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After Kai left the cockpit, Xamphus sighed. He turned around and made his way down to where the kitchen was. He might as well made them a meal, so they were at full strength when they were ready to do the Nemos job. Xamphus pondered over their discussion thinking of how they could avoid any setbacks or consequences.

Kai was totally right.. There is almost no way out of losing our reputation completely if we make even one mistake.

Xamphus knew already that if took things too far with Yui. The bounty hunters would become the bounty hunted. That didn't sound fun. However, if that girl was able to sneak onto the ship without any difficulty, then it shouldn't be too hard for her to escape the human slavers. He knew of plenty of people who had done it, and gotten out unscathed.

At least.. Until they drug her. Then she'd have zero chance..

Xamphus chuckled at the reality of the situation and grinned to himself. Xamphus spun around and walked back down to the prison hold. He might as well implant the idea into her head that she could escape. Not that she didn't have any of those thoughts in the first place, Xamphus figured a stowaway, would. If she was definitely working for Yui, and she escaped the slavers, than Yui wouldn't lose an asset at his disposal. There would still be a decent risk involved, though.

Still better than a guaranteed hit on our slim rep..

Xamphus arrived at the prison hold. After knocking on the cell he spoke,

"Hey you. Awake? Since you know what the plan is for you.. I thought it'd be generous of me to let you know a few things that might help you out. But that's only if you're interested.."

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