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Maunkee Empire

Through the Greater Good shall the wars end, and the Greater Good shall reign.

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a character in “Universal War”, as played by Saxious


Nation name: The Maunkee Empire
Race(s): Maunkee
  • Their skin is blue
  • They have purple eyes.
  • Their hair is always black.
  • An average Maunkee stands 179-183 cm tall
  • They have a natural mathematical, scientific and semi-artistic mind.
  • This allows them to move forward in technology, creativity and culture, faster than any other race
  • They are carbon based humanoids.

Nation size: One

Government type: Representative Council.
There are 4 representatives of the five different sectors of the Maunkee Empire. General Senior, Workers' Union, The Greater Good Organization, Industrial and Scientific, & Agricultural Governor Seniors

Important Government Figures:
High Councilor Chao Lin ~ Is responsible for both the External and Internal government.
Bishop Hujyck Jin ~ Leader of the Greater Good Organization
Arch-Commander Joice San-su ~ The highest commander (general) of the Maunkee army

Economy: Command Market. Government controls the prices, production and distribution.

Important Economic Leaders: Board of Economy. A board whic controls the economy within the nation.

Greater Good:
The belief that through Reason and Peace the universe will be united into a single faction that will live in peace and strive to move forward in advancement (socially, economically and technologically)

Points of interest:
  • T'au
    • Where the Maunkee Council is located, and where all political meetings takes place.
    • This is a High-Value System due to political and religious importance of the planet.
  • Jua'an System
    • It is a set of five planets, called Jua'an I, II, III, etc.
    • Jua'an I + II : Average Planet ; Has two moons. Moon I: Used as Space Port. Moon II: Used as Military Space Port (includes planetary and orbital defenses)
    • Jua'an III + IV : Agricultural World ; Has one moon. Used for exporting and importing.
    • Jua'an V : Used to train Special Ops soldiers. Remains highly secret within the government.
  • Vispeer
    • This is a set of four planets.
    • All four planets are dedicated for industrial and research purposes. Production of consumer goods and military goods. No moons present at any planet

The Birth of the Maunkee Empire

The planet that is now known as "T'au" used to be much like the human race's earth, divided between different nations that fought for supremacy over the planet, however back then the Maunkee wasn't as foresighted as they are to the present day, and was stuck in what the Terran humans knows as "The 21st century."

War raged across the planet every third century, and the casualties became more and more bloody as the number of Maunkees forced into the wars increased massively, and the sheer advancement of the weapons continued to be improved over the expand of peace.
A single Maunkee, leader of a small independent state suddenly rose up and began to influence his small neighbors, uniting them together to a single nation that soon became a global power in economy.

This Maunkee was called "Sha'O'Shi," and was to be the future leader of T'au and start the Maunkee's expansion into space.

Using his vast fortune he spend a lot of money on improving the technology of his nation, he used his visionary ideas for inventions to improve the technology of his army and people, and using a new method for waging war, he invaded the larger nations with skills and with the constant pressure of these hostile Maunkee nations having to surrender to both the convincing army of Sha'O'Shi, and economically suffering from the powerful grip that Sha'O'Shi had around the global economy.

Sha'O'Shi defeated all the leaders of T'au and united the entire population under a single banner.

Exploring the Great Darkness

After the union of the Maunkee, Sha'O'Shi began to economically, politically and spiritually unit the Maunkee, using the belief of The Greater Good to bring them closer together.
After that, Sha'O'Shi launched a series of technological advancements which gave the Maunkee access to the space, and the Maunkee began to conquer and unite other planets, using economic, political and military methods to make the planets and their inhabitants submit to The Greater Good.

Sha'O'Shi himself died, seven T'au years after he had formed what he started, but before he died he wrote The Code of Honor which became the rules of war for the Maunkee military army.
After Sha'O'Shi's death, the Maunkee didn't elect a new leader, nor did they turn to create a form of parliment, instead they created a council that listened to what the people wanted and did as the masses wanted, and so far the people has asked the government to end what Sha'O'Shi started.

Strengths (Non-Militarily):
  • Distribution of Labor: The Maunkee production is efficient and quick. The quality is perfect and won't break anytime soon.
  • No Inflation: There is no inflation. No unemployment. Everyone works one way or the other.
  • Dedication: Once the Maunkee gets an idea, they will do whatever their technology and skills allows them to do in order to achieve it
  • Can I get some medic? The welfare state of the Maunkee is both free and so good that the health of the Maunkees can be compared with the most well trained human. They have every antidote for any form of illness in the universe.
  • Mathematical and Scientific: The Maunkee are natural mathematicians and scientists, thus every citizen can fix anything that is made by their own nation.

Weaknesses (Non-Militarily):
  • Weak: While they may be healthy, that doesn't make them strong. Their bones can easily be broken, and they don't last long compared to other races in physical work.
  • Too-Nice and Naive: With the belief of the Greater Good, the Maunkee are more than ready to open up their hospitality to anyone, and fooling them is simple too, as they are big fans of political meetings between foreign nations.
  • Fanatical: They believe in the Greater Good so much that they are often blinded to the fact that other species are not as enlightened.
  • Shame: The Maunkee frown upon their own soldier for fighting in the field. They feel ashamed that they too once had an ancestor that pulled the trigger against their own kind and those of others.
  • Nosy: The Maunkee see themselves as the 'Police of the Universe', and therefore they will always question every faction for who did what.[[/list]

Hyper Tech:
Learning AI: The Maunkee has developed a loyal form of Artificial Intelligence that learsn by the minute. They have implied that into their robotic soldiers, allowing them to quickly learn their opponents doctrine and then work on countering every attack.

Standard Issued Plasma Guns: Laser weapons?! That's the stone age. These days, we use plasma, and if that doesn't work, then get out the heavier guns! ... The Maunkee's highly developed army allows them to make weapons that would be rare for other nations standard issued.

Perfect Energy: The Maunkee has unlocked the secret to create plasma fusion generators. One of these generators can power up one of the Maunkee's average planets, while two or three can keep a heavy industry planet going 24/7. Also, these generators has been narrowed down, allowing them to be more transportable, so they bring these 'battery' generators with them for their robotic soldiers to be recharged.

The Eye! The Maunkee Empire has, on T'au, a device which allows them to send frequencies and see images/videos of the different parts of the universe. It allows them to observe the different nations safely and they can send frequencies through the space vacuum (though the length (both the message and the actual distance between T'au and the other planet) is limited).


The Maunkee military is founded in the book, Code of Honor, which tells the military leaders how they are suppose to fight and why. It is a rather thick book and was originally written by the first military-political leader of T'au, Sha'O'Shi.

The original book is, today, preserved in the T'au's national museum for all to see it, and the book has now been immortalized by being written into actual data that will never be able to be changed.

The books states that;
All frontal attacks are to be made in the open. No cowardliness is to be show or made, no matter how bad the odds, the Maunkee soldiers shall stand their ground and show their bravery. Enemies are to be killed swiftly; no intentional pain is to be dealt against the enemy. They fight as they fight, thus they deserve the gift of a swift death.

All survivors, foes, allies, and brothers alike are to be given medical help, if found behind the Front Line on the Maunkee side. The subject is to be send to a friendly hospital, have his/hers wounds healed (both physical and mental). All who has been given treatment is to be given at least two weeks of mental recovery from the horrors of war, or if psychological experts states otherwise it will be extended.

The commanders must, at all cost, try to avoid total warfare between him and his enemy. The commander must push for political peace, and even offer to pay a certain extend of the damages done to the planet (if the battles has been on a planet), and thus also offer the possibility to start a trade with the Maunkee Empire.

Sieges on settlements are allowed, however all those who has survived the siege must be given immediate medical and financial help. The city is to be rebuilt, if not improved.

To reduce organic casulties, most of the infantry is to consist of robotic fighters, noit organic soldiers, supported by Vehicles and Air Units.

There are to be made no, aerial bombing, massacres, genocide, or planetary destruction, unless the specific ethical group has been specifically deemed 'Hopeless' by the Order of the Greater Good, then the entire ethical group is to be wiped off the face of the universe by all means availiable.
No form of cloaking dives are to be allowed to be used during war, as it is unmoral and not practical, even if the enemy uses these cloacking devices, the Commander can turn to other methods to win the battles.
Spies are allowed to be used, however they are to be operating outside the Code of Honor, and thus if they are captured by the enemy, is then on his own.

When an ethnic is deemed "Hopeless" no mercy is to be shown to the race, Orbital Bombardment is a must when assaulting the planets, even planetary destruction is deemed a usable measure. The Commanders of the armies do no longer have restrictions for their methods, nor will they be held accounted for their actions, or those of their forces.

The Maunkee follows this book to the extreme, however commanders has their methods to go around some of these rules. They often aren't popular methods, though they are deemed neccersary at the times.
The Maunkee also uses psychological and terror warfare. They present the leaders with statistics at which their soldiers are being killed, showing the progress and futile progress they are making against them; along with that they attack vital points which are needed by the enemy's military and civilians, in belief that the military will be frustrated with their attempts and dismayed by their losses while the people will pressure the government for asking for peace.


Class Name: Achilles
Ship in class: 6/10
Category: Large Transport
Combat Designation: Transportation of soldiers, ammunition, supplies and resources.
Armor: 8.5/10 - The walls of the ship has been thickened with the strongest form of steel that the Maunkee knows of and the windows are reinforced to resist as much damage as possible. There are several security systems that ensures that even if a window breaks, then the doors will automatically close to prevent the loss of air.
Shields: 9/10 - Defense systems are set up and there are AI controlled drones that fight off any enemy attackers
Reactor: 10/10 - the reactors are powerful and can get the ship into high speed, even for hyper speed.
Sensors: 8/10 - The sensors are rather good for this ship, however they aren't the best. They are good enough to be used to pick up the average details (and a bit more) for when the Maunkee sends off its drop pods.
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Drive
Sublight Motors:[/b] 5/10 - four powerful motors that the Maunkee has made almost perfect for this sort of vehicle. It is plasma driven.
Armament: 3/10- *3'500 Maunkee Space Drones that works as defense for the ship, and is controlled by AI
*5'250 Drop Pods that can hold 75 Maunkee.
*It has space for 393'750 extra passengers and can load up to 750 tons of equipment

Hangar Complement: Two large hangars (see pic.) protected by anti-spaceship guns and Space Drones
Special Equipment:[/b] AI Computer that controls the Drop Pods, the anti-spaceship guns, Space Drones and other similar robotic machines. It also has a "Command Center" with it, which is dropped by the Drop Pods on the invading planet (see military doctrine for explanation)

Class Name:Drop Pods
Ship in class: 3/10
Category: Transport Ship
Combat Designation: Transporting troops, vehicles, even lesser buildings.
Armor: 6/10 - not too heavy and certainly not too light, just good enough for its type of vessel.
Shields: 4/10 - stranger than perhaps the average transport ships but not as strong as perhaps other ships in the Maunkee Navy
Reactor: 5/10 - Strong and fast enough to go from high orbital to low orbital, and vice verse.
Sensors: 8/10 - Needs to know specifically where it is suppose to land
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Neither
Sublight Motors: Plasma Driven and the ship itself is controlled by AI
Armament: it can hold 75 Maunkee , has five missiles, and two plasma/pulse guns to fire at enemy units.
Hangar Complement: A simple open and close gate.
Special Equipment: None

Class Name: Space Drone
Ship in class: 4/10
Category: Space Fighter
Combat Designation: To fight off any enemy units in Space and low orbital
Armor: 5/10 - Good enough for its kind
Shields: 7/10 - As the vessel is controlled by an AI, which has the same experience as a veteran flyer, it has amazing abilities to dodge, chase, and fight, despite being controlled by a computer.
Reactor: 7/10 - gives the Space Drones high speed in space and is capable of allowing it to take sharp turns and do hard manouvers.
Sensors: 8/10 - like any other sensor that the Maunkee has, this one is highly alert for what is happening around it.
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Neither
Sublight Motors: Plasma motor
Armament: Two four four barreled guns (look at pic.)
Hangar Complement: None
Special Equipment: None

Class Name:Jet Fighter
Ship in class: 7/10
Category: Low orbital plane. Used to fight other air vessels and infantry.
Combat Designation: Used to fight other air vessels and infantry. Provides support for infantry.
Armor: 6/10 - strong to resist a few hits by a plasma canon, and a missiles or two.
Shields: 7/10 - Like the Space Drones, it has an automatic defense system to save its pilot.
Reactor: 4/10 - Fast for its planetary type.
Sensors: 8/10 - Like any other sensor, it is highly detailed and can help the pilot to attack specific units, even in pitched street fights.
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Neither
Sublight Motors: Plasma motors
Armament:*Six missiles (can follow specific targets)
*Has two Plasma Canon guns (works like missiles, but is more useful against structures and vehicles (it's just large clumps of exploding plasma)).
*Has two plasma guns (shoots fast, and small plasma shots)

[b]Hangar Complement:
The window can be opened for the pilot to enter.
Special Equipment: The Two Plasma Canon (descried above)

Class Name: Barracuda Bomber
Ship in class: 5/10
Category: Bomber
Combat Designation: Used to bomb enemy armies, supplies, and bases.
Armor: 9/10 - Is suppose to resist a lot of damage to carry out its job.
Shields: 8/10 - The AI is trained to be just as deflective as it is with any other similar combat vessel.
Reactor: 7/10 - Has to be able to fly as quickly to its location, drop the bombs and fly back.
Sensors: 8/10 - any other bloody vessel mates.
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Neither
Sublight Motors: Plasma Motors
Armament: A few plasma guns and loads of space for bombs
Hangar Complement: None.
Special Equipment: Besides its

Class Name: The Light Bringer
Ship in class: 9/10
Category: Destroyer of Land
Combat Designation: This ship is designed to be in low orbital and destroy all ground forces, function as a siege weapon and provide with support and repair for all damages.
Armor: 9/10
Shields: 9/10 -
Reactor: 3/10 - it is a slow moving vessel
Sensors: 9/10 - You can't hide from this thing!
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Drive
Sublight Motors: Plasma Motor
*It has thirty Plasma Canons
*Twenty plasma guns
*One hundred Anti-Air vessel Plasma Guns
*H-Bombs (A bomb designed to attack organic life, ONLY!)
*200 Drones (see military, Infantry Support)
*Space for more infantry
* Light Canon - (the thing between the lower part and the main body of the spaceship) ~ is a powerful canon that blasts large areas away. It is one of the most powerful canons that the Maunkee posses, and thus if the ship goes down an automatic self destruction will happen in this canon and destroy the ship and the nearby surroundings.

Hangar Complement: Is loaded into the ship from where they lower the Light Canon.
Special Equipment: Is controlled by an independent AI Computer.

Class Name: Maunkee Sword
Ship in class: 8/10
Category: Battleship
Combat Designation: To fight in High Orbital.
Armor: 8/10
Shields: 7/10
Reactor: 6/10
Sensors: 8/10
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Driver
Sublight Motors: Plasma
*A lot of guns. (look at pic).
* 5'000 Space Drones

Hangar Complement: simple, walk in and out once in a port.
Special Equipment: No.

Class Name: Fist of Maunkee
Ship in class: 7/10
Category: Battle cruiser
Combat Designation: To support the Maunkee Swords, and to provide the Navy with orbital canons.
Armor: 7/10
Shields: 7/10
Reactor: 6/10
Sensors: 8/10
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Driver
Sublight Motors: Plasma Motor
*Loads of canons
*Death Canon (look at Pic.) ~ It is a single powerful shot that works both as a plasma canon and as an EMP (thus shutting the system of the enemy spaceship down)
*Orbital Canons ~ For orbital bombardment
*2'000 Space Drones
*Anti-Space Vessel Guns (Does this need explanation?)

Hangar Complement: Two hangars that can be opened from the sides for ships to enter or exit.
Special Equipment: Death Canon

Class Name: ODS
Ship in class: 10/10
Category: Orbital Destructive Spaceship
Combat Designation: To lay waste to entire planets with its many, and destructive canons
Armor: 10/10
Shields: 9/10
Reactor: 6/10
Sensors: 5/10
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Drive
Sublight Motors: Plasma Motors
*Planetary Surface Burner ~ This canon is built to burn away all life on a specific area on a planet. Everything from a small village to a metropolis (and more) can be turned to dust with this deadly Planetary Canon. The system has a very complex formula which it uses to estimate the area which will be burned completely barren, where the shockwave will effect, and in what levels. The canon also burns into the ground, and causes a brief, but highly deadly, radiation which goes 20 km into the earth's crust, effectively, turning the entire area into a desert.
*300'000 Space Drones
*Anti-Space Vessel Guns in their tens of thousands

Hangar Complement: On the 'triangle' that is attached to the 'cone' there are over hundreds of hangars that leads out to space.
Special Equipment: Listed above

Ground Armies:

Ground Troops:
The majority of the 'soldiers' that the Maunkee fields are in reality robots with AI which allows them to learn the longer they fight. Every soldier has been given a pre-doctrine of how they are to fight and how the previous opponents that the Maunkee Empire has met has fought, allowing their robots to improvise and implement their tactics together.

..-Is armed with one, or two, of the following weapons: ~four barreled rail-gun ~Plasma Canon ~Duel Flamethrower
..-They always wear a robotic suit for them, personally, which has a strong link with the net between the Maunkee's system, radios and communication.
......*They have three cameras which gives them sight, and at least a dozen applications to give them a good overlook of where their enemies are located, how much ammunition they have left, and the likes.
......*The armor itself is strong, and enhances whatever movement the user does. The commander is quicker, stronger and has a set of jet packs around the suits robotic angles, which he can use to make his run faster and to jump a few meters into the air.
......*They have 8 small missiles in a box on their shoulder which they can use to fire at vehicles or heavy infantry.

-Chosen of Sha'O'Shi
..-Elite infantry
..-Armed with three barreled railgun
..-Has similar armor to the Commander
......*They have only two cameras to show them their frontal view.
......*They have the same communication system
......*Has a flamethrower
......*Also have robotic enhancement for movement
..-Serve as bodyguards of the Commander, shock troopers, special OU (Operation Units), and the likes.

Black Ops

..-Shock Troopers.
..-armed with a plasma canon.
..-Are used for hit an run attacks against stronger units (i.e, tanks and the likes)
..-Has Robotic Enhancement
..-Has Jet Packs that allows them to be in the air for roughly 65 minutes (still and moving) (Plasma motors)
..-Has 4 cameras to show them their view (including, distance from target, friendly and/or enemy units, height from sea level, etc.)

..-They are recognized by their white helmets.
..-Commands a squad between 10-15 Maunkee soldiers
..-Are armed with:
......*Plasma Rifle (fires thicker and deadlier plasma shots than the Captain's PMSG)
......*Plasma Pistol
......*Medic kit
......*4 Plasma Grenades
......*Ear Communication
..-They have the same form of armor as the Captain
..-Their helmets, too, have three cameras which shows them their area, allows them to change their vision, and gives them information on the surroundings, and reports.

-Maunkee Soldiers
..-These Maunkee citizens has voluntarily joined the army out of the belief that it will benefit the greater good and bring the universe closer as one.
..-Their armor is much like that of their captain, and sergeant.
..-The Maunkee soldiers can be armed with the following weapons:
......*Plasma Rifle or PMSG
......*Plasma Canon (in a moderated size).
......*Four barreled rail-gun (in moderated size and power)
......*Plasma Rocket Launcher (LRP) ~ ...RPG...Maunkee style. (If specified, it can follow specific target, at maximum specific range, and speed)
......*Kinetic Sniper ~ A quick shooting sniper firing small, but highly concentrated Plasma shots.
..-Their helmets, too, have three cameras which shows them their area, allows them to change their vision, and gives them information on the surroundings, and reports.

..-These medical trained Maunkee serves the army by lending their biological knowledge for medicine to those who are wounded (foe and ally alike).
..-They stay 500 meters behind the front line and provides with help to those who are wounded, and when the Maunkee advances, they provide hospitality for those who needs it
......*Whether or not they want it. The Maunkee believes that no one should be allowed to die because of war and thus they offer as much medical care as they can to those who are in need of it
......*They give temporary medical care, and then signals for robots to pick the wounded individual up and bring him/her/it to a hospital for it to be treated.
......*If the healed soldiers wishes it, the Maunkee will, with the permission of the enemy government, they will send a drop pod off with the induvidual so they can return to their homeworld, however, the individual is not allowed to leave the care of the Maunkee until they have recovered, undergone questioning, and has been held back in order to psycologically recover from any war horrors that he/she/it may be suffering from.
..-They wear very basic armor, and are armed with only a plasma pistol, and a much more advanced medic kit.

-Stealth Units
..-These units are used for infiltrating enemy bases, and the likes
..-They operate outside the Code of Honor
......*This makes them dangerous as they are allowed to kill their opponents in any way they deem neccersary.
......*It allows them to use certain weapons that the average Maunkee would find insensible and dishonorable.
..-They are used for assassination, and sabotage during wars.
..-They, too, have robotic enhancement
..-Their armor is much lighter and makes barely any noise when they move.
..-It is equipped with silenced jet packs around the angle to enhance movement and to enable them to fly for a very brief time.


-Battle Warrior XX31
..-Standard form of units used to fight besides the Maunkee soldiers.
..-Has the same experience, reflexes, knowledge and general skills as an elite soldier
..-Is equipped with a flamer and four barreled rail-gun.
..-As this is a full robot with humanoid movement, it is a fast moving robot and can hit hard.

-Siege Warrior XX43
..-These suits are designed for siege attacks, as they have powerful plasma canons loaded onto their shoulders, they can fire a considerable range. They work much like Plasma Canons on the space ships.
..-It is armed with two 6 pack small missiles, used against nearby infantry.
......*It relies on the Maunkee soldiers to protect it.
..-Like any other robot, it has an unbelievably intelligent AI, and with the additional information it has for being as precise as it can when firing its missiles and canons, it has a deadly accuracy.

..-Average soldiers of the Maunkee.
..-Armed with a PMSG, and a saber/katana, these robots give help to the otherwise 'fragile' Maunkee soldiers (despite that all living infantry is trained to the best that technology can offer).
..-Standard AI (another elite soldier to the group...)

-Power Bots
..-These robots are armed with flamers and plasma canons
......*They are used for destroying heavily fortified and defended buildings and areas
..-Its armor is much thicker

..-These flying robots are armed with two four barreled (one on each side) and a six barreled (In the middle) plasma PMSG.
..-Are in squads of four, and one for every Maunkee Soldier squad there are.
..-They have AI however, the sergeant of the squad can controls these robots when they need surprise attacks from unseen angels and can instruct them using their ear communicator.

..-This vehicle has powerful armor, capable of resisting a lot of damage.
..-Can hold up to 300 Maunkee soldiers.
..-Has powerful anti-gravity engines which allows it to fly maximum a meter off the ground.
..-It has powerful sensors that can pick up tons of details, from landmines, to hidden enemies in the terrain.

..-This vehicle is used to do hit and run attacks.
..-It has powerful engines which allows it to fly (much like a helicopter, though faster)
..-It is armed with two drones that shoots at targets at the front sides and a single four barreled gun in the middle front.
..-Needs two pilots though.
..-Can fly horizontal without changing the direction of the entire vehicle, and is able to make sharper turns than other vehicles.

-Offensive Tank
..-These tanks are built to fire hell on their enemies, as rainstorms of plasma is fired at their enemies, and its Siege Plasma Canon fires single powerful shots.
..-Effective to pin enemy units at spots and finish them off with a single shot from the siege plasma canon.

So begins...

Maunkee Empire's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Maunkee Empire Character Portrait: The Ascari Federation
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Ascari Federation

Ascari Six

Aboard the Myrmidon class support craft, 'Atlantis M4781'.

Captain Werta looked at the radar. The H'moj Tef'it 's movements were gradually increasing. Still minuscule, but it was worrying. Werta's crew, supported by a hundred cruisers, were in charge of making sure the kwons stayed where they were. Nobody knew what the H'moj Tef'it or even each individual kwon was capable of, and nobody wanted to find out.

"ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!" shouted a prerecorded voice.

Werta nearly jumped off his chair. He composed himself and shouted, "Where?"
"Sector 4!" shouted the man controlling the nanomachines. A few million kwons had broken off and were heading for the Atlantis M4781.

He got a message from another Myrmidon, 'Troy M76451'

He replied instantly,
Stay back

He couldn't see each individual kwon on the radar because kwons were minuscule creature, the size of ants, but the cluster was far too clear on the screen. The nanomachines controller shouted, this time in a more desperate voice, "It is destroying the nanomachines in its path!"

"Calm down everyone. Get the destroyer nanomachine ready," he said and stood up. He headed over to the nanomachines controller who nodded in affirmative. The destoyer nanomachines were, for the most parts, protein molecules that blocked blood vessels, clogged the air pipes of the creature and generally caused havoc.

"Wait for my signal," said the captain, reading all the reports flashing on the screen. Just as the cluster of kwons reached within 300 meters of M4781, he shouted, "Now!"

Both the nanomachine controller and the captain looked at the screen intently for the results, and as the controller began his procedure, many eyes looking at them with varying emotions. Some were scared, some excited, some nonchalant and some confused. An unprecedented event was unfolding before them. No kwon had ever left the H'moj Tef'it and the H'moj Tef'it had never moved.

Werta removed a cigarette and light it. After taking a long drag, he sighed. The results weren't good, not one bit. The nanomachines had failed for some reason, which surprised the controller. The cluster of kwons was now just outside the ship, waiting for something.

He messaged Troy :
Do it

A few minutes later, as a silver cloud began engulfing the ship and the kwon, came the reply:
May the Gods be with you.

Werta went sat down in the captain's chair. He threw the cigarette down and looked at his men. He couldn't bare looking at their faces. They knew what the silver cloud meant, their deaths. Some broke down crying, some started praying. There was one last thing he needed to do.

He stood up and saluted his men and women. They were his crew and they had stood with him, through good and bad times. Tears ran down his cheeks as he spoke, "The Gods have called us home."

Home system of the Caglari union

The battle had was still going on. It had been six months ago that the Union's battleships had launched a surprise attack on the Executron One, the flagship of the Ascari Federation. Their attempt to damage the flagship had failed miserably, after all the Executron One is protected by a fleet of over 400 battleships and countless other spaceships. Its support fleet is the same size as the entire Union fleet. The Ascari Federation decided to retaliate with force, and it wasn't going smoothly.

Commander Descratos, a Vilcabamban, looked at the battle plan General Fer!an, a Swer!tz, had given him six months ago. Though the plan looked good on paper, it didn't work well on the battlefield. The plan was use to the kamikazes, automated spaceships carrying a large warhead used for suicide missions, on their home planet but whenever the kamikazes came close to the planet, they would shut off. Anything not made by the Union would shut off. There was a field around the planet, but the explorer nanomachines couldn't get any info on them. Natural? Deadly? Removable? They didn't know.

So most of the fight was fought a few hundred thousand kilometers away from the planet, Caglia, near a asteroid belt. The Union had been considerably weakened, but still undefeated.

Captain Vestlana Dominic, human, entered the room and exchanged salutes. "Well?" Descratos looked at the head of the fighter squadrons. She was a hot tempered woman who always bullied on others, but cared for them in some warped sense of the word.

"Still no data on the field," the vilcabamban said. He move around a few spaceship models around on the table. Nothing worked. Whenever the Union's fleet was loosing they'd run off back inside the field. It was getting really annoying and the support for the war was running dry.

The technicians did find a black box in each Union ship but all that box did was send and receive information.

"You and your stupid plans," Vestlana said, "are starting to bore me. I didn't know the smartass Dernters needed 6 months to solve a simple problem." Descratos sighed. If things didn't get 'exciting' again soon, she'd go mad.

"Uh... sir? They are sending out a spaceship," said the communications officer. "A transport ship."

The transport ship headed towards the Federation's ships. "Blanket her," said Descratos and looked at Vestlana. "Why don't go join the war against the dominion? I hear it is fun."

As the transport ship was covered by a sea of silver, Vestlana replied, "How about you shut the fuck up?"

Descratos smiled. Humans had a weird way of using the word 'fuck', which amused him more than anything. The sea of silver turned red and Descatos sighed. It was a nuclear warhead carrying transport ship after all. This war was going to drag on...

Council Headquarters, She'laia, Ascari Seven

The secretary walked quickly, a man following her. "Are you sure?" she asked the man. The man, a networks engineer, nodded. The secretary still didn't believe the man. A new civilization? The wars against the 3 empires they were fighting would loose even more support.

She increased her pace. There was only one council member here at the moment, Senator Roger Manin, and he was scheduled to leave for Kafka, Ascari One in one hour.

Just as she reached his room, Senator Manin stepped out. "Senator, please wait!" she said and stopped to take a breath. Desk work had kept her out of shape. Roger waited for her to get her breath back and spoke, "Easy there. I can always take the next flight." That wasn't really true. The flight he was going on was for him, so it would wait for him.

"This man here has some interesting news. Says he has found a new Empire," she said. Manin looked at the man, and then at his secretary, "Thank you, miss. That will be all."

The man and Roger walked to towards the exit as the man, "Sir, I'm a networks engineer. While cleaning up the systems I found this message. It seemed to be corrupted, but I salvaged best I could."

Roger looked at the message.

To: The E█ed Lead█s █ the Ascari Federation
From: High Co█r Chao Lin of the Ma█e Empire

Dearest re█er,

We, the █unkee E█ire, would li█e to es█ish a peaceful █lomatic c█tact and h█efully also econom█cal trade between o█r two fine nations. The M█unkee has much to of█ you, from advance█pollution free██eng█nes to a revol█onary commu█on system which w█save time for █ying updated with your planets.

If such off█ in your interest, please r█ond to this █ssage and we c█rrange for a meet█ spot for our amba█ to meet and discu█ndebt d█omatic and eco█ical agre█ents be█en our two great n█tions.

May the G█er Good be with█ both.

~High Co█ilor Ch█o Lin

"And why should I believe you?" asked Manin.
"Because it was sent from a part of the Galaxy we haven't explored yet, to my knowledge. Grammar too seems a little off."
Manin spoke, "Fine, no harm in sending the explorer."
Manin called up the communications head quarters, 20minutes from where he was and asked them to send a explorer to the location the message originated from.

Near the Maunkee space, some time later

A lone automated explorer carried with it this:

for the senders of the message, if there a sender. It contained the location of the Federatioan and some information about how to get there.


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#, as written by Saxious
Jua’an System ; Jua’an II ; Space Patrol

Patrol unit #AC-12 reporting. Nothing out of the usual, radar scans shows zero activity, pirate activity is at its minimal and…Wait. I have activity on my radar, a space ship approaching our borders, the logic engine cannot match it to any previous ships ever encountered, orders? Over.
At first the Maunkee officer was baffled. An unknown ship approaching the Maunkee territory was unheard of, or to be exact, it had never happened before. Every planet that the Maunkee controlled had been conquered or annexed, they had never been invaded or approached by anyone else, it could only mean two things. Either an unknown civilization had intercepted the message the Central Government had send out, or they had been discovered by another Empire, either way protocols demanded actions.
This is Jua’an II, Space Central. You are to remain within radar sight of the spaceship, when they close in on our borders you are to send out a warning signal, calling for them to stop. Reinforcement will be on their way, and make sure to report any hostile actions towards the Maunkee Empire. May the Greater Good be with you.

With those orders send out, a series of messages were deployed to the various sectors of the planet and the surrounding systems. The local militia was mobilized for self-defense, calling for thousands of battle robots and spacecrafts to prepare to defend the system as well as sending a message to T’au, informing it of the sudden appearance of the unknown ship.
A dozen battleships, mainly composed of Sword and Fist of Maunkee, and a single Achilles were send to meet this unknown ship. Onboard the Achilles was representatives of the Maunkee Empire, one of each sector of the government who would ask for peaceful negotiations with this unknown civilization.

Though the Maunkee Empire was smaller and had much less problems with communications, it still would have taken enough time for the unknown ship to have entered Maunkee space territory. It would, of course, receive warning messages from the space patrols that guarded the borders of the Empire; hopefully these warnings would be heeded.

From the Achilles a single message was forwarded from the spacecraft to the patrol, who then send it forwardto the unknown ship. Without the knowledge of what the language of the locals, the Maunkee had typed the message and at least half a dozen different languages and dialects in hope that something would be understood.

To: Approaching Space craft.
From: The Representatives of the Maunkee Empire ; General Senior, Workers' Union, The Greater Good Organization, Industrial and Scientific, & Agricultural Governor Seniors

You have approached the Maunkee Empire unannounced and without warning. We wish to enter peaceful negotiations; however we demand that you respect our customs as you’ll be guests within our legal territory.
Any sign of hostility will be met with the full force of the Maunkee Empire.

Agreement of a peaceful meeting will be signaled by sending a ship out so our representatives can meet and discuss any and all matters at hand.

May the Greater Good be with you.

T’au ; External Government

“High Councilor,” a commander said over the video conference, “We detected and obtained what appears to be a drone containing information. The technicians has managed to break through its coding and our Logic Engine is currently working on decoding the language and settings of the drone so we can learn who and what send it.”
Chao nodded, “Well done commander, well done. Inform me when you’re technicians are done with the drone, and then – Commander, do I have your attention?”
“My apologies, High Councilor, but I’ve just been informed that the Logic Engine has decoded the language, and it contains the location and brief information of a certain, Stellarium Federation. Orders?”
“Stay put for now, I’ll have a ship send off with representatives of the Maunkee Empire, whom you’ll assist and protect while they travel to this Federation. No need to be hostile unless provoked, and follow the creed of the Greater Good.”
“For the Greater Good,” The commander responded and saluted in the video.

Two hours later

High Councilor, you’ve been scheduled for an emergency meeting, your attendance is demanded. A message called, and Chao looked at the screen; it was rare that his presence was demanded though whenever it was, it was always because it was at the utter most importance.
Leaving for the meeting room, he saw that the high representatives per sector of the Maunkee Empire had also arrived. Whatever it was it certainly was important. He took a seat and then waited patiently for the meeting to begin.

“Thank you for coming on such a short note,” Hang-Si, Manager of the Worker’s Union, said. “An hour ago we picked up a signal from The Eye; a most disturbing message which will require the attention of the Internal and External Government figures.” With that said, Hang-Si pressed a few bottoms and the response from the Stellarium.

The members listened intently as they calculated their options for both their nation and their people.

“We did not send this message out to be annexed. We will not join them!” The Joice San-su declared as she stood up. “I have perceived this message as a threat to our Empire’s security. They wish for neither trade nor alliance, thus they do not deserve to be given even the kindness of the Greater Good.”
“Calm yourself, Arch-Commander,” Bishop Hujyck Jin called. “By the sound of it, their ideology does appear to be similar to ours. Perhaps they have brought the Greater Good to a much higher level than we have; after all, we set out to finish what our ancestors started. Perhaps it will be best to join the Federation in this similar cause.” There was a low murmur as the representatives talked amongst themselves.
It was clear that the Arch-Commander would not simply submit, while the Bishop and the Manager seemed quite pleased with the idea of achieving such a great expansion.

“Perhaps they share our ideology, but they are not practical about their system,” Ray-Lung, Top Scientist of the Industrial and Scientific Department, announced. “No currency may be ideal for keeping inflation and social rest at peace, but if we are to achieve scientific equilibrium, then the private sector must exist, otherwise there will be no competition for development.
I’d like to remind the members that the private sector of the industrial and scientific department has brought many of our modern-day invention and everyday used gadgets into being. Without the competition, such inventions wouldn’t have happened as quickly.”

“On the other hand-” the Bishop said and then began explain his points. The debate went on for at least two hours, both sides bringing forth data and references to the economy, social security, etc. They even went as far as imputing several options into their logic systems which then brought them several outcomes for what could happen if they joined, remained neutral, or enforced anti-Federation Foreign policies.

“Enough,” Chao declared, making every head turn to him. “We shall put it to the vote. Those in favor of pro-Federation foreign policies enter your IP now, those against, enter your DP, and those withstanding enter your NP.” With that said, the members entered their data and they watched at the central screen as they saw which side had won.

The votes were anti-Federation foreign policies. Understandable, as Chao himself wasn’t fond of the idea of simply joining a foreign Empire without further insight, or without the knowledge of if they were going to be represented at all.
“The message spoke of an ambassador, Manager, have you worked on this?” Chaos then asked, and the Manager nodded. “This infected program has been isolated within a single channel. Any attempt to breach through its barriers, and it will be immediately terminated.”

Chao nodded and then watched as the screen before him turned on and began to form what appeared to be a communication window. Chao opened a separate program which would translate the Maunkee language into the language which they had received.

Dearest representative of the Stellarium,

I, High Councilor Chao Lin of the Maunkee Empire, will announce the decision of my galactic nation. The conditions and offers of the Ascari Federation has been considered, evaluated and debated amongst the governmental figures and our conclusion is as follows.

The Maunkee Empire shall remain neutral towards the Stellarium. As the message said, peace is an option, so we will choose mutual peace.

Your proposal of integrating the Maunkee Empire into the Stellarium has also been considered, however our logic engines warn of social and potential political unrest due to too many unknown factors, thus we will either recommend that you bring us a much deeper information as for how your governmental system works and whether the Maunkee Empire will be represented in any way. I will have a list of questions which can then help us re-evaluate the possibility of a joint government between our nations.

As trade is not in your interest, future negotiations and entrance permits concerning business and economic entrance to the Maunkee territory will be automatically denied. Political meetings will take place over this channel and any attempts to enter Maunkee space will be met with requests to leave, fail to immediately respond or obey these requests will be met with force.

The Maunkee Empire also guarantees it will impose the exact same policies upon its own subjects, thus unless provoked, no Maunkee citizen or space craft will enter the Stellarium’s space territory.

Thank you for your time and patience, may the Greater Good be with us both.

~High Councilor Chao Lin


1) How does your government function? The Maunkee is, in practice, a council with representatives of the various sectors making up the External and Internal Government, and every planet is ruled by a ‘governor’ (a smaller copy of the Internal Government with five representatives who ensures the planet’s optimal performance).

2) What is the Stellarium’s view of religion? The Maunkee Religion is based on the Greater Good creed, essentially that through reason and logic everyone shall be united and achieve economic, scientific and social progress.

3) Were the Stellarium’s policy of “No Currency” to be successfully enforced on the Maunkee Empire, it would require at least three decades of gradual economic reforms. Would the Stellarium allow the Maunkee Empire to independently steer itself through such a course of event or would it require the intervention of the Stellarium’s representatives?

4) Post joining of the Stellarium, will the Maunkee Empire be granted autonomous rule of its planets? If not, what new role will the leaders of the Maunkee perform?

5) What will the role of the Maunkee military be? Will its current officers be replaced?

Near the Ascari Federation space borders

The commander looked at the radar, it picked up weak signals of what would appear to be patrols, though the logic engine couldn't determine for sure. It could be pirates for all he knew, though they had traveled with all haste to the destination given by the External Government. "Send out a message to the ships, hopefully they'll be of the designed destination, and not lurking pirates," the commander said and then ordered the AI to send out to automatically warning signal of their approach.
"Are we prepared to fend off pirates?" the Worker's Union representative asked nervously, peering into the dark space through the screen.
"Trust me, I've been hunting pirates long enough to know their dirty tricks," the commander said confidently, though his face remained as emotionless as ever. "Pirates has no honor, but with speed and plasma power, they are no match."

The automated signal that the Maunkee ship send out warned the ships of their approach as well as their political intentions to establish a friendly relationship with their government, though the language of the message was translated into a dozen different kind which the system knew well, but there was no telling whether the ships would pick it up, understand it, or if they eve were of the Ascari Federation at all.