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Understand The Highschool Cliques

Evergreen High School


a part of Understand The Highschool Cliques, by youloveme?.


youloveme? holds sovereignty over Evergreen High School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Evergreen High School is a part of Understand The Highschool Cliques.

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Christopher Stiger [7] What can I say? Chicks dig the mane.
Cameron McCall [6] 'I'm bulletproof'
Amelia Jones [5] "I may be a wallflower but im still a somebody"
Andy Goldling [5] Well lets go be freaks. Who cares?
Tatiana Mahankali [5] "The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."
Elizabeth Croydon [4] They say hate is such a strong word, but love is too, and people keep tossing it around like it means nothing these days.
Jacob Tompson [3] Surfing is my life, it helps me forget.
Jason Daniel Cutts [3] ~WIP (Just History)

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Character Portrait: Andy Goldling
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Andy's alarm clock went off at 5 am sharp. Why you may be asking? So she could read of course. She is reading Jane Eyre so the about thousandth time. The pages where creased and the cover had nearly fallen off. Inside the book she underlined her favorite lines with a purple ball point pen, and every time she re- reads she underlines more lines until the book is filled with underlines and side notes. When ever someone asks her if all the extra marks bothers her she replies by saying, "No, it proves that I have loved this book for such a long time."
So that is what Andy's morning consists of, we'll until she realizes it is 10 minutes before school is about to start and she is still lost in her book. Then she has a moment where she becomes freaked out, then she calms herself and continues reading until about 5 minutes until school starts. Typical Andy.

So now with 5 minutes Andy closes her now finished book and sets in and her oak wood night stand that she got when she only a mere child. It was the only normal thing in her parents splendidly painted old school bus, which is why she brought it along with her when she moved into her grandmothers house.

Andy crawls out from under her elaborately colored quilt that she made on her half of year off from school last year with her grandmother. It consisted of patches of the softest pieces of cloth that they could find at a local thrift shop. It took them forever to finish it, but now that is it done Andy uses it as a comforter and cherishes it. Her favorite patch on it is a very fluffy piece of fabric that was bright yellow but has toned down after many washes of it and is now a hard to achieve pale yellow. Which Andy liked to rub her face against, which is was strange quirk of her's, she also does it to stall when she really doesn't feel like getting ready. It was exactly was she was doing avoiding getting ready. School right now seemed simply horrible, a horrible hole of living hell. She mostly thought that because she hated math, but who can pass judgement of her for that? The subject is simply horrible.
After stalling for a while, Andy did eventually roll out of bed, literally. Smacking on the floor but not really caring that it hurt. She got up and dusted off her pajama pants even though they had no dust on the. She did it for the effect.

Andy ecru ally made her way to her closet then the bathroom. At her closet she picked out an oversized moss green sweater, brown leggings, and combat boots. They in the bathroom she combed her hair but didn't bother to style it, she she just stuck a moss colored headband in her hair which matched her sweater.
Andy was never big on make up, not even when she was young and popular. She thought it covered up people's natural beauty. Though over the years she seemed to have warmed up to it a bit. She still refused to wear foundation claiming it was like a mask for your face, and she is still shit at eye shadow. So she just sticks with one swipe of mascara on each eye. She also did like bold lips she found it fun to have bright noticeable lips. So she painted her lips ruby red. She grinned at herself in the mirror, then make several other facial expressions in the mirror. At the moment her grandmother yelled from down stairs, "Andrea Ellie you better hurry your butt up or you will be late for school." Andrea smiled at herself and hurried back to her dinky little room, where she grabbed her backpack which is more like a satchel and ran down her twisted stairs to the ground floor of her home.
Andy quickly pecked her grandmother on the cheek before hurriedly moving out the door to her vintage looking bike that is painted royal blue. She swung her leg over the seat and rode to school which was about a one minute ride away because she lived about two minutes away from the school.

When Andy got to school she did not even bother putting her bike in a pad lock. Who would want to steal her vintage bike that looked like it could fall apart at any minute. Her bike was atrocious but she truly loved it. So Andy gave her bike a quick pat on the seat before leaving it for the horrible hole of hell.
Walking into her school you see posters everywhere for about every club you could ever think of, they are all eye catching due to there elaborate colors too. Then you see the while fake brick walls and the alternating red and orange lockers which is there school colors. You also see people huddling in groups, their cliques, and then you see a few stray people too. Those people are like Andy, wallflowers. They have no group there free.
So Andy goes on with her life being a stray. She walks to her locker which happens to be a orange one. It is neatly organized and has pictures of some of her favorite musicians hanging from the walls of her locker. Her locker also has numerous book stacked in there too, all different genres of books, and some small and some big, some she liked some she didn't.
Andy grabbed her favorite pencil that she always uses and has many of the same kind. It's black, old fashion sharpened one. She claims the pencil makes her more intelligent. She also grabbed her horrible math book, and her marvelous English book, she slipped the two books into her satchel, the she closed he locker.

Andy knew she should start walking to class right about now but first she grabbed her I phone which has a white case with golden studs on it, and she grabbed her plain white headphones and stuck them into her phone. She put one of the headphones in and left the other out so she could hear the world around her too. Then she went through her music, she had over a thousand songs over every genre, pop, rock, oldies, indie, ect. After looking at her songs for a few seconds and deciding she couldn't really decide on a song, she set her phone on shuffle so she wouldn't have to choose. The song that came on was Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. She hummed the tune and only sand when it said 'And all I can taste is this moment, and all I can breathe is your life,' which is her favorite part in the song to her for some reason that not even she knows why.
As she walked down he halls teachers would casually greet her and Andy would be courteous to all of them. Well all of them except her math teacher whom she barely looked at then nodded forward and kept walking when she said 'Good Morning,' to her.
It wasn't that her math teacher was a bad guy either. Andy just extremely detests his class so she extremely disposes him. It really does make sense in her mind, but not really anyone else's because her math teacher is a very all around liked teacher. Her teacher is also well aware that she dislikes him and has tried to talk to her about it but she has just shrugged him off. Typical Andy.

Andy kept oh shuffling down the hall until she reached the art room which wasn't even the class that she was going to she just admired her art teacher. She was truly inspirational and Andy's favorite teacher. So Andy knocked on her door until the teacher mumbled, "Come in." Andy hurried in. Her teacher looked up from her fairly thick book, which Andy figured it was probably Pride and Prejudice her teachers favorite book which Andy knew because she ha mentioned it many times during class. "I'm just dropping in to say hello," remarked Andy, in a bold voice. Which started up a conversation with her teacher that lasted until Andy's favorite teachers class started piling in which was her cue to go. "Well I will see you later today in class," Andy said before exciting the room.
Now Andy was headed towards the English room. It was her first hour class it was taught by an aged women that wore clothes that could also have been worn in the 50's and thought of as stylish. She was also a women that easily got sidetracked and made other conversations during class but Andy liked her anyways because she taught her favorite subject. Typical Andy.

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Character Portrait: Cameron McCall
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#, as written by Rawr413
He only knew of a handful of students that would spend their Sunday night studying- er, oh. Monday morning, rather. The blonde had his face on his textbook, eyelids whining to shut closed again, but the glaring red digits reading '6:15' told him not to give in, and to just get up. He was completely sprawled over his textbook, drooling on the Distance Formula but they wouldn't notice that at the end of the year, right? He straightened out and stretched his arms with a long yawn. Two hours of sleep was nothing, why did he get up so early today?

"We can't afford to by him every tutor in the [i]world[/] John, he's never going to learn anyway so why spend the money!?" His mother's voice had always been the loudest, and he immediately knew that was the reason he'd gotten up because of it. His hand seemed to just fling out in the air, groping around for his stereo on the chair next to his desk, eventually finding the play book. The first thing to do every morning was music. Always.

'Youre so fine and you're mine
Ill be yours till the end of time
Cause you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
So shiny and new...Like a Virgin'

The blonde got to his feet, shamelessly adjusting himself in the privacy of his own room before stripping down to his boxers. He walked over his dirty clothes to get to his dresser, swaying his hips as he hummed, and occasionally sang, the song. He picked out a spring outfit, a light green tank top with some red skinnies. Along with a pair of his favorite batman boxers he laid them out on the bed as the final notes of the song rang out.
The boxers came off as he stepped into the bathroom, starting his shower and humming the next song, the Riff-Off from Pitch Perfect came on. When he got out, got ressed, and worked on his hair, he noticed that almost every song was about sex, just like the topic in the movie. Was his iPod horny or just trying to tell him something?

"Bye Mom! Bye Dad! See you later!" he yelled as he walked out of the house, getting into his car an hour before school even started. Most people hated school, but it was the bulk of Cameron's day beside's sleeping and he was perfectly okay with that. All of his friends, crushes, and enemies were here and he loved interacting with each one of them because at least the law of Physics, 'Every action receives a reaction' was actually true here. When he'd left the house this morning he got no more than a grunt in reply from his father, and nothing close to a 'Love you!' from his mom. Whatever, it really didn't matter.

Driving through the parking lot in his '68 was a good feeling, despite the dents and rust that kept the cars value at it's original price and lower. He stepped out, rubbing his upper arm for a little warmth as the sun wouldn't show up until at least third period. Until then, he'd be chilly.
He grabbed his bag and hauled it over his shoulder, pulling his iPod into his ears and grinning at the smooth vibrato of Freddie Mercury rang through his ears. Another song about sex, which was getting a bit frustrating. This wasn't the only thing on his mind!
'I'm burning through the skies Yeah!
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man of you '

He couldn't help but do a quick few dance moves in the middle of the parking lot, grinning as his dancing feet guided him to the school. That's how he spent the first hour of school, no different from any Wallflower for that first hour at school with no one but the artists in his library.

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Character Portrait: Alex Saracco Character Portrait: Sebastian Drew
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If you can't hang then, there's the door, baby
If you can't hang then, there's the door, baby

Alex woke up to his iPad screaming such things to him, having been set to wake him up five minutes before he was due to arrive at school with the loudest song he had- If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens. Not like he didn't have other loud music, all his music was loud, this just happened to be the one that scared him enough to have him flailing on the ground and complaining about having his glasses pressed into his face. Not that he actually needed to wear glasses, and he especially didn't need to wear them to sleep. It's what happened when you ended up passing out in the middle of playing a game. Luckily, he had brought the iPad downstairs with him, so at least he wouldn't be late. Looking up he saw the big Game Over sign in the middle of the screen, and after slamming a few buttons the flatscreen clicked off.

After getting dressed, the boy had skipped breakfast and was now pulling out of the driveway on his bike. The vehicle was probably his most loved thing in the world, besides his tattoo's and his hair and all the other things he liked more. A lot of people tended to think the tattoo's and gauges were just because he wanted to rebel or something, had "daddy issues". After a while he just stopped letting it bother him, whatever, let them think what they wanted too. It quickly became apparent that no matter what he said, they weren't going to stop spreading such rumors. After getting off the bike in front of the school, he slowly made his way into the busy halls, trying to maintain at least somewhat of a calm exterior. All the people drove him crazy.

Sebastian woke up at six, bright and early just as usual. It wasn't that he liked getting up early or anything, he actually loved sleeping in, but he was never able to. Around seven his father would wake up, and he needed to be out of the house by then. The previous night, the man had come home early, drunk as ever and smoking cigars. There was a fresh burn on his arm but he didn't even bother covering it up, everyone at school would likely just assume some kids beat him up- if they even noticed him enough to see it. It wasn't uncommon for him to get picked on anyways, after all, he wasn't just a goth, but he was a goth with blue hair that flirted almost shamelessly with any attractive guy he saw. Nothing serious, of course, he was only a tease. Still, none of them very much liked the misfits, and they definitely didn't like the gay ones. It didn't matter, not like he cared what they thought anyways.

Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
It's all over now before it has begun
We've already won

The blue haired boy sang loud and proud as he walked to school, gladly accepting the glares and strange looks he got. Again, he just, he truly did not care what they thought. He liked singing, he liked Fall Out Boy- to the point where he was crying when he had heard they'd gotten back together -, and didn't care that people stared. "Let them stare! Let it beknownst that Sebastian Drew is perhaps the worlds worst singer ever! Smiling to himself, he carefully fixed the black vest he had on, then adjusted the white v neck underneath. His jeans were beginning to bother him too, but he did his best to ignore it as he pushed the door open and went inside the school. Few people were there, only the usual early-birds. Opening up his locker, he grabbed the black mail bag inside and shoved a few books in before heading up to the library. Might as well hang out in there until more people started arriving.

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Character Portrait: Amelia Jones Character Portrait: Sebastian Drew Character Portrait: Cameron McCall Character Portrait: Andy Goldling
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Amelia was curled up around her puppy Marley when her alarm went off at six in the morning. Stretching her body out she laid on her back, looking up at the ceiling wondering what this day will bring. Feeling a tongue against her cheek she let out a small laugh before turning onto her side to take a good look at Marley "hey you, sleep good" the puppy just answered with more kisses before hoping off the bed and running towards the door, letting out a small yap. "Okay okay Ill let you out" she said as she rolled her legs off to the side of the bed and sat up, rubbing her eyes before she stood up and walked towards the door of the basement.

As the door was opened she could already hear her mom preparing breakfast in the kitchen and her father trying to wake up the twins. Marley ran to the back door, Amelia following, she opened the door and quickly grabbed the long leash attatched to the porch and hooked Marley to it. Once the dog was hooked she closed the door and went back downstairs.

She was glad her parents let her have the basement for her room, it gave her plenty of room and privacy when she wanted it. Walking over to the closet her father built for her she started sorting through her clothes until she found the perfect outfit. After pulling off her shorts and tshirt she slept in Amelia quickly got dressed then went and brushed out her long black locks. Her mother kept pestering her that she should maybe cut it but Amelia refuses except for getting it trimmed. She loved her hair long because its easier to hide behind it.

After she was ready she grabbed her messenger bag and skateboard then headed back upstairs, dropping her things down near the front door she made her way back to let Marley in. "Amelia breakfast is ready" she heard her mother call out to her "alright be right there" she answered back as she made her way to the kitchen. She first fed Marley before grabbing a plate that consisted of a waffle and scrambled eggs, her mother looked at her plate letting out a small 'tsking' sound "Amelia I really wish you would eat more then that, your already skinny as a rail". Here we go she thought to herself as she took a seat at the stool next to the island.

"Mom im fine, you don't need to worry. I've never been much of a breakfast eater" she said as she started to eat, her mother shaking her head but didn't add anything more to the subject. Soon enough the whole family was in the kitchen, chatting and talking about what they had planned for the day. At seven-fifteen Amelia said goodbye to her parents and siblings, putting her messenger bag over her shoulder she grabbed her skateboard and went outside in the cool crisp morning.

Image Walking down to the road she put her skateboard down on the ground then started to make her way to school, which was about a mile away. She enjoyed the fresh air, a small smile was on her face as she made her way down the road. As soon as she hit the parking lot of the school she noticed the familiar car that was Cameron's and the old school bike that was Andy's. She was glad that the few friends she had were already here, but that was to expected.

Picking up her board she made her way into the school, not speaking to anyone as she made it through the halls. Its not like anyone really noticed her anyways. She found her locker, grabbed the things she would need then stuffed her bag and board into her locker. She continued her way down the hall and to the library. Thats where she would be able to find Cameron and probably Sebby too. Taking out her phone she found Andy's name and sent her a text Good morning. Heading to the library before class, will I see you there?, after sending the text she walked silently to the library, keeping her face down and not making eye contact with anyone.

Pushing open the doors of the library she made her way inside, looking around she saw two familiar face. Giving a wave to the librarian she walked over to the tables and sat down on top of one of them, crossing her feet she swung her legs before looking at the two guys "Morning Sebby, morning Cameron" she greeted them both a small smile but didn't say too much more. Both the guys knew she was more quiet in school then out, but she didn't think they minded.

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Character Portrait: Laurel Pyrope Character Portrait: Amelia Jones
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The small white house with the blue roof that Laurel's family is currently renting sits at a favorable distance from the school she will be attending for the next two years, allowing the young woman to walk to the building. She always enjoys the places where they don't have to live on base and go to schools where the students are almost exclusively American military students. While there is something to be said for everyone being able to relate to you, she tends to prefer the variety of typical public schools. Besides, in this setting she is able to have a job, and has been working at a frozen yogurt place nearby for the past week or so. It's slightly ironic, considering the fact that she is lactose intolerant, but Laurel has heard somewhere that frozen yogurt has some sort of enzyme that allows a person with intolerance to eat it anyway. This isn't something that she is inclined to test, having developed a dislike for dairy of any variety anyway. Still, though she can't eat at her place of work, the pay is decent and the job was easy to acquire, because very few, if any, others applied for the position. Thus started Laurel's weekday activity of standing behind a counter giving out yogurt. It helps her mood that the walls are all windows, and so she can people watch whenever the business is going slowly.

On this particular day, Laurel wakes up perhaps a half an hour before she has to leave, giving her time to shower and dress, and of course get her things together. Not the most organized of individuals, Laurel has one of those sorts of backpacks that require a person to dump everything into them and hope that they can somehow scavenge around and find whatever they need. Her bag is something of a black hole, in fact, and Laurel jokingly suspects that a family of sprite thieves is living in a nest at the bottom, selling her things to the mythical black market. When the young woman was younger, she had once written a story about a mythical black market. Well, it was less of a book and more of several pictures which she thought captured the concept of the story. She had been living in France at the time, and received both quizzical and amused looks from various people after she wandered off base, before returning home.

The young woman is not one for accessories, but her camera seems to always hang around her neck like a treasured necklace that she refuses to remove unless necessary. Laurel brushes her hair half-heartedly, though it works well enough. She has never been the sort to care much about her own appearances, too wrapped up in being enraptured by those of others. Thus she leaves the house in a plain, slightly flowing white dress, and sandals. The outfit is simple, but not unattractive, though it isn't notably fashionable either.

She can walk to school, but takes a bit longer than she ought to, because she stops to take a picture of a girl with beautiful dark hair skating past her. The girl is heading towards the school, so Laurel, to some extent, ends up following her there. Of course, one of the greatest distractions for the young woman is always light shining just so through the patches in trees. She raises the camera and snaps a shot just as the wind rustles the leaves. While the image has no depth of any sort, nor is it likely to be particularly spectacular, she will develop it and add it to her collection of light and leaves.

Content with the photograph, Laurel continues her journey towards the school, soon entering the building. It is her first day of attending this school, but she may recognize some faces from simply seeing them around, or seeing them in the frozen yogurt shop. She doesn't look at her schedule,instead looking at her arm. at her arm, which has the room numbers written on it in a line with no breaks, like a serial number. She doesn't rightly know which number goes to which class, only the order of it. This is meant to be part of the fun, perhaps, but is also partially due to poor planning on her part.

"Room 209," she murmurs, before heading in some direction based on a hunch. Room 209 is, as it happens, on the opposite side of the room from where she is, tucked away downstairs. She will have to follow the numbers and hope that they lead in numerical order to the location. What is more likely to be a problem is the likelihood of her being distracted on her way there.

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❝ I don't know where you're going
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?
I don't know where I'm going
But I don't think I'm going home. ❞

Elizabeth woke up early, at least by her standards. Her iPhone began to blare Fall Out Boy lyrics into her ears, and she immediately ripped the earphones out and started shuffling under her pillow for where she had left her phone. She had been listening to music overnight, as she usually did, though it seemed that she had forgotten to lock the phone and had accidentally turned the volume up in her sleep. She immediately turned down the volume before taking out the earphones and placing the phone and earphones on her bedside locker.

Either way, she didn't feel sleepy anymore, so she slowly slipped out of bed and got dressed into some shorts, heels and an open stitch sweater tank, before taming her bed head into her usual waves, which she was always too lazy to straighten or curl. She sang along - loudly - as she started putting on some make up, though not enough to make her look orange. "My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it's broken.." she practically screamed, before waving her hair backwards and forwards. Elizabeth was not known for her singing voice. "Do you wanna' feel beautiful?"

Though today was probably the first day in a while that she actually had time to eat breakfast, she skipped it as usual, mostly out of habit. She grabbed her brown satchel from inside the door, which contained her school books, pencil case and The Fault In Our Stars, which she had borrowed from the school library for the third time. Speaking of which, she had been planning on returning it after school, but decided she might as well head now, as she had gotten up earlier.

She plugged her earphones in as she left the house, deciding to walk to school as she had no intention of waking up either of her parents for a lift and her car was still getting repaired after she had crashed it. The school was only in a five minute walking distance, anyway, so she was hardly straining herself, even if sweat did smell gross.

She arrived at her locker first, where someone was singing at the top of their lungs, and she wasn't sure whether they were oblivious to the fact there were other people here or they just didn't give a fuck. Either way, the lyrics were certainly familiar as Fall Out Boy's Young Volcanoes. She smiled slightly, surprised to find that someone else in this hell hole actually had good music taste, before heading to the library, where she saw the blue haired boy, Sebastian, heading inside. It must have been him who was singing.

She was mildly surprised to find the library not completely empty. Of course, the people that did occupy the library weren't the kind of people she tended to mingle with, but it wasn't empty, nonetheless. She headed to where she knew the majority of the John Green books were kept, which wasn't much, to be fair. She held the book up to the librarian as she walked in to indicate that she was returning it, not bothered to have a conversation so early in the morning.

She glanced over at the group that were in the library, and recognized most of them. She could only see one girl from where she was sitting, and knew that her name was Camilla or something, she wasn't sure. The blue haired boy, of course, and that boy, Cameron, who was constantly annoying Chris and Peter. She smiled and looked back at the books. Her finger traced over their spines, until she landed at one she didn't recognize. 13 Reasons Why, the title read, and she picked it up and glanced at the summary. She didn't even bother properly reading it before she decided to take it.

Elizabeth checked the book out before sitting curled up in the corner, by herself, listening to Fall Out Boy and humming, "Death Valley" under her breath. It was a weird feeling, reading in the library, something she had forgotten she enjoyed. The strange silence, only interrupted by a few mumbles and the turning of a page.

❝ I don't know where you're going
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?
I don't know where I'm going
But I don't think I'm going home. ❞

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Three-hundred, ninety-three. Three-hundred, ninety-three bulges on the roof, well at least, that was how many Chris had managed to count before the alarm clock screeched and beeped. Turning his head on his small black pillow, he checked the time. 6:00 am, reaching out he pressed the little black button on the top left of the alarm clock turning the infernal noise off, and left alone in the silence; Chris went back to contently examining the roof. He had woken up at 5:30 thanks to the yelling that erupted from the floor below, probably his brother and 'sister' getting into another fight. It wasn't his problem, or at least, that is what he told himself and despite believing that; he couldn't fall back to sleep and instead spent the time daydreaming and counting the small globs of paint suspended above him.

Taking a deep breath, Chris sat bolt-right using the momentum to try and get some energy rushing into his veins while he was very much a morning person; it still took a few minutes for his mind to clear. The black blanket fell down to his hips reveal his bare midriff. The sudden morning chill sunk into his skin, and too stubborn to jump out and get dressed, Chris opted to scratch his stomach using the friction to build some heat in his lower abdomen. Three hours of sleep, argh, no more Duty so late. Chris grimaced at his poor life choices. Why stay up till two in the morning when he knew he would have to get up in three hours? Because he could that's why, and honestly, he hadn't know it was so late. Even though he told himself never again; he would probably be doing it again that night.

Pushing himself out of the bed, Chris let out a small hiss as his bare feet touched the cold wood floor, and he made his way to the hallway. Well, 'made his way' was a very polite term as shambling would have been a better term. His knees came up to his chest with each step as he hopped foot to foot trying to let his feet touch the ground as little as possible and with each touch he let out a small hiss, "Cold, cold, cold."

Chris was not blessed with his own bathroom, no, he was cursed with sharing the upstairs bathroom with his parents, and if he found another clog of human hair in the drain; he was going to be incredibly pissed. He preferred to not think about where it came from as his father was nearly bald and so if it came from him; it was more certainly body hair, and Chris knew for a fact that his mother shaved... That scene was still seared into his brain.

Knocking twice on the bathroom and listening to the silence after, Chris reckoned it was safe and opened the door stepping onto the even colder tile, but jumping foot to foot from the wood floor had given him time to get used to the cold floor, so it was no longer unbearable. Flicking on the lights, Chris took the time to examine himself in the mirror from his blue south park boxes peeking out from the top of his gray sweat pants, and his pale skin that got darker at his arms. Yes, he was a man with a massive farmers tan as, come on, he wasn't from new jersey and nor was he gay, so a full body tan wasn't his thing. His blond 'mane' was wild as bits of it stuck up at random angles including the glorious cow lick at the top. "You talking to me?" Chris said, raising an eyebrow at the reflection.

"You must be talking to me cause I don't see anyone else around." Chris said leaning close to the mirror trying to appear as somber and serious as he could before his face lit up in a huge smile that showed nearly all his teeth, "Good morning beautiful." With morning introductions out of the way, Chris hopped out of his sweatpants and into the shower with only one pissed off scream at the initial blast of cold water. Today was going to be one of those days.

After a long shower, two conditioner treatments, and a failed attempt at brushing down his wild hair; Chris stepped out of the bathroom with the small white towel tied around his waist only to find someone sitting on the top of the stairs. Sandra. Her long blond hair reached down to the middle of her back sweeping the back of her small black t-shirt that did not hide her bare midriff, along with tight, far too tight, black jeans. "Uh, well, isn't this awkward." Chris said. It wasn't eloquent, but it was the first thing that came to mind... and really, the only thing.

Sandra turned her head slowly fixing Chris with her bright blue eyes that were about to overflow in tears, "Oh, hey Cj. I didn't know you were in there."

Right. How could she not know he was in there? The shower was on, and Chris had been singing the entire time, 'We Didn't Start the Fire'... although he forgot half the names Billy slung out when he sung, but in the shower, who cares? "Well. This is still incredibly awkward, so I'ma just, you know, squeeze past ya here." Chris said taking a large step and clutching onto the towel trying to will it to not fall at this time.

"Ok... It's just.." Sandra stopped pretending like she didn't want to talk about it, but Chris knew better. How he hated when people did that. Pause to try and get the other person to nudge them into telling, but no. He wasn't going to fall for that trap. "Yea, I get it." Chris said with a shrug, "Just be like: Oui, you pissing me off. Now shut up before I deck you in the snoze. Works when I do it." Chris said before opening his door and flinging himself into the room congratulating himself on dodging that bullet. Seeing Sandra cry was definitely not on his 'want to do' list.

Finally free, he tossed the towel to the side and began to dress. It's fair to say that Chris isn't a fashionista. A plain gray t-shirt, blue carpenter jeans that hugged him in no way, and white Nike basketball shoes, he preferred the high tops that basketball shoes had compared to others. If the ankle was too low; it tripped him out. Felt like his foot was just going to pop out of the shoe. Finally content with his look; he glanced at his alarm clock and the cellphone laying next to it. Scooping it up; he checked the time, 6:43. Perfect... no breakfast today. He did notice the numerous text messages from various people, but he didn't feel like writing back. Touch screens had a way of pissing him off, and plus, it was no one too important.

Picking up his backpack and car keys, Chris opened his bedroom door only to find Sandra still there. "Jesus." He mumbled under his breath. Why did some people want to talk to him about their problems? He was an asshole. A fact he openly embraced. "I am heading out now. You have a nice day." Chris said plastering on a smile and giving her a very corny thumbs up.

"I'll try." Sandra said with a huff before setting her thin chin on her curled fist. "Do. Or do not." Chris said mimicking a certain tiny jedi, "There is no try." After which he skidded by her noticing she had a least given him a smile of pity which was better then nothing, but he pushed her out of his mind. He had better things to do... like be awesome. The house would be empty save for Sandra and his brother as he was probably still asleep in the downstairs bedroom, typical really. His parents would be at work as the diner opened incredibly early. Some people needed their hamburger fix at four in the morning.

Finally free from the pit of despair that was his house, Chris took a deep breath enjoying the way the morning air felt as it sunk into his lungs and energized his body. Alrighty, lets do this shit. He said giving himself a mental perk up.

The old 1975 dodge pick up was a 'gift' from his dad, but a car is a car and at least it was solid steal so if he did get in a wreck with someone, Chris would probably just be scrapping them from the bumper. The truck had a half/half paint job with the top half being a dull brown and the bottom being a lighter shade, if he had to pick a way to describe the color, it would be banana-nut muffin brown. The paint was scuffed here and there, but it was a good truck. Swinging open the door with a long creak, Chris hopped in and started the ignition... or tried to. The truck whined as the engine turned, and Chris started to mutter under his breath to coax the truck, "Come on bessie... Come on.... Daddy needs to go to places and get shit done."

As if on que, the engine roared to life. Stomping on the crutch, he shifted gears and took off down the street.

The drive was short but it gave him time to ponder. Like on last night. Tatiana... That Indian had insane Call of Duty skills. Chris didn't mind losing, but dear god, she beat him like a red-headed step child. At one time, he had thought she was using some crazy Indian voodoo, and she was always on the other team! Like she enjoyed beating him... which he was fairly sure she did. When Chris was losing, it was kind of comedic. He would talk in voices, make retarded sounds, and make really lame jokes as frustration made him laugh.

Chris could still briefly remember some of the things he had said; "Tatiana, why? Just why? I thought we were friends... We were going to go the distance.." Then she knifed him, "Now that's just not fair. Alright, you done it now. You gone and done the deed that broke the camels back, I am totally moving you to fourth on my phone. Yea, I wen.." Sniped. "Aw, come on, that was just low. That's it. I am totally not asking you to homecoming." Not that he was going to, but still. The sheer amount of slaughter was too much. It would take a few days to earn his ego back from that one.

But it was not the saddest moment of the night. Nope, the saddest was when he got into a two hour fight with a thirteen year old boy. The insults were very, very bad with most of it being "No, your mom sucks." And others incredibly childish taunts. So into the fight, Chris wasn't even sure if Tatiana had still been there or logged out or what, but he was also sure of one thing. That kid totally started it.

Riding into the parking lot and with a crunch of metal, Chris parked his truck and stepped out waving to a few people he knew, and to various people who called out to him. Did he know half of those people who called his name? Hell no, but they knew him which was good enough. Tossing his backpack over his shoulder, he checked his phone feeling like he had forgotten something. Going to text messages he sent one to both Tatiana and Peter, Oui, was I supposed to give someone a ride today? Cause, if I did, ha my bad. If not then sweet. What we doin' today? Content with the sent message, he headed for the school. He wasn't sure where he was going, but he would figure that out once he got his answer from Tat and Peter.

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❝ They love their hair because they're not smart enough to love something more interesting. ❞ - John Green

Oui, was I supposed to give someone a ride today? Cause, if I did, ha my bad. If not then sweet. What we doin' today?

Fuck. As usual, Peter had slept in, only to wake up to the phone alert of a new text message. He glanced at the text message but forgot to write a response as he noticed the time, and gave a small yell of panic. He jumped up and grabbed a clean shirt from his cupboard, yanking it over his head. He always slept in just his boxers, so it didn't take long to get dressed. He hopped over to where he kept his comb on his desk as he slipped into his jeans, giving it a quick brush through and letting his parting fall into place before looking in the mirror. He gave himself a wink and seemingly satisfied with how he looked, grabbed his phone and bag and ran out of the room.

He hopped into his old yet still shiny Porsche, which his father had bought him as a sixteen birthday present even though the family could hardly afford it. Even though the family weren't that well off, even if they were above just 'getting by,' Peter's father seemed insistent on spoiling his children. Not that Peter complained, it wasn't his money, after all.

He arrived at the school a few minutes late, but the first class hadn't started yet, so he figured he would be alright. He grabbed his leather jacket from the passenger seat and slipped it on as he got out of the car, checking his hair in the mirror first before leaving. Peter reached for his keys in his pocket, all the whilst looking out for Chris. That was when he remembered the text message, and after locking his car, he took out his android.

Just arrived, where are yah? Heading towards the school now.

❝ They love their hair because they're not smart enough to love something more interesting. ❞ - John Green

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Jakes house was three doors down from the only coffee shop in this little town. S every morning people trying to get coffee before work go past his white picket fence house, with a small little rose garden in the front of his house grown by his sister Natasha.
Inside was a sleeping young male boy named Jacob. He was sprawled across his bed limbs lying is all different directions. He awoke by his iPhone blaring some random loud ass song that he didn't know, mostly because his shut is alarm off before he could listen to any of it. Ten he looked at the time seven forty five which is fifteen minutes before school would start, but he strolls in late most days so it does not really matter.
Jake rolled around onto his back, groaned and stared up at the ceiling. He stared at the ceiling util his fell into a semi sleep for the next five minutes, though it felt like five seconds.

After a fight with himself about doing what's right and getting up or doing what he wants to do and sleep, plus a few knocks on his door from his mother Jake reluctantly got up and stumbled into the bathroom. He looked at his messy locks of hair and then just ran his hand through it. After that he just brushed his teeth. Jake then preceded to head back to his room.
Jakes locker pretty much consisted of just plain tee shirts and faded jeans. That was exactly what he wore today too, a navy blue short sleeved tee and a pair of faded jeans. He's style was nothing special, he really doesn't give a damn.
It took about 3 minutes total for him to get ready then he grabbed his faded moss green JansPort backpack that he had since he was in the sixth grade, and headed down stairs.

His sister Natasha was waiting for him to take her to school in his car. But first he got a piece of toast and put a fair amount of butter on it. He slowly began to it, which made his sister give him a pissed look. For which he held his hands up in serenader.
He quickly kissed his mother on the check and mumbled, "Bye," in her ear and walked out the door behind Natasha.

Jake entered his Ford truck that was made in the sixties and had more rust then is normal. The truck was a fire truck red. He slid into the drivers seat and Natasha slid into the passenger seat. The first thing she did when she enters the car was blare this pop bull shit that was probably sung by some candy colored hair girl who was as dumb as rock. He just rolled his eyes as she sang along. Which for the rest of ride Jake could have been happy beating his head against the window.

After a while they finally pulled into the parking lot of the high school. Natasha waved and jumped out of the car without really saying anything to him. "Bye to you too," mumbles Jake as he also got out of the car and started walking towards the school.

His locker was only about 3 down from the entrance of the school which really was quiet convenient. His locker was also a crimson red color, nothing really that appealing to look at. But once you opened his locker, you would see a big jumbo of things, nothing in ral order because Jake really has no means of organization.
He quickly grabbed just about every book in his locker and stuffed it into her bag which he was one strapping. He also navigated several pens and pencils from his locker and just dropped them loosely into the big pocket of his bags with his books.
After getting his bag ready he proceed to close his locker and just lean up against it will looking at his phone but not texting. It was in cool guy in a movie pose, which he did realize was lame so he got up and stood up straight.

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'Stop making the eyes at me,
I'll stop making the eyes at you.
What it is that surprises me is that I don't really want you to
And your shoulders are frozen (as cold as the night)
Oh, but you're an explosion but you're dynamite
Your name isn't Rio, but I don't care for sand
Lighting the fuse might result in a bang with a bang-go'

Jason let a small smile play across his lips as he woke up, just as the chorus begins to 'I bet that you look good on the dance floor'.
Possibly not the softest song to wake up to at 6:00 am and definitely not blaring it out at full volume, waking up not just Jason, but potentially the whole of his family and their neighbours.
Sliding out of his warm bed, Jason slowly made his way over to the en-suite that had newly been installed into his large room.
Jason could easily have become a Prep except for the fact that he doesn't like the way they're used, also, whatever the Prep's may argue - The Jocks run the school.

Showered, Jason put on of his usual outfits and checking his smart phone, realises that he's going to be late for Angelina.
Sighing, he checks his reflection quickly in the mirror and grins back at his attractive appearance - Jason was good-looking and didn't he know it.

Rushing down their polished Oak stairs, Jason is greeted by his Father whom is reading a newspaper and waiting for his Mother to finish cooking breakfast.
Grabbing his backpack, Jason says a short "Bye, Father." and kisses his mother on the cheek before rushing to the door.
Although, before he can quite reach it, he's stopped by his Father's sturdy voice calling to him, "Jason, aren't you eating? You'll stay the head of your Rugby team if you're not eating."
Jason laughs lightly and looks at his Father, "It's alright, I'll get something at school but I'm late picking up Angelina."
At the use of the name 'Angelina' his Father's face lights up.
"Good, I've always liked that girl - What do you think Kate?" He says and Jason sighs, he was so close to escaping, so close.

Before his Mother can start and turn the whole thing into a long conversation, Jason interjects with a curt, "That's great but I've really got to go." and rushing out of the red door before they can reply.
Rolling his eyes, Jason makes his way down to where his car is parked and unlocks its, sending a quick text to everyone on his contact list.

To: Everyone
From: Jason Cutts
Party at 9 @ Mine tonight, bring as much alcohol as humanly possible.
Invite everyone and anyone.


It was vague but really, that didn't matter - he was a Jock and that was assurance enough that tonight would be beyond epic.

The drive to Angelina's wasn't long and so he made it - Just about - without being late.
Jumping out of his car, Jason firstly grabs his leather jacket from the backseat and then knocks on the Browns' front door, waiting patiently for someone to answer.

He was busy thinking about what he could do to make sure the party went out with a bang when Mrs. Brown opened the door.
Smiling at her, he said politely "Good morning Mrs. Brown, I'm here to pick up your beautiful daughter." - Ever the charmer.
Returning his smile, Mrs. Brown nods and calls up to Angelina, letting Jason get back to his thoughts.

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Andy prances into her English teachers room. Lightly singing a "Good morning," then g.acing around the classroom which contained no students yet but she hoped would fill soon. The class room was all to awkward without some good company. Until then she slid onto the top of the desk and cranked up the volume on her phone to block out all the noise that was not going on in the room.
The song she was listening to was Stay by Rihanna. 'I'm not really sure how to feel about it. Something in the way you move. Makes me feel like I can't live without you.' The lyrics screamed into her ears due to the fact that her volume was on so high.
A few minutes letter her phone beeped into her ear buds indicating she has a text message and she didn't text much so this is a rare milder one in history. Someday this moment will be documented into a history book, though Andy to herself then a tiny grin spread across her face lifting her cheeks high into the air.

Good morning. Heading to the library before class, will I see you there? Was the exact words of the text message from Amelia.

Amelia was one of Andy's closest friend. She really did feel like she could really talk to her. Plus Amelia was not one of one stupid dizzy girls like some of the slutty cheerleaders at this school, you could actually hold a conversation with her. Which is probably why her and Andy where such good friends they where a like.

Andy's fingers quickly scattered over the keys on her iPhone, quickly and swiftly responding to her friends text.
Shit! I almost forgot be there is a few seconds. Pinky promise.
Andy clicked the send button and a green bubble saying her message popped onto her scream indicating that the message was sent. For Andy the message was sent, she couldn't help but let her mind wonder after that. If someone where to send the message that could screw up there lives, that would be horrible. That's exactly why she never texted anything serious only simple messages.

After pondering over that thought Andy was forced apon the real world when anger student piled into the room and she realized that she has to meet Amelia in the library.
Ady quickly gathered her bags, quickly waved that the teacher, not bothering to take out her head phones so she just waved at the teacher, once she's coming back anyways, and then she walked out into the hall way filled with overly loud students.

As she walked down the hall she really studied the people. There was a guy leaning up against his locker trying to fake look cool, before deciding it was overrated and standing up straight like a normal person, she was fairly sure his name started with a J but she was not completely sure.
Then she saw a guy with these huge holes in his ears and far to many tattoos. She couldn't help it her body just forced her to roll her eyes, she knew exactly who he was, he name is Alex and he's some prep guy whom she couldn't stand.

She continued down the hall getting stopped once by a girl she believed was named Grace. Grace was a fellow wallflower but was just a bit to hidden under the radar for Andy so she just didn't really talk to her.

Then Andy reached the library. There was two door that you could enter to get into the library, the front and back door. Andy entered the back door avoiding getting seen by Amelia so she could quickly return then find a book without her seeing her. This action was not Andy being mean she just really needed to get it done.

So she quickly under the radar slipped her book, in the return big with said on a crumpled paper Thank you. Andy swiftly took out a pencil and wrote lightly, Your welcome, with.p a little heart at the bottom. She quickly thought to herself, at least I remembered my manners to say your welcome.

Then she walked to the fiction section of the library. The schools library was huge because it pretty much doubled as the towns so the books where endless.After running her hand over them and reading just about every title in it she grabbed The Secret Garden.
The book really is a timeless classic. It came out in 1911 and is still such a beloved book. She personally owned a copy but something about the schools book just made her love it. So she picked up the book and scrolled through the pages.
Andy sighed. She wanted to read something new, she has for sure read this book over 20 and was sick of it, even though she also loved it. So Andy carefully slipped the book back in its place and kept browsing.

After a whole Andy came across a book called Nothing by Jannie Teller. It was a short little book, only about 90 pages. It was not a very worn book and kind of had a sad book summary but she choose it anyways.

The book summary said that it was about a boy who climbed up into a tree claiming that there was no reason for life and yelled at passer us saying that there was no reason for life. So his class decides they need to do something about, they must get him down from that tree.

Wy walk to the book checkout line which actually wasn't a line at all no one was at it, she stopped by a girl whom she believed was named Elizabeth and she was reading 13 Reasons Why. "That book brought me to tears" said Andy. She gave the girl a little smile.
Andy was well aware they where in different groups but she really was a tad bit of a rebel to that, mostly because she is a wallflower and wallflowers don't really give a damn.

While waiting for Elizabeth's response. She waved at Amelia who was now in view and she smiled. She also noticed Sebastian and Cameron and nodded in there direction and gave them a slight smile.
After that she turned back to the girl awaiting a response.

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❝ Say what you mean
Tell me I'm right
And let the sun rain down on me
Give me a sign
I want to believe. ❞

"That book brought me to tears," a voice said distantly, and if Elizabeth hadn't been so surprised, she probably would have been extremely pissed that someone had interrupted her reading. Either way, she looked up at the girl whom she recognized as 'that one with the boy's name and the gorgeous looks' - Andy. She was glad that mind-reading wasn't a thing, since she doubted many people would be happy to hear themselves being referred to as such.

Elizabeth took one earphone out of her ear and placed it on her lap, along with her book which was now still in her hand, but only kept open on the right page from her knee, which she had propped up onto the comfortable armchair. "Oh, gosh. And I get so emotional over books. I'm going to be a mess," she joked, returning the girl's bright and friendly smile back. She was surprised the girl had decided to talk to Beth, as generally people don't talk to preps - something to do with popularity ladder or something, Beth didn't really want to know. Either way, she was glad the girl had decided to.

She noticed the book that Andy was holding and nodded at it with her head. "What's that you've picked out?" she asked politely, giving her a friendly smile. "I love reading, but I haven't read much books - once I find a book I adore, I generally tend to just repeatedly read it over and over again."

Just then, her phone buzzed from in her pocket, but she decided to ignore it. It was only a text message anyway, it could hardly be urgent or they would have rang, and it seemed rude to check her phone.

❝ Say what you mean
Tell me I'm right
And let the sun rain down on me
Give me a sign
I want to believe. ❞

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Angelina woke up to sun hitting her eyes. She checked her clock and smiled as she realized she was right on time, as usual.She quickly grabbed the remote to her stereo and started blasting "young by Tulisa,". She yawned and stretched her slender arms above her head.

pulling aside the gauzy canopy surrounding her bed, Angelina gracefully slid out of bed. She quickly walked into her walk in closet which used to be for a bedroom but her mom converted it into a closet for her. She smiled at the vast amount of clothes, surrounding the whole room. Her family was ridiculously rich and her mom loved to spoil her and her dad bought her things to make up for lost time. The only reason she wasn't a prep was because she was way too damned hot to not be one. Also she was graced with a gorgeous curvy body and it would be a crime not to exploit it.

Angelina quickly showered, before changing into her outfit. She settled on a light blue lace shirt that hugged her torso perfectly and pushed her chest together to give her a sexy amount of cleavage without being too slutty, just slutty enough. She pared that with white denim short shorts and let her hair down in luscious curls that fell down to her waist.

Grinning, she twirled in front of her mirror. "God, your hot," she purred at her reflection.

She was slipping her pair of large hoops in her ears when her mom walked into her room.
"Hey sweetheart, you look pretty," her mom said sitting on one of the couches in her sitting room, she motioned for Angelina to do the same. "So is Jason picking you up?"Her mom asked, trying to be nonchalant.
"Of course mom, he does everyday," She said matter of factly, as she pinned a few curls behind her ear.
"Are you having sex?" Her mom asked, making Angelina roll her gorgeous warm brown eyes. "Yes mom, and we're safe." She stated bluntly.
"Sweetheart you know I like Jason but I think your too young..." Her mom began before Angelina cut her off "Mom you had me when you were younger than I am, and if you'll excuse me I need to get ready for school." She said as she began to walk away before her moms puerto rican accent kicked in signaling her anger. "Angelina Chanel Brown, you will not.." She began but was cut off by the doorbell.

Angelina silently thanked god that Jason arrived when he did and quickly ran over to her mirror to slick on some mascara and lip gloss.
She was about to head downstairs when her phone sent her a notification. It was a text from Jason, himself.
From: Jason Cutts
Party at 9 @ Mine tonight, bring as much alcohol as humanly possible.
Invite everyone and anyone.


She rolled her eyes, Jason parties were awesome but always ended the same, everyone would get drunk and he would cheat on her ,whoopee. She tucked her iPhone in her Louis Vuitton purse and headed downstairs. She could heard Jason and her mom talking and grimaced, her mom was so fake sometimes. "Angelina, Jason is waiting for you!" Her mom said in a sing song voice.
She groaned before coming down the stairs stairs, her Jimmy Choos clicking on their wooden stairs until they became a patter on the marble floors in the foyer. "Shut up mother," She said before biting her lip and turning to Jason "Hi Jason," She purred.

She quickly pecked her mom on both cheeks, European style, before walking up to Jason and pecking him on the lips. She ran a perfectly french manicured hand through her lush newly highlighted locks. She didn't know if he noticed but and didn't want to know. She looked sexy so screw him if he doesn't see that.

She walked over to his car and slid her bag in the backseat before sitting in the passenger seat and pulling out her sunglasses, the sun wasn't currently in her face so she slid them on her head. She waited until Jason also got in the car before pulling him into a steamy kiss. She finally broke the kiss off and sighed "C'mon babe, time for school."

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β€œI'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” ~Marilyn Monroe

Most of the night, Tatiana wasn't sleeping like she should have been. No, no she was playing Call of Duty with someone who truly needed to learn how to play better because he ended up playing a better than her sister. And, that is no compliment. After a while of beating everyone who entered, her mother finally told her to shut up and to go to sleep. But she chose to listen to her close friend, Chris argue with a little kid for about ten, twenty minutes before finally saying, "Dude, I'm going to sleep." And falling asleep with her television stuck on the channel, Disney Channel because she was too lazy to get up and actually change it to something else. The couple hours she got of sleep felt like nothing compared to what they actually were but that how it always was to the Indian girl. In the morning she woke up to the sound of Kesha's song Animal filling her ear meaning one thing, it was her alarm and time to get up. She groaned before rubbing her eyes and seeing the sight of her rather over weight cat, Bali laying against her outstretched leg along with her other cat, Aditi who was actually snuggling up against Bali. She smiled at the sight before sitting up in her bed, waking up at the same time but jumping on to the floor. She chuckled as she watched her two cats go underneath her queen size bed. "Aw, that's so cute." She said to her before getting out of her bed and going to her closet.

If you went into a normal girl's closet you would see mostly the same style all around but not with Tatiana. She had two sides that were completely different from each other. One was the Indian style clothes she out of the house to please her parents seeing that her twin sister always wore them and her parents loved to compare the two girls. She exhaled sharply, grabbing out one the overly colorful outfit and tossing it on her bed with a raised eyebrow before sliding the mirror to the other side to reveal all the actual clothes she wore during the school day. Looking at the various jeans and shirts, she decided on a gray no sleeve shirt with a pair of blue skinny jeans. She walked to her other wardrobe that held every pair of shoes, mostly sneakers that she owned. She crinkled her nose at the nigh heels she had which she only wore for athletic awards ceremonies. And even then she hated to wear them around her friends. She grabbed her new pair of gray sneakers and tossed them on her bed along with her outfit. She slipped her gray sweatpants off and her white baggy shirt before slipping them into her hamper by her door. "Ok, here we go with the rainbow outfit." She said to herself before grabbing the dress and walking into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her.

She put the outfit on the counter of the sink before starting the hot water, letting it steam up the large mirror that she was looking at. After a couple minutes of checking he social networking sites, she set Stitch IPhone on the counter with her clothes and stepped into the hot water. She let out a deep sigh as she spent five minutes washing up. And after finishing she turned the water off before grabbing her red towel and wrapping it around her athletic body. She stepped out of the shower and started to dry her body before slipping it around her long brown hair to keep it from soaking her dress. She put on her black undergarments before finally having the slip on the outfit she was dreading to wear ever since she got the package from her grandmother. In a total of ten minute she had dried her hair and left it down before walking out of the bathroom and closing the door behind her she could see her cats now in the blue bean bag chair and appeared to be cuddle with one another. "Aw, how cute." She heard someone say with a squeak of her two doors opening. She looked to see her twin brother and sister smirking as they leaned on the door. She groaned before speaking to the two, "MΔ“rΔ« dhat tΔ“rΔ“ kamarΔ“ sΔ“ bāhara jā'ō!" (Get out of my room!) She told them loudly in Hindi before seeing her brother, Aakanksh smirk even more before speaking. "We just wanted to know if you needed a ride, seeing that your car hasn't been fixed by those tools you call friends." She flicked him off before grabbing her Letterman's jacket and putting it on. "They're not tools just because they get girls and you can't." She told him while also grabbing her backpack and walking pass the two. She heard her sister chuckle while walking up behind Tatiana. "Look do you need a ride or not? Because we can let you run, you are on the track team after all." Her sister, Nandika said to her with sarcasm in her voice. Tatiana shook her head as they walked down the stairs, shockingly all in rhyme with one another. Guess it was a triplet thing for them. She check her phone and saw she had a text from Chris. Hopefully saying he was outside, waiting for her to hurry her ass up. But, nope. She groaned as she read the text, Oui, was I supposed to give someone a ride today? Cause, if I did, ha my bad. If not then sweet. What we doin' today?

She rolled her eyes, knowing he would forget. Yea, you were suppose to pick me up... Remember seeing that my car is a piece of crap and I wouldn't have to ride with my twins. She slipped her phone into her messager bag before looking at her older brother. "Yes I need a ride today." She said before fixing her the strap of her bag on her shoulder as the three of them walked out of their large home and to Aakanksh and Nandika's shared black Bentley. "Keep the top up." Tatiana said as she opened her bag to reveal the actual clothes she was going to wear for the day. "Okay?" Her brother said with a raised eyebrow as he slipped in the front seat and started the car. Tatiana slipped into the back seat by herself and started to slip her dress off along with the leggings as they started to drive off before slipping on the gray shirt and blue jeans. Accidently kicking her brother in the head. "Goddamn Chandanika Shankhamala Mahankali! Why can't you change at school?!" He asked in a loud voice, keeping his eyes on the road. "And risk getting teased by Jason, Peter, most defiantly Chris? I don't think so." She said, slipping on her new sneakers. Once she was finally done changing, she left her clothes in the backseat before sitting up correctly and looking out the window as they pulled up to the school.

Once they parking the car, Tatiana quickly got out of the car along with her siblings as they went their different ways, Nandika went to the cheerleaders, Aakanksh went to the wallflowers, and Tatiana of course went to look for her two close friends of the jocks, knowing that Jason was going to get the little flirt of his, Angelina. So, she was off to look for Chris and Peter or... knowing her, make them meet her at her locker. She walked inside the building and directly to her locker which was a couple of lockers away from one of the guys she actually had feelings for, Jacob. When she saw him, her eyes went down to the ground as she walked right to her red locker which had a sign on it with her name along with all the teams she was on... All of them: track, rugby, gymnastics, and soccer. And on the inside it was surprisingly neat with a couple of pictures of her and her teammates. She grabbed out her The Great Gatsby book and put it in her bag before taking out her phone to text Pete and Chris. Both of you, meet me by my locker. She sent the text before seeing she got a text from Jason about a party. She smiled and nodded before putting her phone into her jacket pocket and leaning against her locker, waiting for either the two males to come to her locker or to reply to the text.

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It felt like only moments before his phone vibrated in his back pocket sending unpleasant tingles running down his spine and left leg. Snaking his hand to his back pocket, he retreved the phone before his leg jerked, and he looked like a complete fool, but then, if someone had seen him dance then there was no doubt about the 'fool' bit. Chris tenderly referred to his dance style as the 'standing seizure'. Sadly, when Chris was dancing; he was dancing till he dropped because who cares about how one danced? As long as they had fun, wasn't that enough? What is the point in impressing others with how well one can shake their ass?

Glancing at the screen, Chris took in a sharp breath, "Aw, shit." Yea, you were suppose to pick me up... Remember seeing that my car is a piece of crap and I wouldn't have to ride with my twins. Of all people, why did he forget her? Somehow, somewhere, and sometime; he was sure he would be regretting that decision, but, hey, things happen?... Constantly as this wasn't the first time he had forgotten. He didn't reply as, honestly, Chris didn't want to get in trouble. Tatiana could be quite scary, and she already spanked him enough last night, and it wasn't the fun kind.

Free for the time being; he decided to raid his locker. Managing to get past the numerous people that said hi to him, the 'bro-hugs'. the loud cries of "Chris!" And then the large, bone-crushing hugs from both men and women; Chris managed to get to his locker with all his limbs intact which was always a bonus. Jesus Chris mentally sighed, it always seemed to be him. He had noticed he acted, almost, like a bridge. How many people knew other people through him? A lot. 'He is a friend of Chris.' God, how many times had he heard that line. Was he the guy that just seemed to know everyone? Cause, honestly, Chris really didn't pay enough attention to be that guy, but whatever, if it worked then it worked.

Opening the door of the locker slowly, Chris braced himself should anything tumble out which was a common event. Chris had a terrible habit of not emptying out his things. His backpack was also littered with old, crumpled paper and homework assignments. It wasn't that he was a pack-rat, far from it; he just could never be bothered to clean them out. Running his eyes over the massive amount of paper, old books, and broken pencils; Chris let out a whistle. He had really out done himself. I should probably clean that up a little... Chris pondered before breaking into a large smile, Aw, who am I kidding? I ain't gonna do it.

Bracing his hand against the leaning tower of procrastination; Chris carefully began to slide out his History project. "Come to daddy.." He whispered under his breath before it slipped loose, "Haha!" He roared in triumph as he slammed the door shut to stop anything from escaping. His victory was short lived as once again, his behind started to viberated sending a chill down his back, snaking in; he pulled out the phone finding two new messages one from Peter and Jason.

Party at 9 @ Mine tonight, bring as much alcohol as humanly possible.
Invite everyone and anyone.

Chris re-read the message before texting back, Do I want to get incredibly wasted and then make a complete ass out of myself in front of the entire student body whilst not giving a single fuck? Hell, yes I do. Sign me up, and put me down for a couple bottles of Jim Bean. Clicking the send button, he clicked on the next message on the list.

Just arrived, where are yah? Heading towards the school now. Chris read the message over again and noticed that out of his inner circle he had gotten to school first. That was... well, kinda sad. The big, dumb blond quarterback got to school first. Not that he believed himself to be stupid, but he knew he fit the stereotype of 'jock' perfectly, but hey, if he was happy with being himself, why should he change? He didn't pretend to be 'cool' nor did he try to 'fit' in. This was just who he was, it just happened to be what everyone else considered to be popular.

Before he could start working on a witty message, his hand vibrated as yet another message popped up, this one from Tatiana. Chris was tempted to go back to Peter's text, but he couldn't resist his curiosity at her text. Both of you, meet me by my locker.

Chris couldn't help but laugh at that. So demanding. Almost like he, and either Peter or Jason, were dogs, but that was what he liked about her. So direct. He went back to Peter's message, and typed, Heading to Tatiana's locker. You know how she is.

While he wasn't able to be clever; Chris figured it would be good enough, he would try harder on the next message. Bringing back up Tatiana's text, he entered his message and sent it. Yessa Massa. Right away Massa.

Sliding the phone back in his pocket, Chris zipped open his backpack and crammed the history essay into its dark abyss. Slinging it over his shoulder he took off down the hallway once more engaging in the never ending 'Hellos!' and hugs, but once again, Chris managed to fight his way through the people to Tatiana's locker and spotted the Massa herself.

"Top of the morning to ya!" Chris called out unnecessarily loud because why not? Chris didn't really notice what she was wearing because while looking at her; he didn't really look at her. He did notice Jacob leaning against his locker and for reasons beyond his knowledge, grew annoyed, "Oh my sweet Jebus." Chris said shaking his head, "Ugh, I surf and am so deep." He mimicked sagging his shoulders and lowering his voice, "I give off this mysterious aura to give off this feeling of being more interesting then a piece of plain paper. God." Chris said before flamboyantly flipping his head to the side sending his 'mane' fluttering, "Why does no one get me?"

Leaning against the locker, Chris intertwined his arms and raised his eyebrow at her, "You know what you need to do?" Chris said to her as, it was quite obvious she liked him. Spend as much time with her as Chris did and it was easy to notice when someone fell silent especially when they were as outspoken as Tatiana. He didn't consider himself to be the most observant man, but he wasn't stupid, "You need to walk up to him. Get really, really close." Chris said using his hands to demonstrate how close she should get, "Look him dead in the eyes." He said pointing to his eyes, "And be like: I like ya, and I want ya." He said making his voice as deep as possible, "Now, we can do this the easy way. Or we can do this the hard way." Chris suddenly stopped and flashed one of his large smile, "It works for convicts in prison. You know, shower time. Same concept really."

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#, as written by Rawr413

Cameron danced around the campus for an entire hour. While no one was there, he was free to do as he pleased and dance how he wanted without worry- not that he cared much during school anyways. He could imagine some of the nerds stutter out, "Y-you should really t-take advantage of this time you're given and finish your English essay on the technology of WWII. There are some truly fascinating facts about the advances they made...." Jonah giggled, then realized he was actually hearing this, that this nerd was practically clinging on his shoulder to say these things. His logic didn't connect the mistake to the blunt he'd inhaled this morning. By his lack of response, the boy was gone. Damn, cute, too. Nerds were always interesting to him, and he really desired to befriend one one day. Unfortunately, he had mixed feelings about them. They always made him feel stupid, but he found it fascinating whenever they opened their mouths. Once, he got a full, scientific explanation as to how the moon was the first Waterbender in the Avatar universe because... well, that part wasn't important(or rather, he couldn't recall the facts)

Cameron's desired in friendship aside, he started a brisk walk to the front of the school where most of his friends may be. He pulled a lumpy stick similar to a cigarette and held it between his index and middle fingers. On the inside of his new joint was green rather than tobacco. He had a red bic cupped in his hand and kept flicking it on until he got a flame, lighting his joint. He immediately inhaled a deep breathe and filled his lungs with smoke. He immediately coughed afterwards, a short fit of sorts.
He stayed behind a corner of the school until he finished it off, rubbing it out in the ground with his very worn-in converse. Cough, cough. Cameron coughed again on the way up the sidewalk around the corner, smiling bright as he neared the front of the school, a hop in his step. Cough, cough.

A blonde head caught his eye, making him grin when he spotted Christopher Stiger enter the school. He sped up a little, soon catching up and patting his shoulder. He didn't slow down as he passed.

"Hey, Chris!" he called from about ten feet ahead, blowing him a kiss and leaving down another hall with a wink. Even if gay marriage isn't legal in their state and most people weren't very accepting, he didn't have fear of being knocked into lockers, called horrid names, or experience any of those other horror stories. He'd never met anyone who couldn't sense his playful harassment for what it was; a joke.

He chuckled to himself afterwards, continuing down this hall towards the library where he knew most of his friends would be.

Live in my house,
I'll be your shelter,
Just pay me back
WIth one thousand kisses
Be my lover
and I'll cover you

One of his favorite songs out of RENT blared in his ear, making him smile and forget about homophobia for the moment. It made him grin despite it's reminder that he was still single, as always, even though he was nineteen years old. He'd always loved being single, living out of every form of being free (well, almost. He's not quite a nudist, that's just when he's drunk)

'I'll give you a thousand sweet kisses...'

That part was what made him sigh afterwards, walking through the hallway and halfway to his group of friends. He wished for a person to give a thousand sweet kisses to and wished that that person might come around soon, whether it be this year or in five. He knew (hoped) it would happen eventually, but he felt like he'd only have so much patience before he gave up and stopped shaving.
Whether his future boyfriend was in this hallway or not, he was going to walk in like he owned the place.
He stepped inside the hall of lockers and smiled, immediately spotting his small clique of friends as the minutes 'til school grew fewer and fewer.

Sebastian Drew, Amelia Jones, and Andy Golding were some of his closest friends. Where was Jacob? Oh well, they'd see him later. He hooked an arm around Amelia and smiled at the others.

"Mornin' guys! I feel like today's gonna be fantastic. Have you heard of any parties tonight?" he asked.

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❝ They love their hair because they're not smart enough to love something more interesting. ❞

Peter walked into the school, nodding at people he recognised and giving a few attractive females winks as he walked by, all the while looking out for Christopher. His phone buzzed, and he looked down immediately.

Party at 9 @ Mine tonight, bring as much alcohol as humanly possible.
Invite everyone and anyone.

A grin spread across his cheeks and he tapped in a quick response to Jason. His parties were always great, and you always had a massive hangover the next day. Peter couldn't wait.

Sweet, dude. I'm coming, obviously.

He had just pressed send, when two messages in quick succession vibrated his phone - one from Chris, the other from Tatiana. He checked the one from Chris first, which informed him that he was heading to Tatiana's locker, and then the one from her.

Both of you, meet me by my locker.

Well, that explained it. She was hardly going to send a message like that to Peter but not Chris. He chuckled under his breath as he reached his locker, taking out his books for his first few classes. He glanced in the mirror he had hidden in the back of his locker, and moved his side bangs slightly, before giving himself a wink. He couldn't help but chuckle at how cliche everything seemed, as if they were in some kids high school movie. Even all the cliques seemed to match exactly how they were portrayed on screen, and he wondered if this was the same in all high schools around the country.

He started making his way to Tatiana's locker, and saw Chris leaning agains it, obscuring who Peter assumed was Tatiana he was talking to, from view. "-shower time. Same concept really."
"What the fuck are you on about, Chris?" Peter asked him as he went to stand beside him. "Shower time?" He raised an eyebrow at his friend and gave him a friendly punch in the arm.

❝ They love their hair because they're not smart enough to love something more interesting. ❞

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As Laurel walks, or rather wanders, she notices nothing short of several things about some of the people that she sees milling about the crowded hallways. A girl walks by her, one she's seen before from a distance, with an elegance that even rapid fire modes wouldn't be able to accurately capture. For a moment, she wishes that she had a video camera, but soon the girl has apparently disappeared into the library. She then escapes the mind, being out of sight, if only because the young woman with the camera around her neck, hanging like the designer accessories other girls might wear, is distracted by the colorful variety of people in this school. She's accustomed to eclectically populated schools, of course, but likes to take the time to appreciate the variation present in each of those schools which she has attended. It helps to keep them from blurring together until she can't remember who went to which school, and what happened where. Sometimes, the young woman will see a person walking by and swear that they attended her elementary school, even though her elementary schools were, for the most part, overseas. At some point or another, Laurel finally realizes that she has let people-watching get her original goal out of her mind, and that she is going in the completely wrong direction. Thus, she retraces her steps towards the front of the school, passing by a blonde boy whom she actually has photographs of in her camera. Honestly, it is probably creepy, though she had no intention for it to be. But she saw him lying in the grass cloud-gazing, and it was simply instinctive to take a picture of the scene, if only because his expression was so innocently serene: as though someone had taken the expression of a sleepy child and grafted it onto a teenaged body.

She also notices as a good portion of the student body, or rather those who are either beautiful or expensively clothed, suddenly take out their phones and check them. Getting a message from the mothership? a little voice in the back of Laurel's mind asks. Still, she has played the part of jocks and preps before, though swimming had only been enough to keep her on the bottom rungs of little ladder within a ladder that is those at the top of the food chain. But not this time, she has promised herself. This time she won't just be the person who kind of fits in with a clique, but doesn't really know anyone. That's what Laurel tells herself, anyway, but that is the easier part of the task. Actually breaking the habit of anonymity is what can be slightly tasking. It might be easier now, at least easier than it might have been in middle school and the earlier years of high school, because she has finally grown into her limbs, which were once awkwardly long, like a baby giraffe. Still, it's several years too early for her to make any claim at elegance, as far as she herself is concerned.

An Indian girl seems to be trying not to stare at a young man with blond hair that leans against his locker and looks the picture of a skater or surfer sort. Laurel manages to recall the first time she ever rode a skateboard, resulting in a down-to-the-bone skinned knee and a trip to the hospital. Regardless of the pain associated with it, or perhaps because it has been so many years that she can fancy it didn't hurt nearly as much as it did, the memory is a fond one. Laurel is fond of all memories, regardless of their content, because she is a nostalgic sort of person, and likes to remember her past with as much clarity as possible. When she was younger, she read somewhere that one can develop a photographic memory by dwelling on the past too much. While she doesn't believe that, and has no desire to develop photographic memory, if it existed she might have it now. Of course, half of her remains focused on the present, evenly splitting her mind and leaving not even a crumb for thoughts towards the future. It would just have to wait.

She is startled out of her nostalgia by a loud and distinct voice, the sort that carries but has little weight, greeting an individual at a volume typically reserved for those who are addressing large crowds or injured, and crying for help. Another guy shows up, probably saying something before punching the blond one in the arm lightly. Apparently done watching them, or perhaps having once again realized that she does need to find her class in some vain attempt to beat the rush, Laurel looks away from the trio and spots another number, though it has a letter attached to it. They are near administration, or maybe that is just a utility closet. The labeling systems tend to vary, she's found, and Laurel doesn't want to chance walking into a utility closet and, by some miraculous stroke of poor fortune, finding herself locked in. It would be better to ask a student, perhaps, but she can't really identify properly who would be an ideal candidate for this. The trio seems occupied, the graceful girl is long gone, and the cloud-watcher is equally not here. Without a better alternative, she snaps a photograph of the scene before her. The trio, all angled slightly so that it is natural for them to look at the blond young man checking his phone. It looks a bit like one of those anti-bullying photos, except that neither party really seems to care. "Right. Enough of that, then," Laurel murmurs under her breath, words lost in the crowd before the makes the executive decision to take a right and hope that it is the right way to go, no horribly bad pun intended. She still has the camera in her hand, of course, but it is such a typical feeling that she hardly notices it there. With this, Laurel simply begins walking.