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Untamed Heart

Untamed Heart


Shape-Shifters were discovered and now they are slaves to the humans. A rebellion has also been started by free shifters.. (More inside!)

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Untamed Heart. . .

Two years ago shape-shifters made their existence known to all of humanity. Well, one ballsy shape-shifter that is, changed the lives of all shifters forever- no, not in a good way. When he, the shifter, went on live television and morphed into that of a large bear, you could imagine the shock, and horror, all of America felt; he, who changed form before their very eyes, was a priest of all things. If he was one of those horrid creatures who else could be one? School teachers? Police officers? Who?? It was absolutely terrifying. All of the world fell under a state of panic. Immediately, the priest was brought into custody by the government and heavily tested; during this time all shifters were panicking themselves, some going into hiding, others simply trying to lay low. Everyone was skeptical of each other, friends turning on friends, no one trusted anyone.
The government found that the priest’s blood was very different from that of a regular human, which was to be expected, and due to this ordered everyone in the United States to undergo strict and mandatory blood screening. Instead of locking the shifters they found away, or simply killing them, the government did something much worse:

They made them slaves to humanity.

It was been that way for two years now, going on three. Humans own shape-shifters (known also as shifters or skin walkers) for many different purposes, but it all has one meaning:
To declare dominance over them.
Though shifters are clearly the stronger species, humans have learned ways to keep them under control and weaker over the years. All shifters must wear a silver collar around their neck. Like lore about werewolves, silver weakens shape-shifters as well, and if it is plunged into their skin can be quite deadly. The silver also keeps them from shifting freely. Shifters are to do the bidding of their masters with strict obedience. Of course, we all know there are the rebellious out there. Some shifters are housekeepers of their masters, run errands for their masters, and some are simply “pets.” It all truly depends on their master. Some are not as lucky as others. Humans can be quite cruel creatures, didn’t you know that?

However, not all shape-shifters are in captivity. There are some shifters who have managed to escape imprisonment to the human scum, escaping blood testing as well. They are constantly moving around, but have banded together with one purpose in mind: To free the captured skin walkers. This is a hard task but they plan on being victorious. The question is… Will it work?

Each month there is an auction in each of the large cities across the United States, selling off shifters to the highest bidder (a lot like horse and car auctions, among other things). The shifters are lined up in small cages and the humans, soon to be their masters, have an hour before the auction starts to walk around and look at them, pick out the one they’d like to bid on. This, my friends, is what society has come to. Shape-shifters are sent to the auction at young ages, the youngest being sixteen. Some are kept longer until they learn “obedience,” as if they ever truly do. To the government, and most humans, shifters are simply wild animals who must be broken. They are just something else to be controlled and owned.

| The Plot |
I’m leaving the plot pretty open to character development and so forth.
Basically, the role-play will start off at an auction in Nashville, Tennessee. The shape-shifters in captivity will be in cages in the middle of the city. Masters will be just arriving to pick out their, ehem, slave. Free shifters could be creeping around the auction, possibly pretending to be a human; it is really up to you. Like I said, I’m pretty much leaving this open.
If you have any questions just ask in OOC or through PM.

| Shape-Shifters |
- Shape-shifters can morph into three different animals, but they have one that they commonly shift into the most. There are only a few shifters who can change their form to look like another person; it takes a lot of practice and is tiring to the shifter.
- Shifters weaken when in contact with pure silver; they cannot shift forms after it’s been placed on their skin a long time (hence the reason for the collars). It simply drains their energy. Silver plunged into their skin makes them deathly sick: vomiting, shaking, the whole works.
- Skin walkers tend to have some mannerisms of the animals they can change into; not too noticeable, however. They had been in hiding for many years, you know.
- Shape-shifters are not immortal, however, they do live longer than the average human. The oldest shifter known died at the age of 127 years old.
- Shifters heal faster than humans, but not by too much… It is not instant healing. Their blood heals mortals extremely fast, though. Yes, drinking the blood of a shape-shifter will cure most human illnesses and wounds, however, it is against shifter code to let them know this; their blood can become addicting. Although they can cure humans of their sickness, they cannot cure themselves. Skin walkers do not get sick as easily as mortals, grant you.
- Many shifters are empathetic and can feel others emotions; not all of them are this though, and it is more common in female shifters. Due to this, humans are naturally drawn to shape-shifters whether they want to be or not.
- Skin walkers are stronger and faster than the average human, but not like that of a vampire or werewolf.

| The Characters |
Just so you know, slaves and masters will be determined after all characters are submitted. So, master one and slave one will not necessarily go together. Like stated, after all are submitted I will have every person who is portraying a master and slave to PM me, stating which slave (or master) they think they’d like best for their character. Then, I will decide, after having taken into consideration of everyone’s wants, and post in the OOC.

| The Masters |
| Master One|
Face Claim: Joseph Morgan || OPEN

| Master Two |
Face Claim: Aaron Tveit || OPEN

| Master Three; Twin Sister of Below |
Face Claim: Sara Paxton || OPEN

| Master Four; Twin Brother of Above |
Face Claim: Kellan Lutz || OPEN

| Master Five |
Face Claim: Willa Holland || OPEN

| The Captured Shifters // The Slaves |

| Slave One |
Face Claim: Susan Coffey || OPEN

| Slave Two |
Face Claim: Danielle Campbell || TAKEN by Me

| Slave Three |
Face Claim: James Franco || OPEN

| Slave Four |
Face Claim: Emma Stone || OPEN

| Slave Five |
Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder || OPEN

| The Free Shifters |

| Free Shifter One; Leader of the “Rebellion” |
Face Claim: Evan Peters || OPEN

| Free Shifter Two |
Face Claim: Leven Rambin || OPEN

| Free Shifter Three |
Face Claim: Arden Cho || OPEN

| Free Shifter Four |
Face Claim: Max Irons || OPEN

I can add more if needed/wanted. =)

| The Character Sheets |
This is just something to go by- make the sheet pretty! Just make sure all the information below is on it. I love pretty character sheets and will be more likely to accept you if your characters’ catch my eye! :) Remember to use plenty of pictures/gifs!!
| The Shifters |
Code: Select all
[b]Full Name:[/b] (First, Middle, Last)
[b]Nickname:[/b] (If they have one. If so, tell how they got it..)
[b]Role:[/b] (Master Three, Slave Two, what?)
[b]Personality:[/b] (I won’t put a limit, but some effort, please?)
[b]Appearance in Description:[/b] (besides putting pictures, please describe your characters looks. Their height, hair color, eye color, etc. What is shown in the picture and what is not shown.)
[b]Forms:[/b] (What are their three other forms they can take on?)
[b]Thoughts about Humans/Masters?:[/b]
[b]Short History:[/b]
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything else you want to add?)

| The Humans/Masters |
Code: Select all
[b]Full Name:[/b] (First, Middle, Last)
[b]Nickname:[/b] (If they have one. If so, tell how they got it..)
[b]Role:[/b] (Master Three, Slave Two, what?)
[b]Personality:[/b] (I won’t put a limit, but some effort, please?)
[b]Appearance in Description:[/b] (besides putting pictures, please describe your characters looks. Their height, hair color, eye color, etc. What is shown in the picture and what is not shown.)
[b]Thoughts about Shifters/Slaves?:[/b]
[b]Why Are You Buying a Slave?:[/b]
[b]Short History:[/b]
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything else you want to add?)

| The Rules |

Okay, before you start bombing OOC about the face claims… [i]Yes
, you can change a certain face claim, but I really wish you wouldn’t. I tried picking face claims that I don’t see around too much, but so many are used… It’s hard to tell. Anyway, if you’re absolutely unpleased with a face claim, that’s fine, just let me know in the OOC. But please, don’t change them if you don’t have to.
If you are not a fairly literate role-player, please do not bother joining this role-play. =/ Please be able to type at least 300 words per post, per character; more would be absolutely amazing. Good grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so forth is a must. Mistakes are a given, I make plenty of those myself. =P Just try! Use spellcheck!
Please do not join this role-play and then disappear the next day or after a few posts. I am looking for committed role-players; I promise you I am a committed GM who will not skip out. If you’ll have to be gone for a while please let me know through OOC, I will do the same.
I would really like it if those taking a female role would also take on a male one as well. If you’re too “squeamish” to do so, then that is fine, it isn’t a must. However, I do not want this role-play overrun by females.
I do not mind cussing, this role-play will contain mature content, however, do not drop cuss words in every sentence. Also, I know this role-play involves “masters and slaves,” but come on now… Follow RPG Rules! Romance is fine, it is to be expected and encouraged, but once all the clothes comes off use “Fades to Black” or whatever… Take that stuff elsewhere, please! xP Blood and gore, keep it to a minimum.
Reservations last 48 hours. After that, your character role will be opened back up for grabs. If there is some reason you cannot get your character(s) done within this time limit, message and let me know. We can come to an agreement on a time extension.
No arguing in OOC. Actually, try keeping active in that Tab. Role-plays tend to last longer when there is an active OOC Tab. =)
If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know through PM. We will work out whatever it is!
When reserving your character(s) please put the title of the last movie watched somewhere in that post so I know you’ve read everything. Also, I would like a sample of your writing. Possibly place that in the ‘Other’ section of your character sheet along with everything else? Or, you could send it to me through PM. =D
Don’t be shy!
I really hope I will be role-playing with you soon. ^_^

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Re: Untamed Heart

WIP is a work in progress, its means having your character mostly done and turning in as a general idea

Re: Untamed Heart

May I place a reservation on either Slave one or slave four? I can work with either...also, was wondering what WIP stood for and how to find one.

Re: Untamed Heart

My character is in, I will message you a writing sample tomorrow

Re: Untamed Heart

Master One is finished and I will send my Writing Sample to you shortly, Yoshi. If I need to change anything, just message me.

Re: Untamed Heart

Hey yoshi, can I just use the characters I already made? The girl and the second guy? Would that still work or no?

Re: Untamed Heart

I promise characters will be done by tomorrow afternoon, at the latest. >< Hope to get WIP's up tonight, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to...

Re: Untamed Heart

Slave Three? (: I just saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman it was actually pretty funny! (:

Re: Untamed Heart

I usually don't like doing this, but I MIGHT need a slight extension.
I have softball practice for the majority of the night everyday this week (prepping for an all-stars tournament) so I'll probably have to work on my charrie a little at a time... /).(\

Re: Untamed Heart

Can I reserve slave 4, but change the FC to Sophie Turner?

Actually, ignore the reservation.

Re: Untamed Heart

Hey, I am inexperienced in this roleplaying website(I made this account more than a year ago, but I couldn't find much more than anime roleplays(which I am not interested in) and I left), with pre-made characters and such... I was wondering whether or not I have to reserve the character before I send a character sheet or not, because I already sent it. If I do, than may I reserve Slave Four? I may reserve a male character, but I'm not sure.

Re: Untamed Heart

Can I reserve Free shifter three...I would do a male character as well, is there a master or slave not on reserve

I actually just saw Noah tonight as well

Re: Untamed Heart

Reserved for you!
It can be something from the past week. Doesn't matter to me. =)

Re: Untamed Heart

Slave five and master three?

And do I need a sample for both characters, and do they need to be written for the characters or can they be something from the past week that I've written?


Re: Untamed Heart

Reserved for you both! =)
I'll have to watch both of those movies at some point. ^_^

Re: Untamed Heart

Can I reserve Master One? And Dredd (surprisingly good, but gory, by the way.)

Re: Untamed Heart

Reserve master 5 and free shifter 1 if you don't mind? :)
And watch Mr.Nobody if you havent, its become my favorite film!

Re: Untamed Heart

Yes! Reserved for you =D And yes it is!

Re: Untamed Heart

May I have slave one and master two please? :) Oh, and might I say, Disney's Frozen is spectacular! :D

Untamed Heart

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