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Marie Curie Keys (WIP)

"That's It, I'm done with you!"

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a character in “Unlucky Number 13”, as played by sweetshearts


Marie Curie Keys


Basic Information

Age: 14
Gender: Female
District: 3
Race: African and French mix.
Occupation: Student

The Looks


Faceclaim: Zendaya
Appearance: She is a girl with light skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair is naturally kinky and long and is either worn straight or curly. Her lips are quite thin and she has no dimples or face marks. She is 5’4 and weighs 114 pounds.
Other: N/A

[color= #A9F5D0]The Story [/color]


Personality: Marie is a very smart-aleck type person. She’s witty and sarcastic and see’s people as below her. She gets jealous when anybody seems to be better than her and will bully somebody who seems better. She has a bad temper and likes hurting people when they hurt her.
History/Backstory: Marie was named after a scientist in the old days that her mother loved to read about. Marie, from the young age of two, knew how to read in a second grade level. She was no doubt intelligent like anybody in District 3, but being that her family was famous for making amazing tablets at their store, selling hundreds to the Capitol a day. Her families riches made her a spoiled brat, and annoying at school. She use to be a big bully and fight all the time.

One year her family couldn’t make the quota for the Capitol. They said it was alright but Marie knew this was going to hurt her, and it did. She’s now the District 3 tribute for the 13th Hunger Games.
Family/Friends: She has a mother, father and four younger siblings. Most of her friends are gold diggers and bullies just like her.
Pets: None
Hobbies: Reading, Learning
Greatest Fear: Seeing someone better than her.
Status in District: Rich

[hr] [/hr]
The Games
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Career?: No
Open For Alliances?: Yes
Volunteered Or Reaped?:Reaped
If Volunteered, Why?:
Reaction: She was scared, but ready.
Token: A golden necklace her mother got from her father.
Strengths: She is intelligent and quite strong from beating up people.
Weaknesses: She wouldn’t be as strong as the typical career, she doesn’t have any survival skills and she does not know how to use weaponry either.
Best Weapon: Her fist
Worst Weapon: Anything else
Training Strategy: Learn all the weaponry skills you can but try to learn some survival skills.
Interview Angle: Cute but Witty.
What Do They Do At The Cornucopia?: Runs in to grab a bag.

So begins...

Marie Curie Keys (WIP)'s Story