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Alex Saracco

0 · 987 views · located in Evergreen High School

a character in “Understand The Highschool Cliques”, as played by bandgeek



"I'm stupid so please give me a brain, and afterwards, just fuck me."

General Information

Alex Saracco





+ Drums
+ Flirting
+ Winning
+ Fights
+ Money
+ His tattoos
+ Music
+ Cars
+ His looks

- Being Threatened
- Shy People
- Cheerleaders
- Losing
- People giving up
- Weak People
- Judgemental People
- Dumb Blondes

# Rejection
# Commitment
# Ink Poisoning

# Flirting
# Joking Around
# Messing with his gauges

Dakota will flirt with anything and anyone. He is, and quite fine with it too. He has a very dominant personality, and likes to be in charge of everything and is quite the leader. This obviously makes him very defiant and often even angry when his parents or other dominant people are around, since he very much dislikes not having control. Still, he is the sarcastic asshole that he always is, and refuses to submit to them.

Though he acts like an inconsiderate, arrogant jerk, there is two sides to him. When he isn't showing off, he's actually quite smart and down-to-earth. Few people actually see this side of him though, as he doesn't like to show it off. It's sort of ironic, because that part of him is exactly like the kids that he and his friends used to make fun of.

Dakota is largely known for his crazy amount of tattoos, most of which can be seen in this picture. His right arm is fully covered, he has some sort of demonic zombie-like tattoo on both sides of his neck, "FTH"[ Which stands for either "Fuck The Haters" or "Forever The Highest", depending on who he's talking to ]under his hair on the right side of his face, the word "PATIENCE" on his knuckles, "Changes" on his right hand, side of his thumb, "Gnarly" tattooed on his lower stomach, and multiple on his chest.

Other than his tattoos, he has huge gauges that he started stretching around the age of fifteen. He has long arms and legs, a six pack that he adores, and is quite strong. His lips are pierced, snake bites, and so is his left nostril.

My Life

Friends with most the preps, "friends" with the Jocks and Cheerleaders.


Alex always thought his childhood was strange. They started off not-so-rich, and then suddenly had a bit more money. Suddenly he would get a few more things every holiday, a little more money when he lost teeth. He was always pushed to grow up quickly, which made him into the independent, dominant person he is today. Never was he really the baby. Though he also grew up spoiled and fawned over, making him the arrogant bastard he is today. Automatically he assumes everyone is below him, either in status or intelligence, and will talk down to them.

Not to mention that he was always in charge, which got him in trouble and punished a lot. It was his job to take care of his family, at least he assumed it was and took the role at a young age, which is why he is so protective of all of them. Though he had a huge distaste towards his parents, which is why he lives on his own in an apartment a few blocks from them and doesn't like to take money from them, also why he works as a mechanic.


Theme Song
Stupid Boy by T Mills

Shall Unite.

So begins...

Alex Saracco's Story

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If you can't hang then, there's the door, baby
If you can't hang then, there's the door, baby

Alex woke up to his iPad screaming such things to him, having been set to wake him up five minutes before he was due to arrive at school with the loudest song he had- If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens. Not like he didn't have other loud music, all his music was loud, this just happened to be the one that scared him enough to have him flailing on the ground and complaining about having his glasses pressed into his face. Not that he actually needed to wear glasses, and he especially didn't need to wear them to sleep. It's what happened when you ended up passing out in the middle of playing a game. Luckily, he had brought the iPad downstairs with him, so at least he wouldn't be late. Looking up he saw the big Game Over sign in the middle of the screen, and after slamming a few buttons the flatscreen clicked off.

After getting dressed, the boy had skipped breakfast and was now pulling out of the driveway on his bike. The vehicle was probably his most loved thing in the world, besides his tattoo's and his hair and all the other things he liked more. A lot of people tended to think the tattoo's and gauges were just because he wanted to rebel or something, had "daddy issues". After a while he just stopped letting it bother him, whatever, let them think what they wanted too. It quickly became apparent that no matter what he said, they weren't going to stop spreading such rumors. After getting off the bike in front of the school, he slowly made his way into the busy halls, trying to maintain at least somewhat of a calm exterior. All the people drove him crazy.

Sebastian woke up at six, bright and early just as usual. It wasn't that he liked getting up early or anything, he actually loved sleeping in, but he was never able to. Around seven his father would wake up, and he needed to be out of the house by then. The previous night, the man had come home early, drunk as ever and smoking cigars. There was a fresh burn on his arm but he didn't even bother covering it up, everyone at school would likely just assume some kids beat him up- if they even noticed him enough to see it. It wasn't uncommon for him to get picked on anyways, after all, he wasn't just a goth, but he was a goth with blue hair that flirted almost shamelessly with any attractive guy he saw. Nothing serious, of course, he was only a tease. Still, none of them very much liked the misfits, and they definitely didn't like the gay ones. It didn't matter, not like he cared what they thought anyways.

Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
It's all over now before it has begun
We've already won

The blue haired boy sang loud and proud as he walked to school, gladly accepting the glares and strange looks he got. Again, he just, he truly did not care what they thought. He liked singing, he liked Fall Out Boy- to the point where he was crying when he had heard they'd gotten back together -, and didn't care that people stared. "Let them stare! Let it beknownst that Sebastian Drew is perhaps the worlds worst singer ever! Smiling to himself, he carefully fixed the black vest he had on, then adjusted the white v neck underneath. His jeans were beginning to bother him too, but he did his best to ignore it as he pushed the door open and went inside the school. Few people were there, only the usual early-birds. Opening up his locker, he grabbed the black mail bag inside and shoved a few books in before heading up to the library. Might as well hang out in there until more people started arriving.