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Jackal Pyria

"I don't need no crystal ball to see what's coming I can see the end is at my fingertips."

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a character in “Underseers”, as played by Fetch



☽| Name |☾
Jackal Alexander Pyria

☽| Nickname(s) |☾

☽| Age |☾

☽| Birthday |☾
October 13

☽| Gender |☾
Masculine-presenting Agender

☽| Sexual & Romantic Orientation |☾
Pansexual Demi-Panromantic

☽| Ethnicity & Nationality |☾

☽| Class |☾

☽| Type |☾

☽| Time In Training |☾
Two years

☽| Abilities |☾
As most sentinels, Jackal's abilities strive from physical and emotional prowess. He's more of an elemental user, using fire and mutations in battle to aid him. While not fond of magical weapons, he tends to use only himself while fighting or working. While his knowledge is still limited, he is able to harden his skin, per say. This helps with his wielding of fire elementals, flames which only hurt those whom he targets.


☽| Eye color |☾
His eyes are a charcoal color, so dark it's hard to determine where the iris ends and the pupil begins.

☽| Height |☾
Jackal stands at a tall 6'3"

☽| Build |☾
His build is lithe, though it is apparent he works out constantly.

☽| Details |☾
Jackal has a few tattoos on his arms and legs, as well as a septum piercing. Hip piercings tends to stay concealed, but there nontheless.

☽| Manner |☾
The way in which Jackal holds himself is very strong. While he is quite and tends to stand in the background he has a very noticeable and overwhelming presence. Many tend to be intimidated by him, though he holds himself in a very calm and relaxed way. One won't lie when they say he has potential to be a powerful sentinel. While on the job, his intensity tends to burn like a pissed viper. He takes his work seriously and always finishes.


☽| Skills & Strengths |☾
Fire elementals Jackal has a prominent skill when dealing with anything with flames. His natural aptitude for manipulating fire is formidable.
Calculating While he's intense and tends to rush in with what people see as irresponsibly, he's always reading a situation, and is extremely adaptable.
Calm Many see Sentinels as hot-headed animals whom use their primal rage to fuel them, Jackal is a very laid back and calm person. He never gets overemotional, and only uses his anger on the job. Some tend to call him apathetic, but he disagrees.
Physical Prowess He's noticeably fit, and those muscles aren't just for show. He knows his way around a battle of strength.
☽| Flaws & Weaknesses |☾
Apathetic He has a hard time dealing with his own emotions, so he's horrible at counseling anyone. Most of the time when upset he goes and works it off, either on a job or the gym. many see him as heartless due to this.
Water Obviously this is something of an obstacle for him, as he tends to limit himself to fire. This is only when he uses his abilities.
Children Or anything resembling a kid, really. He's extremely protective of children, even if they are not his own.
Anger While apathetic and generally calm, underneath Jackal is a very livid person. This tends to translate into his intensity

☽| Likes |☾
Dogs // Children // Comfort food // Music // Warmth // Nature // Video games // Silence

☽| Dislikes |☾
Cold // Irrationality // Obnoxious people // Heights // Large spaces of water // Meat // Loud noises // Blood

☽| Fears |☾
Fear of the Ocean // Fear of Dying // Fear of Clowns // Fear of Irrationality

☽| Quirks |☾
Vegetarian // Collects rocks // Doesn't swim // Drinks coffee religiously

☽| Personality |☾
Upon first glance many would assume Jackal is a very stoic person. He's never been one for words, generally keeping to himself. Despite this, many say it feels as if he is breathing down their neck with just him glancing in their direction. When he does speak he tends to be rather sarcastic, witty and it's a bit of fresh air compared to his usual quiet staring. He's very friendly, despite never been one for idle chit-chat. If someone wants to talk to him, he prefers in depth conversations or nothing at all. Even if he prefers to stay a wallflower, Jackal still likes attention. Not when people are constantly nagging him, but he does enjoy that he's a bit noticeable per say. He has a strong aura, it tends to attract attention.

Due to being a sentinel, Jackal has to manage his emotions. If he becomes too overemotional or too angry, he very well could become a monster. He tends to be a bit apathetic due to this, having been able to suppress any strong emotions. Still, he tends to let out a bit of anger while hunting beasts. Jackal has a hard time dealing with other people when they're emotional, so he's not the best to go to when your feeling down.

Around friends, Jackal is far more animated. Not flailing his arms around when he talks, but more than his typical quiet self. He loves jokes, and one might not know this unless close to him. He's not a very handsy person, but would never deny another if they wanted a hug. It's very easy to make friends with him, despite how many see him. Still, it's almost as easy to lose him if you've done something wrong.


☽| Family |☾
Aydrian Pyria // Father
Mabel Pyria // Mother
Canary Pyria // Sister

☽| Biography |☾
Jackal lived the majority of his life in Germany. His father was a business man, his mother a stay at home mom. Home schooled, his mother taught him many things. When he was ten, his mother had his younger sister. Around that time, their house caught on fire leaving them without a home.

They had to move, leaving everything behind. Still, Jackal could hardly complain. He always helped around the house and with his little sister. He grew up, basically, learning all about the world and all about who he was. Or, who they thought he was. When he was nineteen, he managed to get himself his own place. He enjoyed the freedom, the solitude and not having to fight over the bathroom with a little sister. He had been working in a corner store for a while, while managing college to become a surgeon. He stayed like that until the incident.

He's been with the other epsers for two years ow, but he's managing.

☽| Their awakening |☾
Jackal had been walking home late one night after drinking with friends. He's never been much of an alcoholic, but he was celebrating his friend's engagement, so he let go a little. He was in a bad part of town, a lot of crime took part in the area. It seemed that night was no exception, as three men got a hold of him, dragging him into some back alley. He didn't understand what they wanted in that moment, they weren't demanding money. Instead they just began attacking him. The act was mostly a hate crime, an act of malicious intent over nothing more than his skintone. Still, that was irrelevant, as one of the men tried to dig a blade between his ribs.

His body tensed up instantly, and instead of receiving a knife in his skin, the blade shattered upon contact of his skin. His body hardened itself to deflect the blow, going into a defensive mode. He managed to get away from the men without having to fight them, but he remembers it as clear as day.

| face claim |
Adonis Boso
| hexcode |

So begins...

Jackal Pyria's Story