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Red Headings.

"Weak minds sink under prosperity as well as adversity; but strong and deep ones have two high tides." - David Hare

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a character in “Unholy Trigger”, as played by Straight Jacket



17 years old; has been a God for two years now.

God of Memories.

Red is unique looking; she has one normal green eye and one vibrant blue eye, though, its hardly noticeable in direct sunlight. Her hair is in choppy layers and sits right below her shoulder blades; striking colors form as it goes down, starting as a grass green and ending in a sky purple. She has light beige skin that is flawless, no pimple or zit in sight; though, she does have a few scars from her past. Her body is an hour-glass shape but is slender with a medium-average bust. She isn't beautiful, nor pretty, just normal looking with a splash of color. Her lips are full and always pink. Its easy to see her fluster and to read her emotions on her face. She is about 5"7 and weighs about 120 pounds. Her body is very weak though...


Red is different from your average person. She isn't the brightest crayon in the bunch and is a bit naive. She is thick headed, headstrong, and stubborn; almost as much as a mule. She tends to stand out most of the time and is very reckless when it comes to fighting. She keeps her emotions inside of her heart and locks them up. She isn't the one to quite understand love and sarcasm; especially sarcasm. She tends not to understand jokes as much as she could and she is very, very nosy when it comes to other peoples' past; though, she hates when others know about hers. She isn't the one to speak first, infact, she is very shy when it comes to new people; but once they warm up to her and she gets to know them more, they see her real side. She a girl filled with flaws left and right. Ask around, and people will say things like, 'She is an idiot,' or 'Why did she even become a God?' or 'She is clumsy and doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut.' She has a big mouth and doesn't know when to shut up; along with that, she doesn't know when to give up and tends to have a sailor's mouth. She is clumsy, and will trip while just standing there. Many people ask why she is even a God. She isn't the most liked person up there; but she does have a good heart and is sweet and kind. Her head isn't all the way up there, so she doesn't have to give much thought about things like war or violence. Infact; she is a bit of a day-dreamer. She isn't the one who thinks much about who likes who, who hates who, who wants revenge and all that nonsense. Red has a fairly large heart and will sometimes even worry about other Gods, angels and what not that even say they hate her; though, she is the one to hold a grudge...

Love Interest:
She never gave it much thought; and probably won't.

Personal Goals:
It isn't a goal of hers, but she wants there to be peace among everyone; though, its a secrete she keeps in her heart, locked away with her emotions.

She can bring your worst nightmare, or sweetest dreams to life through illusions that are the most realistic illusion there is.
In her release form only, she can create a realistic illusion that comes to life from your worst nightmare and actually kill you from the inside out; but there is a grave conscience.
Lastly, she can go into your dreams and contact you and what not; though, she can't cause any harm to you but you can cause harm to her.

A double sided sword.

Red was born with a very weak body and because of this, her family couldn't afford her and gave her up for adoption. She was always hospitalized for a disease she doesn't even know the name for. She watched as others grew and play since she couldn't even stand properly. Soon, when she had gotten better, her parents came crawling back to her. They asked for their forgiveness and what not for abandoning their only child. Red couldn't accepted them; she didn't see them as her real parents, so instead, her personal nurse, Shae, who had taken care of Red had adopted her. She was only twelve when that happened. Even though she was adopted, Red was forbidden to go outside the hospital grounds until her condition was stabilized. For her fifteen birthday, she was told that she might not live to see the winter snow fall. She didn't cry, she didn't know how to react to what she was being told. So she told Shae that she had heard of these islands that you could contact the Gods and said she wanted to go to one. Shae got her released and flew herself and Red towards one of the islands. Red went out one night when it was fairly late; almost midnight and went to one of the churches. She fell asleep in one of the pews and woke up a God. There was alot more to her history, but the rest is a bit of a mystery. Many of the others just know the basics like the one just explained; but know one really knows the full details of her.

Theme Song:
Forgiven by Skillet
Would It Matter by Skillet.
Never Surrender by Skillet
(As you can see, Skillet is my favorite band... :P)

TBA -maybe...-

So begins...

Red Headings.'s Story