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Aurora Stephen

"Being here might just give me that push in the right direction that I need."

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a character in “University of Disney”, as played by OtherThanMe


Princess Aurora


Aurora “Briar Rose” Stephen
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” –C.S. Lewis
“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” –Walt Disney

|| Truly, Madly, Deeply ||“The whole song is just so smooth and inspirational. It’s about love and acceptance all in one. It embodies beauty in my opinion.” ||

|Full Name/Title: Aurora “Briar Rose” Stephen, High Princess of the Western Kingdom|

|Nickname: “Briar Rose” and “Sleeping Beauty”|

|Age: 18, although she looks very young and sprightly for her age.

|Role: Aurora, a fairytale student at Disney University|

|Gender: Female|

|Face Claim: Elle Fanning|



Aurora is a tall, slender girl, very dainty and frail looking, with her long wispy, wavy blond hair. She has acute small features, big eyes, and a bright smile. Her eyes are a soft sage green and her skin is always kept flawless porcelain. She’s a Disney princess after all, they’re practically perfect!



|Likes: ||Fruit||flowers||billowy summer dresses that seem to be popular among the other Uni girls||playing the piano||learning about the human world||sunglasses||and pretty headpieces|| |


|Dislikes: || Confinement||dark places||crows||spinning wheels||sharp objects||nighttime||not being accepted |||

|Secrets: She has realized that she is very much a free spirit, and doesn’t want to be confined to a kingdom and a husband; she wants to see and learn new things and to travel. |

|Fears/Phobias: Sleeping. Most people assume that she is Sleeping Beauty and does it all the time, but the thought of falling into that dark endless void again scares Aurora to death. She still has to convince herself to go to sleep at night. And she doesn’t dream. It’s the nightmare of the unending eternity that haunts her.|

|Quirks/Habits: Nail biting. It’s something that she hides, because it ruins the dainty persona, but she’s unable to quit doing it. If you watch carefully she’s always flitting her fingers across surfaces like she’s playing a tune on the piano in her head, which she is, but it’s not written or anything. She’ll laugh it off like you’ve noticed something silly if you point it out though.|



|Personality: Aurora has always been a people pleasing kind of girl. She would rather have everybody else around her happy, than to be happy herself. Not to mention she doesn’t really ever act like she’s anything, but happy. She’s always very brave in her own opinion. After being saved once, she doesn’t want it to happen again. Curious as well, it’s what got her into the whole “Sleeping Beauty” mess in the first place. And she still hasn’t really ever gotten over that trait. Aurora also finds that, because she is a people pleaser, she is always overinvolved. Overcommitted to every little thing. Which leads her to worry, and bottled up stress. “It’s all a very bad cycle really…”|


|History We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty, but what comes after? Sure there’s an evil side and a good side DURING the tale, but who’s left to tell it after the fairytale ends? Nobody. Because it’s not a fairytale anymore. It’s a story about a free-spirited girl who has always assumed a man would fix her troubles, but finds that now it just means she has somebody to tie her to the ‘home’ she never really knew. After the “Great Sleep” as it’s called in the kingdom, there was a rejoicing party for the new couple, Aurora and Philip were brought together to dance and spend the week side by side for the festivities. But all parties end. And this ‘honeymoon’ phase for the new courtship died out quickly. King Stephen wanted to postpone the marriage, that way he could know his daughter better before she was taken away again. But, Philip and his father wanted to have the marriage as soon as possible, leaving Aurora stuck between her father and her new love. She begins to feel torn and smothered and too influenced by both parties, and her cheery disposition begins to crack. She simply wants her fathers and Philip’s love and acceptance for who she is. This is what leads her to apply for Disney University. Time spent FAR AWAY from…that.|

So begins...

Aurora Stephen's Story