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Gwen Klienz

Flowers grow out of dark moments.

0 · 291 views · located in Earth

a character in “Underseers”, as played by Thisvle




☽| name |☾
Gwen Klienz

☽| nickname |☾

☽| age |☾

☽| birthdate |☾
November 11th, 1993

☽| gender |☾

☽| sexual & romantic orientation |☾

☽| class |☾

☽| type |☾

☽| time of training |☾
three years

☽| abilities |☾
Gwen can efficiently communicate with the paranormal that she has to cleanse. Her specialty is with troubling demons. Typically she can calm the evil spirit down enough that its easier to absorb. She listens to their stories and generally understands them and their point of view. Instead of arguing and killing, she sometimes becomes friends with them. This causes her to have of a calling towards darker powers, and can get herself into trouble.



☽| eye color |☾

☽| height |☾

☽| build |☾
soft shoulders and a curvier build. isn't very muscular.

☽| details |☾
she has tattoos covering most of her body, ranging in design.

☽| manner |☾
Gwen deals with a variety in her work, but due to her specialty her aura emits a darker presence. Many can feel intimidated due to this, but she holds herself in a very casual manner. Often she is seen as very relaxed or at ease, which can calm those down that are threatened. During her work, she usually gets into this 'faze', wherein she loses track of everyone else around her besides her work. This is where her darker aura shines, and emit a very dangerous threat to others without wanting to.



☽| skills & strengths |☾
Gwen is very adaptable towards almost any situation. She analyzes quickly into situations and finds out what the best move is to use next. Due to her adaptability, she can be somewhat emotional at times due to this. Not only is she adaptable, but she loves mysteries as if they were hard, sought-out-for treasures needed to be found. Gwen loves stories and that's what draws her so much into the darker sides of this life. She needs an explanation for everything, and won't stop until she finds her answer. She is also a somewhat exquisite fighter, in case of emergencies for defense. She has taken boxing lessons, so she is quick on her feet and can take a lot of punches. Also, her ability to communicate with ease when it comes to demons and harmful spirits helps her graciously with her job.

☽| flaws & weaknesses |☾
In most cases, Gwen is a very stubborn girl who doesn't like to be told anything she doesn't want. So often she is seen doing things others seem odd or dangerous, as if trying to prove herself to those who said she couldn't do it. She has gotten herself into a lot of bad situations, that she luckily could talk herself out of. However she is known as quite the troublemaker, and doesn't like admitting when she's wrong. So most of her weaknesses involve people, and not the spirits she has to cleanse. Although, she does have some skill she still needs to learn. She is still a beginner when it comes to crystals and harnessing that energy she had captured. As well, her weak point is children and the more innocent-looking of spirits. Gwen can be manipulated by those and she tries to stay clear of those jobs due to this.

☽| likes |☾
Mysteries, Ouija boards, astrology, demons, stories, helping others, cats, 'magic'

☽| dislikes |☾
Being alone for a long period of time, dogs, judgmental people, manipulative spirits, those who get in her way, religion, pushy people

☽| fears |☾
Gwen is afraid of being cornered by a threatening force, such as a demon or group of people. She also doesn't agree with flying bugs, however her greatest fear is to be alone and everyone ignore her existence.

☽| quirks |☾
Gwen can be feisty, and she often uses that as a flirting device towards those she thinks are attractive. She also has a thing for staying up all night and sleeping all day.

☽| personality |☾
Usually very laid-back, Gwen isn't everything that she seems. Mysterious to the definition, she may be loud but she often doesn't tell of her plans or actions within her line of work. She is scared that others will be put off because of her nature to understand those spirits that are demented. So, she usually changes topics on such things and creates mundane conversation. However, she is feisty and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Very opinionated, she boasts her thoughts loudly on manners such as politics or morals, without a care to those around her. Due to her understanding spirit, she usually ends up letting bygones be bygones and can understand their side of the situation while still keeping hers. This lets her be very open to strangers, and many of them become her friend in the process.
Even without speaking of her details of her work, she would let one or two in that would want to pair up with her as a team to take spirits down with her. Even if she isn't much help with children's spirits or otherwise, she is very grateful to those who help her and she trusts others easily. Gwen can be easily manipulated, and sadly, hasn't learned her lesson even with others having used her in the past. Gwen loves Ouija boards and getting into conversations with more mundane ghosts, even becoming friends with some of them. A few still lurk around her and play pranks on her at times. She can't seem to send them away, due to her bond with them. She loves astrology and usually asks her friends and potential relationships their signs to see if they match up with the stars.
Overall, Gwen is mysterious to a point. She hides many things from her friends, while opening up about her opinions. She would be dangerous in a physical fight, however she isn't one to be the first punch. She dislikes fighting and generally would only use it as a defense mechanism at the last moment before death. In love with stories and the people behind them, she is fascinated with the demented side of the line of work and can't seem to get past it.


☽| family |☾
Gwen doesn't respect her blood-born family to be her real family, so she pretends she doesn't have one. However, her mothers name is Dawn and her fathers is Fredrik.

☽| biography |☾
Growing up in a very Christian household, she was forced to believe that many of the things she was drawn to were sins. Being an only child, her parents would scold her at every chance they got, and they didn't hold back on the insults. Despite their uptight holiness, Gwen would lay awake at night listening to her parents argue when they would get drunk. Their foul mouths and harsh words, a lot of it including their whore of a daughter, caused her to feel like a demon herself. At one point, she walked home from school and a group of boys a few years older than her had held her down on the sidewalk, forcing her to rip off her shirt. When her parents drove up to the road to pick her up, they yelled at her for not fighting back hard enough and how she had wanted them to do more. Fingernail marks slashed the boys eyes, marks on the concrete, and bruises on the boys bodies, with her parents thinking she had wanted them to rape her. Even more, they took the boys home and tended to their wounds. After letting them go, her father punched her in the gut and locked her in her room for three days. The agony of being alone and her cries ignored forced her to open a hole through her, leaving her shaking and crying whenever she was ignored for a period of time. Gwen keeps this side of herself hidden, and often pretends as if it was all a dream. Running away at the age of fourteen, she lived on the streets and slowly found more and more of who she was. Gwen allowed herself to recognize her own faults as well as the positive things about herself, and at nineteen, se finally accepted who she was and that she had never been an awful being.

☽| their awakening |☾
After being on the streets for a year, Gwen found a small boy in which she had become best friends with quickly. His name was Brandon, and after a while, she realized that no one else could see him. He looked like a pure, whole being, however to others Gwen looked like a psychotic freak. Once Gen asked him why she could only see him, he said how he had died in a car accident two years ago. He had been drawn to her because of her powers, and he wanted to finally be set free to go with his family, but he needed help first to find the truck driver that had hit them. Brandon said how he had fallen into a deep depression, lost his wife and family, and ended up in jail because of the accident. Brandon wanted to give him closure. After the emotional scene of Gwen sneaking into jail and talking to the driver, Gregory, Gwen had help from Brandon on explaining the process to let him go.

| face claim |: Victoria van Violence
| hexcode |: #7A378B

So begins...

Gwen Klienz's Story