Zakhar Matthias Rask

I speak every language.

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a character in “Unnaturals”, as played by Whalebone



Human, Rogue, or Unnatural: Unnatural
Ability (If Unnatural or Rogue): Is able to speak any language after hearing a few words from that language- although not without an accent, and with the exception of a few slang words.
City/Dungeon at which they are located (If Unnatural): Yama city

Zakhar- known as "Zeph"- was originally born in Russia. The youngest child of a Russian father and Norwegian mother, he quickly learned both languages- as well as Ukrainian, which his mother and father both spoke as a secondary language and therefore communicated with.
At the age of four, his mother, father, and older brother Sven picked up and moved to the Ukraine, as they thought it a better environment for a family who mainly spoke Ukrainian. Soon afterwards, his mother died of leukemia.
Without the Norwegian influence of his mother, his family reverted back to speaking Russian. His brother, Sven, was four years older than himself, and therefore knew his mother for a longer amount of time. His father could reminisce with Sven in a way way could not with Zeph, and consequently Zeph began to feel excluded from the family. Still recovering from the loss of his mother, young Zeph took this new found burden with a heavy heart and became quite introverted. He rarely spoke, and did not develop any friendships.
He developed a distinct interest in knives, swords, the like, and began taking fencing lessons at the age of six. He was extremely limber, and became a dreaded opponent. He learned how to maneuver swords and daggers of all kinds in his free time.
At the same time, he discovered the Rubix Cube. He impressed his father and brother both by solving it within five minutes. Seeing the attention he had gained, he refined his skill- a month later, he had trimmed the time down to one minute. Another month, and it was ten seconds.
His father responded by buying him a larger, more complicated one. He mastered that one also- and soon came to possess a collection of the puzzles.
It soon got old, however- a nice party trick, but they never had parties. He withdrew once again, this time more bitter than sad.
He tore through school, acing every class. He took on fencing with a new vigor- and soon even his instructor did not stand a chance against him. This evoked the same response from his family- an interest that died soon after its birth.
As he matured, he suddenly realized the gazes of girls that fell upon him, darting away when met. They whispered when he passed in the hallways, but never giggled- and their voices could be quieted with just a look.
He was an object of interest- a pretty object, but a scary one. Sven began glaring at him with looks of competitive envy, his father with a look of sadness and longing. Upon comparing a picture of his mother to himself, he understood why.
He was distanced more than ever from his family. His father could not look upon him without seeing his mother, and Sven was jealous- he behaved rather aggressively towards Zeph, prohibiting Zeph from entering his room, "accidentally" bumping into him, and absorbing all attention he could get from his father.
As the years passed school, the girls got braver. They began coming up to him, talking to him, batting their eyelashes and such. He wanted nothing to do with them. It wasn't that he wasn't attracted to females- he was - he just didn't know how to interact, and didn't want to develop any relationships. To do that would be to give that person power over him, which was a situation he had no desire of getting himself into. Besides, he didn't really like any of them anyway.
As much as he wanted to avoid them, however, it became increasingly difficult- drawing the attention of his fellow males. Especially the ones whose girlfriends were flirting with him.
While this was happening, he entered his first language class- and has soon as the teacher greeted them in her native tongue, He found himself able to understand every English word that came out of her mouth.
Amazed, his teacher skipped him into English two- then three, then four. She asked him if he had lived in America or Britain at some point in his life, and he could only reply "No."
On his way to lunch one day, he was cornered by a group of guys. He recognized them- the leader of the group, named Olek, had a girlfriend who had taken a distinct interest in him.
Zeph had a slight Russian accent- his L's were heavy, uttered from the back of his throat. Olek opened with several insults about this- Zeph did not respond.
Olek was a big guy, and he knew it. Zeph doubted that he was that fast- but you could never tell.
He managed to dodge several hits, even landing some of his own, but he was out numbered. He went home that day with two black eyes, a swollen lip, and covered in bruises.
Zeph took a week to recover, spending the time learning to punch, block, and kick. Realizing that a week wasn't nearly enough time to learn an entirely new array of fighting skills, he instead slipped a small knife into his pocket before school. A weapon he knew how to use.
Again, he was cornered on his way to lunch- this time outside the lunch building. Again, it was Olek, and he waited for him to throw the first punch, darting out of the way just in time so as to throw him off balance. He then took the opportunity to draw his knife, and faster than anyone was expecting- including himself- grabbed a hunk of Olek's hair and swung the blade through it.
The group froze, suddenly unsure, and Olek put a hand to his ruined hair with a mixture of disbelief and horror splayed across his features.
"Next time," Zeph snarled, letting his Russian accent fall thick across his words, "It will be more than your hair."
They never bothered him again.
Realizing he had somehow mastered the English language, he decided to attempt to learn another. He signed up for a class on Bulgarian, and- surprise- the same thing happened.
Zeph new about the Unnaturals- although they were known as the "Nepryrodnyy" in Ukrainian- and with a sense of shock and dread he finally realized what he was.
He told no one of his ability- but it was too late. His English and Bulgarian teachers had already marveled to others, and at the age of fifteen several people in uniforms pounded on his door, and under the horrified gaze of his family he was cuffed and escorted into a large black van, bearing the emblem of the Ukrainian government.
Upon arriving to Yama City, the van halted, and through use of extensive scanning technology he was searched, fingerprinted, and placed into the system.
He was stationed into a house with an elderly woman named "Serinah", who was immune to all poisons, and and young man named "Yuri", who could heal.
At the age of sixteen, while wandering too close to the border, he was shot twice- once in the knee, once in the thigh- and was severely beaten and left to die by a group of guards. He was found in the morning by Yuri, who dug the bullets from his unconscious body and healed his wounds, before helping him back home.
He did not leave that house for a six months.
Serinah and Yuri took care of him during this period- bringing him food, talking to him, maintaining his health- and when he emerged, he did with a powerful rage.
He scoured the village until he found a middle aged man, by the name of "Bo", who was willing to teach him the martial art of jiu-jitsu. For the next year and a half, he absorbed as much information as he could-doing literally nothing else, save for eating and a small amount of sleeping. By his eighteenth birthday, Bo declared him a brown belt.
His own experience was only one of many- the revolts started. He was a large part of them, and still continues to be- although his own ability is rather unhelpful in combat.
If you read this far, I salute you.

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Zakhar Matthias Rask's Story