Andrew Charles James.

"And you thought this was all for real? Too pathetic."

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Andrew C. James.

23 years of age.


Well, to put in simpler terms, Andrew is a bit of a sadist; he hates showing his true emotions but loves toying with people. While he isn’t as sadistic as some (-cough-cough-eradicator-cough-cough), he still has his moments when people question whether or not he’s human; he not only toys with people, but he uses them to such an extent, that it’s almost impossible to leave his side.

Andrew is a complete heartthrob. He stands to be little over 6ft, and has lean, toned muscle wrapping around his entire body; it doesn’t help the fact that all the clothes he wears, extenuates this fact. Andrew’s hair falls right below his ears, dangling by his jaw line and is almost, always messy. When he smiles, he reveals two, deep and equally charming dimples that seem to only help sharpen his good looks and help frame his full lips. His eyes are a striking blue, which contrasts his dark, brown hair and pale-ish skin. Black, winged tattoos are on his back, starting from the top of his shoulder blades and going down, stopping above his butt.

Cause of Unhappiness:
“What are you talking about? Me? Unhappy? Pssh, yeah, alright.”
Despite Andrew’s reluctant attitude about the question when he’s confronted with it, he does have a reason for his personality; though, perhaps we should save that for another day.

Andrew grew up in a wealthy family built on lies and death. That was all he knew- ever since he was child; even then, he seemed to be lacking much of anything else. His parents married each other to further the investment of their companies and to profit; due to their never ending hatred towards each other, they never had a child. Instead, to cease the grandparents’ pestering, the adopted Andrew on a whim and only saw him when it was necessary; not even bothering to give him a name- he used Andrew, after a character he read about in a book for his name.
When he turned eight, his parents, fed of each other now, hired killers to kill each other- yes, that’s right, you read correctly. In this modern day and age, two people who wishfully throw away their lives due to hatred- how original. To keep him from burdening their plans, they locked him up in a room for three weeks straight, completely forgetting his existence, and when it was all over, Andrew inherited their wealth and business. It was there he saw how people where becoming manipulated and where he learned the true ways of humans.
Deciding to play life’s game, Andrew gave the company to his cousin and took off with the family fortune, swindling everyone in the family. He moved from country to country, state to state until the family had either given up on the pursuit or died off. Now he lives in a small town, investing small fortunes into the stock and earning more than enough to live off; his fortune growing more and more every day.

So begins...

Andrew Charles James.'s Story