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The Targearen Republic

For the Glory of the Republic!

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a character in “Universal War”, as played by WAAAGH!


Nation name: The Targearen Republic

Race(s): There are many different races in the Republic in both large and small numbers, the major and most numerous races and described below.
Primary Race: Humans.

Others: Twi'leks - humanoids who have a gift for language and have two large 'head-tails' in place of hair. The females are highly attractive and once upon a time in the far history of the Republic they were slaves to wealthy humans. They are still considered second class citizens like all Aliens usually serving as 'servants' to nobility and senators, dancers, and other demeaning jobs. The Twi'lek men usually end up working in the large criminal organizations.

Verokins - They appear like humans in almost every shape and form save for their skin and hair colors. They have pale blue skin and bright hair colors such as blue, red, and orange. They often serve as dancers in bars, but unlike twi'leks, they have begun to rise above their second class citizenship with many humans no longer hating their race, of course, there is always those small sects who hate everything that is not a 'pure' Imperial.

Shelketh - These aliens by far get the worst of human prejudice as they do not appear human in the least. They are large insectodes appearing like large cockroaches with wings. They are hated by humans and even Twi'leks and Verokins mock them. They tend to get the lowest of employments working in the undergrounds and sewer networks of the 'Hive' Cities. A Hive city is a planet with an immensely large population. It is literally a city built upon a city with many layers. The lower you are the worse you are off with criminal gangs running rampant, pollution, and disease. The wealthy live far above the 'commoners' in great towers.

Nation size: Four. The Republic has 57 star systems, and they have trillions of people, in fact, so many die and are born a standard Andormida day that their is never a precise population count.

Government type: Republic. The Republic has three 'branches' of Senate. High, Normal (known as simply the Senate), and Low.

High Senate: There are 57 High Senators one for each system. The High Senate has the power to declare War, Deal with relations with other Nations, and create Laws. They are elected by the Members of the senate from their system. (For example: All the senators from the Andromida System would vote amongst themselves to see who represented their System.) High Senators term last 12 years, and they can hold the office for two terms.

Senate: There are thousands of Senators one for each planet. The Senate has the power of Currency, they set the tax rates, budgets, and decide how much new currency is to be created. They are elected by members of the Low Senate. (Example: All Low Senators from planet X would vote amongst themselves to see who would represent their planet.) Senators term last 8 years, and they can hold the office for two terms.

Low Senate: There are hundreds of thousands of Low Senators. 100 for each planet. The Low Senate has the micro-managing powers, they decide how the budget will be used for their planet, what new laws they will create for their planet (High Senate Laws always override Low Senate laws.) The Low Senate are the only senators voted for by the people of their planet. Low Senators terms last 2 years, but they can hold the office as many times as they are elected.

Important Government Figures:
High Admiral Tyrell Kareth - Responsible for the Grand Republic Fleet and highest Naval Officer.
Lord Steven Sul - Human High Senate member with a lot of political pull.
Lady Morgana A'sair - First ever Verokin to enter the High Senate.
Commander Krell - Commander of the 4th Legion.
Captain Tira Briggs - Twi'lek Major in the 4th Legion.

Economy: Free Market, although it is highly monitored by the Republic. Anyone who tries to sell literacy to the lower class will be tortured and executed; Their bodies set on public display for a lesson to all.

Important Economic Leaders:
Lord Charles Einburg - CEO of Ardon Inc.It has millions of stores on hundreds of planets selling things from weaponry, to food, to kitchen supplies. (Think Wal*Mart in space.) Ardon is also the largest armament (weapons and body armor), and Armor (tanks) manufacturer in the Republic.

There are far too many religions to name them all. When the Republic conquers a new planet, they adopt the religions of the planet integrating it with their own. On Caspian Prime, the largest religious structure in the Republic has been built known as the Pantheon which holds every God and Ideology believed inside the Republic.

Points of interest:
  • Caspian Prime
    - The planet is a contemporary one (much like our earth is), but it is home to the Pantheon which makes it one of the largest Tourist attractions in the Republic and many great pilgrimages have been launched aimed for Caspian Prime.
    - Home to one of the Novaroth Cannons
  • Andromida
    - Capital of the Republic and seat of power for the High Senate and Senate.
    - Hive city home to untold billions. It is one of the most guarded planets in the Republic having its own fleet and Legion always watching over it.
    - Central seat of power and trade for the Republic
    - Home to one of the Novaroth Cannons
  • Luggudum
    - Great Forge World (A world dedicated to manufacturing everything from tanks, to ships, to weapons, to house hold items) where much of Ardon Incs. Stock comes from.
    - Feed by the two Agricultural worlds nearby making it a large target and a valuable one for if Ardon were to collapse, the Entire Republic Economy would soon follow.
  • Kadrin
    - A Large mine world where the hardest metal known in the universe Titantric is located. In all the worlds the Republic has surveyed, only this world has it.
    - The entire Mantel of the planet is littered with Titantric veins that have been mined for years. This planet is crucial to the tank and ship production of the Republic.


The Great War 39 B.T.E (Before Targearen Empire

On Andromida the population explosion of the past decades accumulated in the Great War which would last from 39 B.T.E well into 21 A.T.E. The great nations fought each other for what little resources remained causing the deaths of untold millions. The extent of destruction brought by the Great War was never truly discovered as many records went up in flames. The Great War slowly came to an end under the power and leadership of Marcus Targearen who founded the Targearen Empire crushing all opposition and bringing in a new era of oppression to the shattered world of Andromida. The wealthy prospered and ate well while starvation ran rampant among the lower classes still trying to recuperate after the War.

The Empire takes to the stars 31 A.T.E - 36 A.T.E

New hope is discovered is the form of a planet discovered that can support life. A rover discovers that the planet is rife with resources and space for farming desperately needed by the Empire. Research and develop begins immediately to get a team of explorers and pioneers to the new planet.

36 A.T.E - The mission is a success and the first shipment of goods and food is sent back in th shuttle.

The birth of the Galactic Empire 40 A.T.E - 60 A.T.E

The Empire begins to find more and more habitable planets and more, faster shuttles are sent with more settles to begin colonizations. The first military unit tasked with protecting the colonies is created known as the Legion. The Empire takes command of its entire star system of 6 habitable planets.

52 A.T.E - Jump Drive is discovered allowing the Empire to build new larger ships with the capabilities to explore new star systems. Missions begin immediately.

The War of Ascension 70 A.T.E to 73 A.T.E

With the legion, power, and land of the Empire growing, they discover the first signs of intelligent Alien life in the form of the Twi'leks. Diplomacy fails when the Empire demands all their knowledge and that they submit to their rule. War breaks out between the two budding powers.

At the Battle of Omega Prime, the Legion and its fleet break the spin of Twi'leks forces, after months of bombarding their planets they finally submit. The Empire has risen to become the main power in its control of both its own 3 star systems and in the acquiring of the 4 that belonged to the Twi'leks. Many Twi'lek men are sent to various mines and work camps, while many women are taken as slaves for the nobility.

Fall of the Empire A.T.E 93 - 102

Unrest begins to spread rampant among the Twi'lek slaves and low class humans. Many planets on the outer rim break into open revolt as well as many of the Legions. A great civil war ensues coming to its climax at the Siege of Andromida when the Capital Planet is sacked and the Emperor and the royal family beheaded. The rebels give birth to the new government, the Targearen Republic.

The Great Crusade A.T.E 107 - 219

With rising discontent with the statuesque and dwindling resources that were lost in the Civil War, the Senate comes up with the idea of the Great Crusade. The idea of scouring the universe for new life, planets, power, wealth, and resources. The idea is a hit among the populace who dream of adventure into untold lands. During this hundred year period, the Republic greatly expands its lands from 7 systems to 54 systems. Various wars are fought by the expeditionary fleets and various Aliens are subjected, more then a few were out right eradicated.

Golden Era A.T.E 220 - present 253 A.T.E

With the Republic at the heights of its power, it has been enjoying the wealth and prestige of its new position. Pirates and the many rebellions keeps the Republic too busy looking in on its own borders to look to the outside. There are a few times when the Senate has purposely made war with other nations to move the social unrest from the inside to channel their anger to the outside which has explained the small gains in star systems as of late.

The Republic has changed their political polices. Where once they would have simply conquered their neighbors, they have now started to demand monthly tribute from their neighbors under threats of invasion.

Strengths (Non-Militarily):
  • Size: The Sheer size of the Republic means it has no fear of running out of manpower or troops to be thrown into the grinder.
  • Predujuice: While some would consider this bad, thanks to the low class of the Aliens, Humans (no matter how bad off) have something to look at and mock for it being lower then they. It gives them some measure of comfort.
  • Ignorance is Bliss: The low born are kept uneducated in order to keep them in line. For those who do not know they are despoit and poor, do not drewl on it. It gives some measure of contentment among the people.
  • Manufacturing Juggernaught: Thanks to its massive size, numerous companies and forge worlds, the Republic can mass produce goods and military equipment at an astounding rate. While the quality is not as good as other nations, the price makes up for it as they can buy 3 or 4 Republic variants for one 'higher' quality variants.
  • Resources: The Republic owns vast amounts of planets and has an avaliability to rare resources that many Nations cannot dream of.

Weaknesses (Non-Militarily):
  • Prejudice: The Aliens, and many times the lower classes, get tired of being oppressed, so uprisings and rebellions are common. It is said that every second there is a rebellion going on somewhere.
  • Corruption: Thanks to keeping the lower people ignorant, only the wealthy and nobility can join the Senate making it a rather corrupt government with many simply buying their seats and votes.
  • Bullies: The Republic will usually demand tribute from the small Nations. This makes them somewhat disliked, but the options are simple: Pay, Join, or Die.
  • Beucracy: Thanks to the massive amount of Senators in the lower levels it takes a very, very, very long time for anything to get settled.
  • Pirates!: Due to the size and wealth of the Republic, they are prey to many pirates who are the hated enemy of the Republic.

Hyper Tech:
Novaroth Cannon - A large spacestation sized cannon. It fires a extremely power nuclear warhead that his its own Jump Drive attachment allowing it to travel across star systems. When it reaches its destination, the Jump Drive attachment breaks off and the nuclear warhead crashes into the planet it was targeted at. There are two Novaroth Cannons in the Republic with a third possible construction under Review in the Senate.

Advanced Sensors: The Republic has the best Sensory technology in the Universe with even their most basic of ships being able to read the tinest of geographical features, incoming space fleets, and communcation singals with ease.

Lancers: The Republic has mastered the use of large Laser weaponry with their ships being armed with Lancers. These are large extremely, powerful concentrated lasers capabale of cutting through shields and armor with ease. Thanks to the Advanced Sensors, the Lancers can be used in pinpoint planetary bombardments and can outrange almost all other space weaponry used by enemy Nations.

Titantric Platting: The Republic has some of the most heavily armored tanks and ships in the galaxy. It is needed since the Republic spends little in the way of Energy Shields due to their high cost instead concentrating on the heavy armor and super hard material known as Titantric metal only found in the mines of Kadrin.


Doctrine: Most of the Republic wins the battles and wars in Space conflicts crushing their enemies early. They use their superior Lancers, numbers, and powerful armor to destroy the enemy navy. The Navy plays an extremely important role in ground battles as well.

When engaged in round combat, they use their vast numbers to their advantage. The Republic hold the line and are usually sent in large waves to overwhelm the enemy. It is usually an extended fight that usually gets tied down in a war of attrition. Thanks to the Republics vast resources they can easily keep their own forces supplied far better then the enemy.

The use of the super heavy tanks and pinpoint bombarments of the Lancers weardown the enemy and keep enemy transports and supply ships from landing. The Republic has no problem with destroying and massacring another peoples civilains in order to force a surrender, but once the enemy surrenders they are part of the Republic and are given all the perks including not being butchered any longer.

Before each War, the nation is offered two options: Pay Tribute or be Crushed. If the Nation has insulted the Republic in any way, or when they feel like expanding (the desire has greatly diminished with their already large size), they are give the options of Join or Die. Most small planets take the option of Join, and most nations take the option of Paying Tribute rather then getting in a prolonged war with the Republic.


Class Name: A10C, usually just called Transport by the Legionaries as they are all the same generic type.
Ship in class: 4/10
Category: Transport
Combat Designation: Transportation of Legions and Supplies
Armor: 10/10, thanks to the Titantric metal, and the heavy armor ensures that most land on the ground in one piece.
Shields: None. Energy Shields are too expensive for the Republic to waste money on them.
Reactor: 6/10, A Standard Fusion Reactor
Sensors: 9/10, The Republic has the best sensory technology, so even their standard Sensory equipment is far better then others.
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Drive
Armament: 0/10 The transport uses all its space for supplies, troops, and armor. No extra space is used for weapons, and more importantly no extra money is used.

Class Name: Longsword
Ship in class: 6/10
Category: Low and High orbital fighter and Bombers
Combat Designation: Standard and mass produced fighter and bomber in both High and Low orbit. The Longsword is a simple chassis that is given unique features to fit the Republics Needs, for there is little else the Republic loves then a workhorse.
Armor: 5/10, These ships are far too mass produced for Titantric to be used.
Shields: 0/10
Reactor: 6/10, It needs to be able to break orbit to fly back and forth, but also be fast enough to dodge incoming fire.
Sensors: 9/10, it allows the pilot to keep track of the battle in great detail, strike where needed, and where to find weaknesses in the enemy fleet.
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Neither
Two missile pods containing 4 missiles each
Two Gatling lasers. (Laser mini-guns with an extraordinary high rate of fire meant to wear down shields)
If bomber Variant: It has two Gatling lasers, and high yield explosives that drop out of the bottom compartment.

Class Name: Reaper
Ship in class: 6/10
Category: Gunboat
Combat Designation: The destruction of enemy fighters and Transports
Armor: 9/10, simple thick armor as the Republic would not waste too much money on these cheap ships.
Shields: 0/10
Reactor: 7/10, it needs to be able to keep up with the nimbler and faster fighters in order to cover the larger ships.
Sensors: 10/10, Gunboats have extremely potent sensors, the best in the Republic to be able to easily track and lock onto fighters.
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Drive
12 Gatling lasers: 4 on the front, 4 on the back, and 2 on each side allowing it to fire in all directions to shut down fighters. It has a small payload of short ranges missiles.

Class Name: Iron Horse
Ship in class: 7/10
Category: Frigate
Combat Designation: Battleship support and general workhorse of the Republic
Armor: 10/10, Titantric armoring makes this ship extremely tough.
Shields: 5/10, cheap replaceable shields
Reactor: 5/10, enough to allow them to screen the battleships
Sensors: 10/10, Thanks to Republic technology these frigates have top of the line sensors used to help them hunt down pirates as that is one of their primary functions
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Drive
A lancer on the front of the frigate to spear enemy ships.
100 Longswords, 50 on each side of the frigate.
Numerous Gatling lasers to fight off enemy fights
Many long range laser cannons and large missile pods

Class Name: Ravager
Ship in class: 9/10
Category: Battleship
Combat Designation: The large powerhouses of the Republic fleets. There are usually more then a few battleships in even small fleets.
Armor: 10/10, just like many of the Republic ships, these ships have thick armor
Shields: 6/10, average shields by other nation comparison
Reactor: 5/10, it moves. Not fast, but it goes.
Sensors: 10/10, it allows the battleships to pound the enemy fleets into dust at longer range as well as keep keen awareness of the battle.
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Drive
Hundreds of Lancer Cannons for the Ravage is a long range, well, ravager.
A lot of other guns...

Class Name: Glory of the Republic!
Ship in class: 10/10
Category: Flagship of the Entire Fleet, the largest ship that the Republic has ever constructed. There is only one of this ship in all of the Republic.
Combat Designation: Planet destroyer and fleet inspiration (its presence is both awe inspiring and fear inducing)
Armor: ?/10. It has mutliple layers of Titantric armor that requires more then a few shots in the same spot to break through.
Shields: 7/10, the highest grade shields the Republic posses, (it bought them from another nation.)
Reactor: 3/10, its massive size forces it to travel extremely slow.
Sensors: 10/10, its only standard for the Glory of the Republic!
Jump Drive or Reaper Drive: Jump Drive
Great Lancer, The largest Lancer ever produced. It is a planet destroyer as it super charges it and fires one beam that burns through a planet and smashes into its core destablizing the planet and destroying life on the planet forever.
More weapons then I care to point out. Its most common armament is a lancer.

Ground Armies:


Commissar: These are the 'Morale' Officers. They are technically outside the chain of command and so cannot give or receive orders from anyone in the Legion, but they have the ability of summary execution. For all Military matters they are the judges and executioners able to execute any soldier or officer for cowardice and insubordination. They are not the most liked figures in the military with many of them meeting in unfortunate 'accidents' on the battle field.

Equipment: Laspistol, longsword (for dramatic purposes), Standard Republic Armor. Standard Republic Armor is great at stopping blackpowder based weaponry and can stop glancing blows from lasers, but plasma burns straight through.


Legionnaire: These are the bread and butter of the Republic Military and make up the majority of the Army. Both men and women serve in the Legionaires and are a versatile infantry units. They serve on both land battles, Naval Boardings, and help with construction when planet side. They serve a term of 8 years and undergo a 8 month basic training period.

Equipment: Grenades, Standard Republic Armor, combat knife, and laspistol.

Weapons: The Legionarie squads are armed with a variety of weapons, the most common being the Lasrepeater, a three bolt burst laser weapon. It has a battery capacity for 30 shots.
Other weapons include: Rocket Launcher, Gauss Rifle (a powerful rail gun used as a sniper rifle), and a Laser Machine-gun - a high fire rate laser weapon.


Rangers: These are the elite legionary forces who serve behind enemy lines and act out in small 5 man teams. To become a Ranger is to become an elite member of a very select organization among untold billions of troops. There are only 10,000 Rangers in the entire Republic that numbers has neither decreased or increased in the last 500 years. Only the best of the best Legionaries are permitted to join the Rangers, and they are given a further basic training of 6 months. A Ranger serves for 6 years.

Equipment: Ranger Armor - heavy armor reinforced with Titantic plates making it able to stop bullets, lasers, and even plasma shots as long as they are at long distance. Combat knife, Laspistol, smoke grenades, grenades, and EMP grenades. Rangers use the same weapons as regular Legionaries.


The Watch: These are the Police/National Guard that all planets are obligated to have. It is either a large or small force depending on the planet, training and terms of service vary greatly between planets. In times of need they can be moblized and forced into Legion service.

Equipment: When on duty, they are simply armed with a laspistol like most policing forces, but all planets have a large stock of military grade weaponry and standard republic armor.


This is the area in which the Republic wins its land battles for it has some of the heaviest and most powerful tanks in the Universe thanks to Titantric.

- Lightly armored scout vechile, thanks to its light armor it can travel over most terrains at high speeds.
- Seats three people, driver, passenger, and a gunner.
- Is armed with either a Gauss Rifle or a Gatling Laser that the gunner operate.

- Heavy Transport, its thick armor is Titantic plated allow it to take a beating, and it can hold 200 Legionaries.
- Is armed with two remote controlled Gattling Lasers, and a large rocket launcher pod holding 20 missles seated at the top.

- Medium Tank, it has titantic platting.
- Has a crew of 3, a driver, a loader, and a extra to operate the mounted gatling laser
- The Sorpion has a large lascannon and a gatling laser manned by one of the crew.

- Mobile Artiallay, it has thin titantic platting
- Has a crew of 3, a driver/gunner and two loaders.
- The Basilisk has a powerful cannon that can fires a round every 4 second allowing a small number of Baslisk to get a large bombardment going.

- Mobile AA gun, it has light armor and does not have Titantic platting
- Has a crew of 2, a driver and Gunner
- The Monogoose has two large Rocket Pods each holding 40 rockets, as well as a Gatling laser in the front used by the Gunner

- Super heavy tank with many thick layers of Titantic platting making it the heaviest tank in the universe.
- Has a crew of 6. A driver, a loader, and 4 gunners
- The Baneblade is the only landbased vechile armed with a Lancer as its primary weapon. It has 4 remote controlled gatling lasers, and a large missle pod holding 20 missiles.

So begins...

The Targearen Republic's Story


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#, as written by WAAAGH!
Karava 2 - Planetary Capital Karvena, 11:23 AM

Screams and the sound of ionizing air before a laser was discharged was all Captain Tira Briggs could hear. Ducking behind cover as lasers scorched the destroyed concrete wall behind her, she took the time to pause and get a hold of the situation. One Republic Standard Month ago, the Low Senator Cedric of Karava had declared they were seceding from the Republic, and the 4th had been sent in to remove the mad Low Senator and reestablish Republic dominion of one of its outerrim star systems. The mad man had corrupted the watch and had public executed the fellow low senators of the planet claiming he was now Governor and ruler of Karava to make matters worse the people were behind his back. It seemed the Low Senator had been secretly handing out forbidden knowledge and text to the poor making them believe they 'deserved' more then what they had. Such insolence would be crushed, of course, and the population convicted of such treasonous actions would be dealt with, harshly, but that was later as a grenade exploding near her reminded her of her place.

Her company was pinned down in the local market by two gun emplacements across the street which became death valley. Of course, that did not stop Commissar Torus from sending out more men and women to the meat grinder, but he was too 'important' to go himself. Tira glanced over the wall to see if she could get a shot off with her lasreapeter, but quickly sank back down when a line of lasfire almost took pale blue head off. Tapping her combeads, she said, "Commander, we need support." There was a pause of static, and she prayed he heard, because while they could push through they causality rates would skyrocket, but she was answered by the gravely voice of Commander Krell, "Armor inbound, ETA Three Minutes."

Tapping her combeads once more she informed her lieutenants of the change in plans, "Second platoon, get some grenades and rockets on the southeast building, I want their firing stop. We got backup coming." She just hoped they weren't sending a puma or something useless in this situation, but at this rate, she would take anything they could give. A new scream caught Tira's attention as she turned her head to see one of her own men, Private Parker go down screaming with a hole in his stomach. Luckily the laser cauterized the wound as it went through, but it did not stop the pain. He would survive... but he would remember that hit, however, his Sergeant, Tarkins, would not survive as a bullet hit the back of his head splattering poor Parker in blood, brains, and bits of bones. Popping out of cover, she sprayed a quick burst of lasfire on the building. While it wouldn't do nothing, it would help raise the morale of the unit seeing their commander trying to do... anything.

The rumbling of the ground caused her Legionaries to hold on to whatever they could as a nearby wall exploded and their salvation arrived. The commander had sent a Baneblade! The behemoth sized tank rolled lazily out almost bored by the numerous lasbolts that struck the hold and grenade impacts. Tira watched as high yield rockets crashed into the side of the Baneblade, but could not even dent the armor. A creaking sound filled the market squad as the large cannon was raised at one of the buildings, and Tira shut her eyes knowing what was coming next. A blinding flash of lights, and the backlash heat whipped at her face as the Lancer discharged. Opening her eyes to savor the damage, a giant hole was now in the center of the building and without the structural support it collapsed in on itself, and Tira relished the sounds of the screams of the Rebels as they were crushed. Vengeance for her fallen men. The Baneblade repeated the process with the other poor bastards in the second building before rolling ahead to continue in its path of carnage, "Follow the Baneblade, deeper into the city. We got rebels to kill!" Tira shouted through the combead receiving cheers as they charged into the fray once more.

Karava 2 - Planetary Capital Karvena - Home of Low Senator Cedric - Operation Reaper, 11:30 AM

The large heavily armored rangers moved silently through the corridors of the mansion having come in through the sewers. The main attack on the city was merely a diversion to assassinate the rebel leader. After his death the rebels would most likely surrender, and worst case, they would fight on leaderless, but be dealt with quickly. The Ranger Sergeant tapped his helmet lightly drawing two fingers across the front of his helmet. Two Guards, Slit throats. The other four members nodded as two of them broke from the group moving silently to grab the guards covering their mouths with their left hands and sticking their combat knives deep into their spines with their right holding them until they died to ensure silence was held.

With a thumbs up, the squad continued deeper, the sudden sound of an Alarm broken throughout the mansion, and the Rangers moved quickly turning the corner to come face to face with a Gatling Lasers maned by two of the Guards, the rangers dived for cover... well, all but one who remained where he was and raised his Gauss Rifle to his shoulder. The Gatling Laser opened up spraying hundreds of lasbolts down the small corridor, but they only left small scorch marks on the Rangers Titantric plated armor and with a calm, disciplined process brought down both guards blowing their chest nearly to pieces and exposing most of their ribcage to the world with the Gauss Rifle. It would be a easy mission for the Rangers.

Andromida - High Senate House, 4:23 PM

Lord Sul stood on his own platformed as it raised in the air to hoover eye level with the seats of the other senators. His finery gleaming in the light only underlining his importance and self-absorption. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the High Senate." Sul began pausing for dramatic effect and to ensure he had everyone's attention, "It is my pleasure to announce that the Karava Rebellion was ended just a short few hours ago by a team of Rangers selected by yours truly." He finished trying his best not to gloat, "It seems that we need to be even stricter on ensuring no traitorous books make it into our beautiful Republic." At least, not in the hands of the peasants, "Which is why, I humbly ask that we seek even more money into the Department of Literary Control to ensure this never. Never. Happens again."

The room erupted with applause, mainly concentrated in the center were many of Lord Sul's 'friends' were, Lord Sul bowed and lowered the podium back to its previous state and went to take his seat. With the short speech over, a old bearded human man turned to his far younger royal blue companion with fiery red hair and bright red eyes, "What did you think of the esteemed Lord Sul, Lady A'sair?"

The blue woman pretended to ponder the question tapping her chin lightly and giving off a soft series of hmms, "I believe the speech was not needed and no more money should be wasted in one of Lord Suls pet projects." Of course the Department itself was no pet profect, but the fact that Lord Sul was leading it meant he would no doubt be funneling those new funds out to more... leisurely activities.

"On a personal note." Lady A'sair said softly, "I Think he is a pompous ass, who is so corrupted even the Gods turn from him." The old man erupted in a fit of coughing and sporadic laughter, "Indeed, My Lady, indeed. Just do not let him hear that. One word from him and your political career is all but over."

Her deep red eyes followed Lord Sul every step of the way, "We shall see." She said softly, "We shall see."