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Monique Richards

"Stop staring."

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a character in “Unnatural Love”, originally authored by Abrielle, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Monique Richards
Quote: "Would you please stop breathing down my neck? I don't need everyone watching every step I take."
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 120lbs
Appearance: Her long, layered, bleach-blonde hair exaggerates her light-colored skin and dark blue eyes. Her thin waist-line turns everybody's head whether she wants them to or not. Her chest-size isn't marvelously huge, but she's not exactly flat either. She accentuates her makeup well without turning herself into a monster. Her outfits usually consist of skin-tight jeans and airy shirts that reveal her mid-riff in the proper breeze.
Personality: In the public eye, Monique is always seen smiling. Even if she's insulting you, she won't stop smiling just to give you a piece of her mind. Because she's been hurt in the past, she doesn't care too much about people, but still feels as though she needs to be around them constantly. Deep inside, she's really lonely and fills the void with the people she allows into her life, and because of her stature on the cheer team, she tends to attract the kind of crowd that seems just as shallow as her.
Likes: The look on a guy's face when she's about to go down on them, pretending she can sing, being seen with cute guys, and being social.
Dislikes: Being alone, not getting what she wants, handling cash,
Fears: Being seen without her makeup, getting held back, STDs
History: About two years ago, she was in love with a guy who rocked her world all the way. She was going to marry him and have his babies- the whole nine yards. However, after about six and a half months, this guy decided that they were done. He took her heart, crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. She was devastated, and has thus since been unable to 'love' coherently. However, she later discovered that letting people get close to her and admire her made her feel less lonely, so she developed a habit of using people to feel better about herself.
Perverted?: She really is quite classy until the proper moment arises, then, all of the 'business' strips away.


So begins...

Monique Richards's Story


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#, as written by Kaire23
Iris quickly fiddled with her shirt as she stayed up in the front of class. The math teacher said to stay here until she was introduced, but how long was he planning to wait? She didn't like everyone staring at her. It made her feel as if they knew everything about her and were just not telling her. She didn't like this one bit.

Biting her lip, she willed herself to stay in place at the front of the room as the bell went off. She hoped he wouldn't leave her up there for the lesson. It was absurd to think about, but she feared it. She scanned the students and her eyes met a guy with bluish hair with a more feminine face. She smiled before looking to the next. By her was a adorable looking guy with blonde hair. He was very small. Looking at the next, her eyes met someone's venomous glare at her. Trying her best to smile, the girl only glared at her back. Her eyes quickly tore away from the girl as she stared at the back of the room. Oh god, what was she getting into?

((OOC: Sorry for lining you all up like that XD))


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Gabriel Ingram

During school hours, the bell that released students from class was practically his favorite sound of all. He'd already been packed up and ready to go five minutes before class was dismissed, so once as soon as he could, he was out the door and up the hallway. He took time glancing into every room he could, but without any luck in finding the girl he'd seen when class started. By the time Camaryn left her classroom, Gabriel was already passed her, up the hallway. "Hmmm..." Gabriel pondered to himself before finding his way to his friend Robert's locker. By the time he was there, Robert had closed his locker and began talking to a girl. "What do you want, Rob?" The tone in the girl's voice made him sure that if Robert was going after this chick, he was definitely flopping, so what was a bro to do but help him out? When he made it to his side without him knowing it, long blonde hair and striking green eyes drew him into a trance that lasted a couple seconds before he slapped his friend on the back, "Hey, Robert! Who is this lovely lady?" Gabriel grinned ear-to-ear.

Gabriel was fully aware of what she was to the rest of the school's hierarchy. 'The nerd', as they called her, was a fitting title. She turned in all of her homework and answered all of her tests practically perfectly, though he never paid much attention to that. She had never seemed 'available', so he never pursued her. He justified this assumption by the way she dressed; girls looking for guys typically dressed the part, but if his buddy was going for it, who was he to judge in all honesty? Tail was tail, the way he figured.

"My friend here isn't bothering you, is he?" Up until that moment, Gabriel's hand had been clasped to Robert's back, but now it was at his side, "If he is, just say the word and I'll take care of him," he said, in jest, figuring that the girl wouldn't ask Gabriel to 'take care of' Robert, allowing Robert to converse with her further. "No? Phew, what a relief. He'd probably kick my ass." Him and Robert exchanged a look, and Gabriel laughed lightly.

Monique Richards

Upon the class' dismissal, Monique gathered her belongings and made her way to her locker. She had no plans to cause any further trouble with Camaryn at the present time. There would be too many teachers around, and if she got too many marks this semester, she wouldn't be allowed to enter the cheer competition. She'd never missed one yet, even though there were a few close calls. The cheer-instructor always pulled some strings to get her back in business. She pilled her books back into her locker, and made her way to the gymnasium. It was a bit of a walk there all the way from the math hall, but she didn't mind. She passed by several of her friends along the way who always caught her up on the latest gossip, but this time, she had a story to tell.

"Yeah, there's a new girl in town." "Her name is Iris." "Yeah, I guess she's kind of pretty." "Oh, no way, she's friends with Ash and Weylin. Totally playing for the other team." Monique responded to her friend's questions as she asked them. "Well, I gotta get going. I can't be too late, you know."

Monique hurried to the girls' locker room where she pulled out her practice clothes and changed into them hurriedly. There were only a couple of girls left in the locker room. The rest of the squad were already waiting in the gym to start practice.

In the gym, she found the rest of the girls all talking among themselves. Most of their conversations were bland: talking about what they'd done over the weekend, trying to figure out who Gabriel's latest girlfriend was, or explaining what their latest diet was. Then, upon the instructor's arrival, the chatter stopped. Ms. Myra commanded a lot of respect from these girls, and they would never give her a hard time about anything. For her, they did their best and beyond every time she was in their presence.


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#, as written by Kaire23
Iris Parker

"I always make time for my students,"
He said which, for some reason, sorta reassured her in an odd way. She didn't quite understand why, but it did.
"And I bet they appreciate it very much." She said with a slight nod. She knew she was appreciative of it.

"You have your schedule, I presume?"
He asked and she nodded as she held it up.

"I'll write you an excuse for your next class so that you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the building,"

"Thank you Dr.Erei!" She said with a smile. She had English next hour and she was really, REALLY not looking forward to it.

"Where are you from, if you don't mind my asking?" he asked as she smiled.
"I'm from New York...." She said shyly.
"It's a lot calmer here... more nice..." She said, just listening to the silence.

"That is the science wing. Chemistry, Biology, basic earth sciences, all of them are kept there so they don't risk blowing up the whole school." She smiled at this. She laughed a tiny bit.
"Wouldn't the teacher just have to pay attention?" She questioned with a smile.

Enya Thompson

Enya smiled at Monique as she walked in. She was unsure if it was a venomous smile or a friendly smile but she knew she should at least try.

"Hey Monique. Good luck out there." She said and then passed her and walked out to the track. Her coach was already waiting for her by the time she got there. She smiled at her team as she walked out and had a couple of high fives as the thoughts of her biggest enemy left her mind.

"Okay! Everyone stretch!" She yelled as everyone immediately got in their circle and started counting off tens as they did each stretch. Once done, they quickly lined the track and all of them got ready.

"Ready.... Go!" Coach McGuire yelled as they all took off, trying their hardest to pace and get better times. Enya quickly took the lead and when they got half way done, she quickly fell back and started encouraging the ones who were falling behind.


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#, as written by Kaire23
Iris Parker

Iris walked into her English class and handed her teacher the slip Dr.Erei signed.
"Sorry for being late..." Iris said, knowing it was not good to be late on your first day.

"Take any open seat," The teacher said and she nodded and took the first open seat. The teacher then set a book on her desk. Iris picked it up and hoped to see it was a good book. The title read 'The Great Gatsby' and Iris wasn't quite sure if she felt dread or wonder.

"We're on chapter seven, Well, maybe chapter five. You can step into the hallway to catch up, or you can listen during our discussion about the book that will be used to make the questions for the test. Up to you,"

Iris nodded quickly.
"I'll stay in here." She said, hoping it would fill her in on some important bits to pass the test.

After a long while of discussion, the bell finally rang and she was out to her next class.

Enya Thompson

Enya just finished changing right as the bell rang. She quickly slung her bag over her shoulder and waited for Monique. She said that she'd see her after class so she decided to hang on and talk with her while they were going to their lockers. She let herself stretch as she thought of her next class. Chemistry. A nice blow off class after running.

While waiting, she picked up on some new gossip. There was some talk of a new girl... She'd have to keep an eye out for her. She could try to get to the top of the school and she knew she'd take her down even before she attempted to.