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Undying Tower

Undying Tower


Escaping from an inquisitive force, a group of people find refuge in the ruins of an ancient wizards tower. But the tower has put some kind of curse on them, making them immortal but at a cost.

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After the pope of the Adrascentian Order deposed the king and called for an inquisition against all who don't believe in the goddess and other heretics, order knights and royal legions began slaughtering anyone who refused to convert. Many fled east to lands that could protect them. However some weren't fast enough and had to go into hiding.

One group sought refuge in an old wizard's tower said to be haunted, but something happened in there. Due to the various traps in the tower, everyone suffered from injured that normally would be fatal, yet somehow they survived and their injuries healed within an hour. It turns out, an unknown force within the tower had cursed them and given them immortality. Many would see immortality as a blessing, but in this instance it is a curse as it comes at a great cost. Any plant based food now tastes nasty and makes them sick to the stomach that they throw up. Meat tastes delicious, especially that of humans. They can avoid eating humans, but human flesh brings benefits such as superhuman strength and speed. Additionally their appearance changes, while with normal meat they have red eye color and their hair turns white or silver, human meat lets them retain normal human appearance.

One way or the other, they are outcasts. If they avoid eating humans, they could be mistaken for vampires. Yet if they want to look normal, they have to eat humans. Additionally there is the problem with the inquisition. None of them seem to be hellbent on revenge just yet as most are of good nature.

Curse: As described, the curse gives the cursed immortality, but basically at the cost of their humanity. They have to eat meat to not suffer from extreme hunger. If they want to spare humans they have to stay in hiding as their white or silver hair and their red eyes are dead giveaways. But if they want to not constantly hide, they need to eat humans to look normal. Additionally, the senses react more to the scent of human flesh, making it appetizing, yet still resistable. Plants based food such as fruit and vegetables taste nasty to the cursed, but meat is delicious and human meat has a divine taste. Eating human meat enhances the strength, speed, aptitude and senses of the cursed. Basically, they need human meat to be proficient hunters that can outsmart their prey.

Immortality: The immortality of the curse is true immortality. The cursed wont age past young adulthood and any injury can be healed. So dying is not possible (neither of age nor of injury). Even if they get burnt to a pile of ashes, they will regenerate over time. Immortality however still means they feel pain. So avoiding bad injuries is still necessary.

Kingdom of Quidshibo: The kingdom used to be ruled by a benevolent king until he was deposed and executed by the Adrascentian Order. Now the Order rules the kingdom with an iron fist and threatens to kill anyone who is a heretic or goes against the order. The capital of Quidshibo is Ojib. The order has it's seat in Ojib too. Every settlement has an order temple and those who didn't have one were forced to build one. The land itself features mostly rolling hills and forests. The tower is in the region with the highest elevations and most unwelcoming landscape by Quidshiboan standards: a treeless steppe.

Adrascentian Order: The order believes in the almighty goddess and the head of the order is the pope. The pope can be male or female in the order. Currently the pope is a woman, a zealot who made the old pope "disappear". The military arm of the Adrascentian order consists of the order knights and paladins. The order paladins can neutralize magic and therefore are a great danger to mages who oppose the order.

The tower: The tower features many traps, both mechanical and magical. So watch out that you do not fall into a pit of spikes, get decapitated or crushed. The tower in general has an eerie aura. Surprisingly, the traps only happen once per person among the cursed, afterwards they can be easily circumvented. If one of the curse is destroyed beyond regeneration such as by magic, they will be "reborn" in the tower. The tower both nurtures and dooms the cursed.

A cure? The curse could maybe be lifted, but it is unknown if a cure exists yet and how many aeons it will take.

For any questions: Ask in OOC thread.

Character sheet:

Equipment (medieval and magical weapons only, armor is for the group likely hand-me-downs or of lesser quality, other equipment exists too)
Occupation (before fleeing)
Alignment (At the start, you can only pick between Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good and Lawful Neutral. In character development your alignment can change, such as in the instance that your character becomes increasingly malicious or insane)

Toggle Rules

No godmoding. You may be immortal but that doesn't mean you are a god.
At least 90 words per post.
Please stick to the fantasy setting when creating a character. Other playable species don't exist as they either don't live in Quidshibo or were killed off by the order.

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Quidshibo by Aniihya


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