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The Dominion

Bow before your Gods.

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a character in “Universal War”, as played by Nogond


Nation name: The Dominion
Race(s): Sectoid: ... ectoid.jpg (Imagine them with clothes and mouths. Otherwise they would be a bit strange )
Nation size: Two, but with plans for a large expansion
Government type: A dictatorship with a council that serves as advisors.

Important Government Figures: Emperor Varal. Councilor Hezan and Lord Qearsh

Economy: The Dominion doesn't have a traditional economy. They have no need for money and such petty things instead the favor things with more value such as power, information and slaves. However Sectoids will barter for goods with other races, but they won't accept money since it doesn't have value for them.

Important Economic Leaders: Councilor Hezan deals with other species and has a large workforce working for him which makes him the economic leader and merchant of the dominion.

Religions: None, the Sectoids see themselves as gods.

Points of interest:
Their homeworld Secan Prime which has a multitude of great buildings. Sectoids often compete against each other about who can create the grandest buildings. Otherwise there aren't really anything else to say about them since they prefer to use other planets for strip-mining to build up an army.


Age Of Unification 200
At this point in The Dominion's history their species were like most other. The fought against each other and had reached a level of technology that is equal to 21th century humans. Around that time the now glorious Emperor Varal succeeded in taking control of one of the major nations on the planet. While in control he launched a war against the remaining nation on the planet and succeded after a long time in conquering the entire planet. In the years that followed the emperor started a great industrial and technological leap. In just a few decades they had advanced more than their entire race had done before. This caused great social changes that changed what the Sectoids where.

Age of Dissent 50 years ago
However the social changes didn't benefit everyone and the lower classes started to riot and revolt. The war engulfed their planet and caused more than 90% of the population to die. During this nearly all the working class members of their society died and only the high class people remained. Dreadfully short on manpower it was decided that the newly created Dominion would go to the stars to find laborers and perhaps much more.

Age of Subjugation 20 years ago to present day.
The Dominion succeeded in creating an FTL drive and found another planet with species that were in their medieval age. Using their technology the Dominion convinced this people that they were gods. Eventually the Sectoids realized that their psychic abilities could be used against other species to control them. This caused further changes in the Sectoids way of life and they began to think that they were actual gods which started to pave away for their expansion.

Strengths (Non-Militarily):
Psychic: The Sectoids have abandoned conventional ways to work and instead forces slaves to work for them using psychic abilities. Can also use their psychic abilities to communicate.
Loyal: All Sectoids despite their different agendas are loyal towards each other and will not betray one another.
Intelligent: Their brain capacity allows them to ponder ideas far beyond most species.
Psychic Network: A network that a large group of Sectoids create which they can use for communicating and sharing ideas.
Worshipers: Due to their psychic abilities many races will in close proximity to the Sectoids feel an urge to worship them. At first it is relatively mild and only makes people more forgiving towards them and in the end they start to worship the Sectoids.

Weaknesses (Non-Militarily):
Weak: A single sectoid is a very frail creature and can be defeated by a untrained human no matter it's strength.
Delusions of grandeur: They see themselves as gods which makes them very hard to deal with.
Slavery: If a Sectoid dies and no one replace him his slaves will revolt.
Low population: There population is around 2 billions and grows at a very slow rate.
Depend on the Network: Sectoids need their network to coordinate efficiently.

Hyper Tech: You get FOUR.
Psychic enhancers: Allows the sectoids to enhance their abilities. With the strongest models the Sectoids can kill enemies, control planets and such.
Reincarnation: Using their Psychic Network a Sectoid that dies will upload his consciousness that then can be downloaded into a clone body granting them eternal life, it is also suspected that being the only known race to do this strengthens their beliefs that they are gods.
Military enhancements: To make up for their lack of numbers the Dominion uses it's slaves as soldiers and often enhances them with both mechanical and biological enhancements that most species sees as wrong.
Direct Control: Allows a sectoid to take control over a soldier granting it enhanced abilities and also transfers it's psychic abilities.


Doctrine: The Dominion military can be divided into two parts the cannon-fodder slaves and the highly valued Sectoids. The slave armies are controlled by the Sectoids and are often created for the sole purpose of war. The Sectoids often acts as commanders and squad leaders and use their powers to dominate their enemies.
While most quickly learn to fear the slaves due to their fearsome enhancements, it is actually the Sectoids that are the most dangerous ones. They can kill with their minds and will often try to take control over enemy forces.

The sectoids doctrine when it comes to invade planets is to eliminate all hostiles so that they can build several psychic enhancers across the planet called Psychic Dominators. This forces all non-Sectoid species on the planet to obey the Sectoids without questioning, but should a Psychic Dominator be destroyed parts of the planet will rebel. Which is why the Dominators are protected and hidden against enemy attacks.

The Dominion space tactics are a very simple. As fast as they can they will attempt to rush the enemy with fast fighter piloted by slaves controlled by a Sectoid pilot on a nearby carrier. While the fighters draw attention Frigates will attempt to surround the enemy and use long range weapons to deal damage.
If the fight is deemed to be hard cruisers and dreadnoughts will be sent to try and to take control over enemy ships while at the same time using their weapons to annihilate the enemy.

Ships: Name your equipment anything you want, but they all will still be on a ration of 1-10 either way. This number is to compare your ships to each other and to your own ships. It is assumed that a 10 is a close-to-be planet destroyer type of space ship and anything below is becoming less and less dangerous. Keep in mind that you can't have a fleet of Deathstars...They are hard to produce and requires massive extend of research and resources.

Ship Class Name: Raven
Hull Size: Fighter.
Combat Designation: Cannon-fodder and fighter.
Weapons: 4 heavy lasers and 8 plasma missiles.
Engines: one engine powered by a fusion reactor.
Defenses: Light armor and shields.
Other: Reactors can be overloaded so the ship becomes a missile. Pilots are often controlled by Sectoids.
Rating: [/b 2
Appearance ... -151869405

[b]Ship Class Name:
Hull Size: Frigate
Combat Designation: Long range attacks on enemy ships.
Weapons: 4 large mass drivers and lasers that can work both as point defense and ship to ship weapons.
Engines: 2 engines one for FTL and one for STL speed. Powered by a fusion reactor.
Defenses: Medium armor and shields.
Other: None.
Rating: [/b 6 ... 4#/d30llcz

[b]Ship Class Name:
Judgement of the Gods
Hull Size: Cruiser
Combat Designation: Ship to ship combat and planetary invasions.
Weapons: Along both sides of the ship are 12 mass drivers and 36 lasers that are mainly for ship to ship combat. Laser can be used in a emergency for anti-fighter duty, but aren't designed for it.
Engines: 4 engines that both handle FTL and STL speed. Powered by a anti-matter reactor, can explode if under enough stress or if the ship gets damaged enough.
Defenses: Medium armor, but very heavy shielding which is why it requires an anti-matter reactor.
Other: Psychic enhancers
Rating: [/b 8
Appearance: ... 4#/d2zdo2q

[b]Ship Class Name:
Wrath of the Gods
Hull Size: Super capital ship.
Combat Designation: Naval attacks, planetary invasion and mobile base.
Weapons: 60 mass drivers of cruiser size. 4 experimental laser designed to slice through ships armor and shields. Contains hundreds of point defense lasers.
Engines: 6 engines capable of both FTL and STL speeds, but is still very slow. Powered by an experimental anti-matter generator capable of powering the entire ship.
Defenses: Heavy armor and shields capable of surviving most attacks except a full bombardment from an enemy fleet.
Other: Psychic dominator. Cryo storage for slave armies and docking bays for ships.
Rating: [/b 10
Appearance: ... line&qo=22

[b]Ship Class Name:
Hull Size: Large transport
Combat Designation: Carrying invasion armies.
Weapons: none
Engines: 6 engines capable of both FTL and STL speeds. Powered by a fusion reactor
Defenses: Light armor and medium shields.
Other: Dropships that are used to drop soldiers on the planet. Docking bay that can repair and refuel the dropships. Can carry millions of slaves in cryogenic storage.
Rating: [/b 5

Ground Armies:

Ground Troops:
Vehicles, infantry, air, space…everything that has to do with war is to be listed here. Remember, you will tell us everything, so this needs to be organized.
List the kinds and their gear. Numbers would be helpful too. No sheet needed here; pics encouraged but descriptions are nice too.

These are the Dominions heavy shock troopers designed to be large and strong. They often carry heavy weapons such as plasma launchers or heavy machine guns. They are a barely sentient species and require a Sectoid to act as their leader otherwise they go into a feral rage against their enemies. When a grunt becomes enraged he will stop using his ranged weapons and instead try to beat the enemy to death with anything nearby even said weapon. They armor is heavy enough to resist most small arms weapons and even grenades, but concentrated fire will bring it down.
Appearance: ... _610x0.jpg

Servants: These are the core soldiers of the Dominion armies. They mostly come from captured humans that are then genetically and mechanically enhanced to be perfect soldiers. They are loyal to the Sectoids even without mind control as they genuinely believe that they are gods. They are used for most duties on the battlefield such as crewing vehicles or building fortifications. They are armed with assault rifles that use magnets to propel the round to incredible speeds with nearly no recoil. Their armor is capable of resisting small amounts of damage
Appearance: ... -gif-2.gif

Engineer: Engineers are a bit misnamed while they do act as engineers they often work as medics to repair the Dominion war-machine. Engineers are given a large amount of freedom so that they can fulfill their duties without asking the Sectoids for help or orders, but the most prominent thing about the Engineers are their mechanical enhancements. In most engineers it is nearly impossible to what race it once was due to their upgrades. The upgrades can be almost everything from extra limbs to infrared vision. They are never seen without an escort on the frontlines, but if they get attacked they can defend themselves.
Appearance: ... 4lKb6vUOyA

Sectoids: When the Sectoids take to the field they have a tendency to look a bit comical, however that opinion have a tendency to change. When Sectoids fight they don't use mundane weapons instead they use their minds to kill. A well trained Sectoid with the right equipment can kill an enemy just by looking at it and think the word "die". Also they can use their minds to move objects and in some cases even throw them at enemies. In the most extreme cases the Sectoids will take control of an enemy squad forcing them to turn their weapons against their allies.

Spider APC: A walking vehicle that is a blend of a tank and a transport. It can carry around ten servants, while still being armored like a tank. It has a minigun made by railguns and also a tank cannon for vehicles combat.
Appearance: ... 4#/d1n0u1t

Walker: A tank used for vehicle combat. Armed with two heavy cannons that can be used both as normal cannons and as artillery.
Appearance: ... 0#/d2gu1bb

So begins...

The Dominion's Story