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Erin McCutchen

"I didn't ask for any of this."

0 · 525 views · located in Arcstone, London

a character in “Uninstall”, as played by urgoddessyvie


"I never asked for any of this!"



Erin McCutchen



October 19th

American 50%, French 25%, Greek 25%


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Erin is 5'7" tall. Her hair is a light brown and curled at the tips. Her eyes were chestnut in color, often glassy due to the drugs she still continues to take. She has a very thin physique due to unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. Her wardrobe consists of an assortment of leather jackets and ripped jeans. She has a tattoo of a thorny vine running from her shoulders and around her left arm.

Erin is closed off and quiet, a true introvert if you will. She isn't a person to interact with people and more often than not locks herself inside her room entirely. She hates confrontation and speaking in public but is intimidating enough that she seems cold and snobbish rather than shy. She is easily disheartened and depressed Some people tell her that she loves too fast and too hard and it will cause her downfall. She wants to listen to them but she can't stop her heart.

How did they die?: Erin overdosed on prescription drugs after a particularly taxing day. She was in one of her depressed moments and took one too many drugs. She's one of the youngest experiments, meaning she's only been a SPARK for about a month.

"I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean to be a perpetual fuck up."

Background: Erin was your typical band girl with depressed as her default mood. Her parents didn't pay any attention to her, she didn't have many friends, and she wasn't doing well in university. The only good thing in her life was her music and that had started to begin failing her as well. She was depressed and felt that everything was shit and one thing led to another. She ran to her room, played her music as loud as she can, and grabbed any and all pills she could find in the medicine cabinet.

Erin didn't think she would get another chance at life. She also didn't think that she'd have to fight for this second chance. She wasn't one for confrontation and would rather just continue to live her second life in peace and surrounded by music, but of course nothing ever went well with Erin's life. She had to learn to fight alongside the other six experiments and she absolutely hated it. She tried taking her life again before, but the other experiments wouldn't let her, and she hated them for it.

The only good thing to come out of it was that the small town they were in was peaceful and she might have found someone to make it all worthwhile. She just hoped that she wasn't one of those freaks out to kill her.


FC: Olivia Wilde
Dialogue Color: #0040FF

So begins...

Erin McCutchen's Story