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Sebastian Drew

0 · 281 views · located in Evergreen High School

a character in “Understand The Highschool Cliques”, as played by bandgeek



"I never wanted to admit it, but maybe hiding would be better. Just smile instead of cry."

General Information

Sebastian Drew




Sexual Orientation



+ Guitar
+ Drums
+ Screamo music
+ Indie music
+ The colors blue and black
+ His hair
+ Prep boys
+ Creating a scene
+ Sketching

- People
- Jocks
- Cheerleaders
- Arrogance
- Ignorance
- Fruity perfume
- The color orange
- People judging him
- Being misunderstood

# Always being hated
# Gay jokes
# Failing
# Losing his guitar or sketchbook

# Messing with his hair
# "Laughing at a funeral" ; inability to be serious with serious things
# Random periods of muteness


Sebastian's primary mode of living is focused internally, where he takes things in primarily via intuition. His secondary mode is external, where he deals with things according to how he feels about them, or how they fit with his personal value system. You could call him the "mature" one, depending on his mood. He is rather complex, a highly intuitive individual. Artistic and creative, he lives in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities.

Sebastian places great importance on having things orderly and systematic in his outer world. He puts a lot of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done. On the other hand, he operates within himself on an intuitive basis which is entirely spontaneous. He knows things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, and without detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. He is usually right though, and he usually knows it. Consequently, Sebastian puts a tremendous amount of faith into his instincts and intuitions. This is something of a conflict between the inner and outer worlds, and may result in him not being as organized as others tend to be. Or we may see some signs of disarray in an otherwise orderly tendency, such as a consistently messy car.

He has an uncanny insight into people and situations. He gets "feelings" about things and intuitively understands them. This is the sort of thing that other people may scorn and scoff at, and he himself does not really understand his intuition at a level which can be verbalized. Though, he's pretty sure it's there. Consequently, he is protective of his inner self, sharing only what he chooses to share and when he chooses to share it. He is a deep, complex individual, who is quite private and typically difficult to understand. He holds back most of himself, and can be secretive. He has a tendency to be stubborn and to ignore other people's opinions. Life is not necessarily easy for the boy, but he is capable of great depth of feeling and personal achievement.

My Life

He is friends with most of the other goth/emos, and even a few of the normals on the side. Otherwise, he doesn't interact with others very much.


Sebastian's history is that of a tragic one. His mother died when he was younger, and he grew up with a mostly-absent father. When he was about age thirteen he found himself attracted more to boys rather than girls, and at age fifteen he began dating a guy. Not only did his father beat him half to death when he found out, but he made Sebastian break up with his first love. Ever since his father has hit him for even mentioning a guy, or looking at pictures of Adam Levine or Channing Tatum, anything. His father isn't open to him being gay, and he beats him for it.


Theme Song
It Ends Tonight by All American Rejects

Shall Unite

So begins...

Sebastian Drew's Story

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If you can't hang then, there's the door, baby
If you can't hang then, there's the door, baby

Alex woke up to his iPad screaming such things to him, having been set to wake him up five minutes before he was due to arrive at school with the loudest song he had- If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens. Not like he didn't have other loud music, all his music was loud, this just happened to be the one that scared him enough to have him flailing on the ground and complaining about having his glasses pressed into his face. Not that he actually needed to wear glasses, and he especially didn't need to wear them to sleep. It's what happened when you ended up passing out in the middle of playing a game. Luckily, he had brought the iPad downstairs with him, so at least he wouldn't be late. Looking up he saw the big Game Over sign in the middle of the screen, and after slamming a few buttons the flatscreen clicked off.

After getting dressed, the boy had skipped breakfast and was now pulling out of the driveway on his bike. The vehicle was probably his most loved thing in the world, besides his tattoo's and his hair and all the other things he liked more. A lot of people tended to think the tattoo's and gauges were just because he wanted to rebel or something, had "daddy issues". After a while he just stopped letting it bother him, whatever, let them think what they wanted too. It quickly became apparent that no matter what he said, they weren't going to stop spreading such rumors. After getting off the bike in front of the school, he slowly made his way into the busy halls, trying to maintain at least somewhat of a calm exterior. All the people drove him crazy.

Sebastian woke up at six, bright and early just as usual. It wasn't that he liked getting up early or anything, he actually loved sleeping in, but he was never able to. Around seven his father would wake up, and he needed to be out of the house by then. The previous night, the man had come home early, drunk as ever and smoking cigars. There was a fresh burn on his arm but he didn't even bother covering it up, everyone at school would likely just assume some kids beat him up- if they even noticed him enough to see it. It wasn't uncommon for him to get picked on anyways, after all, he wasn't just a goth, but he was a goth with blue hair that flirted almost shamelessly with any attractive guy he saw. Nothing serious, of course, he was only a tease. Still, none of them very much liked the misfits, and they definitely didn't like the gay ones. It didn't matter, not like he cared what they thought anyways.

Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
It's all over now before it has begun
We've already won

The blue haired boy sang loud and proud as he walked to school, gladly accepting the glares and strange looks he got. Again, he just, he truly did not care what they thought. He liked singing, he liked Fall Out Boy- to the point where he was crying when he had heard they'd gotten back together -, and didn't care that people stared. "Let them stare! Let it beknownst that Sebastian Drew is perhaps the worlds worst singer ever! Smiling to himself, he carefully fixed the black vest he had on, then adjusted the white v neck underneath. His jeans were beginning to bother him too, but he did his best to ignore it as he pushed the door open and went inside the school. Few people were there, only the usual early-birds. Opening up his locker, he grabbed the black mail bag inside and shoved a few books in before heading up to the library. Might as well hang out in there until more people started arriving.

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Amelia was curled up around her puppy Marley when her alarm went off at six in the morning. Stretching her body out she laid on her back, looking up at the ceiling wondering what this day will bring. Feeling a tongue against her cheek she let out a small laugh before turning onto her side to take a good look at Marley "hey you, sleep good" the puppy just answered with more kisses before hoping off the bed and running towards the door, letting out a small yap. "Okay okay Ill let you out" she said as she rolled her legs off to the side of the bed and sat up, rubbing her eyes before she stood up and walked towards the door of the basement.

As the door was opened she could already hear her mom preparing breakfast in the kitchen and her father trying to wake up the twins. Marley ran to the back door, Amelia following, she opened the door and quickly grabbed the long leash attatched to the porch and hooked Marley to it. Once the dog was hooked she closed the door and went back downstairs.

She was glad her parents let her have the basement for her room, it gave her plenty of room and privacy when she wanted it. Walking over to the closet her father built for her she started sorting through her clothes until she found the perfect outfit. After pulling off her shorts and tshirt she slept in Amelia quickly got dressed then went and brushed out her long black locks. Her mother kept pestering her that she should maybe cut it but Amelia refuses except for getting it trimmed. She loved her hair long because its easier to hide behind it.

After she was ready she grabbed her messenger bag and skateboard then headed back upstairs, dropping her things down near the front door she made her way back to let Marley in. "Amelia breakfast is ready" she heard her mother call out to her "alright be right there" she answered back as she made her way to the kitchen. She first fed Marley before grabbing a plate that consisted of a waffle and scrambled eggs, her mother looked at her plate letting out a small 'tsking' sound "Amelia I really wish you would eat more then that, your already skinny as a rail". Here we go she thought to herself as she took a seat at the stool next to the island.

"Mom im fine, you don't need to worry. I've never been much of a breakfast eater" she said as she started to eat, her mother shaking her head but didn't add anything more to the subject. Soon enough the whole family was in the kitchen, chatting and talking about what they had planned for the day. At seven-fifteen Amelia said goodbye to her parents and siblings, putting her messenger bag over her shoulder she grabbed her skateboard and went outside in the cool crisp morning.

Image Walking down to the road she put her skateboard down on the ground then started to make her way to school, which was about a mile away. She enjoyed the fresh air, a small smile was on her face as she made her way down the road. As soon as she hit the parking lot of the school she noticed the familiar car that was Cameron's and the old school bike that was Andy's. She was glad that the few friends she had were already here, but that was to expected.

Picking up her board she made her way into the school, not speaking to anyone as she made it through the halls. Its not like anyone really noticed her anyways. She found her locker, grabbed the things she would need then stuffed her bag and board into her locker. She continued her way down the hall and to the library. Thats where she would be able to find Cameron and probably Sebby too. Taking out her phone she found Andy's name and sent her a text Good morning. Heading to the library before class, will I see you there?, after sending the text she walked silently to the library, keeping her face down and not making eye contact with anyone.

Pushing open the doors of the library she made her way inside, looking around she saw two familiar face. Giving a wave to the librarian she walked over to the tables and sat down on top of one of them, crossing her feet she swung her legs before looking at the two guys "Morning Sebby, morning Cameron" she greeted them both a small smile but didn't say too much more. Both the guys knew she was more quiet in school then out, but she didn't think they minded.

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โ I don't know where you're going
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?
I don't know where I'm going
But I don't think I'm going home. โž

Elizabeth woke up early, at least by her standards. Her iPhone began to blare Fall Out Boy lyrics into her ears, and she immediately ripped the earphones out and started shuffling under her pillow for where she had left her phone. She had been listening to music overnight, as she usually did, though it seemed that she had forgotten to lock the phone and had accidentally turned the volume up in her sleep. She immediately turned down the volume before taking out the earphones and placing the phone and earphones on her bedside locker.

Either way, she didn't feel sleepy anymore, so she slowly slipped out of bed and got dressed into some shorts, heels and an open stitch sweater tank, before taming her bed head into her usual waves, which she was always too lazy to straighten or curl. She sang along - loudly - as she started putting on some make up, though not enough to make her look orange. "My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it's broken.." she practically screamed, before waving her hair backwards and forwards. Elizabeth was not known for her singing voice. "Do you wanna' feel beautiful?"

Though today was probably the first day in a while that she actually had time to eat breakfast, she skipped it as usual, mostly out of habit. She grabbed her brown satchel from inside the door, which contained her school books, pencil case and The Fault In Our Stars, which she had borrowed from the school library for the third time. Speaking of which, she had been planning on returning it after school, but decided she might as well head now, as she had gotten up earlier.

She plugged her earphones in as she left the house, deciding to walk to school as she had no intention of waking up either of her parents for a lift and her car was still getting repaired after she had crashed it. The school was only in a five minute walking distance, anyway, so she was hardly straining herself, even if sweat did smell gross.

She arrived at her locker first, where someone was singing at the top of their lungs, and she wasn't sure whether they were oblivious to the fact there were other people here or they just didn't give a fuck. Either way, the lyrics were certainly familiar as Fall Out Boy's Young Volcanoes. She smiled slightly, surprised to find that someone else in this hell hole actually had good music taste, before heading to the library, where she saw the blue haired boy, Sebastian, heading inside. It must have been him who was singing.

She was mildly surprised to find the library not completely empty. Of course, the people that did occupy the library weren't the kind of people she tended to mingle with, but it wasn't empty, nonetheless. She headed to where she knew the majority of the John Green books were kept, which wasn't much, to be fair. She held the book up to the librarian as she walked in to indicate that she was returning it, not bothered to have a conversation so early in the morning.

She glanced over at the group that were in the library, and recognized most of them. She could only see one girl from where she was sitting, and knew that her name was Camilla or something, she wasn't sure. The blue haired boy, of course, and that boy, Cameron, who was constantly annoying Chris and Peter. She smiled and looked back at the books. Her finger traced over their spines, until she landed at one she didn't recognize. 13 Reasons Why, the title read, and she picked it up and glanced at the summary. She didn't even bother properly reading it before she decided to take it.

Elizabeth checked the book out before sitting curled up in the corner, by herself, listening to Fall Out Boy and humming, "Death Valley" under her breath. It was a weird feeling, reading in the library, something she had forgotten she enjoyed. The strange silence, only interrupted by a few mumbles and the turning of a page.

โ I don't know where you're going
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?
I don't know where I'm going
But I don't think I'm going home. โž

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Andy prances into her English teachers room. Lightly singing a "Good morning," then g.acing around the classroom which contained no students yet but she hoped would fill soon. The class room was all to awkward without some good company. Until then she slid onto the top of the desk and cranked up the volume on her phone to block out all the noise that was not going on in the room.
The song she was listening to was Stay by Rihanna. 'I'm not really sure how to feel about it. Something in the way you move. Makes me feel like I can't live without you.' The lyrics screamed into her ears due to the fact that her volume was on so high.
A few minutes letter her phone beeped into her ear buds indicating she has a text message and she didn't text much so this is a rare milder one in history. Someday this moment will be documented into a history book, though Andy to herself then a tiny grin spread across her face lifting her cheeks high into the air.

Good morning. Heading to the library before class, will I see you there? Was the exact words of the text message from Amelia.

Amelia was one of Andy's closest friend. She really did feel like she could really talk to her. Plus Amelia was not one of one stupid dizzy girls like some of the slutty cheerleaders at this school, you could actually hold a conversation with her. Which is probably why her and Andy where such good friends they where a like.

Andy's fingers quickly scattered over the keys on her iPhone, quickly and swiftly responding to her friends text.
Shit! I almost forgot be there is a few seconds. Pinky promise.
Andy clicked the send button and a green bubble saying her message popped onto her scream indicating that the message was sent. For Andy the message was sent, she couldn't help but let her mind wonder after that. If someone where to send the message that could screw up there lives, that would be horrible. That's exactly why she never texted anything serious only simple messages.

After pondering over that thought Andy was forced apon the real world when anger student piled into the room and she realized that she has to meet Amelia in the library.
Ady quickly gathered her bags, quickly waved that the teacher, not bothering to take out her head phones so she just waved at the teacher, once she's coming back anyways, and then she walked out into the hall way filled with overly loud students.

As she walked down the hall she really studied the people. There was a guy leaning up against his locker trying to fake look cool, before deciding it was overrated and standing up straight like a normal person, she was fairly sure his name started with a J but she was not completely sure.
Then she saw a guy with these huge holes in his ears and far to many tattoos. She couldn't help it her body just forced her to roll her eyes, she knew exactly who he was, he name is Alex and he's some prep guy whom she couldn't stand.

She continued down the hall getting stopped once by a girl she believed was named Grace. Grace was a fellow wallflower but was just a bit to hidden under the radar for Andy so she just didn't really talk to her.

Then Andy reached the library. There was two door that you could enter to get into the library, the front and back door. Andy entered the back door avoiding getting seen by Amelia so she could quickly return then find a book without her seeing her. This action was not Andy being mean she just really needed to get it done.

So she quickly under the radar slipped her book, in the return big with said on a crumpled paper Thank you. Andy swiftly took out a pencil and wrote lightly, Your welcome, with.p a little heart at the bottom. She quickly thought to herself, at least I remembered my manners to say your welcome.

Then she walked to the fiction section of the library. The schools library was huge because it pretty much doubled as the towns so the books where endless.After running her hand over them and reading just about every title in it she grabbed The Secret Garden.
The book really is a timeless classic. It came out in 1911 and is still such a beloved book. She personally owned a copy but something about the schools book just made her love it. So she picked up the book and scrolled through the pages.
Andy sighed. She wanted to read something new, she has for sure read this book over 20 and was sick of it, even though she also loved it. So Andy carefully slipped the book back in its place and kept browsing.

After a whole Andy came across a book called Nothing by Jannie Teller. It was a short little book, only about 90 pages. It was not a very worn book and kind of had a sad book summary but she choose it anyways.

The book summary said that it was about a boy who climbed up into a tree claiming that there was no reason for life and yelled at passer us saying that there was no reason for life. So his class decides they need to do something about, they must get him down from that tree.

Wy walk to the book checkout line which actually wasn't a line at all no one was at it, she stopped by a girl whom she believed was named Elizabeth and she was reading 13 Reasons Why. "That book brought me to tears" said Andy. She gave the girl a little smile.
Andy was well aware they where in different groups but she really was a tad bit of a rebel to that, mostly because she is a wallflower and wallflowers don't really give a damn.

While waiting for Elizabeth's response. She waved at Amelia who was now in view and she smiled. She also noticed Sebastian and Cameron and nodded in there direction and gave them a slight smile.
After that she turned back to the girl awaiting a response.

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#, as written by Rawr413

Cameron danced around the campus for an entire hour. While no one was there, he was free to do as he pleased and dance how he wanted without worry- not that he cared much during school anyways. He could imagine some of the nerds stutter out, "Y-you should really t-take advantage of this time you're given and finish your English essay on the technology of WWII. There are some truly fascinating facts about the advances they made...." Jonah giggled, then realized he was actually hearing this, that this nerd was practically clinging on his shoulder to say these things. His logic didn't connect the mistake to the blunt he'd inhaled this morning. By his lack of response, the boy was gone. Damn, cute, too. Nerds were always interesting to him, and he really desired to befriend one one day. Unfortunately, he had mixed feelings about them. They always made him feel stupid, but he found it fascinating whenever they opened their mouths. Once, he got a full, scientific explanation as to how the moon was the first Waterbender in the Avatar universe because... well, that part wasn't important(or rather, he couldn't recall the facts)

Cameron's desired in friendship aside, he started a brisk walk to the front of the school where most of his friends may be. He pulled a lumpy stick similar to a cigarette and held it between his index and middle fingers. On the inside of his new joint was green rather than tobacco. He had a red bic cupped in his hand and kept flicking it on until he got a flame, lighting his joint. He immediately inhaled a deep breathe and filled his lungs with smoke. He immediately coughed afterwards, a short fit of sorts.
He stayed behind a corner of the school until he finished it off, rubbing it out in the ground with his very worn-in converse. Cough, cough. Cameron coughed again on the way up the sidewalk around the corner, smiling bright as he neared the front of the school, a hop in his step. Cough, cough.

A blonde head caught his eye, making him grin when he spotted Christopher Stiger enter the school. He sped up a little, soon catching up and patting his shoulder. He didn't slow down as he passed.

"Hey, Chris!" he called from about ten feet ahead, blowing him a kiss and leaving down another hall with a wink. Even if gay marriage isn't legal in their state and most people weren't very accepting, he didn't have fear of being knocked into lockers, called horrid names, or experience any of those other horror stories. He'd never met anyone who couldn't sense his playful harassment for what it was; a joke.

He chuckled to himself afterwards, continuing down this hall towards the library where he knew most of his friends would be.

Live in my house,
I'll be your shelter,
Just pay me back
WIth one thousand kisses
Be my lover
and I'll cover you

One of his favorite songs out of RENT blared in his ear, making him smile and forget about homophobia for the moment. It made him grin despite it's reminder that he was still single, as always, even though he was nineteen years old. He'd always loved being single, living out of every form of being free (well, almost. He's not quite a nudist, that's just when he's drunk)

'I'll give you a thousand sweet kisses...'

That part was what made him sigh afterwards, walking through the hallway and halfway to his group of friends. He wished for a person to give a thousand sweet kisses to and wished that that person might come around soon, whether it be this year or in five. He knew (hoped) it would happen eventually, but he felt like he'd only have so much patience before he gave up and stopped shaving.
Whether his future boyfriend was in this hallway or not, he was going to walk in like he owned the place.
He stepped inside the hall of lockers and smiled, immediately spotting his small clique of friends as the minutes 'til school grew fewer and fewer.

Sebastian Drew, Amelia Jones, and Andy Golding were some of his closest friends. Where was Jacob? Oh well, they'd see him later. He hooked an arm around Amelia and smiled at the others.

"Mornin' guys! I feel like today's gonna be fantastic. Have you heard of any parties tonight?" he asked.