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Felix Fletcher

"Time to get into some trouble."

0 · 590 views · located in Seattle, Washington

a character in “Unmasked Territories: Realm beyond Reality”, as played by Sneakyrio


Felix Fletcher


Basic Info

Name: Felix Fletcher

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 200lbs.

  • His Tibetan Mastiff Mouse
  • Historical Novels
  • Being gifted with the Sight
  • Smart, Sassy Women
  • A good bout of Raconteur
  • Quality Cinema

  • Fairies......seriously.(Well, not all Fairies, just one in particular. Though it has made him suspicious and untrusting of the entire race.)
  • Ignorant Jagoffs
  • Being called "Mundane"
  • Bullies
  • Seeing a girl cry
  • Most Vampires


For most of his life, Felix has been a shy kid who compensates by being something of a sarcastic pain in the ass. He dealt with the death of his father and the subsequent loneliness of his years of state care by cultivating a persona of easy humor, always quick with a snarky remark or a caustic comeback. This attitude also resulted in a deep hatred of bullies, as he was beaten up. A lot.

Under his attitude, however, Felix is a rather sensitive kid. He empathizes with others on a deep level, and when he sees someone in trouble he can’t help but feel like he has to step in and help, especially if the person in trouble is a woman or child. He looks out for the little guy, no matter the odds. His father raised him to be a gentleman, and he took those lessons to heart. He has a great deal of courage, though some would call it insanity, and won’t back down if he thinks the cause is right.

However, when he had first arrived at The Conclave, he had been through a great deal of trauma that had left him sullen and withdrawn, wracked by guilt for the lives he had taken, and the pain of losing his second family. He tended to sit off to the side, trying to keep from attracting attention. He feared social contact, both because he never had much experience with large crowds or children his own age, and because he was afraid of being hurt again.

He has now come out of his shell and is the ever snarky smart ass who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. It became evident early on that he has a major problem with authority, or how he likes to say "Authority has a problem with me." He will never back down and would sooner punch you in the face than let an asshole win an argument. He has a good sense of humor and can take a joke, as long as your prepared to receive one back.



Felix was born to a human father, Jason Fletcher, and a human mother named Margaret "Lefae" Gwendolyn who had the gift of Sight. Sadly Margaret died in childbirth under mysterious circumstances before she had a chance to tell Jason about her true nature. Therefore, Felix spent his early childhood completely unaware of his heritage as his father and he traveled the country side performing his father’s act as a stage magician.

Sadly these good times were not to last, and when Felix was six Jason died of a brain aneurysm, leaving Felix an orphan. He was bounced around state care facilities and horrid foster homes until he was 12 years old, when he was finally adopted by a Vampire named Damian Grimoire, along with another potential human, a girl named Rebecca. Grimoire introduced both of them to a skewed view of the Shadow World, and tried to turn Rebecca and Felix into his darkling enforcers without their knowing. The training was grueling, indeed abusive and damaging, but Felix was happy in his own way, and he and Rebecca even began to fall in love.

This happiness was not to last, however. One dark day when Felix was fifteen years old, Grimoire revealed the true reason he had adopted him. Grimoire, a rogue Vampire, had adopted Felix and Rebecca to raise them to be his darkling enforcers. Felix managed to escape that night through an odd clarity that let him see past the blood and fled. Grimoire dispatched a darklingl assassin after the young man, but he was fortunate enough to find a powerful fairy who owed his mother a favor named Leanansidhe. She granted him a boon that allowed him to defeat the darkling, but promised she’d return to collect his debt one day. After receiving information from Lea, he purged himself of the blood by drinking a massive amount of Holy water until he was human again.

At this point Felix could have fled and disappeared into the mass of humanity, but he couldn’t leave Rebecca in Grimoire’s clutches. He returned to save her, and she thanked him by placing him in chains. Trapped and betrayed by the two people he was closest to in the world, Felix was again tempted to give in, but something just wouldn’t let him. Slipping his bonds, Felix rose up and faced Grimoire in a duel, and in the course of the duel Grimoire and Felix accidentally set the house ablaze, causing it to collapse around them, with Felix barely escaping with his life. Felix never found out what happened to Rebecca, but the evidence suggested she died in the fire as well. The whole fight being a blur, Felix couldn't actually remember who originally started the blaze, and that uncertainty has haunted him ever since.

Wandering in a daze, Felix dug himself out of the wreckage of the house, the only thing he had left in the world was his dog Mouse and his mother’s pendant. Felix wandered for a short time, but he did not get far before he was picked up by the Shadowhunters. Felix's mother had apparently served the Shadowhunters for years before vanishing one night. They apparently recognized her amulet for she wore it wherever she went. They listened to his story and seeing the circumstances, allowed him to work at the Institute. They trained him, though he was already experienced in combat training, they honed and refined him.

He is now one of the Institutes drivers, the best he would say and the craziest. Felix is fully prepared to plow headfirst into any nasty beasty that comes your way. he would also stand by you and fight side by side, even though he's just a human. Mouse isn't freaking bad in a fight either.


Felix received a puppy for his twelfth birthday from Damian. The puppy was so small he could fit into Felix's coat pocket, so he and Rebecca decided to name him Mouse. Though, when he grew older, they quickly learned that Mouse was freaking huge! Mouse is a Tibetan Mastiff who's shoulder blades come up to Felix's hips and weighs over 200lbs. of solid muscle. He is fiercely loyal to Felix and very friendly and sweet to most. Though, he seems to have a nose for danger and really helps out Felix due to the fact that by himself, he would really struggle against just one Downworlder. He is also Felix's official Co-Pilot in the car. When he growls, you swear you were standing next to a lion.


So begins...

Felix Fletcher's Story

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"Why?" Felix asked quietly, on his knees, his hands bound in duct tape. A beautiful flame haired man reached down and began to caress the hair of a blank eyed girl who seemed to stare into nothing.

"Why? Why not? It's what I do, its what we as a species do. You are cattle that can occasionally be bred to be guard dogs. You were one of the lucky ones Felix. You were to be a pure bred, I could have shown you and Rebecca off to my friends. I guess you're adamant about remaining cattle......and I had such high hopes for you."

The man leaned down and whispered something into the girls ear. He then simply smiled at Felix and walked away.

The girl produced a knife and slowly walked towards Felix with purpose. He began to cry.

"Rebecca......Rebecca..." The knife was raised high poised to strike. "REBECCAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

Felix leaped out of bed and was on the floor with a wicked looking curved dagger, sweating bullets. He realized he was poised to strike his "Star Wars A New Hope" poster. He quickly dropped his knife and fell onto his ass, putting his face into his hands. He was trying to steady his breathing. Felix hadn't had that dream in a long time. He thought he had repressed that memory. Some things stay with you, he guessed.

He heard hard padding footsteps and a mountain of fur approached. Mouse, Felix's half Mastiff half wooly mammoth, trodded his way over to him and gave him a very sympathetic look. Mouse was very intelligent for a dog, a little too intelligent. Felix patted his head. "It's alright boy, I'll be fine."

Felix stood up and looked around his room. His room was actually a side space in the Institutes garage, as he was there driver. Now, he was supposed to be working today, but he really didn't care. He was meeting Winni today for another day of sitting around trying to figure out what to do and end up indulging the first whim that came to mind.

After he got dressed in a black shirt that states "Hunt Naked" with jeans and black hi-tops, he hopped in his Jeep and reved the engine. Mouse hoped in the front seat and soon they were off.

As he drove down the many different streets to Winni's house in his aviator sunglasses, Felix thought about how cool it was that Winni was on summer vacation so they could hang out a lot more. No one at the institute really wanted to ever hang with him, seeing as he was "Mundane" and none of the human kids at his school ever really understood him. Felix honestly dreaded the day Winni found out who she was. He was afraid she would turn into one of them and see him as just "Mundane" and stop caring about him. He wouldn't be sure what to do with himself after that.

Felix shook his head and turned on the radio. That day was probably a long ways off, he would cross that bridge when he came to it.

When approaching Winni's house, he heard Mouse let off a low bubbling growl from his throat. When he pulled over and looked up, he saw a naked girl getting clothes on. His face immediately went red and he nearly got whiplash from how fast he turned his head away. He was incredibly confused at what was transpiring and more than a little curious.

When he finally ventured another peek, the girl was dressed and approaching Winni's door. He swore he heard yelling coming from inside.

As he got out with Mouse and approached the house, he spotted Fox standing just off the property. He scowled and approached her. "Fox, what the hell are you doing here? You know your forbidden to approach Winni while she's under the wolves care. You could screw everything......wait. Whats.....whats going on in there?"

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Winni stared into her mother's eyes, she has never felt this angry before and she felt like she was going to explode. "Don't call me that." Portia snapped at her for calling her by her first name, Winni didn't feel the need to say anything about it. The women before her that she called mom has been hiding something really big and she just could not forgive her, everything about her life was a lie.

"We were protecting you honey." Her mother started talking, Winni wanted to call out the bullshit but kept quiet, juet staring as her mother went on "Yes, the Shadow World is real, and there's... A lot to explain. Your real parents were Jason and Annamarie Bellefleur. Two very famous Shadow Hunters. They protected a lot of people. Killed a lot of demons, but they were killed when you were young, by a demon who wanted your parents, and also you. You lived, and another famous Shadowhunter named Scarlet Nightshade, a woman still alive in Seattle today, had your sight taken from you by a warlock so that you couldn't see what we see. Scarlet wanted to keep you as her own, but she was struggling through some heartache of her own, and so, the Clave, our government, brought you to me to protect. We're all werewolves here. Your father and I are the alphas."

As Portia stepped closer to her, putting a hand on her shoulder Winni shrugged it off and stepped back "I can't fuckin' believe this, don't touch me". "But honey, your life was never a joke. We never intended to hurt you, only protect you. And it most certainly wasn't a lie. I raised you, your father raised you, your sister grew up with you, we are your family. We love you. We never lied about that."

"So everyone knew who I was but me, everyone knew. Uncle Ardy was in it also too huh? I don't even know what to say." staring into Portia's eyes she felt tears rolling down her cheek "how could you? Ive always been truthful to you, I looked up to you...I can't believe it". Turning around she went to leave but she saw Brynn standing there, her angered flared as she went closer to her adoptive sister, her voice raising "you knew! you knew this whole time and didn't tell me! You were suppose to be my sister! We told each other everything...well at least thats what I thought!" She was screaming, running upstairs she grabbed her camera, phone, and canvas bag, she didn't know where she was going but she needed to get away.

Running down the stairs she stopped back in the kitchen to say one more thing "you know you should take a look in my black room, take a look at my pictures. Don't follow me" she said before she walked out the door, calling for Harley to follow her. As she opened the front door she saw a blonde at the door she didn't say anything as she walked by the girl and down the path to her jeep. Her face was beat red and her hands were clenched tight. She saw Felix in the yard talking to....nothing. But as she focused she thought she saw a girl, shaking her head she took a deep breath as she opened the door to her jeep and let Harley jumping in before she climbed in herself.

Who could she trust? She thought as she pulled out of the driveway and sped down the road "how could I not know?" She asked herself, pulling out her phone as she drove. Her mother was always telling her not to use her phone while driving, she never really listened. There was one guy she knew she could call and talk to, she pulled up the guys phine number and pushed call as she sped down the road into town. When she heard a voice answer she let out a small sigh "Thomas, its Winni...i need talk to someone" her voice was a whisper as she tried hard not to cry and also pay attention to the road.


Ardyon was relaxing in his chair smoking a cigar as he waited for the news to come. He knew the clave was meeting this morning and it would only be a matter of time till he would receive a letter. "Things are definately going to be interesting Ferosia" he looked down at his white cat as he spoke. The cat just purred and went back to licking its paws.

A few minutes later a black crow came flying through the window and landed on his shoulder handing him a letter. "What do we have here Des" he asked the bird before taking the letter and reading it over. A few minutes later a laugh escaped his throat "interesting, very very interesting. Venetia will be happy" he said to no one in particular.

Taking out a piece of parchment paper and a pen and quickly wrote the lovely Queen a letter, being very vague with his words just in case someone else was to read the letter.

My Darling Venetia,
Just received some interesting news. Believe we need to meet, id rather not write this on paper. Meet at the old paper mill in an hour, Ill tell you everything that I just found out. You will be very happy I think.

He rolled up the letter then tied a string around it before giving it to Des "take this to Venetia". The crow flew out the window and went to bring the letter to the Queen Vampire. Ardy proceeded to get up and get himself together, putting on a pair of black slacks and a button down black shirt. Brushing out his hair before he put on his black trenchcoat and walked out his door. He wasn't one to ride in cars, he wasn't particulary fond of them so he walked his way to the old mill.

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"So everyone knew who I was but me, everyone knew. Uncle Ardy was in it also too huh? I don't even know what to say." On the outiside, Portia stood firm, fingers wrapped a little too tightly around the back of a chair, but on the inside, her heart melted as she watched the tears start in her daughters eyes. "How could you? Ive always been truthful to you, I looked up to you...I can't believe it." The chair snapped in Portia's fingers as Winni turned and screamed at her sister before running upstairs and leaving the two traitors alone for a moment. Portia let out a miserable moan and slumped forward into the chair, dropping her face in her hands.

She knew Brynn was still there, and it was strange to see Portia broken, but she didn't care. Her daughter hated her. She was a strong woman. Nothing ever broke her, but this might be more than she could handle. She'd worked so hard to give her daughters a better life than she'd had. She'd raised them well, and given them all the love and motherly care that she'd never gotten, and her husband had been the perfect father.

Winni's returning footsteps caused Portia to lift her head, a look of hopefulness on her face, until she saw the expression on her daughters. "You know, you should take a look in my black room, take a look at my pictures. Don't follow me." Winni said and stomped out of the house.

Portia's shoulders drooped again and she groaned, letting a few tears drip onto the table. "Brynn." She said into her hands, "I know she said not to follow her, but I don't want her getting hurt because she'd angry. Please go after her." She said as she stood slowly. She was sending Brynn out for two reasons. Mostly because what she said was true, she didn't want Winni to hurt herself, but also because she wanted to be alone.

Portia was the type of woman who bore her suffering in lonely silence. She didn't want anyone to see her hurt.

So she left the room, heading up the stairs to Winni's black room where she gently pushed open the door and stepped inside, strolling around, looking at her pictures.

Captured on the small sheets were little depictions of fantastic things from the Shadow World. Slowly, Portia sat on the floor, sifting through a pile of photos with shaking fingers.


The yelling that came from the house a few moments earlier made a smile stretch across Fox's lips. It's not that she particularly liked their suffering it's more that she was a magnet for chaos. Her mother always told her that if she didn't have something to destroy, she'd go insane. Fox flicked the ash off the tip of her cigarette and, with her vampire hearing, listened to the entire argument. Inside, she supposed she felt a little bad for causing the family so much grief, but someone had to tell Winni. Otherwise she would have found out herself. And in a much more dangerous way.

The sound of an approaching vehicle caused her to whirl her head around, black hair flicking over her shoulder as she pushed her sunglasses up slightly to see Felix rolling up. She let them drop again, and turned back to face the house once more.

It was sad really, the girl's life. Litterally everyone around her was involved in the charade. Even her human friend Felix knew more than she did. Fox had done her a favor.

From behind, she heard Felix's approaching footsteps before he reached her.

"Fox, what the hell are you doing here? You know your forbidden to approach Winni while she's under the wolves care. You could screw everything......wait. Whats.....whats going on in there?" He said, obviously just realizing the yelling from inside the house.

Fox grinned and looked over at him, and slightly up, for she was small and he was insanely tall. "I'm screwing everything." She said with a smirk, using his words. "I know I'm not supposed to be here, but since when has that stopped me? I left Winni a little note." She said with a shrug. "She deserved to know."

Fox threw her cigarette into the grass and stamped it out. "Honestly, you're supposed to be friends with her aren't you? Why is it that Portia let's everyone in the fucking Shadow World come and get to know Winni but me?" She glanced at Felix briefly. "Don't answer that."

Just then, Winni came bursting through the door and hopped into her car. For a moment, she didn't seem to see her, but then she hesitated, her eyes focusing right on her, before tearing away from the curb angrily. Fox glanced at Felix. "Should we chase her?"