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The Stellarium

Under construction, sneak peeking is adviced ;)

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a character in “Universal War”, as played by NarrowEye


Nation name: The Stellarium
Race(s): Humans, Ithrians, Mechs, AI droids, Moaids. These are the dominant races, there are others which are much smaller.
  • Ithrians are aliens from a long forgotten planet, who fled to The Stellarium in their own fleet of spaceships. They are very advanced when it comes to neuro-engineering and their complex bodies make them great constructional engineers. The Ithrians consist of many joints, making them seem squid like and almost crawling when they move. Most are fooled by their primitive looks, because they are very fast when they want to be and they have semi-psi abilities, making them a valued part of society.
  • Mechs are EM-cores which have retired and have been given a biological body to live in. Usually mechs are looked upon with fear in most of the populace, as they have abilities which are much above what an average boilogical being would be able to. Mechs have complete control of their limbs and can use the biological body to its utmost limits, without breaking it, making them great coaches and mercenaries.
  • AI Androids are robots, equipped with AI to make them just like people. They are free living beings, able to pursue their own dreams. Most of them work in the military, all programmed to believe firmly that they should work towards the betterment of society for all carbon-based lifeforms.
  • Moaids are travelling nomads, living on a fleet of customized ships, these aliens all have green skin, red eyes and a yearning for adventure. They are the frontier troops when colonizing and converting planets into Stellarium members.

Nation size: The Stellarium is a level three nation, 27 solar systems embrace membership of the Stellarium, making it the controller of the Emperon Galaxy.

Government type: Communistic technocracy

Important Government Figures: Elay (Light), Orunn (Dark) and Viskant (Eternity). These three are all super computers, controlling much of the empire from mobile planetary stations. They are also virtually indestructible as they are uploaded to many servers and supercomputers. Should their current residence be attacked they'd flee to another port and then counter-attack from there. Their weakness is that a virus might destroy the empire if it actually does get to them, although it's unlikely but still possible.

Economy: It's a planned economy, run by the government on orbital factories, which are serviced by robots and androids. Everything is produced as clean and natural as possible, to ensure that the populace can have healthy food and clean water every day. If a citizen wants to set up business, the aforementioned citizen can become the overseer of the factory and distribution but not the direct owner.

Important Economic Leaders: Elay and the number-crushing "Hard" computers are the most important part of The Stellariums economy. They make sure that goods are distributed safely to where they are needed, thus if a planet overproduces, the overproduced goods will almost immediately be sent off to somewhere they are needed, or to a storage facility.

Religions: The number of religions, gods and beliefs in The Stellarium is immense, thus the society has to be plutoral and tolerant, which it rarely is.

Points of interest:
  • The Orbital, in slow orbit around a artificial sun, there is The Orbital. A long belt-like city, complete with a large ocean for luxurious yachts and forests to consume the CO2 which is created by the many inhabitants. The Orbital is important because it's the home of the largest concentration of Stellarium programmers ever to be seen. More than 200 million hackers live here, all working hard to complete EM-cores.
  • The Observatory, to some, it's just a couple of large radars, but to the nation as a whole, it's the nerve sending impulses out to every reach of the nation. The Observatory is the place where Viskant usually resides, laying down plans for his integration of orbital trajectory highways, into the nation.

[*] The Star, an asteroid which moves around seemingly at random, but is actually a military base. It's a bio-lab, controlled by the Stellarium Fleet, to produce Ethyls. Beings that are grown in the lab, programmed and then used as spies. The Ethyls are shapeshifters, able to take on another living beings form and shape and also enabling them to accommodate to their targets voice pattern and their behavior. This of course requires that the Ethyls get to observe their target and hears their voice.
Ethyls also have other capabilities, as they've been genetically modified. They have poison glands in their hands and mouths, making a bite or a scratch from them, a deadly thing. The Ethyls are used as spies and assasins, a plague to the universe as about five of them have fled and taken it upon themselves to destroy The Stellarium.


The Stellariums history is a long one. Through the many hundreds years that The Stellarium has expanded, terrorists have attacked the libraries, destroying any evidence of a former country or planet. Equality is good, total equality is best.

As is remembered by us, The Revered, The Stellarium popped into existence when the world of Y'tkon was in a cold war. Both sides meant that they had the ultimate ideology. One side preaching that a free market and free rights to all of the planets inhabitants would be for the best, while the other side preached that it would be best if all worked together towards a greater good. A universal state, in which they'd all live in harmony, the means of production and agriculture should make it possible for all to live comfortably.

The war didn't seem to have any end. The planet was torn into two, as one side always countered the prior move of the other. It was endless. Computer geniuses were hacking each other endlessly, trying to gain an upper hand both virtually and materially.
But it came to pass, that a hacker known as "World" chose to unleash a virus on the free market world. Subtle, yet destroying. The virus went under the name "Orunn" or Darkness.

1044 after the outbreak of the cold war, all hope seemed lost. The communist side of the world was running short of weapons technology, while the free market side, constantly developed new weapons. Soon there would be a new world war, and this one would consume the world in flames.
But it never came to that. Because the free market world launched a military network, which they called "Elay" or light, to mock the failed attempt at destroying the free market world, years previous. Elay was linked into the military and had super computers enough to find Grahams number within twenty seconds.

1052 after the outbreak of the cold war, Elay has taken control of the war production of the free market, but something seems to be wrong. Strong forces within the political structure of the perceived "free world" wants to shut down Elay. But nothing was done, Elay was far too valuable to the free world military, to just wreck and throw away.

1053 after the outbreak of the cold war, an impulse signal interferes with all free world communication. Hacker cells are wiped out in bloody street shootouts, as the virus "Orunn" takes control of police terminals and starts purging the hacker cells which years earlier had mocked the Orunn virus for being useless.
The Orunn was superior to Elay. Destroying the infrastructure of the free world, launching police raids and starting off alarms in every part of the world. Orunn was a black hole of destruction, tearing apart every military system and infiltrating it.

1054 after the outbreak of the cold war, most of the free world lies in ruins, as Elay has been infiltrated by Orunn. Elay still runs as military protection of the free world, but it no longer tries to attack and counter the operations of Orunn. All attacks on Elays control terminal are countered and wiped out, as Elay and Orunn in combined efforts take control of the Missile systems of the free world.
At this point, living standards in the free world have fallen, people starve, as fliers and propaganda from the communist states seeps into society, video clips of laughing people and welfare incites rebellion in what is left of the productive free world. Governments are overthrown, and the world embraces a Universal communist state.

0024 after the unification, the first space program is launched, directed at the four moons of the planet. People have accommodated to the new world order. Mechanization of factories enables much more of the populace to live easy lives, large building projects are made, so that the peoples can use their new found freedom at something productive, like workshops and sports.

0117 after the unification, the four moons have been colonized. Two of them have been installed with artificial gravity, enabling the first wave of adventurous colonists to inhabit them.

0156 after unification, The fourth moon collapses after an error in the artificial gravity caused it to strengthen up until the moon imploded.

0233 after unification, Orunn takes control of the world, seizing the computer controlled factories and starts producing robots to help service the booming population. Few are alarmed, as the robot has already stated its intent over a global broadcast. Almost everyone finds it a good idea that a computer runs the planet.

0611 after unification, new space technology enables space ships to travel to other planets in the solar system, within twenty five years, the solar system should be under communist rule.

0622 after unification, the booming of adventure hungry people have resulted in a full-blown colonization of all planets in the solar system.
The LSS have been invented, enabling colonization of else uninhabitable planets.

1934 after unification, Trajector boosters enable space travel past the barriers of the solar system. Colonization immediately begins.

2007 after unification, first intelligent life encountered. The alien lifeforms understand the messages transmitted to them by Orunn. The aliens are friendly and openminded. They quickly decide to join the Communist country.
Orunn decides to change the nations name into "The Stellarium".
First grade A supercomputer is made. Capable of sending trillions of orders at a time, it is a suitable home for Orunn and Elya.

2056 after unification, More intelligent life have joined The Stellarium, all lured by the promise of freedom under a technocratic state. New technology and new food flows into the manufacturing system of The Stellarium. The first reforms towards a unified Stellarium are taken.
Orbital factories are launched, to spare the colonized planets from waste and toxification.
The Stellarium now consists of 5 solar systems.

2347 after unification, hostile intelligent life is encountered in a newly discovered solar system. All colonists and their fleet is wiped out. Massive outrage in the home planets of The Stellarium. The people demands justice.
Elay revives the free world military program under a new name, "Pulse".
A new selection of star cruisers are made, equipped with nuclear warheads.

2352 after unification, the hostile race, only known as Manna succumbs after their homeworld is destroyed with nuclear warheads. Elay designs a purging system which enables assimilation of the Manna. Thousands of Manna are eradicated to ensure the safety of the new world colonists.

0005 after the fist interstellar war, Elay and Orunn designs Viskant. Viskant is a supercomputer made to administer the outer planets of The Stellarium.

0010 after the fist interstellar war, Viskant gains self-consciousness. Elay and Orunn discovers this shortly after, and integrates this new presence into the administration of The Stellarium. Viskant is charged with city planning and infrastructure.

0131 after the first interstellar war, the planet Y'tkon runs out of resources. Depopulation is started, as farming becomes the main use of the planet. The capital of The Stellarium is moved to be on Kymos III, a planet in another solar system. The new capital is built up from the ground, Viskant plans it down to every detail, making the city one of the best managed ever to be built.

0255 after the first interstellar war, 27 systems have pledged allegiance to The Stellarium, giving up their sovereign governments, to be part of the central government.

0283 after the first interstellar war, The Stellarium tries to convert the people of an underdeveloped world, to join The Stellarium, but the council of countries on the mentioned planet, have voted against it. The Stellarium has placed an embargo around the planet, and colonized its southern pole. The council of government have not yet made a move, so it seems that they have made progress.

This is where our records ends.

Strengths (Non-Militarily):
  • The stellarium is centralized and run by a technocracy. This means that bureaucracy and micromanagement is easier to keep track of, and much governmental work is easier.
  • The Stellariums educational system is programmed, so that people can take their educations in no more than a mere 4 weeks, by getting a microchip installed.
  • The Stellariums production is taken care of by robots and drones, ensuring a 24/7 workforce, which can churn out goods and tech cost effectively.
  • The Stellarium have a welfare system which is so advanced that people just have to have their ID-straps on, and they can receive anything from food and daily supplies of just about everything, to cinema and zoo tickets.
[*] Crime is nearly non-existent. You don't steal, when the government provides what you need.

Weaknesses (Non-Militarily):
  • Particularists are likely to rebel in the member planets of The Stellarium, because when someone on a planet 5 billions of miles away dictates what you eat and how you breathe, some people get angry.
  • Most private incentives for businesses and developments have been drowned in bureaucracy and the all-providing communist state. New factories seldom shoot up and innovation is slow.
  • Hackers are a dreadful threat, as they spread disobedience viruses into government droids, causing havoc when droids have to be relieved from duty because they are unable to take orders from the government. Hackers are punished by torture till death mind you, so only the best hackers live and the weak perish.
  • There is no monetary system, which means that trade with others is limited to a kind of bartering system, even when the government is trading, it's using the resources accumulated in storage centers to trade for what The Stellarium needs.

Hyper Tech:

EM-cores: EM-cores are round translucent balls of hardware, made by the programmers and hackers on The Orbital. These balls are programmed supercomputers with artificial intelligence, tailored into special missions. Most EM-cores are used by the military, who implement them in military vehicles and into spaceships. These AIs differ from other, because they are 100% their own. This is both a strength and a weakness, but the fact that they can think themselves and evaluate situations, instead of just following orders is mostly a good thing. These are produced over ten years.

Dynamic construction: The army drones and battleships are constructed in retractable joints, meaning that they can retract, should anything become damaged. They'll then proceed to repair internally. This means that they sometime crumple into tiny balls. Some enemies interpret that they are disabled by this, but these robots and drones might later unfold again and continue the battle actions.

Long Range Particle Cannon: A part of the military project, was to design a weapon which could be aimed precisely over long distances, designed to destroy enemy ships before they got into shooting range with their lasers and bombs.
The LRPC works, by sending fast moving radioactive particles through space, focusing them upon the target which can be up to a lightyear away. The particles move faster than light, none has been able to actually measure the speed of the particles yet, but it is known that within about five to seven minutes the particles can hit something a light year away.
When the particles hit, they either jumble into the molecular structure of the hostile ship, or they pass through and proceed deeper into the ship. The high concentration of colliding particles mean, that the ship will begin heating and attract the radioactive isotopes. This will eventually mean that the side of the ship which is being repeatedly bombarded with particles will melt, or just heated so badly that the air inside will self-ignite and burn life within the hit part of the ship, it might even burn up all the oxygen, leaving those lifeforms that need oxygen, to die. Also the radiation may kill the crew of the hostile ship.
The whole idea of the weapon is, that it can maintain the beam for about 30 seconds. After that the particles will have worked their magic on the target.

Long Range Transmission: The Long Range Transmissions are made with antennas on the ships, they can transmit on all frequencies and receive on all frequencies. They can't decipher crypted messages themselves, but they can catch all messages which are sent through space within a large range. The range is so large, that if the ships were the center of a galaxy they might be in, they'd be able to catch messages as long away as halfway to the next galaxy.
These transmitters can also send datapackages, just like a wireless internet router can. Thus they can be infiltrated with virus, or send virus themselves to other battleships.



The doctrine used by Stellarium forces, is a basic one that usually works. Generals based in super computers on far-away planets, direct the battles with precision. They usually fortify their position and use long range artillery to crush their enemies.
When the time comes, and the enemies are within range of the infantry, they are shot at by the drone troopers, who usually swarm around heavy battletanks. These tanks are usually used to cut a long way into the enemy lines, before they release a new swarm of heavy drones. These juggernaut drones then batter and destroy as much of the enemy troops as possible, before they return to the battletanks, which then retreat. This tactic is repeated, while maintaining a heavy artillery bombardment, both from artillery on-site and from space artillery.

The Moaids are also a combating force, which usually use a much heavier tactic. They use large machine suits, to batter their way through enemy forces from the beginning. Relying on nothing else than the heavy infantry.
They are also in the numbers, to swarm many armies, which means they can take heavy losses without caring much about it.

Ships: Name your equipment anything you want, but they all will still be on a ration of 1-10 either way. This number is to compare your ships to each other and to your own ships. It is assumed that a 10 is a close-to-be planet destroyer type of space ship and anything below is becoming less and less dangerous. Keep in mind that you can't have a fleet of Deathstars...They are hard to produce and requires massive extend of research and resources.

Ship Class Name: Darkcaster
Hull Size: Proto-type space artillery & Super Weapon.
Combat Designation: Planetary destruction.
Weapons: One massive particle cannon, capable of turning entire planets into lifeless wastelands.
Engines: None, it is built stationary in the middle of the Emperon Galaxy.
Defenses: Heavy armor and a 24/7 protection by 4 Starclass I dreadnoughts.
Other: Can shoot such a massive particle beam at a planet 2000 lightyears away, that it could turn a size A planet into a martian wasteland.
Rating: 10.

Ship Class Name: Starclass I
Hull Size: Dreadnought
Combat Designation: Orbital protection and heavy arillery support when attacking planets.
Weapons: Two large lauch sites with nuclear warheads and 2 huge particle cannons. Several laser turrets to ward off smaller ships.
Engines: One large trajectory Booster, which use the gravity of nearby solar systems and planets to gain speed before flinging itself into space.
Defenses: Heavy armaments which can be released from the ship in case they are destroyed.
Other: Orbital Bombardment. These ships have launch facilities which can send clusters of drones down onto a planet. These are used as shock troopers to destroy important civilian targets before crushing the local army squads.
Rating: 7.

Ship Class Name: Starclass II
Hull Size: Battlecruiser
Combat Designation: Destruction or disabling of hostile juggernaut and battlecruiser class ships.
Weapons: One launch platform with nuclear warheads. Twelve particle cannons located around the ship. Two laser blaster turrets to ward off small fighters.
Engines: Four smaller trajectory boosters.
Defenses: Medium armor, standardized shielding.
Other: In-battle boarding, when in battle with another large-class ship, the Starclass II can send drone clusters against the hostile ship at high speeds. Those drones that survive are programmed to try and infiltrate the enemy ship, or just destroy anything on the outside of the ships.
Rating: 6.

Ship Class Name: Starclass III
Hull Size: Cruiser
Combat Designation: Destruction and hunt of all smaller class ships.
Weapons: Two light particle cannons, two laser turrets.
Engines: One trajectory booster and four smaller Matter burners. These live off biological fuel produced onboard.
Defenses: Medium Armor.
Other: None.
Rating: 5.

Ship Class Name:
Hull Size: Destroyer
Combat Designation: Attcking and hopefully destroying smaller opponents in swift attacks.
Weapons: Seven laser turrets, all build for maximum firepower in all directions.
Engines: Two large booster rockets, fueled with biological fuel.
Defenses: Light Armor.
Other: EMP rays can be shot at foreign ships, stunning them before the shock troops aboard the destroyers board them and take over the ship.
Rating: 5.

Ship Class Name:
Hull Size: (Dreadnought, Battlecruiser, Destroyer, Cruiser, Frigate, Gunboat)
Combat Designation: what is it's roles in combat
Weapons: what are they and how many are there
Engines: how many and their power source
Defenses: armor, shields, point defense goes under Weapons
Other: special abilities or traits such as a carrier module or troop carrier, for either ground assault or ship boarding

Ground Armies:

Ground Troops:
Vehicles, infantry, air, space…everything that has to do with war is to be listed here. Remember, you will tell us everything, so this needs to be organized.
List the kinds and their gear. Numbers would be helpful too. No sheet needed here; pics encouraged but descriptions are nice too.

So begins...

The Stellarium's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Maunkee Empire Character Portrait: The Ascari Federation Character Portrait: The Stellarium
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#, as written by Saxious
Jua’an System ; Jua’an II ; Space Patrol

Patrol unit #AC-12 reporting. Nothing out of the usual, radar scans shows zero activity, pirate activity is at its minimal and…Wait. I have activity on my radar, a space ship approaching our borders, the logic engine cannot match it to any previous ships ever encountered, orders? Over.
At first the Maunkee officer was baffled. An unknown ship approaching the Maunkee territory was unheard of, or to be exact, it had never happened before. Every planet that the Maunkee controlled had been conquered or annexed, they had never been invaded or approached by anyone else, it could only mean two things. Either an unknown civilization had intercepted the message the Central Government had send out, or they had been discovered by another Empire, either way protocols demanded actions.
This is Jua’an II, Space Central. You are to remain within radar sight of the spaceship, when they close in on our borders you are to send out a warning signal, calling for them to stop. Reinforcement will be on their way, and make sure to report any hostile actions towards the Maunkee Empire. May the Greater Good be with you.

With those orders send out, a series of messages were deployed to the various sectors of the planet and the surrounding systems. The local militia was mobilized for self-defense, calling for thousands of battle robots and spacecrafts to prepare to defend the system as well as sending a message to T’au, informing it of the sudden appearance of the unknown ship.
A dozen battleships, mainly composed of Sword and Fist of Maunkee, and a single Achilles were send to meet this unknown ship. Onboard the Achilles was representatives of the Maunkee Empire, one of each sector of the government who would ask for peaceful negotiations with this unknown civilization.

Though the Maunkee Empire was smaller and had much less problems with communications, it still would have taken enough time for the unknown ship to have entered Maunkee space territory. It would, of course, receive warning messages from the space patrols that guarded the borders of the Empire; hopefully these warnings would be heeded.

From the Achilles a single message was forwarded from the spacecraft to the patrol, who then send it forwardto the unknown ship. Without the knowledge of what the language of the locals, the Maunkee had typed the message and at least half a dozen different languages and dialects in hope that something would be understood.

To: Approaching Space craft.
From: The Representatives of the Maunkee Empire ; General Senior, Workers' Union, The Greater Good Organization, Industrial and Scientific, & Agricultural Governor Seniors

You have approached the Maunkee Empire unannounced and without warning. We wish to enter peaceful negotiations; however we demand that you respect our customs as you’ll be guests within our legal territory.
Any sign of hostility will be met with the full force of the Maunkee Empire.

Agreement of a peaceful meeting will be signaled by sending a ship out so our representatives can meet and discuss any and all matters at hand.

May the Greater Good be with you.

T’au ; External Government

“High Councilor,” a commander said over the video conference, “We detected and obtained what appears to be a drone containing information. The technicians has managed to break through its coding and our Logic Engine is currently working on decoding the language and settings of the drone so we can learn who and what send it.”
Chao nodded, “Well done commander, well done. Inform me when you’re technicians are done with the drone, and then – Commander, do I have your attention?”
“My apologies, High Councilor, but I’ve just been informed that the Logic Engine has decoded the language, and it contains the location and brief information of a certain, Stellarium Federation. Orders?”
“Stay put for now, I’ll have a ship send off with representatives of the Maunkee Empire, whom you’ll assist and protect while they travel to this Federation. No need to be hostile unless provoked, and follow the creed of the Greater Good.”
“For the Greater Good,” The commander responded and saluted in the video.

Two hours later

High Councilor, you’ve been scheduled for an emergency meeting, your attendance is demanded. A message called, and Chao looked at the screen; it was rare that his presence was demanded though whenever it was, it was always because it was at the utter most importance.
Leaving for the meeting room, he saw that the high representatives per sector of the Maunkee Empire had also arrived. Whatever it was it certainly was important. He took a seat and then waited patiently for the meeting to begin.

“Thank you for coming on such a short note,” Hang-Si, Manager of the Worker’s Union, said. “An hour ago we picked up a signal from The Eye; a most disturbing message which will require the attention of the Internal and External Government figures.” With that said, Hang-Si pressed a few bottoms and the response from the Stellarium.

The members listened intently as they calculated their options for both their nation and their people.

“We did not send this message out to be annexed. We will not join them!” The Joice San-su declared as she stood up. “I have perceived this message as a threat to our Empire’s security. They wish for neither trade nor alliance, thus they do not deserve to be given even the kindness of the Greater Good.”
“Calm yourself, Arch-Commander,” Bishop Hujyck Jin called. “By the sound of it, their ideology does appear to be similar to ours. Perhaps they have brought the Greater Good to a much higher level than we have; after all, we set out to finish what our ancestors started. Perhaps it will be best to join the Federation in this similar cause.” There was a low murmur as the representatives talked amongst themselves.
It was clear that the Arch-Commander would not simply submit, while the Bishop and the Manager seemed quite pleased with the idea of achieving such a great expansion.

“Perhaps they share our ideology, but they are not practical about their system,” Ray-Lung, Top Scientist of the Industrial and Scientific Department, announced. “No currency may be ideal for keeping inflation and social rest at peace, but if we are to achieve scientific equilibrium, then the private sector must exist, otherwise there will be no competition for development.
I’d like to remind the members that the private sector of the industrial and scientific department has brought many of our modern-day invention and everyday used gadgets into being. Without the competition, such inventions wouldn’t have happened as quickly.”

“On the other hand-” the Bishop said and then began explain his points. The debate went on for at least two hours, both sides bringing forth data and references to the economy, social security, etc. They even went as far as imputing several options into their logic systems which then brought them several outcomes for what could happen if they joined, remained neutral, or enforced anti-Federation Foreign policies.

“Enough,” Chao declared, making every head turn to him. “We shall put it to the vote. Those in favor of pro-Federation foreign policies enter your IP now, those against, enter your DP, and those withstanding enter your NP.” With that said, the members entered their data and they watched at the central screen as they saw which side had won.

The votes were anti-Federation foreign policies. Understandable, as Chao himself wasn’t fond of the idea of simply joining a foreign Empire without further insight, or without the knowledge of if they were going to be represented at all.
“The message spoke of an ambassador, Manager, have you worked on this?” Chaos then asked, and the Manager nodded. “This infected program has been isolated within a single channel. Any attempt to breach through its barriers, and it will be immediately terminated.”

Chao nodded and then watched as the screen before him turned on and began to form what appeared to be a communication window. Chao opened a separate program which would translate the Maunkee language into the language which they had received.

Dearest representative of the Stellarium,

I, High Councilor Chao Lin of the Maunkee Empire, will announce the decision of my galactic nation. The conditions and offers of the Ascari Federation has been considered, evaluated and debated amongst the governmental figures and our conclusion is as follows.

The Maunkee Empire shall remain neutral towards the Stellarium. As the message said, peace is an option, so we will choose mutual peace.

Your proposal of integrating the Maunkee Empire into the Stellarium has also been considered, however our logic engines warn of social and potential political unrest due to too many unknown factors, thus we will either recommend that you bring us a much deeper information as for how your governmental system works and whether the Maunkee Empire will be represented in any way. I will have a list of questions which can then help us re-evaluate the possibility of a joint government between our nations.

As trade is not in your interest, future negotiations and entrance permits concerning business and economic entrance to the Maunkee territory will be automatically denied. Political meetings will take place over this channel and any attempts to enter Maunkee space will be met with requests to leave, fail to immediately respond or obey these requests will be met with force.

The Maunkee Empire also guarantees it will impose the exact same policies upon its own subjects, thus unless provoked, no Maunkee citizen or space craft will enter the Stellarium’s space territory.

Thank you for your time and patience, may the Greater Good be with us both.

~High Councilor Chao Lin


1) How does your government function? The Maunkee is, in practice, a council with representatives of the various sectors making up the External and Internal Government, and every planet is ruled by a ‘governor’ (a smaller copy of the Internal Government with five representatives who ensures the planet’s optimal performance).

2) What is the Stellarium’s view of religion? The Maunkee Religion is based on the Greater Good creed, essentially that through reason and logic everyone shall be united and achieve economic, scientific and social progress.

3) Were the Stellarium’s policy of “No Currency” to be successfully enforced on the Maunkee Empire, it would require at least three decades of gradual economic reforms. Would the Stellarium allow the Maunkee Empire to independently steer itself through such a course of event or would it require the intervention of the Stellarium’s representatives?

4) Post joining of the Stellarium, will the Maunkee Empire be granted autonomous rule of its planets? If not, what new role will the leaders of the Maunkee perform?

5) What will the role of the Maunkee military be? Will its current officers be replaced?

Near the Ascari Federation space borders

The commander looked at the radar, it picked up weak signals of what would appear to be patrols, though the logic engine couldn't determine for sure. It could be pirates for all he knew, though they had traveled with all haste to the destination given by the External Government. "Send out a message to the ships, hopefully they'll be of the designed destination, and not lurking pirates," the commander said and then ordered the AI to send out to automatically warning signal of their approach.
"Are we prepared to fend off pirates?" the Worker's Union representative asked nervously, peering into the dark space through the screen.
"Trust me, I've been hunting pirates long enough to know their dirty tricks," the commander said confidently, though his face remained as emotionless as ever. "Pirates has no honor, but with speed and plasma power, they are no match."

The automated signal that the Maunkee ship send out warned the ships of their approach as well as their political intentions to establish a friendly relationship with their government, though the language of the message was translated into a dozen different kind which the system knew well, but there was no telling whether the ships would pick it up, understand it, or if they eve were of the Ascari Federation at all.