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Daniela Marie "Dani" Lowe

"My mind is my own, even if my life is no longer in my name."

0 · 802 views · located in Nashville, Tennessee

a character in “Untamed Heart”, as played by Makenna Young


•°• Daniela Marie "Dani" Lowe •°•
Twenty-Two | Female | FC: Susan Coffey | Slave One


•°• Likes •°•
√ Wide Open Spaces
√ Socializing
√ Approachable People
√ Mornings
√ Sunrises

•°• Dislikes •°•
× Closed Off People
× Being Pushed Over the Edge
× Being Called "Full of Herself"
× Being Used
× Optimists


•°• Quirks •°•
» Twists Hair When Talking
» Chews on Cheek When Upset
» Talks to Herself Absentmindedly
» Talks Fast When Nervous or Stressed
» Grunts When Spoken to While in Deep Thought

•°• Fears •°•
» Losing Herself
» Containment
» Closed-Off Places (clausterphobia)
» The Unknown
» Manipulation


•°• Personality •°•
Dani is a rather outgoing individual, and one of extremes, at that. She does not merely get mad; she boils with fury. She's never happy; she's elateful. Rather than feeling a meager excitement, she practically implodes with an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Sadness is a stranger to her; at the same time, hysteria is not. She tends to hold grudges, never truly forgiving and never EVER forgetting even the slightest of wrongdoing against her. All the same, if you are fortunate enough to earn her friendship, Dani is a fiercely loyal, reliable friend to have. She'll put you before herself in a heartbeat, defending you with her life if she must do so. She feels a particular pity and necessity to protect towards the weak and young children, which could be considered a great flaw depending on the scenerio. Dani is a girl of persistance, never giving up her beliefs, values, or such. She refuses to concede unessecarily. So in other words, she never really does.


•°• Physical Description •°•
Dani stands at about five foot four inches, rather petite in form. She weighs in at about one twelve, with near no muscle. Her straight hair is a naturally vibrant red, with lighter, almost strawberry blonde strands staggered throughout, falling to just below her shoulderblades. Her eyes are a dark, forest green, her eyelashes rather shorter than usual. Her cheeks are naturally nosey, and she has that button nose girls everywhere dream of having. She does not chew her nails, considering it a rather nasty habit that she is above. Her curves are apperent, though minimal compared to some girls of her age. She has a faint scar from a kitchen accident across her left wrist.


•°• Opinion on Humans/Master •°•
Dani feels a general anger, if not hatred, towards humans as a whole. She'll tolerate them when she must, but that doesn't mean that fury doesn't boil from within her depths.

•°• Forms •°•
» Eagle
» White Tiger
» Doe


•°• History •°•
Dani was born to Andrew and Elaine on May twenty-sixth as a youngest child of three, with two elder brothers - Deirk and Flynn. (Deirk is three years older than her, Flynn only a year.) As a result, she grew up rough-housing and learning how to defend herself. She despised her name from the beginning, adopting the unisex name "Danny." In school, however, teachers would spell it "Dani", and that spelling stuck with her as she grew older. Her upbringing wasn't tragic or priveleged, but rather normal. Since the shifters were rounded up, Dani hasn't a clue what has become of her family.


So begins...

Daniela Marie "Dani" Lowe's Story