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Enya Thompson

"As soon as you let your guard down, I win... I ALWAYS win..."

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a character in “Unnatural Love”, as played by Kaire23


Name: Enya Thompson
Quote:"As soon as you let your guard down, I win... I ALWAYS win..."
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Picture: Image
Appearance:Enya has blondish/brown hair. She has greenish grey eyes and has a decent tan. When running or working out, She wears her hair up in a ponytail. When relaxing at home, she keeps it up in the back and lets the front dangle.
Personality:To say Enya is competitive is an understatement. She will take down anyone in her way to get what she wants and to be on top. Around her friends, if your not in, your liable to her picking on. She can be absolutely brutal with her words so as to put you in your place. If your friend, you better not be trying to compete with her or your gonna lose sooner or later.
At Track meets, she is a team player and is very connected with everyone. She is the team captain of the team and is the best runner. She cheers on her whole team and rejoices with them in their wins and is depressed with them when they lose. She cares for every team member as long as they show love for the team. She has a lot of school and team spirit.
Likes: To her sadness, video games, Competition, Being on top, winning, being with the team, Sweets, and drawing.
Dislikes: Losing, being at the bottom, being thought less of, anything that would ruin her dreams, and her parents ignoring her.
Fears:Being abandoned and losing her team.
History:Enya has always had to work for her parent's attention. Through this, she has become very competitive so that her parents will pay attention to her. Enya hates it when people take things for granted. Enya can also be a bit quick to act and if you insult her or her team, you might just end up with a broken nose. Enya loves running and she feels it's the only thing that clears her mind and makes her happy. She has a dream of running away from all of her problems.
Perverted?: A bit. You might get a snicker or two if you tell a dirty joke around her.

So begins...

Enya Thompson's Story


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#, as written by Kaire23
Iris Parker

"I always make time for my students,"
He said which, for some reason, sorta reassured her in an odd way. She didn't quite understand why, but it did.
"And I bet they appreciate it very much." She said with a slight nod. She knew she was appreciative of it.

"You have your schedule, I presume?"
He asked and she nodded as she held it up.

"I'll write you an excuse for your next class so that you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the building,"

"Thank you Dr.Erei!" She said with a smile. She had English next hour and she was really, REALLY not looking forward to it.

"Where are you from, if you don't mind my asking?" he asked as she smiled.
"I'm from New York...." She said shyly.
"It's a lot calmer here... more nice..." She said, just listening to the silence.

"That is the science wing. Chemistry, Biology, basic earth sciences, all of them are kept there so they don't risk blowing up the whole school." She smiled at this. She laughed a tiny bit.
"Wouldn't the teacher just have to pay attention?" She questioned with a smile.

Enya Thompson

Enya smiled at Monique as she walked in. She was unsure if it was a venomous smile or a friendly smile but she knew she should at least try.

"Hey Monique. Good luck out there." She said and then passed her and walked out to the track. Her coach was already waiting for her by the time she got there. She smiled at her team as she walked out and had a couple of high fives as the thoughts of her biggest enemy left her mind.

"Okay! Everyone stretch!" She yelled as everyone immediately got in their circle and started counting off tens as they did each stretch. Once done, they quickly lined the track and all of them got ready.

"Ready.... Go!" Coach McGuire yelled as they all took off, trying their hardest to pace and get better times. Enya quickly took the lead and when they got half way done, she quickly fell back and started encouraging the ones who were falling behind.


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#, as written by Kaire23
Iris Parker

Iris walked into her English class and handed her teacher the slip Dr.Erei signed.
"Sorry for being late..." Iris said, knowing it was not good to be late on your first day.

"Take any open seat," The teacher said and she nodded and took the first open seat. The teacher then set a book on her desk. Iris picked it up and hoped to see it was a good book. The title read 'The Great Gatsby' and Iris wasn't quite sure if she felt dread or wonder.

"We're on chapter seven, Well, maybe chapter five. You can step into the hallway to catch up, or you can listen during our discussion about the book that will be used to make the questions for the test. Up to you,"

Iris nodded quickly.
"I'll stay in here." She said, hoping it would fill her in on some important bits to pass the test.

After a long while of discussion, the bell finally rang and she was out to her next class.

Enya Thompson

Enya just finished changing right as the bell rang. She quickly slung her bag over her shoulder and waited for Monique. She said that she'd see her after class so she decided to hang on and talk with her while they were going to their lockers. She let herself stretch as she thought of her next class. Chemistry. A nice blow off class after running.

While waiting, she picked up on some new gossip. There was some talk of a new girl... She'd have to keep an eye out for her. She could try to get to the top of the school and she knew she'd take her down even before she attempted to.