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Undita is one of many realms. It is full of magic, and a wide array of creatures. What will you choose to do with your abilities? Aim for domination, be peaceful, or perhaps take up the role of an adventurer? The choice is yours, my friend.

1,459 readers have visited Undita since Ethas Reaper created it.


There isn't really a storyline. This is a sandbox RP. There are only two places here I will make up. Rylek is a kingdom, and Emerald Academy is a place for your character to be properly trained. You can do as you please, as long as you follow the rules. You are allowed to create your own settlements.

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"What the f*ck does that mean?" asked Mralik.
"As I've stated, I can travel realms. Realms can be traversed, but they may also collide."
"Meaning?" asked Llonx.
"This Undita is one of four. One has me and the catastrophic problems I solve, one has no me and problems I wasn't there to solve, one with me and no problems to solve, and this one. No me, no catastrophic problems to be solved."
"I figured out what he meant by his insanity," commented Mralik
"I'm not from this Undita. I came here after." Ethas faltered." After you- after you died."
"Did someone spike your last pint of ale with something?"
The light blue patterns and snowflake turned orange and the symbol turned into a fireball."This isn't a f*cking joke! You died! Supposed end of story! I went searching, searching for an Undita to find you in! Now I have." The cloak faded back to Frost."Except now I don't know what to think of you're the same Mralik alright, but I haven't decided on whether that's good or bad."

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Llonx was still perplexed. He watched their quarrel with a blank expression.

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"Why did you mention realms colliding?" asked Mralik.
"I though that that was self-explanatory. The opposite of collide would be to break apart, hence four Unditas."
"How are we supposed to figure that out?"
"I don't know. Context clues?"
The boy in the shadows watched the two fight, chuckling at what he knew was basically a lovers' quarrel. "Might as make myself known." The teen stepped out of the shadows. "'Sup."
Ethas looked at him in shock. "Cole?"
The boy spread his arms to the side, as if gesturing, "Here I am." Cole was 6'3", with black hair, and heterochromatic eyes. One was blue, the other white. The white eye actually had an iris, but it was well, white. It was an actual eye, but the iris area was filled white as opposed to blue. "Here I am," he said.

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"How are you here?" Ethas asked. "I didn't summon you."
"Who's this guy?" Mralik asked in a rather flirtatious tone.
"Cole, one of my alts."
"Alternate form," Cole informed her. "And don't use the half-ass flirty voice me again. Ever. I have a girlfriend."
"Skip you too," she muttered.
"How are you here?" Ethas tried again.
"Stumbled through a Valcorian portal."
"What! They have realm portals?"
"Oh, yeah. And judging from a journal I found, Heronian's not the only realm these portals are set up in."
Ethas turned to Llonx and Kayo. "Did you guys go through any sort of portal to get here?"

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Character Portrait: Eve

Archer with magical capabilities and a dagger

Character Portrait: Tam Mhel Farshaw (2)
Tam Mhel Farshaw (2)

"May you find water and shade."

Character Portrait: Kayo Shizuma
Kayo Shizuma

Having been banished from his home, Kayo has become an adventurer, travelling with no particular goal.

Character Portrait: Llonx Kavry
Llonx Kavry

A seafaring adventurer getting used to sailing the multiverse.


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Do you have any idea where you'd like to take your character/ setting? Just curious. If Not I wouldn't mind doing a little GMing to help move the story forwards for folk-- with your permission that is.


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