rips in the veil between earth and the otherworlds, cleansing locations haunted by sinister energies, exorcising monsters out of people, or making entire towns forget about a pesky hovering orb of hellfire that popped up last week, they’re on the job, quiet but diligent. It’s a thankless career but a vitally important one. A world without underseers is one on fire and crawling with evil demons. And more fire.

                      There’s a lot more to the TUOTR than this -- an ass load of politics, in-fighting, and incomprehensible academia -- but the general premise is:

                      You have underseers who stay at the headquarters to find the jobs and give the jobs. Then you have fieldwork underseers who actually go out into the world and get the jobs done. Although each esper’s power manifests in unique ways, a complete unit for a mission usually consists of 4 espers, each with different and distinct roles. The more harmonious the unit, the more heightened their powers, the cooler shit happens, and the better they are at silently saving the world. The pairings work in mysterious ways -- sometimes your best friend makes your shittiest partner and sometimes your worst enemy makes your blood hum with powers you hadn’t even known flowed through you. It’s a connection, not explained, but experienced.

                      So, you mix and match, mingle, fight, kiss, and try not to get everyone killed in the process. First you gotta figure out what the hell you’re doing, who you are, and what kind of powers you have. Cheers to the start of your journey.



                  Fieldwork underseers: As mentioned before, each esper manifests their energy in unique ways! No one power is exactly the same, even within the same class!

                  SENTINELS (4/4 Reserved) (0/4 Taken):

                  This is a class of adept fighters who take out monsters that creep through the night with intense physical prowess. Sentinel powers draw upon emotion, primal instincts, and physicality. When applied, this can mean proficiency with magical weapons, transformative enhancements, elemental damage, or even transmutation. While a lot of hot heads are drawn to this field, the majority of their training involves patience, meditation, and schoolwork; Sentinel powers, so animalistic in nature, pushed too far will instantly and permanently consume the esper. A primal rage ravages the esper’s mind and makes them lose themselves forever, no more than a monster and danger to everyone around them. Sentinels must constantly police their feelings, making sure to stay in that sweet spot between apathy and rage. They must have the feelings to be strong, but too much and the bomb goes boom.

                  ImageGATEKEEPERS (3/4 Reserved) (0/4 Taken):

                  These espers are able to seal, manipulate, or open dimensions, operating with the veil between this world and others. Typically very dreamy, whimsical, head-in-the-clouds types of people are called to this field -- or, more accurately, are the only types of people who can get a grasp on all that magical mojo; it seems a certain open-heartedness is mandatory to touch and sculpt the veil. While all gatekeepers can seal portals and rips, the strange powers can lead to abilities such as transporting people, objects, and creatures through time and space (a form of summoning, at times), creating barriers and prisms that both protect and trap, ushering spirits back to the otherworld, and more. The catch with this class is that the job takes a ton of mental prowess and concentration to cast safely, and concentration tends not to be the specialty of most newbie Gatekeepers. If an esper gets distracted while in contact with the veil, it affects them slowly but surely, somewhat like radiation. A part of them stays in the veil and a part of the veil stays in them, making them less real over time; eventually, their very existence becomes a wear on the barrier between worlds. At first this leads to leaks of energies, then small creatures like spirits, until their being creates huge tears for demons of all nature to come pouring through. If they don't learn to get out of their heads, Gatekeepers will become powerful spirits who remember themselves but no longer a part of our world, doomed to roam the realm and lead a trail of open portals behind them until ushered into the otherworlds by another esper.

                  ILLUSIONISTS (5/4 Reserved)(0/4 Taken):

                  These espers deal mostly with fabricating reality. Working almost primarily in altering brain chemistry, they are experts at wiping human memories, contorting visual data, manipulating history, and altering other's perceptions of them (this can work a bit like shapeshifting but without actually physically changing a thing-- just how they’re seen). If they have an understanding of the otherworldly presence or creature, they may also be able to alter the perceptions of these supes as well. They know more than anyone how fragile reality is and how everything we understand as truth is really founded on perception. On field, they serve a lot like PR -- talking to human authorities, creating giant visual distractions, and making others forget. Offensively, they can fabricate monstronsities and terrors that drive their foes mad or cause them to unknowingly harm themselves. Altering reality all the time tends to mess with your brain, though. Without proper training and constant reassurances of their own identity, they lose themselves in a blur of other people. After so long of being everyone, they become no one -- no emotions, no sense of self, just husks of people. When an illusionist gets to this stage, it’s not uncommon for them to become catatonic, sitting and staring at a wall as their faces blur and blend over and over into different people. It's for these reason Illusionists must spend lots of time in between disguises and illusions and have to know themselves wholly and fully. It's not uncommon for them to have very bold appearances and personalities just to have a more distinct identity.

                  ImageEXORCISTS (6/4 Reserved)(0/4 Taken):

                  Very much so based in the exchanging of energy, these espers know more than anyone that nothing can be created or destroyed. Big on cleansing, these espers dispel, purge, and expel harmful magic or creatures, but absorb the energy themselves. This can mean handling possessions, sapping demon lifeforce, harvesting spirits, draining power from local earthen energies, etc. They can then use this energy in other ways, typically typically through filling up crystals which can later be harvested for enchanting or even healing. While they have a huge capacity for power and pain tolerance and their skills are probably the best at stopping dangerous situations, exorcists have to be extremely careful not to take in more than they can withstand or else face death and possession. When absorbing, exorcists lose their defense, mobility, and cognisance, operating on instinct alone as they hover and glow with their eyes rolled back. The more they absorb, the brighter they become. If an exorcist takes on too much at once, they implode with a blinding light followed by a shimmering cloud of energy, which (unless another esper contains the energy in some manner) then is almost immediately used by a demon in the otherworlds to substantiate its body into reality. Exorcists tend to be the most likely to die a martyr because in tight situations, it’s either them or someone else. After an exorcising, espers are exhausted and drained and will fall limp to the ground.

                  Headquarter underseers: These espers don't necessarily have to stay in the headquarters, and you're welcome to play one of if you want. They'd have to be a tag-along addition to a unit of 4, though, and for the most part, these will be cute characters made by me who meander the headquarters for your character tp interact with!

                  SOOTHSAYERS : These espers get visions or dreams of the future, are the ones who detect magical imbalance in the world, and alert Underseers of the activity and locations. Essentially experts at hide and seek & being spooky.
                  ALCHEMISTS : These are people -- some espers, some just plain humans -- who’ve learned about this world and are applying modern technology to the supernatural. They’re constantly creating new and innovative tools and do a whole hell of a lot of brewing & enchanting. From rune work to spirit containment to, yes, ghost detectors, these mad scientists are on the job.
                  ARCHIVERS : These are the heavy duty book and paper scholars, digging into the past, decode otherworldly languages, and expanding knowledge upon of the history of everything. They also are the ones to document all the shenanigans espers get into now. Artifacts found on site are typically given to them first so they can tell us what the hell is going on.




There’s still a lot of mystery about how these supernatural phenomena exist and what this implies about existence. Moreover, there’s a lot of heated and passionate debate about pretty much anything within the The Underseers of the Realm. Some espers consider themselves human, some consider themselves superhuman, and some think of themselves as otherworldly beings trapped on earth. Some say espers can trace their lineage to the dawn of time as the original creatures of divination, with humankind as we know it no more than a diluted version of espers. Some believe espers once were mythical magus who ruled over the realm before transferring back to the otherworld, cutting off espers from tapping into the full force of their abilities after a holy war. Some believe it’s just a genetic mutation and a chance occurrence. Some don’t care to believe anything at all. There is tons of research on any side worth reading up on, and esper scholars have been on the subject for a long, long time.

Here are unanimously accepted truths: The Underseers of the Realm as an organization has existed for at least 15 centuries, all the way back to the middle ages -- we know this because there are archives documenting their work. Of course, they operated much differently then, but the name and purpose was (mostly) the same. We know that there is our world and the otherworlds. There’s not much understood about the otherworlds except that there’s most likely not just one homogenized place -- more so many dimensions in many timelines in many different spaces all collectively accessed through the veil. Some speculate that the otherworlds are true reality and we are essentially a refrigerator of resources for these beings. Some believe that higher beings in the otherworlds created this realm to watch earth as if a video game or television show. There's no real way to know, however, because anyone who actually visits the otherworlds usually doesn't comes back. The few who have returned as monstrosities or corpses. The closest we can get to studying it is in gateways, which serve kind of like waiting rooms between our world and the others. Gatekeepers can open up these gateways and visit, even bringing other espers if they're careful enough. Most research is done through artifacts or when a gatekeeper turns into a spirit, and they start talking about things we can't even understand-- real spooky stuff.

Time doesn’t work linearly for most of this shit. It seems most creatures in the otherworlds don’t operate or understand time in the same way we do. Time isn’t a straight line, more like…. a plane that can be walked around and navigated if you know how. Espers aren’t too great at this -- especially Sentinels -- but some really advanced Gatekeepers and Soothsayers can mess around with that shit. When tears open up, we’re sometimes fighting ancient demon from before dinosaurs were wiped out or sometimes ghosts from a future in space -- everything gets a little bit weird. Don’t hold on too much to logic.

Furthermore, there's two major routes for power: Agestral and Obfuscous. It sounds more complicated than it is. Agestral is the standard, earthen magic -- raw energy exchanged for powers. This might be weird to ordinary humans, but it's somewhat easy to grasp when you use your brain. Takes about a year for it to really settle n for most. This earthen magic world similarly to other talents; it is simply felt and practiced like all skills, just with a lot of bending the rules of physics in between. Some people are more naturally gifted than others in some departments. There is a certain primal instinct involved, and mastering it requires time and practice. It’s different for each type and how it’s applied, but all agestral magic is moreso felt than thought about.

Obfuscous is the volatile and learned magic of the otherworlds, only acquired with tons of study of the ancient arts. This stuff doesn’t come naturally -- it’s experimentally copycated from dusty old tomes probably written by demons thousands of years ago. Perhaps this is why espers who choose to dabble in this form of magic are often called Accurseds. This magic is exponentially more dangerous and unpredictable, but offers truly unexplainable powers. It has a lot of bargaining & sacrifice & a LOT more planning involved -- not really the kind of stuff you spontaneously get away with. It typically involves some sort of pact, some kind of ritual, usually a lot of blood and promises, and requires the student to have done lots and lots of studying for loopholes. For example, it could mean summoning a demon but within a sealed prism and then tapping into its abilities from afar. People who use this form are highly supervised by pedagogues and moderately distrusted because of their tendency to turn into vessels for ancient evil. Only some who have worked hard at their Agestral magic are permitted to use this form.

That said, with all its dangers and wariness, Accurseds inadvertently come to understand the otherworld better-- understand its creatures, its grief, its essence. This leads to a lot more supernatural diplomacy, and demons asked away through riddles and mutual understanding rather than hack and slashed. This understanding can be dangerous, but equally useful and is an important part of the Underseers.



                  Just in case you need a quick reminder of the buzzwords, here's a short little comprehensive list of some of the terminology within the rp! Will likely be added upon!


                    ☽ Esper: people with superhuman abilities -- refers to pretty much everyone in the roleplay.
                    ☽ (TUOTR) The Underseers of the Realm: the organization that ministrates magical musings and misuse; here since forever tidying up the world; your character is apart of their force
                    ☽ underseers: members of TUOTR; can be uncapitalized when not referring to a person rather than the organization
                    ☽ The Otherworlds: the realms beyond ours, where all the freaky shit pours out; probably contains human’s concept of hell heaven purgatory and more within it; don’t know a ton about it/them; can be capitalized or uncapitalized depending on your characters views on what it represents (see: god vs God)
                    ☽ Veil: the metaphysical barrier between our world and the otherworlds; can be manipulated by Gatekeepers and wears down over time
                    ☽ Sentinels: warrior class of underseers; risk being consumed by rage
                    ☽ Gatekeepers: class of underseers who manipulate the veil; risk becoming a spirit
                    ☽ Illusionists: class of underseers who fabricate reality & perception; risk losing their sense of self
                    ☽ Exorcists: class of underseers who absorb energy; risk absorbing too much and turning into raw energy
                    ☽ Soothsayers: class of underseers who see the future; risk getting lost in the future
                    ☽ Accurseds: espers who use obfuscous magic
                    ☽ Agestral: raw earthen energy used for esper power
                    ☽ Obfuscous: volatile and learned otherworldly magic used for esper power



                        1 ☽ reserve in the reservations thread w the super cool secret password found l8r on in the rules!! U can compete for slots so try ur best kiddos!

                        2 ☽ no illustrated or anime faceclaims! i made a list of super sweet awesome faceclaims you can use, but if you don't want any of 'em, at least try to pick an actor whose face isn't extremely recognizable and overused. here's the list:

                        3 ☽ after your reservation, you have 2 days to get a WIP my way!! then you have 4 more days to finish it up. i'll be a little strict on this just bc theres nothing worse than a rp dying before it starts due to lost steam. of course, i will understand emergencies and such.

                        4 ☽ feel free to use any of the examples given in each class, but if you're the type who wants to come up with something new and need help figuring out ur character’s powers, ask me! we can brainstorm together for new, creative applications of the classes -- i would be so down!

                        5 ☽ i hope this goes without saying but NO PERFECT CHARACTERS!!!!!!!! make your character a little shit, full of flaws and errors in judgement. it's more fun to play, read, and develop that way. we can have loveable turds

                        6 ☽ i also hope this goes without saying, but i made them in their 20s for a reason!!! i dont want high school/"coming of age" themes. i'm moreso interested in themes of "learning of worth" "finding of purpose" "becoming a team" etc, etc. by late 20s, some people may have even been married, in college, or with a career when they were recruited -- keep this all in mind.

                        7 ☽ in case u couldnt tell based on how long this page is, post lengths are gonna be a lil bit on the longer side. so no one liners!! probably looking at around 3 para, 400-600 word posts but at the same time, the length should fluctuate based on whats happening. if all that’s happened is ur character grabbed a banana then please no 5 paragraphs about banana grabbing please i beg of u. quality over quantity!! but a good quantity of quality!!

                        8 ☽ chat in the ooc thread!!! communicate with one another!!! plan out lil mini plots or just comment on whats going on. live love lava lamp i want 2 make friends

                        9 ☽ i (obvs) expect proper grammar + edited writing in the IC but feel free to type however feels best for u in the OOC no judgement. i am clearly a txt tlk fiend

                        10 ☽ this rp is going to have some very dark themes at times! u know this bc i always make everything fucked up and sad; it’s like my thing. BUT! its also going to have silly fun kooky and feel good themes!! a healthy dose of both the pep and the pensive.

                        11 ☽ the content rating will probably be somewhere in MA-17 range, so if coarse language, sexual themes, fantasy violence, or drug and alcohol usage is not something you are comfortable with, be warned!! That said, im not really into “gritty realism” -- no cybering IC, no in depth descriptions of sexual violence, torture, or other traumas, and no sensationalizing of brutality. i’m not here for that, that doesn’t make a good story, it’s unnecessary and a boringly easy route for character development. the super cool secret is ur fav fruit

                        12 ☽ u gotta do a lil jig when u read this. sorry im GM i make the rules. jig away. jig!!!

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Character Portrait: Katalina Winters
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Character Portrait: Katalina Winters
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