Arthur Olsen

A crazy, crazy man.

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a character in “Unhinged Duality”, as played by Ikiros


Name- Arthur Olsen
Sin/virtue- Chastity
Gender- Male
Age- 34
Appearance- Arthur looks like a homeless man. He wears ragged clothing and is covered in grime and gunk. Like the stereotypical doomsday-sayer he is, he wears a large sign emblazoned with the words, "The end is Nigh", in large black words. His hair is dark brown and disheveled, his eyes are so dark they're almost black. He's about five and half feet tall, but he slouches almost constantly, so he appears shorter than he really is.
Personality - He's nuts. His lack of social skills and constant worrying has caused his family and friends to leave him as an oucast, afraid to be seen around someone so crazy.
Motivations - He really just wants to make sure people stop and listen, that way they don't die off unfortunately. Being self-aware of his meaning has driven him up the wall so he feels that if he can get anyone to listen, he'll be able to live normal again.
Whether you will Allow them to be Murdered - Absolutely, but it'll have to make sense.
History - It wasn't always like this, in fact Arthur once had many friends, but was pretty much a jerk. Although he'd been popular, he was known for his stalwart efforts to remain chaste until he was married. Despite this, he did end up being rather frivolous physically.
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Arthur Olsen's Story