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Anoko Maria Hisaragi

I believe Balance is the key to prosperity.....

0 · 140 views · located in Earth

a character in “Unholy Trigger”, as played by Reika-Chan


Name: Anoko Maria Hisaragi
Age: (Ten days since she became goddess of Balance.) Seventeen
Role: Goddess of Balance
Appearance: Image
Released Form: Image
Personality: Anoko has a normally quiet personality and she'll tend to keep to herself and read in most of her free-time. She APPEARS clumsy, this is a ruse. Underneath the ruse she is calm collected and refuses to back down from a challenge. Anoko doesn't like herself much, but too scared to hurt herself. She hates seeing people upset hurt or in any sort of pain. So she always tries to help people and tends to be quite caring. She loves helping people, hates hurting them but she can be quite violent, She loves animals, but afraid of Insects reptiles and arachnids. She loves singing, writing, reading, and can't dance even if it were to save her life. She loves art!! She can play violin taught by a friend. She loves video games, and is very obviously a tomboy. Empathetic, kind, understanding, gentle, but at times can be vicious, ferocious, merciless.
She enjoys:
Tending to flowers
Art related things

She Dislikes:

Love Interest: Straight.
Personal Goals: She wishes to own her own flower shop, and teach people about flowers. She loves, loves loves flowers.
Manipulation over
And shadow
And her third ability is using sound, through singing, her flute or various other ways, the way she uses sound is putting suggestions into her opponents heads. Like for example. "Be still." or "Cut your neck." Among other.

Weapon/Equipment: Flute, or a long Tachi. Something she may also use as a weapon, a metal violin case.
History: Anoko was born in a small providence in russia, no where important. Her parents learned very early on just how smart she was. By the time she was five she was reading collage grade reading material. After that she soon took interest in flowers, and fighting.
Theme Song: Hero By Younha & Crazy Ride By Michelle Branch.

Speed Reading
Writing music
Anything to do with guns
Fighting, more or less any form of combat
Faults: Anoko is shy and often let's people make fun of her.
She has learned many languages not only because her family, but because of traveling while researching flowers and moving quite often.
She also sometimes to speak in a certain language and slips into various others. Some of these being
Japanese or
As well as English depending on her setting
She is also quite clumsy at times and is easily embarrassed. Although her clumsy-ness disappears when she fights.

So begins...

Anoko Maria Hisaragi's Story