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Jason Daniel Cutts

~WIP (Just History)

0 · 608 views · located in Evergreen High School

a character in “Understand The Highschool Cliques”, as played by MissBrightside_



“I drink to make other people more interesting.” ― Ernest Hemingway

General Information

Jason Daniel Cutts

Seventeen | Eighteen in three months

Male "Are you blind?"


Sexual Orientation
Straight "And damn, the ladies love me."



✔Being popular
✔Being a 'Jock'


✘Clingy girls
✘His sister
✘'Wallflowers' & Goth/Emos


☠People finding out that he's related to a 'wallflower'
☠Becoming unpopular
☠Losing his 'assured' job in his father's business when he graduates


✰Is unable to take advice from anyone because he thinks that he knows it all
✰Pretends he has no sister because he's too embarrassed of her
✰Jason is an insomniac and therefore always throws his parties well into the night so that he doesn't have to just pace back an forth for the whole night


Jason seems to pretty much be your everyday average Jock.
He's cocky and confidant, always thinking that everything's owed to him and all the girls love him.
Many people dislike him for this, especially those that aren't either Cheerleaders, Rich kids or Jocks but he doesn't seem to care because, frankly, he doesn't value their opinion.
Having everything given to him as soon as he asked, Jason doesn't take too kindly to not getting what he wants, usually ending up by threatening the person that is depriving him of something.

Most people you ask will tell you that Jason is the biggest flirt of the school and has dated over half the girls in the school, loving the attention he gets and this is partly the fact that he is quite so popular.
Yet despite his 'tough guy' persona, Jason is fairly clever and not a complete meat-head and therefore has been offered a secure job in his father's business when he graduates, having been given this almost perfect career, Jason is so self-assured that he doesn't care about what he gets for grades as he doesn't think anything will disrupt his perfect future.
The apple of his parents' eye, he is the clear favorite out of him and Georgia, there being hardly a competition at all and all they seem to see of him is his achievements, even turning a blind eye to an expensive vase smashed or a alcohol stain the carpet gained while they were out of town.

Sport is a true love of Jason's and makes his popularity within the school (as well as with the ladies) even more so, he'll play anything you throw at him although Jason does tend to prefer sports such as rugby he'll gladly join in, in a swimming competition or play a tennis tournament.
Jason's on almost every sports team at school and is also the captain of most - As he finds that everyone else is too incompetent to run things (well, that's what he [i]thinks



My Life

None - At the moment.


Jason's upbringing really wasn't all that special. Despite the fact that he does, in fact, have a sibling, Jason always pretends to be an only child.
He has pretend this, ever since he entered High School as to not have a 'loser' sister pulling down his reputation he's tried so hard to maintain.
Jason's father much preferred him and gave him everything he could want, even promising a brilliant job for the future while Georgia was pushed into the background.




Theme Song
Put a clickable link to it here


Wallflowers Shall unite!

So begins...

Jason Daniel Cutts's Story

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'Stop making the eyes at me,
I'll stop making the eyes at you.
What it is that surprises me is that I don't really want you to
And your shoulders are frozen (as cold as the night)
Oh, but you're an explosion but you're dynamite
Your name isn't Rio, but I don't care for sand
Lighting the fuse might result in a bang with a bang-go'

Jason let a small smile play across his lips as he woke up, just as the chorus begins to 'I bet that you look good on the dance floor'.
Possibly not the softest song to wake up to at 6:00 am and definitely not blaring it out at full volume, waking up not just Jason, but potentially the whole of his family and their neighbours.
Sliding out of his warm bed, Jason slowly made his way over to the en-suite that had newly been installed into his large room.
Jason could easily have become a Prep except for the fact that he doesn't like the way they're used, also, whatever the Prep's may argue - The Jocks run the school.

Showered, Jason put on of his usual outfits and checking his smart phone, realises that he's going to be late for Angelina.
Sighing, he checks his reflection quickly in the mirror and grins back at his attractive appearance - Jason was good-looking and didn't he know it.

Rushing down their polished Oak stairs, Jason is greeted by his Father whom is reading a newspaper and waiting for his Mother to finish cooking breakfast.
Grabbing his backpack, Jason says a short "Bye, Father." and kisses his mother on the cheek before rushing to the door.
Although, before he can quite reach it, he's stopped by his Father's sturdy voice calling to him, "Jason, aren't you eating? You'll stay the head of your Rugby team if you're not eating."
Jason laughs lightly and looks at his Father, "It's alright, I'll get something at school but I'm late picking up Angelina."
At the use of the name 'Angelina' his Father's face lights up.
"Good, I've always liked that girl - What do you think Kate?" He says and Jason sighs, he was so close to escaping, so close.

Before his Mother can start and turn the whole thing into a long conversation, Jason interjects with a curt, "That's great but I've really got to go." and rushing out of the red door before they can reply.
Rolling his eyes, Jason makes his way down to where his car is parked and unlocks its, sending a quick text to everyone on his contact list.

To: Everyone
From: Jason Cutts
Party at 9 @ Mine tonight, bring as much alcohol as humanly possible.
Invite everyone and anyone.


It was vague but really, that didn't matter - he was a Jock and that was assurance enough that tonight would be beyond epic.

The drive to Angelina's wasn't long and so he made it - Just about - without being late.
Jumping out of his car, Jason firstly grabs his leather jacket from the backseat and then knocks on the Browns' front door, waiting patiently for someone to answer.

He was busy thinking about what he could do to make sure the party went out with a bang when Mrs. Brown opened the door.
Smiling at her, he said politely "Good morning Mrs. Brown, I'm here to pick up your beautiful daughter." - Ever the charmer.
Returning his smile, Mrs. Brown nods and calls up to Angelina, letting Jason get back to his thoughts.

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Angelina woke up to sun hitting her eyes. She checked her clock and smiled as she realized she was right on time, as usual.She quickly grabbed the remote to her stereo and started blasting "young by Tulisa,". She yawned and stretched her slender arms above her head.

pulling aside the gauzy canopy surrounding her bed, Angelina gracefully slid out of bed. She quickly walked into her walk in closet which used to be for a bedroom but her mom converted it into a closet for her. She smiled at the vast amount of clothes, surrounding the whole room. Her family was ridiculously rich and her mom loved to spoil her and her dad bought her things to make up for lost time. The only reason she wasn't a prep was because she was way too damned hot to not be one. Also she was graced with a gorgeous curvy body and it would be a crime not to exploit it.

Angelina quickly showered, before changing into her outfit. She settled on a light blue lace shirt that hugged her torso perfectly and pushed her chest together to give her a sexy amount of cleavage without being too slutty, just slutty enough. She pared that with white denim short shorts and let her hair down in luscious curls that fell down to her waist.

Grinning, she twirled in front of her mirror. "God, your hot," she purred at her reflection.

She was slipping her pair of large hoops in her ears when her mom walked into her room.
"Hey sweetheart, you look pretty," her mom said sitting on one of the couches in her sitting room, she motioned for Angelina to do the same. "So is Jason picking you up?"Her mom asked, trying to be nonchalant.
"Of course mom, he does everyday," She said matter of factly, as she pinned a few curls behind her ear.
"Are you having sex?" Her mom asked, making Angelina roll her gorgeous warm brown eyes. "Yes mom, and we're safe." She stated bluntly.
"Sweetheart you know I like Jason but I think your too young..." Her mom began before Angelina cut her off "Mom you had me when you were younger than I am, and if you'll excuse me I need to get ready for school." She said as she began to walk away before her moms puerto rican accent kicked in signaling her anger. "Angelina Chanel Brown, you will not.." She began but was cut off by the doorbell.

Angelina silently thanked god that Jason arrived when he did and quickly ran over to her mirror to slick on some mascara and lip gloss.
She was about to head downstairs when her phone sent her a notification. It was a text from Jason, himself.
From: Jason Cutts
Party at 9 @ Mine tonight, bring as much alcohol as humanly possible.
Invite everyone and anyone.


She rolled her eyes, Jason parties were awesome but always ended the same, everyone would get drunk and he would cheat on her ,whoopee. She tucked her iPhone in her Louis Vuitton purse and headed downstairs. She could heard Jason and her mom talking and grimaced, her mom was so fake sometimes. "Angelina, Jason is waiting for you!" Her mom said in a sing song voice.
She groaned before coming down the stairs stairs, her Jimmy Choos clicking on their wooden stairs until they became a patter on the marble floors in the foyer. "Shut up mother," She said before biting her lip and turning to Jason "Hi Jason," She purred.

She quickly pecked her mom on both cheeks, European style, before walking up to Jason and pecking him on the lips. She ran a perfectly french manicured hand through her lush newly highlighted locks. She didn't know if he noticed but and didn't want to know. She looked sexy so screw him if he doesn't see that.

She walked over to his car and slid her bag in the backseat before sitting in the passenger seat and pulling out her sunglasses, the sun wasn't currently in her face so she slid them on her head. She waited until Jason also got in the car before pulling him into a steamy kiss. She finally broke the kiss off and sighed "C'mon babe, time for school."

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It felt like only moments before his phone vibrated in his back pocket sending unpleasant tingles running down his spine and left leg. Snaking his hand to his back pocket, he retreved the phone before his leg jerked, and he looked like a complete fool, but then, if someone had seen him dance then there was no doubt about the 'fool' bit. Chris tenderly referred to his dance style as the 'standing seizure'. Sadly, when Chris was dancing; he was dancing till he dropped because who cares about how one danced? As long as they had fun, wasn't that enough? What is the point in impressing others with how well one can shake their ass?

Glancing at the screen, Chris took in a sharp breath, "Aw, shit." Yea, you were suppose to pick me up... Remember seeing that my car is a piece of crap and I wouldn't have to ride with my twins. Of all people, why did he forget her? Somehow, somewhere, and sometime; he was sure he would be regretting that decision, but, hey, things happen?... Constantly as this wasn't the first time he had forgotten. He didn't reply as, honestly, Chris didn't want to get in trouble. Tatiana could be quite scary, and she already spanked him enough last night, and it wasn't the fun kind.

Free for the time being; he decided to raid his locker. Managing to get past the numerous people that said hi to him, the 'bro-hugs'. the loud cries of "Chris!" And then the large, bone-crushing hugs from both men and women; Chris managed to get to his locker with all his limbs intact which was always a bonus. Jesus Chris mentally sighed, it always seemed to be him. He had noticed he acted, almost, like a bridge. How many people knew other people through him? A lot. 'He is a friend of Chris.' God, how many times had he heard that line. Was he the guy that just seemed to know everyone? Cause, honestly, Chris really didn't pay enough attention to be that guy, but whatever, if it worked then it worked.

Opening the door of the locker slowly, Chris braced himself should anything tumble out which was a common event. Chris had a terrible habit of not emptying out his things. His backpack was also littered with old, crumpled paper and homework assignments. It wasn't that he was a pack-rat, far from it; he just could never be bothered to clean them out. Running his eyes over the massive amount of paper, old books, and broken pencils; Chris let out a whistle. He had really out done himself. I should probably clean that up a little... Chris pondered before breaking into a large smile, Aw, who am I kidding? I ain't gonna do it.

Bracing his hand against the leaning tower of procrastination; Chris carefully began to slide out his History project. "Come to daddy.." He whispered under his breath before it slipped loose, "Haha!" He roared in triumph as he slammed the door shut to stop anything from escaping. His victory was short lived as once again, his behind started to viberated sending a chill down his back, snaking in; he pulled out the phone finding two new messages one from Peter and Jason.

Party at 9 @ Mine tonight, bring as much alcohol as humanly possible.
Invite everyone and anyone.

Chris re-read the message before texting back, Do I want to get incredibly wasted and then make a complete ass out of myself in front of the entire student body whilst not giving a single fuck? Hell, yes I do. Sign me up, and put me down for a couple bottles of Jim Bean. Clicking the send button, he clicked on the next message on the list.

Just arrived, where are yah? Heading towards the school now. Chris read the message over again and noticed that out of his inner circle he had gotten to school first. That was... well, kinda sad. The big, dumb blond quarterback got to school first. Not that he believed himself to be stupid, but he knew he fit the stereotype of 'jock' perfectly, but hey, if he was happy with being himself, why should he change? He didn't pretend to be 'cool' nor did he try to 'fit' in. This was just who he was, it just happened to be what everyone else considered to be popular.

Before he could start working on a witty message, his hand vibrated as yet another message popped up, this one from Tatiana. Chris was tempted to go back to Peter's text, but he couldn't resist his curiosity at her text. Both of you, meet me by my locker.

Chris couldn't help but laugh at that. So demanding. Almost like he, and either Peter or Jason, were dogs, but that was what he liked about her. So direct. He went back to Peter's message, and typed, Heading to Tatiana's locker. You know how she is.

While he wasn't able to be clever; Chris figured it would be good enough, he would try harder on the next message. Bringing back up Tatiana's text, he entered his message and sent it. Yessa Massa. Right away Massa.

Sliding the phone back in his pocket, Chris zipped open his backpack and crammed the history essay into its dark abyss. Slinging it over his shoulder he took off down the hallway once more engaging in the never ending 'Hellos!' and hugs, but once again, Chris managed to fight his way through the people to Tatiana's locker and spotted the Massa herself.

"Top of the morning to ya!" Chris called out unnecessarily loud because why not? Chris didn't really notice what she was wearing because while looking at her; he didn't really look at her. He did notice Jacob leaning against his locker and for reasons beyond his knowledge, grew annoyed, "Oh my sweet Jebus." Chris said shaking his head, "Ugh, I surf and am so deep." He mimicked sagging his shoulders and lowering his voice, "I give off this mysterious aura to give off this feeling of being more interesting then a piece of plain paper. God." Chris said before flamboyantly flipping his head to the side sending his 'mane' fluttering, "Why does no one get me?"

Leaning against the locker, Chris intertwined his arms and raised his eyebrow at her, "You know what you need to do?" Chris said to her as, it was quite obvious she liked him. Spend as much time with her as Chris did and it was easy to notice when someone fell silent especially when they were as outspoken as Tatiana. He didn't consider himself to be the most observant man, but he wasn't stupid, "You need to walk up to him. Get really, really close." Chris said using his hands to demonstrate how close she should get, "Look him dead in the eyes." He said pointing to his eyes, "And be like: I like ya, and I want ya." He said making his voice as deep as possible, "Now, we can do this the easy way. Or we can do this the hard way." Chris suddenly stopped and flashed one of his large smile, "It works for convicts in prison. You know, shower time. Same concept really."