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Russel Zapatero

"I'm not Lazy... Just tired"

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a character in “Unnatural Love”, originally authored by Geekly, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Russel Zapatero
Quote: "Open books and read please, no homework... Goodnight. ZZZ~~~"
Age: 24
Nickname: Mr. ZZZZZ, Zaps, Rus
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Picture: Image
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 140
Appearance: Russel is confident in his ability as a teacher, in his appearance, not so much. He has black hair that is usually in a messy bedhead hairstyle, and dark brown eyes. He is unusually toned for someone with a horrible diet and never works out. He does have faint bags under his eyes just from lack of sleep that make him look older than he actually is. He stands at a decient hight, but is a little self consious that he might be a bit too tall. He wears glasses most the time because of his god awful vision, he has contacts but he just never really uses them. He normally dresses casually to school, a lab coat over is attire when class is in session. He does have a tattoo on his bicep of a fractal and a scar on his side after being bitten by a dog when he was young.

Personality: Honestly he is very much a procrastinator, making his class lessons literally minutes before class starts. He is pretty easy going and lenient towards his students, thus his class being referred to as an easy A. He does incorporate lessons into his lesson plans, so it's not like he never teaches you anything. He is normally kind and willing to listen to any and all problems. Russel is insightful, having some wisdom despite his young age. He is very respectful to everyone, teachers and students alike. He is usually sleepy because he tries to hang out with the History teacher who is at bars every night. Other times it is because he's just been addicted to the internet and can't get off. The only time he ever really blows his top and gets angry is when he sees someone being bullied. He really doesn't take kindly to bullies.
Likes: Internet, Sleep, Kids, Feeling like he's made a difference, Fire, experiments
Dislikes: Bullies, Dogs, Really religious people who doubt science, Disrespectful people
Fears: Not being able to teach, losing one of his students to death/drugs
History: When Rus was little, he was bullied. A lot. He became a teacher so he could stop bullies like his teacher never did. Apparently that is easier said than done. He does try to be social with the other teachers, going to the bars and what not. His class has often been the cause for several fire alarms or slight explosions. When his class was deemed the Easy A, he didnt know whether to be upset or pleased. He does love to do experiments and Demos for his class. Mainly with fire. He is a bit of a pyromaniac. The reason he is dislikes dogs is because of the large dog they had when he was young that had gone slightly crazy and bit him in the side.
Perverted?: Russel is actually quite respectful, but he is a man so he has his moments.

So begins...

Russel Zapatero's Story


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#, as written by Kaire23
Iris Parker

"I always make time for my students,"
He said which, for some reason, sorta reassured her in an odd way. She didn't quite understand why, but it did.
"And I bet they appreciate it very much." She said with a slight nod. She knew she was appreciative of it.

"You have your schedule, I presume?"
He asked and she nodded as she held it up.

"I'll write you an excuse for your next class so that you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the building,"

"Thank you Dr.Erei!" She said with a smile. She had English next hour and she was really, REALLY not looking forward to it.

"Where are you from, if you don't mind my asking?" he asked as she smiled.
"I'm from New York...." She said shyly.
"It's a lot calmer here... more nice..." She said, just listening to the silence.

"That is the science wing. Chemistry, Biology, basic earth sciences, all of them are kept there so they don't risk blowing up the whole school." She smiled at this. She laughed a tiny bit.
"Wouldn't the teacher just have to pay attention?" She questioned with a smile.

Enya Thompson

Enya smiled at Monique as she walked in. She was unsure if it was a venomous smile or a friendly smile but she knew she should at least try.

"Hey Monique. Good luck out there." She said and then passed her and walked out to the track. Her coach was already waiting for her by the time she got there. She smiled at her team as she walked out and had a couple of high fives as the thoughts of her biggest enemy left her mind.

"Okay! Everyone stretch!" She yelled as everyone immediately got in their circle and started counting off tens as they did each stretch. Once done, they quickly lined the track and all of them got ready.

"Ready.... Go!" Coach McGuire yelled as they all took off, trying their hardest to pace and get better times. Enya quickly took the lead and when they got half way done, she quickly fell back and started encouraging the ones who were falling behind.